AsiaSweep 2013 - The Arun Veembur Memorial Quiz


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Answers to AsiaSweep 2013 - The Arun Veembur Memorial Quiz by Arul Mani, Kiran Vijayakumar, Dibyendu Das and Navin Rajaram

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AsiaSweep 2013 - The Arun Veembur Memorial Quiz

  1. 1. ASIASWEEP 2013 The Arun Veembur Memorial Quiz By: Arul Mani, Dibyendu Das , Kiran Vijayakumar & Navin Rajaram ASIASWEEP 2013
  2. 2. In memory of Arun Veembur, please observe a minute’s silence ASIASWEEP 2013
  3. 3. Rules: • 5 Rounds, 100 Questions, 141 Points – Round 1: 25 Questions x 1 point = 25 points – Round 2: Bangalored – 15 points – Round 3: 30 Questions x 2 points = 60 points – Round 4: Stage II – 10 points – Round 5: 31 Questions x 1 point = 31 points ASIASWEEP 2013
  4. 4. Round 1 (25 Points) 25 Questions x 1 Points Each No negatives One answer, no part points ASIASWEEP 2013
  5. 5. 1 Lake Balkhesh in Kazakhstan is fed by seven rivers and has been shrinking, like the Aral Sea, for many years now. Approximately 600 km long overall, the lake is divided into two sections, east and west, by a strip of land called the Saryesik Peninsula. The eastern section is narrower and deeper, while the western section is shallower. In spite of the two halves being linked by the Strait Uzynaral, this lake is unusual in that one half is useful, while the other half isn’t. What is this reason? ASIASWEEP 2013
  7. 7. Freshwater and Saltwater – in the same lake ASIASWEEP 2013
  8. 8. 2 Born Ali Ahmed Said Esber, he could not afford school but that changed at age 14, when a poem he composed impressed the President so much that he funded the rest of Esber’s education. He justifies his experiments with free verse, variable meters and prose-poetry saying “I wanted to break the linearity of poetic text — to mess with it, if you will. The poem is meant to be a network rather than a single rope of thought.” He took his pen name after being rejected by a number of magazines to "alert napping editors to his precocious talent and his pre-Islamic, pan-Mediterranean muses.” Who? ASIASWEEP 2013
  10. 10. Adonis / Adunis ASIASWEEP 2013
  11. 11. 3 The decline began with the Russian colonisation of Turkestan in the late 19th century; excessive cotton planting, military sports and natural calamities hastened the decline of available habitats. As the last specimens disappeared across Iraq, the Tian Shan mountains, the Ili river in Kazakhstan and eventually Turkey– a last ditch attempt was made to save those remaining in a protected area called the Tigrovaya Balka in Tajikistan, in vain. These efforts failed to protect the subspecies of one of the largest felids that was last sighted in 1958? Which sub-species? ASIASWEEP 2013
  12. 12. ANSWER ASIASWEEP 2013
  13. 13. Caspian Tiger (Hyrcanian / Mazandaran / Turanian also acceptable) ASIASWEEP 2013
  14. 14. 4 The Akhal-Teke from Turkmenistan is one of the oldest extant horse breeds in the world--only about 6,600 of them still remain. Nicknamed “The Golden Horse”, it is known to have speed, endurance and a golden buckskin or palomino colour that comes from the cream gene, a dilution gene that produces these tints. As per Teke afficionados, how has the gene helped in the survival of this horse breed? ASIASWEEP 2013
  15. 15. 4 ASIASWEEP 2013
  16. 16. ANSWER ASIASWEEP 2013
  17. 17. Camouflage against the desert background ASIASWEEP 2013
  18. 18. 5 Originating from either the Biblical wife of Abraham, or the Arabic sharq meaning “east, sunrise”, this term went into Greek and eventually became the English term for a non-Christian, specifically for the nomads of the Syrian and Arab deserts, and for Muslims during the Crusades. In the late 19th century, the term gained currency due to a revivalist movement by British architects who fused elements of Indian, Islamic, Gothic revival and Neoclassical, creating buildings such as the one shown. What term? ASIASWEEP 2013
  19. 19. 5 ASIASWEEP 2013
  20. 20. ANSWER ASIASWEEP 2013
  21. 21. Saracenic/Saracens (as used in Indo-Saracenic Revival) ASIASWEEP 2013
  22. 22. 6 A traditional Mongolian bowed-stringed instrument, it is one of UNESCO’s identified Oral and Intangible Heritage symbols. The sound is said to remind one of a breeze in the grasslands or of animals of the feral kind that the country is known for. Give its Mongolian name or the English name that derives from its design. ASIASWEEP 2013
  23. 23. 6 ASIASWEEP 2013
  24. 24. ANSWER ASIASWEEP 2013
  25. 25. Morin Khuur / Horse Head Fiddle/ Horse Head Violin ASIASWEEP 2013
  26. 26. 7 In Singapore, Malaya, North Borneo, Sarawak and Brunei, it was called banana money in reference to the printed motifs of banana trees on it. In Phillipines, it was called Mickey Mouse money because it was worthless and only good for playing games. In Burma, it was simply called the rupee due to an Indian connection. What connects all these currencies? ASIASWEEP 2013
  27. 27. 7 ASIASWEEP 2013
  28. 28. ANSWER ASIASWEEP 2013
  29. 29. Japanese invasion currency (Accept Currency issued by Japan in occupied territories) ASIASWEEP 2013
  30. 30. 8 Around the second century AD, Maldives was nicknamed “The Money Islands” because it was one of the major suppliers of something to the ancient world. The logo of the Maldives Monetary Authority preserves this legacy. What are we talking about? ASIASWEEP 2013
  31. 31. 8 ASIASWEEP 2013
  32. 32. ANSWER ASIASWEEP 2013
  33. 33. Cowrey Shells, used as currency then ASIASWEEP 2013
  34. 34. 9 A sporting tradition uses January 1st for convenience in the northern hemisphere while August 1st is used for similar reasons of convenience in the southern hemisphere. Similarly, the day associated with the visual serves the same purpose as the tradition above for the people of an Asian nation. How? ASIASWEEP 2013
  35. 35. 9 ASIASWEEP 2013
  36. 36. ANSWER ASIASWEEP 2013
  37. 37. Vietnamese add one year to their age on the Tet New Year’s Day (accept Vietnamese birthday on Tet) The concept of different birth dates for each individual is not followed traditionally This is similar to horses having either January 1 or August 1 as birthday ASIASWEEP 2013
  38. 38. 10 When America had its financial crisis in 2008, economic analysts with a culinary disposition termed it the Hamburger Crisis. This was possibly a hangover from the 1997 crisis that began when the Thai baht collapsed, and led to a domino collapse in South-East Asia and Japan. This crisis was poignantly termed the ____ _____ ____ crisis, after the prawn version of a national favourite that movie buffs will instantly associate with a 2005 search for a pet elephant. What name? ASIASWEEP 2013
  39. 39. ANSWER ASIASWEEP 2013
  40. 40. Tom Yum Goong ASIASWEEP 2013
  41. 41. 11 Zhenjiang, on the south bank of the Yangtze river bordering Nanjing, is well known for its vinegars, pork and pickles. After years of ignoring the legacy of Sai Zhenzhu, who spent 20 years growing up in Zhenjiang, the town moved to restore the individual’s colonial era childhood home into a museum and commemorate parks/bridges after this person. These acts represent a long overdue turn for someone whose works were misunderstood and banned during the Cultural Revolution and whose final wish to revisit the country was denied by visa officials. Who was Sai Zhenzhu? ASIASWEEP 2013
