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The Work From No Home System extra bonus


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This system allows you to discover the exact method the Guru’s use to Rank Websites like YOURS. Best of all, this system only requires minimal setup costs & no prior technical knowledge (I’ll teach you along the way)… All you need is a LAPTOP and the INTERNET.
You’re about to find out how this reformed down and out gamer with zero IM experience created his own traffic generation cash cow… and now he hands his blueprint over to YOU.

Read every single word below carefully, because this thing may change your life!!!

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The Work From No Home System extra bonus

  1. 1. Work From No Home Free ReportLearn How I Made $12,614 In 29 Days
  2. 2. When it comes to affiliate marketing, there are no million dollar ideas.There are just $100 ideas that can be replicated rapidly. And what I want to show youtoday is one of those ideas, fleshed out and detailed to the point that you can use it in anumber of niches for rapid, easy income that can be put on autopilot and that is immuneto the changing whims of Google and their array of zoological algorithm updates.Here’s the thing.The whole purpose of online marketing is to create a passive income - the kind that willrun on autopilot for weeks or even months at a time. The kind that will continue to growas long as you invest wisely. The kind that you can forget about for a few weeks whileyou lounge on a beach somewhere absorbing the sun’s glorious rays.Yet, right now there is a very real and completely founded fear out there that Googlehas destroyed this lifestyle.That Panda and Penguin have made it impossible to build small, rapid-fire websites thatcan generate massive amounts of money in a short period of time through organicsearch rankings.Whoever is feeding this BS to the masses is dead wrong, because it IS possible and I’mgoing to show you how.The system I’m about to show you is the exact one I use in my own business to buildsmall, extremely targeted websites that generate $100 or more in profit every monthand can be put on autopilot with less than an hour of work from you.This is the exact business model that will allow you to start making money on theInternet by selling top rated products from vendors that you trust - the stuff that isalready selling, but now you’re getting the credit for it.This is Launch Leverage Magic and I’m about to show you all of the basic tips you needright now to start profiting from it, immediately.The best part is that it’s so simple, anyone can do it - whether you’ve been makingmoney online for 20 years or just picked up a keyboard for the first time and have noidea what you’re doing - this is the system you need.There are three major steps.Step 1 - Identify a Hot NicheStep 2 - Build a Powerful, Google-Friendly Website
  3. 3. Step 3 - Leverage!I’m going to show you how to streamline this process down to a few minutes of rapidresearch so that you can make as many as 5-6 of these per week and start profitingwithin a few days. No more waiting weeks or months for profits to roll in - just rapid,targeted income based on a few minutes of simple research.The goal is simple - make money from someone else’s hard work, quickly and efficientlybefore anyone else knows what’s happening.Let’s get started.
  4. 4. Step 1 - Identify a Hot NicheThe first step, before you do anything is to find a hot niche and a product in that nichethat is going to blow up the charts before anyone else can act on it.I have created a powerful system that allows me to identify hot niches in a matter ofminutes - within 5 minutes I can find a hot new product that is blowing up the searchrankings and hasn’t even been released yet.Here’s how you can do the same.First, you need to determine what type of product you want to promote. The idea here isto find a product that has NOT yet been released. This gives you a tremendous amountof leverage.When that product is released, the product vendor or manufacturer is going to pourcountless hours of man power into marketing it. You can peel off a fair share of thetraffic generated by that marketing by choosing the right domain name and standing infront of the torrent of traffic that results.So, to do this, here is the plan.We need to find a hot niche with a number of products being released rapidly. In mycase, my hottest niche has always been gaming.Here’s why.Every year there are 4-5 major gaming releases - new MMORPGs, expansions forexisting MMORPGs and new PC games with highly competitive factors.The key to selecting a good game is to look for one that has a highly social aspect, isvery competitive and offers an opportunity for players to excel by finding rare, hard toacquire items. Normal, everyday video games like Mario won’t cut it because they arerelatively straightforward.We need something for which there can be insider strategies and people are willing tospend money to get better.So, I look for games that already include an element of pay-for-play. Online RPGs likeWorld of Warcraft, games with real money auction houses like Diablo 3 and games withcompetitive rankings like Starcraft II are perfect.Last year, when Diablo 3’s beta was announced, I took action and started developingmy sites for that game.Here is what one looks like:
  5. 5. This is a simple site that includes original content about one aspect of the game - in thiscase the Barbarian class - and links to guides that will provide more useful informationabout that character.The idea being that the game was so new that I could get some really killer domainnames by acting now instead of waiting for X months until the game was released.As it turned out, the game was not released until May, 15, 2012 so I did good byjumping on them early - it gave me a solid 8 month head start over the competition.Let’s go back a couple steps though because you want to know how I found this topicand how I knew it would be profitable.I look for a few things when choosing a new topic for a website. 1.1. Does it have buzz? 1.2. Who is creating it? 1.3. What type of launch will it have?
