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MVP Hacks


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"Before you write any code, make sure you have a failing test." This was a revolutionary idea, when it was first pitched in the late 90’s. Many successful entrepreneurs have been practicing a similar approach – "Before you build a product/service, make sure you have paying customers." In this talk, Naresh Jain shares his approach of finding effective MVPs to validate his Educational Product. Recently Naresh's article title "Sell before you build" was published by InfoQ

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MVP Hacks

  1. 1. MVP Hacks! Safe-fail Experimentation ! Maximise your validated learning for minimum investment! Naresh Jain @nashjain
  2. 2. 2 Src:  Jeff  Pa,on
  3. 3. 3 Src:  Jeff  Pa,on
  4. 4. BML Cycle Src:  Lean  Startup
  5. 5. MVP - Minimal Viable Product? "Version of a new product which allows a team to collect the maximum amount of validated learning about customers with the least effort." The goal of an MVP is to test fundamental business hypotheses (leap-of-faith assumptions) and to help entrepreneurs begin the learning process as quickly as possible.
  6. 6. 6
  7. 7. 7 h,p:// Ignite: Lean Startup - Paul Howe, Founder & CEO of NeedFeed "How $40 Saved Us 9 Months and $2MM"
  8. 8. 10 h,p:// - Our Blades Are F***ing Great
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  10. 10. Commercial Break!
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  12. 12. Mumbai
  13. 13. Tech Talks!
  14. 14. Edventure Labs Revolutionizing Brain Development
  15. 15. In advanced mental calculation competitions, 15 triple-digit numbers are displayed in 2 sec. The participants can perform arithmetic operations on these numbers completely in their head. In advanced mental calculation competitions, 15 triple-digit numbers are displayed in 2 seconds. The participants can perform arithmetic operations on these numbers completely in their head.
  16. 16. Participants can also remember the exact sequence of up to 20 numbers.
  17. 17. Kids can listen to 3 columns of numbers read out and add up each column individually in parallel
  18. 18. Vision ✓ Every kid can calculate faster than a calculator. Kids don't have to be born genius to do this. ✓ To empower a generation of kids who are not afraid of numbers and who excel in Mathematics & Analytical skills
  19. 19. My kid learns at a different pace relative to other kids. I need a customizable, adaptive learning solution suitable to my kid. Parent's Value Hypothesis Learning mental arithmetic at an early age, will help kid's overall brain development ( fast mental calculation, improved concentration & memory skills , enhanced reading & listening skills, left & right brain development , better retention power, enhanced visualization) Learning is directly proportional to the feedback provided during the learning process. Hence I want a very high teacher to student ratio.
  20. 20. Parent's Value Hypothesis... With all the distractions today, my kid has very low patience for boring teaching techniques. Teaching technique has to be activity based (interactive) & gamified to make it addictive. I'm keen to compare & base-line my kid's thinking ability and memory (.i.e. overall brain power) with other kids. Its a pain to drop & pick-up kids from classes. Would prefer something available at the comfort of my home.
  21. 21. Student's Value Hypothesis I learn more when learning is fun. I want edutainment! Watching videos or animations gets boring. I want to learn by actively doing things. Don't assume I'm stupid and need to be spoon-fed. Give me something challenging with intelligent guidance. I'm curious and I like to figure out things on my own. If I can't, give me hints and instant feedback, it helps me learn faster. I want to learn new concepts in the context of solving real problems. It helps me retain the knowledge better. I enjoy helping other kids when they get stuck. It helps me learn better and gain more confidence in myself.
  22. 22. Growth Hypothesis Parents love to show-off their kid's newly acquired skills. During this process they would recommend our product to other parents. Schools encourage their students to excel in various extra-curricular activities. They would promote our product to their students. Online publishing and education companies would like to offer more complementary Tech-Ed products/services to their customers. They would find out product attractive and would partner with us to offer this product as part of their service offering. Tablets have become commodity business. Tablet manufactures will be keen to bundle-up our app with their tablets. Billions of Apps have been sold via the App stores. Its a great place for users to discover and buy our product.