  42. 42. ANSWER ASIASWEEP 2013
  43. 43. Pearl S Buck ASIASWEEP 2013
  44. 44. 12 Built in 1995, the House of Sharing near Seoul is an attempt to rehabilitate seven surviving halmonis (grandmothers). In addition to being the halmonis’ residence, the house features a museum with a life-size halmoni station, outside which are rows of wooden blocks representing each halmoni. If a halmoni was dying or sick, the wooden block would be turned over and not used again. Since then, the stories of the halmonis told here have sparked demands for an international apology. Who were the halmoni? (2-word answer) ASIASWEEP 2013
  45. 45. 12 ASIASWEEP 2013
  46. 46. ANSWER ASIASWEEP 2013
  47. 47. Comfort Women/Forced Prostitutes for the Japanese (only one of the two terms acceptable) ASIASWEEP 2013
  48. 48. 13 The term traditionally refers to a clan within the Quraysh dynasty that traced its ancestry to _______ ibn Abd alManaf, the Prophet’s great-grandfather. His first name in Arabic meant pulverizer, referring to the patriarch’s habit of serving crumbled/pulverised bread broth to pilgrims en route to the Ka’aba in Mecca. What dynasty/clan, that shows up in a particular country’s official documentation, but rarely in public media references? ASIASWEEP 2013
  49. 49. ANSWER ASIASWEEP 2013
  50. 50. Hashemites, from Hashem (The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan) ASIASWEEP 2013
  51. 51. 14 Written in 1980, the novel ______ ______ _____ by Ryu Murakami is about two boys – Hashi and Kiku who were both abandoned by their mothers at a Tokyo train station and are adopted by foster parents. The novel takes its title from a form of child abuse in Japan and China where parents abandon their children in paid service utilities, hoping that that these utilities are regularly checked by attendants and so the infant will be found quickly, despite many being found dead. What 3 word novel, that describes these abandoned children? ASIASWEEP 2013
  52. 52. 14 ASIASWEEP 2013
  53. 53. ANSWER ASIASWEEP 2013
  54. 54. Coin Locker Babies ASIASWEEP 2013
  55. 55. 15 Below are lines taken from poems in an anthology of Chinese poetry Poems of the Late T’ang by A C Graham Watch little by little the night turn around (Untitled, Li Shangyin) Countless twigs are shaken by the dawn (Willow, Li Shangyin) So many green lotus-stalks lean on each other (The Yearning Lotuses, Du Mu) Two swallows in the rafters hear the long sigh (Untitled, Li Shangyin) One inch of love is an inch of ashes (Untitled, Li Shangyin) Witness the man who raved at the wall as he wrote his questions to Heaven (Don’t Go Out the Door, Li He) These lines inspired most of the lyrics of what 1968 composition that inspired Douglas Adams to create a plutonium rock band Disaster Area whose stunt ship is set on an irreversible collision course with the star of Kakrafoon? ASIASWEEP 2013
  56. 56. ANSWER ASIASWEEP 2013
  57. 57. Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun ASIASWEEP 2013
  58. 58. 16 The Wakhan Corridor, a term for the Wakhan region in Afghanistan, was a political buffer zone created in 1873 during the Great Game. The Russians would not advance beyond the Panj/Pamir rivers in Afghanistan and the Durand Line separated British India from Afghanistan with the Wakhan in between. At the eastern border of Wakhan, the Wakhjir Pass – closed for most of the year- goes through the Hindukush and leads into China. Among contiguous international borders, in what way is this crossing the first in a list? ASIASWEEP 2013
  59. 59. ANSWER ASIASWEEP 2013
  60. 60. Greatest change in clock times : 3.5 hours Wakhan is GMT+4:30 The Chinese side is GMT+8 (Accept any of maximum timezone difference/ maximum time difference/ maximum time change ASIASWEEP 2013
  61. 61. 17 Named after a geographical entity, this alcoholic drink is called “The Spirit of Thailand”. First produced in 1941 by the Sura Bangyikhan Co., Ltd., Thailand’s first distillery, it is often mistaken for a whisky but is more of a rum made from a combination of sugar and glutinous rice. What is this spirit, that stirred national sentiment during a border dispute with France? ASIASWEEP 2013
  62. 62. 17 ASIASWEEP 2013
  63. 63. ANSWER ASIASWEEP 2013
  64. 64. Mekhong ASIASWEEP 2013
  65. 65. 18 A plant native to the Arabian peninsula and the Horn of Africa, it contains cathinonine, a stimulant that causes excitement, loss of appetite and euphoria. Political analysts noted that Yemenis would wind up their protests by 2 pm everyday to go home and chew this, resulting in the country’s political protests never quite gaining the same momentum as Egypt and Tunisia. What crop, whose consumption and cultivation predates that of coffee in Yemen ? ASIASWEEP 2013
  66. 66. 18 ASIASWEEP 2013
  67. 67. ANSWER ASIASWEEP 2013
  68. 68. Khat/Qat ASIASWEEP 2013
  69. 69. 19 Ismail ibn Ahmad Samani, the descendant of Saman Khuda, founder of the Samanids, is credited with spreading Islam, establishing a prosperous kingdom for the Tajiks, and ensuring last peace for his people. Buried in Bukhara, his legacy was mostly forgotten under Soviet rule but was revived post independence in two ways – one of them when the highest mountain in the nation was renamed after him. How else do the Tajiks continue to honour him today? ASIASWEEP 2013
  70. 70. ANSWER ASIASWEEP 2013
  71. 71. Somoni, the official Tajik currency is named after Ismail Samani ASIASWEEP 2013
  72. 72. 20 Published in 1979, the spy spoof bestseller Shibumi was written by reclusive American academic Rodney Whitaker under the pseudonym Trevanian. Shibumi is split into 6 chapters of unequal length as follows: • • • • • • Fuseki: Opening stage when the board is open Sabaki: Attempt to resolve a sticky situation quickly and flexibly Seki: A neutral situation in which neither side has the advantage Uttegae: A sacrifice play, a gambit. Shicho: A running attack. Tsuru no Sugomori: "The confinement of the cranes to their nest," a graceful maneuver in which enemy possessions are neutralised. What are the chapter names a tribute to? ASIASWEEP 2013
  73. 73. ANSWER ASIASWEEP 2013
  74. 74. Go ASIASWEEP 2013
  75. 75. 21 The Taipei 101 building, designed by C. Y. Lee and Partners, was architecturally created as a symbol of evolution of technology and Asian tradition. In terms of symbolism the building is said to resemble a tall stack of bamboo that weathers storms and typhoons using a pendulum/mass damper that sways during earthquakes. On the funnier side, the building is said to resemble a stack of what object, associated with Chinese culture in foreign countries? ASIASWEEP 2013
  76. 76. 21 ASIASWEEP 2013
  77. 77. ANSWER ASIASWEEP 2013
  78. 78. Food takeaway boxes ASIASWEEP 2013
