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  2. 2.  Please be patient. Hungover and sleepdeprived quizmasters are known to beviolent. Poor production values and typos willbe attributed to lack of sleep. Any attempts to haggle with thequizmaster will result in violence. Alsothere are no part points anywhere in theQUIz SO dON’T bOThER. If you have any complaints suggestionsplease talk to us after the quiz. THE NOT QUITE ROME QUIZ- 10th June 2012
  3. 3. 5 rounds of quizzing One list it Infinite bounce/ rebounds (We can pounce if Junta is willing) One written theme One LVC Infinite bounce/rebounds Go home eat lunch come back for BCCUP THE NOT QUITE ROME QUIZ- 10th June 2012
  5. 5. Till date 8 people ( on 10 occasions) have been nominated at theAcademy Awards for Best Director and Best Actor for the same film. Incidentally no one has ever won both on the same night. List all 8 people. Don‘t need to name movies THE NOT QUITE ROME QUIZ- 10th June 2012
  7. 7. Beatty – Heaven can wait, RedsEastwood- Million Dollar Baby Unforgiven Welles- Citizen Kane Benigni- Life is Beautiful Laurence Oliver- Hamlet Costner- Dances With Wolves Woody Allen- Annie hall Kenneth Branagh- Henry V THE NOT QUITE ROME QUIZ- 10th June 2012
  8. 8. Part II GOING FORWARD 15 questions+10 for everything Pounce: +10/-10 THE NOT QUITE ROME QUIZ- 10th June 2012
  9. 9. 1This was an unshielded pulsednuclear reactor situated at LosAlamos used to produce bursts ofneutrons and gamma rays for theirradiation of test samples.Because it was ‗naked andunshielded‘, Otto Frisch nicknamed itX and the name stuck.X is a character from antiquity whosename literally translates to the gift ofgod. THE NOT QUITE ROME QUIZ- 10th June 2012
  10. 10. Godiva Device
  11. 11. 2According to various origins Derived from an ancient Darcian tribe From an ancient Thracian greek meaning rocky mountain Certain Albanian or Slavic words deriving from an ancientDacian cognate both meaning rocky mountains or cliffs From an ancient greek origin meaning to turn sharing an originwith the Greek for wrist on account of its L shape Archaic polish meaning rugged irregularity or a similar originmeaning a sharp cliff or vertical terrainWhat are these suggested etymologies for? THE NOT QUITE ROME QUIZ- 10th June 2012
  12. 12. Carpathian Mountains
  13. 13. 3Act III, Scene III of OthelloFarewell the neighing steed and the shrill trump, The spirit-stirring drum, thear-piercing fife, The royal banner, and all quality, Pride, ____, and ___________ of glorious war!Fill in the blanks THE NOT QUITE ROME QUIZ- 10th June 2012
  14. 14. Pride, pomp, and circumstance
  15. 15. 4 From Sarnath Banerjee‘s The Barn Owl‘s Wondrous CapersAccording to George Mackay author of the epic Twenty One Daysin India ― A virtous cow-hippopotamus by metempsychosis might under unfavourable circumstances become an undergraduate ofCalcutta University and that when patent leather shoes and English supervened the thing was a ____.On being adressed as _____ at a garden party Gurudev said to his host ― The assurance of your manner suggests a long stay in this country and yet you remain ignorant to the fact that only our servants address us as ____. What quintessentially Indian word is this?? THE NOT QUITE ROME QUIZ- 10th June 2012
  16. 16. 4In an essay Bankim Chandra wrote ― ____ has variousmeanings: to the poor ____ means a rich person, to theservant ____ means a master and to the English ____ means a clerk‖ THE NOT QUITE ROME QUIZ- 10th June 2012
  17. 17. Baboo
  18. 18. 5This person has been endorsed by his parent organization as a writer in candidate for all US presidential elections from 1956 onwards.Among his slogans during this time have been ― You could do worse and you already have‖ and ― There are bigger idiots running for office‖ Who?? THE NOT QUITE ROME QUIZ- 10th June 2012
  19. 19. Alfred E. Neuman
  20. 20. 6X was so proud of herweaving skills that shechallenged the GoddessAthena herself to a contest (as shown in the painting) . Xeventually won the contest.Angered at losing to a meremortal, Athena destroyed herwork whereupon X hangedherself. Following her deathAthena turned X into anothercreature. Who is X? THE NOT QUITE ROME QUIZ- 10th June 2012
