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Corporate history as social capital


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Corporate histories are underused resources which are great source for social capital. Learn how to use it

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Corporate history as social capital

  1. 1. ReDiscoveringCorporate History asa Social CapitalIncrease efectiveness of your marketing without increasing budget! corporate history amplifier:
  2. 2. OVERVIEW1. What is corporate history (CH)?2. How to use it?3. CH related most common questions (problems).4. Does it work?5. CH – powerful marketing tool & great source of social capital !!!6. How to start? corporate history amplifier:
  3. 3. WHAT IS CORPORATE HISTORY? i. CH demonstrates stability and preservesYour history is your organizational heritage,reputation. IT is theGENOME of the company ii. increases employeeand shows what makes pride and loyalty,your company tick. iii. shows customer trust - why have clients and customers chosen you over the years. corporate history amplifier:
  4. 4. HOW TO USE IT? "Consumers tend to think of long-lived companiesas trustworthy. By communicating their pastimaginatively, businesses capitalize on an asset.„ Michael Rowlinson, professor at Queen Mary University of London
  5. 5. CH related most common questionsWho should deal Where can we Developing Trust with it? Our find content? & Commitmentpeople are too How can we sounds fine but busy even benefit from does it really without this! this? work? corporate history amplifier:
  6. 6. EVERY BRAND HAS A STORY! A story worth telling is one worth amplifying. Jamie Tedford Brand NetworksSource: Booz & Company/Buddy Media Campaigns to Capabilities Social Media & Marketing 2011 Survey results
  7. 7. Does it work? CH & employees. work?i. 77% of employees had a better understanding of core values,ii. 81 % felt more pride in their company,iii. 96% wanted to keep learning about company history. corporate history amplifier:
  8. 8. HOW THEY MOSTLY DO IT?A. Corporate museum very, very, very expensive! Suitable for Coca-Cola, Harley- Davidson and Wells Fargo.B. History publications mostly expensive and longand specialty books process (1-3 years to finish)! Little benefit to a company commercially!C.Website & social affordable to everyone. Just bemedia tools smart and convert it into social! corporate history amplifier:
  9. 9. Passive(~92% of companies)Interactive (~6%)Social(~2%) corporate history amplifier: Source: Histros Inc
  10. 10. Passive and static CH pages are like academic tomes thatgather dust on bookshelves and bring neitherenlightenment nor entertainment.THESE PAGES ARE UNUSED ASSETS AND GREATSOURCE FOR SOCIAL CAPITAL! We suggest more activeroutes by which companies can profit from their past. corporate history amplifier:
  11. 11. CH as a superb marketing tool A company history that is interactive, well visualized andpresented using newest FREE social media tools, will confer an authentic market differentiation that no marketing budget of 1-2% of gross sales with traditional campaign could provide. REMEMBER: images are much more powerful storytellersthan words. And combined maps+timelines in your site are much-much more powerful than just chronological lists. corporate history amplifier:
  12. 12. HOW TO START? • Remember: Corporate History is not only for old companies. Younger companies should use their history, too! It is great tool for sharing values and generating emotional connection; • Just do it: Take your existing CH page and see what important milestones are missing. Just fewI. new bullet points and some words for description will do for start + some photos and videos. • Amplify: Convert your CH into social simply – use your corporate FB timeline to write down most important milestones. Just one photo per post and 1-2 sentences. Will take less than 30 min; • Embed: For more detailed and visualized overview use some specialized free services, like It is like YouTube of stories, played on map and timeline. Make sure to embed this story into your CH page. Use social tools (I was here too, Co-authors, People in this event etc) for more engagement. • Keep going: We recommend to start recording your „living history“ right away in order to prevent the loss of important memories and get the project going. Add them to your story as you go; • Outsourcing can help: Cant find any internal person for this? Use some service provider who can take careIII. of it in your stead – next to specialized companies you can find partners who are more interested in your traffic than your money and therefore can keep your corporate story updated for almost free. corporate history amplifier:
  13. 13. REMINDER Your corporate history helps clients, employees and partners understand where they fit into the picture, helping foster dedication, loyalty and effectiveness. story! But................amplify your storyStories that are not amplified rarely reach beyond your existing inner circle. corporate history amplifier:
  14. 14.