  79. 79. 22 Bayston Hill quarry in Shropshire, England is best known for a variety of sandstone called Graywacke (German for grey rock) which contains a granular mix of quartz, feldspar and small rock fragments. While Bayston Hill supplies 8,50,000 tons of this rock annually to fulfill tenders in West Midlands and Wales, 4000 tons were shipped in 2009 to the UAE for a specific purpose, that brought the quarrymen much pride and kept them glued to their TV sets to see the fruit of their export. What did the stone help construct? ASIASWEEP 2013
  80. 80. ANSWER ASIASWEEP 2013
  81. 81. Yas Marina Grand Prix Circuit/ Abu Dhabi Grand Prix Circuit ASIASWEEP 2013
  82. 82. 23 Who (full name) said this, reminiscing about an important moment in his country’s sporting history: Down against Teimuraz Kakulia, I realised that if I lost, my brother would have to beat Alex Metrveli, a finalist at Wimbledon the previous year. My mom came into the locker room at the break, and gave me a little medal with the Virgin Mary’s picture on it. It’s something you give to people when they are about to die, actually. It was the biggest moment of my life. The crowd descended on me and carried me around the court, and I never saw Kakulia for the handshake. ASIASWEEP 2013
  83. 83. ANSWER ASIASWEEP 2013
  84. 84. Anand Amritraj (1974 Davis Cup semi-final) Just Amritraj is not acceptable ASIASWEEP 2013
  85. 85. 24 Born in Baku to Iranian Azerbaijanis, Lotfi Zadeh was one of only 3 students to graduate from the University of Tehran in 1942, before entering MIT as a graduate student and then completing a PhD from Columbia in 1949. His moment came in 1965 when he published a paper on _____ sets which followed a membership function with a range of all possible values in the interval [0,1]. The paper went on to implement operations on these values, proposing that these were generalizations on existing Boolean and classical theory. What new field of research, that has found applications in electronics and medicine, did Lotfi’s paper open up? ASIASWEEP 2013
  86. 86. ANSWER ASIASWEEP 2013
  87. 87. Fuzzy Logic ASIASWEEP 2013
  88. 88. 25 These are the steps, akin to an art form, to eat what messy hairy fruit of a tropical tree, originating from South East Asia: • Open the fruit by removing part of the skin either by squeezing till the skin breaks or peeling half the skin off, leaving the other half to hold in your hand like a wrapper. • Find a seam running down the top to the bottom of the fruit, and pull apart the leathery skin to reveal something resembling a large peeled grape. • Alternatively, use a knife to make an incision into the skin, and squeeze the fruit out. But do not cut the seed out • Eat around the seed – avoid biting too close too close to the tough, papery skin surrounding the seed. ASIASWEEP 2013
  89. 89. ANSWER ASIASWEEP 2013
  90. 90. Rambutan ASIASWEEP 2013
  91. 91. Round 2 - Bangalored (15 Points) 5 Questions x 3 points each Each question has 3 parts worth 1 point each Rules follow ASIASWEEP 2013
  92. 92. BANGALORED The entirely cryptic round Solve two clues for one point each The third clue describes what you might get if you put the answers together and tried working something out. That answer gets you another point. Example A term for the West Wind (6) Horse or somebody who worries you (3) Put the answers together Boreal Nag Third Clue: Title city Ergo: Bangalore. ASIASWEEP 2013
  93. 93. 26 Clue 1 Abbreviation for Malaysia’s capital (2) Clue 2 Father, or first name for the cartoonist Abraham (3) Clue 3 Another Asian capital (5) ASIASWEEP 2013
  94. 94. ANSWER ASIASWEEP 2013
  95. 95. KL Abu Kabul ASIASWEEP 2013
  96. 96. 27 Clue 1 One of the Vedas (4) Clue 2 Projectile that shot to fame with the first Gulf War (4) Clue 3 Go-to city for those who want to see the light (8) ASIASWEEP 2013
  97. 97. ANSWER ASIASWEEP 2013
  98. 98. Sama Scud Damascus (The apostle Paul saw the light on the way to Damascus) ASIASWEEP 2013
  99. 99. 28 Clue 1 Domain for India (2) Clue 2 Turkish lord (5) Clue 3 Iranian city with a blue claim to fame (7) ASIASWEEP 2013
  100. 100. ANSWER ASIASWEEP 2013
  101. 101. In Pasha Ispahan ASIASWEEP 2013
  102. 102. 29 Clue 1 Part of Chinese artist’s name or an abbreviation for manufactured smarts (2) Clue 2 Archaic theatre form (3) Clue 3 Towering city is also puzzling (5) ASIASWEEP 2013
  103. 103. ANSWER ASIASWEEP 2013
  104. 104. Ai/AI Noh Hanoi ASIASWEEP 2013
  105. 105. 30 Clue 1 Inca sun or Peruvian currency unit (4) Clue 2 Indian girl strings instrument (5) Clue 3 Asian capital makes Austrian sounds (9) ASIASWEEP 2013
  106. 106. ANSWER ASIASWEEP 2013
  107. 107. Inti Veena Vientiane ASIASWEEP 2013
  108. 108. Round 3 (60 Points) 30 Questions x 2 Points Each Order may be important at times Use X/Y or A/B for answers when questions indicate so This round has no 0.5 pts – 1 pt for getting either half of the answer and 2 points for both halves ASIASWEEP 2013
  109. 109. 31 Known by the local name Panowa meaning yellow flower, this area south of Chittagong was originally under the Arakans before passing on to the British. The current name comes from a market established in honour of a British East India Company officer, who became Governor of Bengal and succeeded in mollifying Rakhine – Arakan tensions. What area? What list of geographical entities does this area top? ASIASWEEP 2013
  110. 110. ASIASWEEP 2013
  111. 111. ANSWER ASIASWEEP 2013
  112. 112. Cox’s Bazaar Longest Sea Beach in the world (125 Km) ASIASWEEP 2013
  113. 113. 32 The Beopjusa Palsangjeon (Hall of Eight Pictures) in Songnsian Park, South Korea, is one of only two wooden pagodas remaining in the country. Split into 5 storeys, each floor mapped beautifully to specific practices such as Filipino Eskrima, Korean Hapkido, a fluid style with no rules , a kick-oriented style and the praying mantis style. Unfortunately only 3 of the proposed 5 practices/floors made it to the end product due to unforeseen circumstances. Where does the pagoda figure? What unforeseen circumstances caused it to be incompletely used? ASIASWEEP 2013
  114. 114. 32 ASIASWEEP 2013
  115. 115. ANSWER ASIASWEEP 2013
  116. 116. Game of Death Bruce Lee’s death ASIASWEEP 2013
  117. 117. 33 In spite of the title, an additional 10 were created between 1826 and 1833 because of the popularity of the first set. What set are we talking about? For what reason is this particular piece in the set an odd one out? ASIASWEEP 2013
  118. 118. 33 ASIASWEEP 2013
  119. 119. ANSWER ASIASWEEP 2013
  120. 120. Hokusai’s “Thirty Six Views of Mt. Fuji” “Climbing on Mt. Fuji” is the only one where the entire mountain is not visible – the view is ON the mountain, not from afar ASIASWEEP 2013
  121. 121. 34 Produced either as a flat-weave or a pile-weave, the most popular ones are the Soumaks and Kilm, with the former being more expensive due to high density. They belong to one of 7 regions namely ______, Shirvan, Quba, Tabriz, Qarabah, Genca and Qazakh – each region having its own style. Only onion, hazelnut and tulips are used for lamb based designs, explaining the lack of variety in lamb products as opposed to sheep based products. What are we talking about? What restriction with lamb products limits their variety? ASIASWEEP 2013
  122. 122. ANSWER ASIASWEEP 2013
  123. 123. Azerbaijani Carpets/Azerbaijani Rugs Lamb wool can only absorb natural colours, while sheep wool can absorb artificial colours ASIASWEEP 2013