  21. 21. Arachne
  22. 22. 7What numerical connection exists between A description by Christopher Marlowe of a voyage that waslaunched from Aulis in his play Doctor Faustus An event that took place exactly a week ago taking a route fromWandsworth to the Tower Bridge THE NOT QUITE ROME QUIZ- 10th June 2012
  23. 23. • A face that launched 1000 ships• 1000 different vessels (Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant)
  24. 24. 8Around 2001, the phrase was used to describe the tactics of Argentineteam Estudiantes de La Plata in the 1968 Copa Intercontinental gameagainst Manchester United in their book Fear and Loathing in WorldFootball by Gary Armstrong and Richard GiulianottiJohan Cruyff famously used it in 2002 in criticism of the way Brazilwon the World Cup, stating: "Brazil deserved their win but they aren‘ta team. They play and only took advantage of the mistakes oftheir opponents.―Cesc Fabregas used the term to describe the style of play in the EnglishPremier League, sometime in 2006 stating: "Teams just defend, defendand defend, they try to waste time. I call it ‗ ‗ - but we have toaccept this happens and break teams down.―What term??? THE NOT QUITE ROME QUIZ- 10th June 2012
  25. 25. Anti-Football
  26. 26. The title of a song by composed by Kurt Weill for a 9Bertolt Brecht work and made famous by a number of jazzlegends has at various times been applied to the folkshown below. What song? CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD FMR BRITISH PM MORGAN STANLEY GROUP FOR HIS FMR US SECY. OF COST CUTTING PROWESS DEFENCE THE NOT QUITE ROME QUIZ- 10th June 2012
  27. 27. "Mack the Knife", originally "Die Moritat von Mackie Messer"
  28. 28. 10 In a letter to science fiction magazine Locus, printed in the April 1987issue, Jeter wrote:Dear Locus,Enclosed is a copy of my 1979 novel Morlock Night; Id appreciateyour being so good as to route it Faren Miller, as its a prime piece ofevidence in the great debate as to who in "the Powers/Blaylock/Jeterfantasy triumvirate" was writing in the "gonzo-historical manner" first.Though of course, I did find her review in the March Locus to be quiteflattering.Personally, I think Victorian fantasies are going to be the next big thing,as long as we can come up with a fitting collective term for Powers,Blaylock and myself. Something based on the appropriate technologyof the era; like ―__________", perhaps...—K.W. JWhat term fills in the blanks? THE NOT QUITE ROME QUIZ- 10th June 2012
  29. 29. Steampunk
  30. 30. Lyrics to a number by Mark Knopfler. What fills in the 11 blanks ( full names please)I am _______ _______I am a Geordie boy He calls me _____ ______A glass of wine with you, A stargazer am Isir It seems that I was bornAnd the ladies Ill enjoy To chart the evening skyAll Durham and Theyd cut me out for bakingNorthumberland breadIs measured up by my But I had other dreams insteadown hand This bakers boy from the westIt was my fate from birth country,To make my mark upon Would join the Royal Societythe earth... THE NOT QUITE ROME QUIZ- 10th June 2012
  31. 31. Jeremiah Dixon Charlie Mason
  32. 32. Concept album by the Alan Parson‘s 12Project. Shares its name with a verypopular science fiction book/story.From the inside sleeve notes.―_ _______...THE STORY OF THERISE OF THE MACHINE ANDTHE DECLINE OF MAN, WHICHPARADOXICALLY COINCIDEDWITH HIS DISCOVERY OF THEWHEEL...AND A WARNINGTHAT HIS BRIEF DOMINANCEOF THIS PLANET WILLPROBABLY END, BECAUSE MANTRIED TO CREATE ________ INHIS OWN IMAGE.‖What is the story called THE NOT QUITE ROME QUIZ- 10th June 2012
  33. 33. I, Robot