  23. 23. Our Journey or should I say, our hacks!
  24. 24. Traditional abacus ✓ No pin-pointed feedback & delayed feedback cycles reducing the quality & speed of learning ✓ Not self-paced, nor adaptive. All or nothing approach.
  25. 25. Our Hypothesis ✓ We believe that ✓ providing instant feedback to the kids will achieve a better learning experience ✓ allowing kids to go at their own pace will be faster and will achieve better satisfaction for the kids
  26. 26. Electronic Abacus - 3D Model ✓ Will kids really be able to use this? ✓ Will we be able to really give actionable feedback? ✓ Will this help?
  27. 27. 1st MVP - iPad App
  28. 28. How do we teach the kid how to use the Abacus? Using Animation Video to Teach
  29. 29. How to keep the kids engaged? Embedded Animation Video on iPad App
  30. 30. 3 4 65 7 8 091 2 Topic
  31. 31. 3 4 65 7 8 091 2 3 4 65 7 8 091 2 Topic - Practice 2 + 4 = ? Right Answer You’ve finished your Practice session
  32. 32. Topic - Game 2 3 23
  33. 33. 3 4 65 7 8 091 2 Topic - Game Ready for a Test?
  34. 34. Do we really need the theory class? Simulation & Self-Discovery Based Learning
  35. 35. 44 h,ps:// MVP to Test the effectiveness of using Simulations or Inline Instructions to Teach Kids
  36. 36. How to make this viral? Gamification & Sense of Purpose
  37. 37. Storyline-Sense of Purpose
  38. 38. Activity Based Learning
  39. 39. Dashboard
  40. 40. Different types of questions to exercise different parts of the brain
  41. 41. Individual Question Scoring and Feedback
  42. 42. The reward system is tied to duration and consistency of practice Coins earned during the practice sessions can be used to redeem food for your pet character or for other practice games.
  43. 43. We measure and track each student's thinking ability and enhanced memory power
  44. 44. Practice via Challenges @ end of each lesson
  45. 45. Peer-to-Peer 1 2
  46. 46. But the Market was not ready... This is awesome! But my kid is not a born geniusto learn this! Is this global phenomenon? I don’t want to be the only crazy mother... Is this real? Feels like sci-fi. Tablet based solution? We don’t think the market is ready. This is too futuristic. Can you give me this on a CD for windows desktop?
  47. 47. 56 h,p:// Abacus Rush - Fun iPad game to learn Counting using Abacus
  48. 48. 57
  49. 49. 58
  50. 50. App vs. Platform User Views Admin User Interaction Scoring Redeemin P2PConstructivis Reports Adaptive Learning Metrics Course Management User Management Analytics Multi-Player Educational Platform Audio Animatio Persistenc Packing Deployme Core Platform - Tablet Specific
  51. 51. Finally light at the end of the tunnel Adaptive Learning Practice Platform
  52. 52. Edventure Labs Framework Teacher Student Curriculum mapped with everyday class   ! Learning Activities   ! Embedded, Adaptive, Continuous Assessment through games Data   base of Student Data   ! ! Continuous capture and storing of data Cognitive Model/Data Analysis Real  Xme  data   capture  of   student   acXons,   soluXons,  and   exploraXons   online ConXnuous  data   feedIntelligent   feedback  to  system Intelligent   feedback  to   student Data  on  Student   Progress  Learning
  53. 53. For  each  ques.on  we  capture  the  following  data,  which  helps  us  refine  our  content   and  also  provide  detailed,  pinpointed  feedback  to  the  student.   ! • Loca.on  (la.tude,  longitude)   • Address  (reverse  geo-­‐coding  of  the  loca.on)   •  status   • Ac.vated  .me   •  (step,  .me   • Number  of  touch  interac.on   • Number  of  retries   • Number  of  .mes  hint  used   • Result  Status  (op.mal,  subop.mal,  wrong)   • Start  .me   • End  .me   • Wrong  answer  count Data Capture & Analysis
  54. 54. Teacher/Parent Reports ! • Time  spent  on  each   ques.on   • Exact  mistakes  made   • Number  of  .mes  a  same   mistake  was  made   • Over-­‐all  prac.ce  .me   • Ranking   • Percentage   • Over  all  class   performance   • Class  performance  in  a   par.cular  concept
  55. 55. Vision Strategy Achieved Via Hypothesis Based On Safe-Fail Experiments Safe-Fail Experiments Safe-Fail Experiments Validated Via Validate d Validate d Validate d To Obtain Tweak Improve Moral of the Story!
  56. 56. Vision-Strategy-Product Pyramid Pivot Refine/Optimize Golden Circle (Simon Simonek) HOWWHY HOW WHAT Vision Strategy Product RarelyChanges
  57. 57. Naresh Jain @nashjain Thank you! Questions?