  124. 124. 35 An ancient city on southern edge of the Kara-Kum desert in the Greater Khorasan area of Central Asia, it was an important centre of trade on the Silk Route. It figures in the title of a 1600 AD epic poem depicting the journey of a refugee community who won over a foreign ruler by mixing sugar in milk to indicate their willingness to blend with the people of the land where they sought refuge. Which group does the story does the epic poem tell? Which ancient city, that also shares it name with the refugees’ new settlement in another Asian country? ASIASWEEP 2013
  125. 125. ANSWER ASIASWEEP 2013
  126. 126. Zoroastrians / Parsis Sanjan (the first town in Gujarat where the Parsis settled is named after the one in Khorasan) ASIASWEEP 2013
  127. 127. 36 Artist Jitish Kallat is well known for coloring the Art Institute of Chicago steps with lines from Swami Vivekananda’s Parliament of Religions speech. His new sculpture Public Notice 2 uses a 1930 speech, delivered on the eve of a historic event, laying out the rules of conduct for followers and sparking mass revolts across the country. What event succeeded this speech? What was used to make the letters in this sculpture? ASIASWEEP 2013
  128. 128. 36 ASIASWEEP 2013
  129. 129. 36 ASIASWEEP 2013
  130. 130. ANSWER ASIASWEEP 2013
  131. 131. Dandi Salt March Bones ASIASWEEP 2013
  132. 132. 37 A valuable export from Sri Lanka, India and SE Asia, this exotic and expensive wood was the material of choice for finely carved boxes in the Victorian era. An incredibly dense wood of hazel brown colour, with black stripes, it is now largely extinct and an ersatz variety called Macassar Ebony is used as replacement. One of two related names comes from the local Sinhala name kalu-medhiriya meaning dark chamber, while another name refers to a region that harks back to an Indian dynasty. Give both names for this wood. ASIASWEEP 2013
  133. 133. 37 ASIASWEEP 2013
  134. 134. ANSWER ASIASWEEP 2013
  135. 135. Calamander Wood Coromandel Wood ASIASWEEP 2013
  136. 136. 38 In 1820, the General Maritime Treaty was signed between the United Kingdom and Gulf emirs. As part of this treaty, the British asked the Gulf emirs who were friendly to them to commemorate this friendship in a special way. All the present Emirates of the UAE, except Fujairah agreed to this request as did X and Y, which were invited to join the UAE but declined. What was the request? What were X and Y? (need both for 1 point) ASIASWEEP 2013
  137. 137. ANSWER ASIASWEEP 2013
  138. 138. Add the colour white to their monochrome flags X- Qatar, Y – Bahrain (1 point for either getting both countries right or the colour white added to flags) Bahrain/Qatar flag before 1820 ASIASWEEP 2013 Bahrain/Qatar flag after 1820 Qatar adopted a darker red with serrations in 1916 while Bahrain added serrations
  139. 139. 39 The Vice President’s official residence, the Coconut Palace was built in 1978 to mark a high-profile European visit in 1981. Commemorating this Tree of Life, the octagonal structure is built of several types of hardwood, coconut shells and coconut lumber, has tables and chandeliers made from coconut, and guest rooms named after various provinces in the country such as Zamboanga, Pampanga, Marawi and Bicol. Who commissioned this building at a cost of US $37M ? Who was the visiting dignitary, who declined to stay here saying it would weigh heavily on his conscience when the country was so poverty stricken? ASIASWEEP 2013
  140. 140. 39 ASIASWEEP 2013
  141. 141. ANSWER ASIASWEEP 2013
  142. 142. Imelda Marcos Pope John Paul II ASIASWEEP 2013
  143. 143. 40 Released earlier this year, The Wind Rises is based on the short story The Wind Has Risen by Tatsuo Hori and chronicles the formative years of a young boy with eyesight issues who has dreams of becoming a pilot, but is then advised in a dream by aviator Giovanni Caproni to channel his interests into aeronautics engineering. The story builds on how a famous design came to be and the regret felt by the creator on the numerous deaths his design was responsible for. Who has announced that this will be his last film as feature director? Either name the creator or the creation that is the focus of the film. ASIASWEEP 2013
  144. 144. 40 ASIASWEEP 2013
  145. 145. ANSWER ASIASWEEP 2013
  146. 146. Hayao Miyazaki Jiro Hirokoshi / Mitsubishi A6M Zero Fighter (points given for Zero) ASIASWEEP 2013
  147. 147. 41 Slam poet Rachel Rostad took on the writer X’s idea of social inclusion with these lines: “Ms. X. Let's talk about my name. _____. ______. _____ and _____ are both last names. They are both Korean last names. I am supposed to be Chinese. Me being named " _____ _____ " is like a Frenchman being named "Garcia Sanchez.“ Name the writer X and the character Y that X created. ASIASWEEP 2013
  148. 148. ANSWER ASIASWEEP 2013
  149. 149. X - J.K. Rowling Y - Cho Chang ASIASWEEP 2013
  150. 150. 42 The consumption of a certain food item on this set of holidays goes back to the legend represented by this painting. When the water supply of the Jews is cut off, Judith, a pious widow, goes to the Assyrian camps and pretends to surrender. Holofernes, who is smitten by her beauty, takes her to his tent where she feeds him this item and gets him drunk on wine. When he falls asleep, she beheads him, escapes with his severed head and the Jews win the war with a counter attack. What food item and which set of holidays? ASIASWEEP 2013
  151. 151. 42 ASIASWEEP 2013
  152. 152. ANSWER ASIASWEEP 2013
  153. 153. Cheese Hannukah ASIASWEEP 2013
  154. 154. 43 They are a group of snow capped peaks lying at the end of the eastern Kumaon region in Uttarakhand, they form the watershed between the Gori and the Darmaganga valleys. Numbered and ranging in heights from 6,334 ft to 6904 ft, the group’s name comes from “______ cooking hearths” via a legend that a group cooked its famous last meal on these peaks. What are these peaks called? Which group? ASIASWEEP 2013
  155. 155. 43 ASIASWEEP 2013
  156. 156. ANSWER ASIASWEEP 2013
  157. 157. Pancchulis (5 cooking hearths) Pandavas ASIASWEEP 2013
  158. 158. 44 A scene from somewhere in Asia in 1968. The gentleman is trying out a tradition he helped popularise via his 1931 creation. What tradition? Who? ASIASWEEP 2013
  159. 159. 44 ASIASWEEP 2013
  160. 160. ANSWER ASIASWEEP 2013
  161. 161. Noonday Gun in Hong Kong, which is still fired every day at noon by a member of Jardines. Noel Coward. “In Hong Kong, they strike a gong, and fire off a noonday gun To reprimand each inmate who's in late” [From Mad Dogs and Englishmen] ASIASWEEP 2013
  162. 162. 45 “It soared flame-like 326 feet above the city. Clad with thousands and thousands of thick footsquare plates of solid bullion, Much of the country’s gold reserves were stuck up there, topped bya weather vane studded with 6835 precious stones, 5452 of them diamonds.” This is the writer Alexander Frater describing something. What is he describing? In which city? ASIASWEEP 2013
  163. 163. ANSWER ASIASWEEP 2013
  164. 164. Shwe Dagon Pagoda Rangoon/Yangon ASIASWEEP 2013