  34. 34. 13From the work of Thomas Pynchon―_______ was possibly the only objective onlooker in Valletta thatnight. Common legend had it that he‘d been born just before the warin the US on a fence or Latrine wall. Later he showed up everywherethe army moved: farmhouses in France, pillboxes in Africa,bulkheads of troopships in the Pacific. Somehow he‘d gained areputation as a schemihl or a sad sack. That foolish nose hangingover the wall was vulnerable to all kinds of indignitics: fist, shrapnel,machete. Hinting perhaps at a precarious virility, flirting withcastration although such ideas are inevitable in a latrine-oreinted (orFreudian) psychology. But it was all a deception‖For all you engineer types an additional hint is band pass filter.Put fundae THE NOT QUITE ROME QUIZ- 10th June 2012
  35. 35. kilroy
  36. 36. 14Burt Reynolds talking about X, with whom he had a long runningfeud.― X has preserved the mentality of an adolescent. When he doesn‘ttry and someone is speaking to him, it‘s like a blank wall. In fact it‘seven less interesting because behind a blank wall, you can alwayssuppose that there‘s something interesting there.‖Who was X? THE NOT QUITE ROME QUIZ- 10th June 2012
  37. 37. Marlon Brando
  38. 38. 15A demonic name given to certain difficult to reach seams on the hull, the German for compulsion to move alternative to which was drowning THE NOT QUITE ROME QUIZ- 10th June 2012
  39. 39. 15 A training exercise designed forinmates of the Starfleet academy THE NOT QUITE ROME QUIZ- 10th June 2012
  40. 40. unwinnable situationskobayashi maru
  41. 41. Audience qn THE NOT QUITE ROME QUIZ- 10th June 2012
  42. 42. Scorcese Oscar losses
  43. 43. Part III ON THE SAME PAGE 8 questions, written+10 for every correct answer Theme points 16-18 +20 /-10 19-21 +15/ -5 22-23 +10 no negative THE NOT QUITE ROME QUIZ- 10th June 2012
  44. 44. 16Who made his first appearance post 9/11 as a result of a creativecollaboration between a columnist once described by KhushwantSingh as the ― Art Buchwald of India‘ and the staff artist NeelabhSrivastava THE NOT QUITE ROME QUIZ- 10th June 2012
  45. 45. Dubyaman
  46. 46. 17The release of Call of Duty Black Ops set against the backdrop ofthe Cold War invited much criticism and controversy with severecriticism directed at the first operation in particular.In a comment a state run website stated ― What the US could notachieve in 50 years they are now trying virtually‖ and went on to statethat the game promoted sociopathic attitudes in adolescents.What was the first mission all about? THE NOT QUITE ROME QUIZ- 10th June 2012
  47. 47. Killing Castro
  48. 48. 18One of the most visited graves at the cemetery Pere Lachaise. Who‘s ? THE NOT QUITE ROME QUIZ- 10th June 2012
  49. 49. Jim Morrison
  50. 50. 19What was the new name chosen for Plum Pudding Island ( Kasolo inthe native tongue), to commemorate the courage of an Americannaval captain following engagement with the destroyer Amagiri in aWWII battle? THE NOT QUITE ROME QUIZ- 10th June 2012
  51. 51. JFK island
  52. 52. 20Following the collapse of the third Reich, the various warringgenerals who fought to take control were referred to as the NaziDiadochi.Who were the original Diadochi? THE NOT QUITE ROME QUIZ- 10th June 2012
  53. 53. They divided up Alexander’s empire
  54. 54. 21What prestigious contract did Studio Libeskind win the rights to inthe process beating out Foster and partners, Skidmore Owings andMerill, Think team, United architects, Meier Eisenman Gwathmeyand Holl and Peterson Littenberg? THE NOT QUITE ROME QUIZ- 10th June 2012
  55. 55. reoconstructing the WTC
  56. 56. 22In an interview in 1998, the sculptor Arturo Di Modica announced his intention to create atleast four more replicas of his famouscreation and expressed the hope that they would go to cities all over the world as long as people were willing to buy them. In 2010, he created a younger and stronger version which was installed in Shanghai. What was his original creation? THE NOT QUITE ROME QUIZ- 10th June 2012
  57. 57. wall street bull
  58. 58. 23The French word for agglomeration or pellet is used to describemultiple things including the aggregation of riders formed during cycling races such as the Tour De France. How did this enter military terminology?? THE NOT QUITE ROME QUIZ- 10th June 2012
  59. 59. platoon from peloton
  60. 60. Audience QNIdentify the chap with the beard.