  6. 6. I want a product that everyone will have already heard of before it launches, then I wanta product that is created by someone with a strong track record for success and bigsales. Finally, I want a product that will have a MASSIVE launch with a lot of peoplesearching for information about that product.The idea is that when someone sees a promotion for the product, they will search forreviews of the product and I will in turn get a boat load of free traffic by creating a sitethat shows up for those keywords.Buying keywords for a product during its launch period are pure gold and will convert atrates normally unheard of on an affiliate marketing site.The ONLY barrier of entry for this is getting out ahead of everyone else, which is what Iwant you to do in this step.So, back to my main example.In this case, the products I am promoting are actually game guides sold on Clickbank -membership sites and standalone guides that are designed to help people excel atDiablo 3.I chose a hot game that I knew would have a massive following because I knew thatthere would be a massive number of game guides released for a game like this. So, thebuzz is there.Second, I knew that this game was being released by Blizzard, the world’s biggestgaming company. They publish World of Warcraft, for which there are dozens of guides.Not only that, but the people who will be receiving emails about the new Diablo 3 guidesare the same ones who already bought World of Warcraft guides.Third, but certainly not least, I wanted guarantee of a big launch. Diablo 3 wasexpecting a launch of between 5 and 10 million units (I believe it did 8 million). Theguides for hot new online games that do more than a million units tend to reach gravitiesof between 50 and 100 on Clickbank in the first week.Diablo 3 guides could reasonably expect to see gravity approaching 200 based onthese measurements. They did.So, this was a perfect launch target.It has massive buzz, a trusted name that will market it heavily, multiple options on themarket to promote, and a guaranteed major launch.So, when someone sees an advertisement for a new game guide for Diablo 3 andthinks to themselves “I wonder if this is any good”, then searches for it, they will find my
  7. 7. sites, which of course tell them it is good and passes them along to the vendor site tomake a purchase.The process from start to finish takes no more than a few minutes - especially now that Ihave so many resources in place - but it results in a major profit from simple, easy tobuild sites.Okay, so how do you go about finding these hot niches for yourself? Not everyonereading this will be interested in the gaming guide niche, nor do you need to be.Consider some of these hot niches and the relatively easy methods you can use to findnew releases in each of them: • TVs - This works for many forms of electronics but TVs are great because new models are released all of the time. Look for hot new models from major manufacturers that are scheduled to be released soon. These are the ones that will perform best for you. • Gaming Consoles - Game consoles are only released by three major manufacturers and usually have a life cycle of 4-8 years, so launches are rare which means there is a LOT of buzz. I guarantee people who bought review sites for the Nintendo Wii or Playstation 3 did well. • Smart Phones and Tablets - Smart phones are updated once a year, as are tablets. Watch trade shows like CES in January or any Apple event and hop on new announcements before they launch. • Make Money Online Guides - The MMO niche is huge and has a number of heavy hitters with massive launches. Work From No Home, for example, would have been a fantastic launch leverage target. • Dating and Relationship Products - The niche has evolved a lot and new products tend to be extremely well planned out and highly promoted. These are 6 figure launches and you can tap into it if you catch one early. • Self Help Guides - People buy lots of these products and are always looking for the next “legit” option. Hit up the niche at the right time and you can make a decent profit from it. • Weight Loss and Fitness Programs - Weight loss, dieting or fitness are all very effective ways to tap into a launch - new programs are always being released, and whether they work well or not, the traffic is huge. • General Fads - Any general fad is going to have a lot of search traffic. Whether it is a new form of sneakers or a hot new book that is selling for no discernible reason, look for fads before they blow up to take advantage of the buzz.The goal here is simple. Find something that is about to blow up and jump on it. Buy atargeted keyword domain and start building a site that will capture and funnel traffic forbuying keywords into your content-rich website. Do that and you’re on your way to a bigprofit.