  165. 165. 46 One of the most shocking defeats in the history of soccer happened on July 19, 1966 at Middlesbrough, which was reprised in the 2002 documentary film The Game of Their Lives. The winning team moved to the quarter-finals of a premier sporting event – a first for a team from this region. Identify both the teams. ASIASWEEP 2013
  166. 166. ANSWER ASIASWEEP 2013
  167. 167. North Korea defeated Italy 1-0 in the 1966 World Cup reaching the quarters – the first for an Asian team ASIASWEEP 2013
  168. 168. 47 Identify this film X based on a graphic novel. Also name the author Y. ASIASWEEP 2013
  169. 169. ANSWER ASIASWEEP 2013
  170. 170. Poulet Aux Prunes / Chicken with Plums Marjane Satrapi ASIASWEEP 2013
  171. 171. 48 K. Hiraoka (on the left) considered an alliance with M. Shoda, the daughter (right) of a flourcompany president. But he finally chose Yoko Sugiyama, the daughter of a painter, as his bride. How do we know them better? ASIASWEEP 2013
  172. 172. ASIASWEEP 2013
  173. 173. ANSWER ASIASWEEP 2013
  174. 174. Kimitake Hiraoka took the pen name Yukio Mishima. Michiko Shoda married Prince Akihito and became Princess Michiko (now Empress Michiko) ASIASWEEP 2013
  175. 175. 49 It is a dramatic granite spire rising to 6,286m located on the north side of the Baltoro Glacier, in Baltistan, in northern Pakistan. The east face of this features the world's greatest nearly vertical drop. On 26 August 1992, Australians Nic Feteris and Glenn Singleman climbed it and then ____ ____ from an elevation of 5,955m, landing on the northern side of the Dunge Glacier at an altitude of 4,200m. This was the highest starting elevation for ____ ____ at that time. Name the spire. Fill up the blanks. ASIASWEEP 2013
  176. 176. 49 ASIASWEEP 2013
  177. 177. ANSWER ASIASWEEP 2013
  178. 178. Trango Tower (specifically Great Trango Tower) BASE Jump ASIASWEEP 2013
  179. 179. 50 In 1921, he began a group known as ___ ______, which means "The Outcast." The title was a word which had travelled all the way from India into several European languages. Their goal was try to stop French colonialism in their region. After finding out that the French sent spies to follow him, he sent them his daily schedule, to make their lives easier: "Morning: from 8 to 12 at the workshop. Afternoon: in newspaper offices (leftist, of course) or at the library. Evening: at home or attending educational talks. Sundays and holidays: visiting museums or other places of interest. There you are!“ Who? What name did he choose for the outfit? ASIASWEEP 2013
  180. 180. ANSWER ASIASWEEP 2013
  181. 181. 50 Ho Chi Minh. The group was called Le Paria, derived from the Tamizh word Paraiya. “Pariah” is also acceptable as answer. ASIASWEEP 2013
  182. 182. 51 X In the 1980s, the inclusion of the 8-letter feminine form of this nationality term as a synonym for maidservant in English dictionaries caused much controversy. Y The dialect of English used in the same country features unusual words like Senatoriable and Presidentiable to indicate that someone is of senator or president material. What was the term X? Which country Y are we talking about? ASIASWEEP 2013
  183. 183. ANSWER ASIASWEEP 2013
  184. 184. 51 X: Filipina Y: The Philippines ASIASWEEP 2013
  185. 185. 52 The first recipient of this civilian award was Queen Elizabeth II in 1960. It has since been awarded to Josip Tito of Yugoslavia, to Nelson Mandela in 1992, to Richard Nixon, and to King Birendra of Nepal among others. Even though it was instituted more than fifty years ago, it has been given out only about a dozen times. This may have something to do with political instability, or perhaps not at all. Which civilian award? Who is the only Indian to figure on this list? ASIASWEEP 2013
  186. 186. ANSWER ASIASWEEP 2013
  187. 187. Nishan-e-Pakistan Morarji Desai ASIASWEEP 2013
  188. 188. 53 In October 2013, Sohag Gazi became the first cricketer to score a century and take a hat-trick in the same Test match. Who was the last person to achieve this feat in first class cricket? Which team (also famously entering the Indian quizzing psyche in 2007) was he playing for? ASIASWEEP 2013
  189. 189. ANSWER ASIASWEEP 2013
  190. 190. Sohag Gazi! Barisal Division. ASIASWEEP 2013
  191. 191. 54 Written by Gideon Raff, this series became the most watched TV series in its country of origin in 2010. It also inspired an American TV series. Name this show X and the somewhat different American show Y that it inspired. ASIASWEEP 2013
  192. 192. 54 A ASIASWEEP 2013
  193. 193. ANSWER ASIASWEEP 2013
  194. 194. X: The Israeli series Hatufim (Prisoners of War) Y: Homeland ASIASWEEP 2013
  195. 195. 55 X left on an old horse with a crazed guide in 628 AD— practically a fugitive because he was defying a ban on inessential foreign travel. When he returned 16 years later, he had achieved his goals of tracing lost books and locating a birthplace and was practically an international celebrity. He is now a forgotten man in his own land—but figures in a popular narrative from the 16th century known as the Monkey King, and sometimes as Journey to the West—quite confusingly also the title of the book he wrote. This book was translated into French in the 1850s and inspired the former army-man Y to set about looking for the places that X mentioned. This ultimaltely lead to the establishment of Archaeological Survey of India. Name X and Y. ASIASWEEP 2013
  196. 196. ANSWER ASIASWEEP 2013
  197. 197. X: Xuanzang / Hiuen Tsang Y: Alexander Cunningham ASIASWEEP 2013
  198. 198. 56 In Thai cuisine, the 8-letter word X can indicate a curry from Southern Thailand. Like Indian curries, this curry is heavy on dry spices and very aromatic. The distinctive taste comes from a combination of coconut milk, roasted peanuts or cashews, potatoes, onion, bay leaves, cardamom pods, meat, star anise, palm sugar, fish sauce, chili and tamarind sauce. The term X may be a corruption of the religious label Y. It is not clear if this name indicates the provenance of the spices that feature in the curry—foreign traders brought these spices to Thailand—or the people from Southern Thailand whose cuisine this preparation is borrowed from. What are X and Y? ASIASWEEP 2013
  199. 199. ANSWER ASIASWEEP 2013
  200. 200. X: Massoman Y: Mussalman / Muslim ASIASWEEP 2013
  201. 201. 57 Beatriz’s War, which won the Golden Peacock award at the 44th International Film Festival of India (IFFI) recently, is the first feature film made in the country X, and also the first feature film in the Austronesian language Y. It follows what happened under a 24-year occupation, and uses victims and survivors from the infamous Kraras massacre of 1983 as extras in the cast. Name the country X and the language Y. ASIASWEEP 2013
  202. 202. 57 ASIASWEEP 2013
  203. 203. ANSWER ASIASWEEP 2013
  204. 204. East Timor / Timor-Leste Tetun / Tetum ASIASWEEP 2013