  61. 61. Alan Ginsberg
  62. 62. Part IV See the bigger picture akaBHASANTRAO BHISHOL KAISE HOGA THE LVC 23 Elements 4 Slides scoring on respective slides Connect is non exhaustive THE NOT QUITE ROME QUIZ- 10th June 2012
  63. 63. +20/ -10THE NOT QUITE ROME QUIZ- 10th June 2012
  64. 64. + 15/-5classical name for Wales, being the Latinised form of the Welshname Cymru THE NOT QUITE ROME QUIZ- 10th June 2012
  65. 65. +10THE NOT QUITE ROME QUIZ- 10th June 2012
  66. 66. +5THE NOT QUITE ROME QUIZ- 10th June 2012
  67. 67. Fonts
  68. 68. Audience Qn
  69. 69. Reference to sherlockand cocaine
  70. 70. Part V TIME TO REVERT 15 questions+10 for everything Pounce: +10/-10 THE NOT QUITE ROME QUIZ- 10th June 2012
  71. 71. 24San Seriffe was a fictional country created as an April Fool‘s hoax.The nomenclature itself contains numerous puns- such as namingthe capital Bodoni, calling the ports Elrod and Clarendon and so on.The archipelago consisted of only two islands. In keeping with thetypography theme, what were the two islands called ( approximate English equivalents will do) THE NOT QUITE ROME QUIZ- 10th June 2012
  72. 72. Upper case and Lower case
  73. 73. An old english word meaning confusion or jumble 25 A class of motorcycles characterised by low slung seats and curved handlebars but not quite choppers THE NOT QUITE ROME QUIZ- 10th June 2012
  74. 74. boxing weight categories
  75. 75. 26This practice originates from the fact that most of the members ofthis organisation formed in Wisconsin were traveling salesmen, whowanted to be effective Christian supporters even while on the road.The practice described is a pivotal plot element in the first MissionImpossible movie where Ethan Hunt realises that he is being set upby Jim Phelps as a result of his stay at the Drake Hotel in Chicago.What organisation? What practise? THE NOT QUITE ROME QUIZ- 10th June 2012
  76. 76. GideonsLeaving bibles behind in hotel rooms
  77. 77. 27Bodhidhamma during the reign of the Emperor Liangwuti went tothe monastery at Mount Shung. He meditated there for upto 9years and in the meantime taught the monks exercise and fightingtechniques known as the 18 movements of the hand. Theseexercises were then combined with the older technique of Wushuand a set of rules set forth in a book called the I chin ching or bookof muscle changes.The monks at the temple at Mount Shungs went on to berenowned for their martial skills particularly during the rule of theT‘ang dynasty.By what more popular name is the residence at Mount Shungknown as? ( think entertainment) THE NOT QUITE ROME QUIZ- 10th June 2012
  78. 78. Shaolin temple
  79. 79. 28A running gag in Calvin and Hobbes is Calvin‘s inability to learnhow to ____ _ ______. Hobbes tries to encourage him bysaying ‗ They say once you learn how to ____ _ ______, younever forget‖ only to get ― Not surprising It works on the sameprinciple as Electroshock therapy‖ as a reply from the obviouslydisgusted Calvin.What basic childhood skill is Calvin trying to master? THE NOT QUITE ROME QUIZ- 10th June 2012
  80. 80. Ride a Bicycle
  81. 81. 29Marli Renfro was a small timeactress and life long nudist whoappeared in bits and pieces rolesin cinema, served as a Playboycover girl and appeared nude invarious men‘s magazines. Shereally shot to fame following therelease of the book shownalongside written by journalistRobert Graysmith more famousfor his work with the Zodiac killermystery. What was her claim tofame?? THE NOT QUITE ROME QUIZ- 10th June 2012
  82. 82. The Girl in Alfred Hitchcok‘s Shower