  8. 8. Step 2 - Build a Powerful WebsiteOkay, so you have a website and a good idea of how much traffic is going to come yourway, but you need to get into Google’s rankings first. Just having a keyword matcheddomain isn’t enough anymore.Penguin and Panda made sure of that. You need a site with rich content that providesclear value to your readers. There are three things you need to consider in this step. 1.1. The Content 1.2. The Keywords 1.3. The LinksWhen it comes to assigning value to the three above, content comes out way on top.You need to make sure that your site will rank well in Google, well before you worryabout things like which keywords you target and how many backlinks you point at yoursite.Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be that hard.Here’s a secret.Your site is extremely targeted. By choosing a buying keyword like “diablo 3 rmahguide” or “sony X53C LED tv” you winnow out thousands of potential competitors. Mostsites will only ever have one or at most two pages about this topic - so to out do themyou only need to create a handful more pages and make sure the content on them istop notch.So, instead of creating a broad topic site like “new sony tvs” and having to create 50+pages for it, you can create just 3-5 pages for your model-specific site.Remember, the goal here is to have this site online BEFORE the product launches. Inthis way you can tap into the existing traffic for buying keywords like “sony X53C led tvreview” and not have to do very much work.So, we have a hot topic, a hot niche, a hot keyword and no competition.Now, we just need to make the readers happy and in turn Google.To do this, I recommend between 3 and 6 pages of high quality, highly targeted content.My formula looks something like this: • Landing Page • 2-3 Supporting Pages • 1-2 Video Pages
  9. 9. That’s it. That’s my entire website and it works quite well in almost any major niche aslong as I target the product directly enough.Here’s my Diablo 3 site again:This site has 15 pages. I did a lot of content for this page because I assumed it wouldbe a fairly competitive keyword. That was true and it paid off that I was prepared for it.However, for a similar keyword that had a lot less competition “diablo 3 blacksmithguide” I only created 5 pages, because let’s face it, I didn’t need any more than that:
  10. 10. Both sites did equally well, but the more targeted site with less competition required lesscontent to be successful.The same will be true of your leveraged launch sites because, frankly, you won’t needto do much to stand out in such a sparse crowd.Before moving on to the final section about how to leverage all of this content into apassive income stream, here are some tips for how I create content and what youshould do when creating yours. 1.1. Page 1 Matters - The landing page is the core of your site and where you want everyone to arrive. So, it needs to be the page most capable of driving traffic to the vendor site you are promoting. There are several ways to do this. You can provide a bonus for those who buy that product through your link (in the case of Clickbank products, which allow this), or you can simply provide a really big, in-depth review that covers everything you need to know about this particular product. We’re talking about 1,500 words or more for a review of this caliber but it works REALLY well. 1.2. Create with Conversions in Mind - You need to create content with conversions in mind. By that I mean focus on your headlines and calls to action. You could show up at number one in Google for all your keywords and
  11. 11. it wouldn’t matter if no one stuck around on your site or clicked through to the vendor site. 1.3. Images and Multimedia - Make your site feel like a real, helpful site. That means include images where possible on every page, injecting multimedia like videos into the site design and creating a streamlined process for people to read all of your content by linking between articles.These three things will create a user friendly website that Google will LOVE.Now, how do you get people to find this site? This is the big question and the one thatwill likely have the biggest impact on your site development process and budget.It’s all about SEO. Your on-site SEO will be determined by things like keywordplacement, the exact layout of your site, links between pages and tags used on imagesand textual content.Your off-site SEO however is even more important and will need to be targeted to theexact type of person you want to find your site.Now, we’re dealing with a post-Panda, post-Penguin world, so you need to do a lotmore than just create backlinks to your site. 5,000 Xrumer and SEOnuke backlinks arenot going to cut it. They’ll probably just get you removed from the listings altogether.Instead, you want quality backlinks based on content and contextual links from majorPR sites. Here’s how I do that. 1.1. Article Marketing - Using a number of powerful marketing tools, I rapidly generate high quality articles and distribute them to major directories throughout the Internet. The key here is quality and not oversaturating. If you send out too many articles, don’t manage your content development effectively or simply cheat and use auto-spun pages, you’re not going to succeed with this. You need a good system in place. 1.2. Contextual Linking - Contextual linking is done through blog comments, forum signatures and guest posts on major websites that are related to yours. To key is to find ones that offer easy approval, but also to create comments and signatures that are high quality. 1.3. Anchor Text Diversity - Panda and Penguin have taught us a lot, namely that we can’t stuff our keywords into whatever links we create and expect it to work. Use diversity when setting your anchor text. That means not only in the keywords within anchor text but whether the site on which you are placing those links are follow or no follow.Creating a content rich site that has the right backlinks when using hyper-targeted long-tail keywords is a great way to generate a lot of traffic very quickly when those keywordsrise in the rankings. Be ready for it and you can make a lot of money doing this.