  205. 205. 58 The principles listed below are seen in as the bedrock of nationhood in a particular Asian country. 1. Belief in the divinity of God 2. Just and civilized humanity 3. The unity of the nation 4. Democracy guided by the inner wisdom in the unanimity arising out of deliberations amongst representatives 5. Social justice The collective name given to these ideals is likely to be familiar to Indians who did not fall asleep during history lessons. It must be clarified that the term has completely different associations in India—nothing to with nationhood so much as general Queensberry-type noises about how nation should deal with nation. Which country? What is the collective name for these ideals? ASIASWEEP 2013
  206. 206. ANSWER ASIASWEEP 2013
  207. 207. Indonesia Panca-Sila/Panchasheel ASIASWEEP 2013
  208. 208. 59 Babar described this thousand-year-old narrative as “one far-fetched lie, opposed to sense and nature”. His grandson loved it, and commissioned an illustrated manuscript. Two English translations are known; one by Frances Pritchett, and one by an acclaimed Pakistani novelist. Name the narrative, and the novelist who translated it into English. ASIASWEEP 2013
  209. 209. ANSWER ASIASWEEP 2013
  210. 210. Dastaan e Amir Hamza/Hamzanama Musharraf Ali Farooqi (points for Ali Farooqi last name) ASIASWEEP 2013
  211. 211. 60 UBS, the banking group, floated a subsidiary named Noriba a few years ago. While the name may sound vaguely Japanese, it actually comes from the phrase No+Riba, and thus identifies the rationale behind the bank’s existence. What is Riba? What is the rationale that we are talking of? ASIASWEEP 2013
  212. 212. ANSWER ASIASWEEP 2013
  213. 213. Riba is Arabic for interest Islamic Banking ASIASWEEP 2013
  214. 214. Stage 2 - Round 4 (10 Points) Qns 61-68 are linked to the theme – 1 pt each Qn 69 is the theme itself – 2 pts for getting it right All answers are 1 or 2 words ASIASWEEP 2013
  215. 215. 61 Hermann Jacobii suggests that this lyrical form’s origins may go back to the Abhiras of India who may have had access to a translation of Homer’s works and used 2 hexametres in one line. The word finds mention as the duhaviya in native dialects called Apabhramsa adopted by poets, saints and bards who used this couplet rhyme form in North India to express life lessons in a pithy form. What word/term? ASIASWEEP 2013
  216. 216. ANSWER ASIASWEEP 2013
  217. 217. Doha ASIASWEEP 2013
  218. 218. 62 Originally conceived as a documentary about historical events, it was modified to include fictional elements where a French actress meets a Japanese architect and is reminded of the first man she loved. Referred to as He and She throughout the movie, they discuss memories and forgetfulness juxtaposed against a disaster that people around them are trying to put behind. What movie, that is hailed as a forerunner to the French New Wave? ASIASWEEP 2013
  219. 219. ANSWER ASIASWEEP 2013
  220. 220. Hiroshima Mon Amour ASIASWEEP 2013
  221. 221. 63 This song, possibly the most famous in a concept album for a musical, alternates between a chorus sung by Anders Glenmark and a rap performed by an American grandmaster calling himself Freddie Trumper. While the choruses speak highly of how the place brings brave men to its knees, the American counters every lofty adjective with terms like red-light district, muddy old river and so on. What song, that also mentions Yule Brynner in passing? ASIASWEEP 2013
  222. 222. ANSWER ASIASWEEP 2013
  223. 223. One Night in Bangkok ASIASWEEP 2013
  224. 224. 64 Designed by architect Ides van Der Gracht, the brick structure of the building was similar to American high schools, prompting it to be nicknamed Henderson High in jest. Defunct for the last 34 years, it is used by soldiers as a training center and is now a part museum, part conspiracy theory haven called Den of Spies, its walls littered with political graffiti. Which city is this building located? ASIASWEEP 2013
  225. 225. 64 ASIASWEEP 2013
  226. 226. ANSWER ASIASWEEP 2013
  227. 227. The US Embassy in Tehran ASIASWEEP 2013
  228. 228. 65 The trunk or pseudostem of the Musa textilis or abaca, a relative of the banana, has historically been harvested for its fiber towards manufacturing twines and ropes. The fiber is now mostly pulped and used in tea paper, bank notes and filter paper. One of its more mainstream uses was in the production of thick, durable paper shaped in the form of mostly buff coloured folders to transport documents What name did these stationery items get, by virtue of the primary export location of the abaca? ASIASWEEP 2013
  229. 229. ANSWER ASIASWEEP 2013
  230. 230. Manila Folders/Manila Envelopes, from Manila Hemp ASIASWEEP 2013
  231. 231. 66 The main causes for this phenomenon, evidenced by recent floods and tidal waves flooding entire suburban, areas has been attributed to extensive land extraction due to ground water exploration and pressure from high-rise buildings which pushes parts of the city into the water table. Northern areas such as Muara Kapuk and Ancol are said to be most affected where the soil has become most porous. Which sinking city, where architects are now recommending constructing building a meter above road level? ASIASWEEP 2013
  232. 232. ANSWER ASIASWEEP 2013
  233. 233. Jakarta ASIASWEEP 2013
  234. 234. 67 This South Korean city’s name literally means “wise river”. In 2003, it was designated as the country’s first free economic zone. It was the site of the Battle of Chemulpo Bay, where the first shots of the Russo-Japanese War were fired. Identify this sister city of Kolkata. ASIASWEEP 2013
  235. 235. ANSWER ASIASWEEP 2013
  236. 236. Incheon. ASIASWEEP 2013
  237. 237. 68 Known in the local tongue as fiery furnace or hell’s hole, the name also means stove in reference to the many stores selling this item in the vicinity of the street. The French called it Maison Centrale or Central House, a euphemism for the term back home where all dissidents would be rounded up. What alliterative phrase did the Americans use for this structure in the late 1960s, in sarcastic reference to the many luxuries in store for them? ASIASWEEP 2013
  238. 238. ANSWER ASIASWEEP 2013
  239. 239. Hanoi Hilton ASIASWEEP 2013
  240. 240. 69 Theme Clues • Doha • Hiroshima • Bangkok • Tehran • Manila • Jakarta • Incheon • Hanoi ASIASWEEP 2013
  241. 241. ANSWER ASIASWEEP 2013
  242. 242. Host Cities of the Asian Games (past and future) • Doha, Qatar – 2006 • Hiroshima, Japan - 1994 • Bangkok, Thailand - 1966 • Tehran, Iran - 1974 • Manila, Philippines - 1954 • Jakarta, Indonesia - 1962 • Incheon, South Korea – 2014 • Hanoi, Vietnam - 2019 ASIASWEEP 2013
  243. 243. Round 5 (31 Points) 31 Questions x 1 Points Each No negatives One answer, no part points ASIASWEEP 2013
  244. 244. 70 What word derived from the Latin calciare meaning “to stamp with heels/tread” used in the notion of making marshy ground firm by treading on it connects: • New Jewel and a beast seen by Sanga Nila Utama • A place originating from the Persian word “Kalbeh” meaning something that juts out into water • The custodian of the two holy mosques from 1982-2005 • Mahikavathi, the capital of the 13th century ruler Bhimdeo ASIASWEEP 2013
  245. 245. ANSWER ASIASWEEP 2013
  246. 246. Causeways Johor Baharu-Singapore Colaba King Fahd Mahim ASIASWEEP 2013