  83. 83. 301951- TA Ramalinga Chettiar, T Sangana, Krishnacharya Joshi, MajGen MS Himatsinhji, Anand Chand.1957- Sangam Lakshmi Bai, D Satyanarayana Raju, Bijoy ChandraBhagwati, Mangrubabu Uike,J Siddanajappa H.1962- TT Krishnamachari, Manabendra Shah, Harekrushna Mahtab1967- K L Rao, R Brahma, MS Qureishi, K Bakula, Chubatoshi.1971- Sadanatah Mohammed Sayeed1977- Rinchin Khandu Khimre, Chatra Bahadur Chetri. 1980- Farooq Abdullah1989- Mohammed Safi BhatWho will soon join this list as a result of the actions of DashrathSingh Sankhwar and Sanju Katiyar?? THE NOT QUITE ROME QUIZ- 10th June 2012
  84. 84. Elected without opposition
  85. 85. 31The term came about as a result of a trend called reduplication wherein nonsense rhyming terms would be employed for dramatic effect.The first known use is attributed to Billy De Beck who used it in an October 1923cartoon where he said ― You dumb ox, yougotta get that stupid look offa your pan, you gimme the ______ _______.‖ More recently heard in Madagascar where the visiting New Yorkers give King Julian‘sassistant Maurice the ________ _________. THE NOT QUITE ROME QUIZ- 10th June 2012
  86. 86. Heebie Jeebies
  87. 87. 32Jennifer Egan a Pulitzer winner for A Visit from the Goon Squadannounced on the 24th of May earlier this year that she would releasea 8500 word short story called Black Box. Prior to the release sheissued a couple of press notes reading as follows ― I‘d also been wondering about how to write fiction whose structurewould lend itself to serialisation…..‖On the New Yorker‘s Page Turner blog she said ― I found myselfimagining a series of terse dispatches from a female spy of the future,working undercover by the Mediterranean sea‖What was so unusual about the release ??? THE NOT QUITE ROME QUIZ- 10th June 2012
  88. 88. Tweets
  89. 89. 33THE NOT QUITE ROME QUIZ- 10th June 2012
  90. 90. Henrietta Lacks
  91. 91. 34The property consists of twoparts: Clos Normand and aJapanese style structure on theopposite side. The owner was anavid botanist exchanging plantswith his friends Clemencau andCalliobote. He is said to haveremarked ― All my money goesinto my garden. But also I am inraptures‖.The property is open sevenmonths a year from April toNovember. Who was the originalowner THE NOT QUITE ROME QUIZ- 10th June 2012
  92. 92. 34THE NOT QUITE ROME QUIZ- 10th June 2012
  93. 93. Monet
  94. 94. 35 This is an annual feature instituted in 2001 that plays on a moreprestigious honour given out at the same time Past winners include- 2001 Otis from the anniversary party 2002 Jack Rusell Sonny aka George in The Mystics ……. 2004All in the film Mondovino 2005 Bruno in the cave of the yellow dog 2006 Mops in Marie Antoinette ….. 2009 Dug in up, talking fox from the Antichrist, the poodle from Inglorious Basterds 2010 Boss from Tamara Drewe . What won in 2011 ??? THE NOT QUITE ROME QUIZ- 10th June 2012
  95. 95. Uggie from the artistPalm Dog
  96. 96. What connects the video to this concept album by Savatage? 36 THE NOT QUITE ROME QUIZ- 10th June 2012
  97. 97. Hall of the mountain king
  98. 98. 37What came about as a result ofa visit with his sister Dorothy to the regions surroundingGlencoyne Bay in Ullswater in the Lake district ( picture as seen today) THE NOT QUITE ROME QUIZ- 10th June 2012
  99. 99. daffodils william wordsworth
  100. 100. 38THE NOT QUITE ROME QUIZ- 10th June 2012
  101. 101. 38THE NOT QUITE ROME QUIZ- 10th June 2012
  102. 102. F series Aircrafts
  103. 103. 1THE NOT QUITE ROME QUIZ- 10th June 2012