  12. 12. Step 3 - Leverage!Here’s the icing. The sundae topping that will make all the hard work that goes intocreating your first two or three websites so worth it.We take what we’ve just done and streamline it, creating a system through which wecan generate massive volumes of content and new websites in a manner of minuteseach day, then leverage those sites to create even more sites and build a passiveincome stream that lasts.Here’s how it works.Step 1 - Choose a Niche and Create a SystemChoose one specific niche for now and then create a system by which you can rapidlygather new products and launches to write about. I have a calendar and I use a virtualassistant to check on emails sent out by top vendors in the gaming and make moneyonline niches. Whenever a new product is announced to prospective JVs, I get an emailand can start generating sites for that product.Tweak your system to work with your style of site creation. You might opt to generatecontent based on the needs of your own products. You might really like one specificniche. You might know someone already who can go out and find hot new niches.Maybe you track new announcements in electronics.Whatever you do, create a system that will make this process faster and start creating alist (or a calendar) of new launches before they happen.Step 2 - Create a TemplateTo build your sites faster, you need a template in place. You can generate sites veryquickly using Wordpress and a number of specific plugins for SEO, backlinking andcontent display. You should also have templates written out for content creation.For example, how will your typical review site look? Will it have four pages? Five? Six?Videos? No videos?Know in advance so you can quickly put a new site into production without having tothink about what will be on it.Step 3 - ReinvestYour first site will likely be made by hand and will probably take you about 5-10 hours tobuild. You’re going to need to write all the content, record the videos, build the websiteand find the topics, not necessarily in that order. Plus there’s the backlinking to thinkabout.
  13. 13. But, once you’ve done it one or two times, you can take the next step and startleveraging all your hard work into faster, more efficient site development.We do this by reinvesting. Take WHATEVER you make from the first site and dump itinto the second site - 100% of that money. Don’t spend it. Don’t buy a new server orupgrade your computer. Reinvest it into the process of building more sites.Remember what I said at the beginning - there are no million dollar ideas, just $100ideas that can be replicated.The faster you can replicate your idea, the more likely you will be to make a tremendousamount of money with this strategy. The process is more about finding ways to leverageyour time and speed it up than anything else.What do you invest in?First, hire an SEO. You can find people who do backlinks in the Philippines or India forless than $5 an hour. It’s the easiest and least expensive thing to outsource and it takesyou the most time. So start there.Next, outsource your writing. It needs to be decent quality, so start with at least$0.02/word (unless you get lucky). Check out sites like Text Broker and MediaPiston too- they work great for this if you have a bit of money to budget for the writing.If you can find a dedicated writer through a site like Odesk or Elance, all the better.Finally, if you still make a profit after outsourcing both the backlinking and the writing,outsource the rest. The site building, graphic design and oversight of all thedevelopment tasks.By the end of one month, I bet you can be at the point of only doing the keywordresearch and outsourcing everything else. That’s how well this process works.The Bottom LineYou can leverage everything you do in this process to build large volumes of highlytargeted long-tail specific keyworded sites at top speed in a matter of days. I’m notkidding you.For Diablo 3, I built close to 50 websites to promote various guides (including some ofmy own). The sites were all built in less than a month and all I had to do was have mybusiness manager gather keywords which I then approved.There was a large cash investment, but it more than paid off when the game guideswent live and we started making money.
  14. 14. It’s tough to do, but if you spend a little and just keep doing what works in this process,you will be able to leverage moderate success from a $100 website into massivesuccess through one hundred $100 websites.Tell me that doesn’t sound addictive.
  15. 15. ConclusionI have been an Internet marketer for close to six years and in that time, I’ve created a lotof websites. My fair share of vendor sites, and a boat load of leveraged launch sites.By far, the sites with the greatest ROI and lowest bar to entry are the ones described bythe process above. In less than a day I can have an entire website online and ready tostart making money.Imagine how many of these sites you could build in a week. Two weeks. A month.Now imagine what you can do when you outsource the entire process to a team ofprofessionals.The income potential is phenomenal.The key here is to NOT expect miracles. You’re not going to make $10,000 from yourfirst leveraged site. You’re not going to build a massive empire in a month.You’ll probably break even for a few weeks and then make a few bucks on a couplelaunches and go from there.But, I guarantee you if you follow this plan and build your sites repeatedly, following thesame steps and tweaking them for the successes and failures you see, you willgenerate a passive income stream that more than takes care of itself over time.If you’re serious about putting the launch leverage magic to the test, check out Workfrom No Home - this is the complete, multi-module course I’ve created to help affiliatemarketers leverage the hard work of product creators to make money quickly andefficiently over and over again, regardless of what Google is doing.Check it out.Best of luck in all your endeavors and I hope to see you on the inside!Cheers!~Peng Joon Click Here To Get The Work From No Home System Today