  247. 247. 71 In You Only Live Twice, Bond travels to Japan and becomes involved with Kissy Suzuki, who is a trained ama. The Japanese practice of ama goes back 2000 years and is performed without scuba gear or air tanks with women being preferred over men for the even distribution of fat in their bodies, helping bodies stay warmer in cold water. Today, the practice is largely tourism driven as in the Middle East since advanced culturing techniques have ensured greater predictability in a billion dollar industry. What/who is an ama? ASIASWEEP 2013
  248. 248. ANSWER ASIASWEEP 2013
  249. 249. Pearl Divers/Pearl Fishers ASIASWEEP 2013
  250. 250. 72 On the Istanbul’s Asian side facing the Bosphorous is the Selimiye Barracks built by Sultan Selim III for his soldiers. Burnt down during the Janissary revolt of 1806, the building was rebuilt and fortified further, serving as an onward base for the 33rd and 41st British troops in the later half of the century. Today, two floors inside the barracks have been converted into a museum preserving someone’s living quarters, including a writing desk with letters, equipment and a paper lantern that was somewhat exaggerated in pictorial representations. Who does this museum honour? ASIASWEEP 2013
  251. 251. 72 ASIASWEEP 2013
  252. 252. ANSWER ASIASWEEP 2013
  253. 253. Florence Nightingale ASIASWEEP 2013
  254. 254. 73 • A is a painting depicting a character mentioned in the Book of Judges in the Hebrew Bible, who kills Sisera and saves the land from King Jabin. • B is a traditional land found in the regions we identify today with Egypt and Sudan that lay along the Nile. • An alternate term for A along with B gives the name for a subspecies that prefers rocky ground or the deserts of Oman, Jordan, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt, among other places. Name the subspecies. ASIASWEEP 2013
  255. 255. 73 A ASIASWEEP 2013 B
  256. 256. ANSWER ASIASWEEP 2013
  257. 257. Nubian Ibex Jael/Yael – who killed Sisera is Hebrew for Ibex Nubia is the land along the Nile ASIASWEEP 2013
  258. 258. 74 Three of the most widespread activities for the Duanwu Festival are eating zongzi, drinking realgar wine and _____. It occurs on the 5th day of the 5th month of the traditional Chinese calendar, thus giving its alternate name, the Double Fifth Festival. Its popular name in the West directly translates two alternate Chinese names for it—Lóngchuánjié and Lóngzhōujié. What? ASIASWEEP 2013
  259. 259. ANSWER ASIASWEEP 2013
  260. 260. Dragon Boat Festival. ASIASWEEP 2013
  261. 261. 75 The Battle of Badr, fought on 13 March 624 CE, was a key battle in the early days of Islam and a turning point in Muhammad’s struggle with his opponents among the Quraish in Mecca. On October 6, 1973, the same name was used to mark the start of something which had long-term repercussions in the sub-continent. What? ASIASWEEP 2013
  262. 262. ANSWER ASIASWEEP 2013
  263. 263. Yom Kippur War / Ramadan War / October War. Operation Badr was the code name for the Egyptian military operation to cross the Suez Canal and seize the Bar-Lev Line of Israeli fortifications. ASIASWEEP 2013
  264. 264. 76 What evocative name was given by the colonials to the type of walking stick shown here? One fanciful theory about the name was because of its usefulness in settling disputes in a Malaysian province. Wikipedia suggests that it was “probably from the Malay phrase ____ for a wild areca, although the term may also refer to the use of these canes as deadly knobkerries to assassinate litigious enemies.” ASIASWEEP 2013
  265. 265. 76 ASIASWEEP 2013
  266. 266. ANSWER ASIASWEEP 2013
  267. 267. Penang Lawyer (possibly from pinang liyar). ASIASWEEP 2013
  268. 268. 77 The photograph shows the area c. 1900. It got its name from the nutmeg, pepper and fruit plantations on either side. Currently, the presidential office and residence lies on one end of it. Identify this tourist attraction. ASIASWEEP 2013
  269. 269. 77 ASIASWEEP 2013
  270. 270. ANSWER ASIASWEEP 2013
  271. 271. Orchard Road in Singapore. ASIASWEEP 2013
  272. 272. 78 Which country celebrated the golden jubilee of its constitution, with a spectacular $15 million fireworks display on November 10, 2012? The 77,282 fireworks launched over the period of an hour in the capital city earned a place in the Guinness Book of Records as the biggest fireworks display of all time. ASIASWEEP 2013
  273. 273. 78 ASIASWEEP 2013
  274. 274. ANSWER ASIASWEEP 2013
  275. 275. Kuwait. ASIASWEEP 2013
  276. 276. 79 One of the most sought after varieties of this expensive delicacy used to be harvested in the limestone caves at Gomantong and Niah in Borneo. Due to conservation efforts and rising costs, reinforced concrete structures are now used for the harvest. What item, mostly associated with the species Aerodramus fuciphagus and Aerodramus maximus, are we talking about? ASIASWEEP 2013
  277. 277. ANSWER ASIASWEEP 2013
  278. 278. Edible bird’s nest. ASIASWEEP 2013
  279. 279. 80 Featured on this Chinese 1 Yuan note is a famous lake located in Hangzhou, in eastern China. A World Heritage sight since 2011 it has influenced and inspired numerous poets and painters including Marco Polo . Identify. ASIASWEEP 2013
  280. 280. 80 ASIASWEEP 2013
  281. 281. ANSWER ASIASWEEP 2013
  282. 282. West Lake ASIASWEEP 2013
  283. 283. 81 Which establishment do they jointly own, the logo being shown on the right (and on apparel) ? ASIASWEEP 2013
  284. 284. ANSWER ASIASWEEP 2013
  285. 285. Ministry of Crab ASIASWEEP 2013
  286. 286. 82 Called Yakhchal, you can still see some of these structures standing in and around Iran. These are believed to one of the earliest examples of what? ASIASWEEP 2013
  287. 287. ANSWER ASIASWEEP 2013
  288. 288. Yakhchal in Persian means ‘ice-pit’; so these are the earliest refrigerators ASIASWEEP 2013
  289. 289. 83 It is a large Y-shaped complex, that extends about 160 kilometers east to west and 88 kilometers north to south. It is currently leased to a neighbouring country and the cost of the lease is supposedly a topic of debate between the two. The location holds many firsts and is still the largest facility of its kind in the world. Identify. ASIASWEEP 2013
  290. 290. 83 ASIASWEEP 2013
  291. 291. ANSWER ASIASWEEP 2013
  292. 292. Baikonur Cosmodrome ASIASWEEP 2013
  293. 293. 84 This progressive-rock band fronted by Faraz Anwar is named after the device (shown in the picture) that is used to play a well-known musical instrument. Maazi, Haal, Mustaqbil ("past, present, future") , their second studio album, is credited to be one of the first Urdu metal album. Name the band. ASIASWEEP 2013
  294. 294. ASIASWEEP 2013
  295. 295. ANSWER ASIASWEEP 2013
  296. 296. Mizraab – used to play the sitar ASIASWEEP 2013
  297. 297. 85 In the 1980s, for what was to later become his Nobel-prize winning work, Masatoshi Koshiba, drawing on the work done by Raymond Davis Jr, constructed an underground neutrino detector in a zinc mine in Japan. It was an enormous water tank surrounded by detectors to sense flashes of light produced when neutrinos interacted with atoms in water molecules. A similar experiment was done in the 1960s in India by V S Narasimham, Goku Menon and others. In which mine did they conduct the experiments? ASIASWEEP 2013
  298. 298. ANSWER ASIASWEEP 2013
  299. 299. Kolar Gold Fields ASIASWEEP 2013
  300. 300. 86 Though better known for another field of creative arts, he is also an acknowledged painter. He took up painting after being injured in a motorcycle accident in 1994, and his brushwork has appeared in ‘Achilles and the Tortoise’, the final part of his autobiographical trilogy. Identify. ASIASWEEP 2013
  301. 301. 86 ASIASWEEP 2013
  302. 302. ANSWER ASIASWEEP 2013
  303. 303. Takeshi ‘Beat’ Kitano ASIASWEEP 2013
  304. 304. 87 Lieutenant General Tadamichi Kuribayashi’s final words: “Arrows and bullets are exhausted … Sorrow comes as I fall” were heard before the US takeover of which crucial Japanese base? ASIASWEEP 2013
  305. 305. ANSWER ASIASWEEP 2013
  306. 306. Iwo Jima ASIASWEEP 2013
  307. 307. 88 Designed by William Chang, this trophy is given out to winners of this award. Nawazuddin Siddiqui received one for Talaash in 2013. Name the award. ASIASWEEP 2013
  308. 308. 88 ASIASWEEP 2013
  309. 309. ANSWER ASIASWEEP 2013
  310. 310. Asian Film Award ASIASWEEP 2013
  311. 311. 89 Di Renjie was a Tang dynasty official who lived in the 7th century. His deeds inspired a 17th century Chinese novel in the gong’an or ‘crime case’ genre. The Dutch scholar X translated this Chinese novel into English during the Second World War and gave the character’s name a small modification in name. Di Renjie’s deeds have also inspired a Chinese film from 2010. The director Tsui Hark made a prequel to the film earlier this year. By what name is Di Renjie commonly known? Also name the Dutch scholar who translated the book. ASIASWEEP 2013
  312. 312. ANSWER ASIASWEEP 2013
  313. 313. Judge Dee. X was Robert van Gulik. (this was a 1 pointer so only Judge Dee needed) ASIASWEEP 2013
  314. 314. 90 Henry Reed’s poem Naming of Parts begins with this stanza. “To-day we have naming of parts. Yesterday, We had daily cleaning. And to-morrow morning, We shall have what to do after firing. But to-day, To-day we have naming of parts. ________ Glistens like coral in all of the neighboring gardens, And to-day we have naming of parts.” The missing word is the common English name for a flowering species, borrowed from the biological name Chaenomeles X—where X refers to the country of origin. Identify the flower. ASIASWEEP 2013
  315. 315. ASIASWEEP 2013
  316. 316. ANSWER ASIASWEEP 2013
  317. 317. Japonica ASIASWEEP 2013
  318. 318. 91 If you look on Pirate Bay, you will find that some kind soul has uploaded X’s complete filmography on account of its ‘historical’ value. This filmography includes such films as: Apsara The Rose of Bokor La Joie de Vivre Twilight The Last Days of Colonel Savath X got the authorities in his country to give him an award for Twilight, according to rumour. Since the film was made in 1969, we can be reasonably sure that it has nothing to do with Ms. Stephanie Meyer and her excursions into novel-writing. Identify X, also famous for briefly propounding an ideology known as Royal Buddhist Socialism. ASIASWEEP 2013
  319. 319. ANSWER ASIASWEEP 2013
  320. 320. Norodom Sihanouk ASIASWEEP 2013
  321. 321. 92 The Nam Song river meanders gently past the town of Vang Vieng in Laos, making it a prime location for this pastime featuring objects originally intended for tractors. What is the pastime called? ASIASWEEP 2013
  322. 322. 92 ASIASWEEP 2013
  323. 323. ANSWER ASIASWEEP 2013
  324. 324. Tubing. From the practice of using inner tubes from tractor tyres. ASIASWEEP 2013
  325. 325. 93 In the Islamic word, this term can indicate doctrine, and can also mean sect. It applied to the schools of jurisprudence in Islam such as the Hanbali. In India, interestingly, the word also does duty as the common term for religion. A variant of the term is applied to a group of Sikhs who were once classified as a martial caste by the British. What term are we looking for? ASIASWEEP 2013
  326. 326. ANSWER ASIASWEEP 2013
  327. 327. Madh’hab / Mazhab ASIASWEEP 2013
  328. 328. 94 Barang is the Khmer word for foreigner, especially a European. Which nationality did it originally denote? ASIASWEEP 2013
  329. 329. ANSWER ASIASWEEP 2013
  330. 330. The French. Khmer does not use the fa sound, and Barang is the closest they could get. Much like the words Phirang and Parangi in our parts of the world. ASIASWEEP 2013
  331. 331. 95 The poster for the Cannes Film Festival in 1983 was based on a sketch by whom? ASIASWEEP 2013
  332. 332. ANSWER ASIASWEEP 2013
  333. 333. Akira Kurosawa ASIASWEEP 2013
  334. 334. 96 The 32 lakshanas or perfections required to pass the eligibility test include a neck like a conch shell, a body like a banyan tree, eyelashes like a cow, thighs like a deer, chest like a lion and voice soft and clear as a duck's. What are these lakshanas used for? ASIASWEEP 2013
  335. 335. ANSWER ASIASWEEP 2013
  336. 336. • To identify a Kumari in Nepal. ASIASWEEP 2013
  337. 337. 97 This cartoon refers to the controversy in Iran over the actor X choosing to appear topless in a shoot for the paper Madam Figaro in protest against ‘the restrictions placed on women in Iran’. Name the actor X, for long one of the distinctive presences in Iranian cinema. ASIASWEEP 2013
  338. 338. ASIASWEEP 2013
  339. 339. ANSWER ASIASWEEP 2013
  340. 340. Golshifteh Farahani ASIASWEEP 2013
  341. 341. 98 Gedung Batu temple or Klenteng Sampo in Semarang, Java, is a shrine that honours a certain 14th century personality and his arrival in those parts. The event is commemorated every year with a big procession—complete with dragon and lion dances accompanied by deafening music—from Tay Kak Sie, Semarang's other main temple, to Gedung Batu. Similar shrines, or statues, can be found in peninsular Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam, and the Philippines. Just name this person. ASIASWEEP 2013
  342. 342. ANSWER ASIASWEEP 2013
  343. 343. Admiral Zheng He ASIASWEEP 2013
  344. 344. 99 Where would one come across this (non-exhaustive) eclectic list of Asians? Ruchira Mendiones (Thai), Amahl Shakh (Arabic), Maung Myo Lwin (Burmese), Ilyas Harun (Indonesian), Jatinder N. Paul (Punjabi), Subrata Mukherjee (Bengali), Salma Alzal (Urdu), Tran Trong Hai (Vietnamese), Mari Noda (Japanese), Kamal de Abrew (Sinhalese), Soon Hee Shin (Korean), Durga Prashad Ojha (Nepali), Liang Ku (Mandarin Chinese), Radhekeant Dave (Gujarati), Eshagh Samehyeh (Persian), Raghaba Prasada Sahu (Oriya), Arati Pandit (Marathi), Prasad Kodukula (Telugu), Shrinivasa K. Upadhaya (Kannada) and Mool C. Gupta (Rajasthani) ASIASWEEP 2013
  345. 345. ANSWER ASIASWEEP 2013
  346. 346. Greetings from the Voyager Golden Record. ASIASWEEP 2013
  347. 347. 100 This World Heritage site, also known as Tadmur or Tadmor, was once an important city that had a central position in linking Europe and Asia on the Silk Route. The more famous name, by an accident of orthography, is spelt exactly like the common English name for the plant species Borassus flabellifer. What is this name? ASIASWEEP 2013
  348. 348. 100 ASIASWEEP 2013
  349. 349. 100 ASIASWEEP 2013
  350. 350. ANSWER ASIASWEEP 2013
  351. 351. Palmyra (Syria) ASIASWEEP 2013
  352. 352. THANK YOU From the AsiaSweep team ASIASWEEP 2013