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Press Releases: The Content Marketer's Not-So-Hidden Treasure


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Press Releases: The Content Marketer's Not-So-Hidden Treasure

  1. 1. #cmi Press Releases: The ContentMarketer’s Not-So-Hidden Treasure
  2. 2. #cmiHi I’m Joe Pulizzi(@juntajoe)
  3. 3. #cmiCMI teaches marketers how to effectively own their media channels to attract and retain customers. EVENTS MEDIA CONSULTING CCO Magazine
  4. 4. #cmi
  5. 5. #cmiAgenda:• The role of press releases in content marketing• Use of press releases as a lead generation channel (often with a favorable cost per lead!)• How multimedia content drives enhanced press release engagement
  6. 6. #cmiPresenters:Bob Canaway Michael PranikoffEktron PR Newswire
  7. 7. #cmiMichael PranikoffGlobal Director, Emerging Media,PR Newswire@mpranikoff • Emerging media educator and technology enthusiast • Previously with MacNeil/Lehrer Productions which produces the PBS NewsHour •
  8. 8. • The First Press Release Oct. 28, 1906 • PR Newswire Launched 1954 • In 106 Years, A Lot Has ChangedSponsored by PR Newswire #cmi
  9. 9. Where does the Press Release Fit in the Marketing Mix?Sponsored by PR Newswire #cmi
  10. 10. Where does the Press Release Fit in the Marketing Mix?Sponsored by PR Newswire #cmi
  11. 11. Sponsored by PR Newswire #cmi
  12. 12. Sponsored by PR Newswire #cmi
  13. 13. Press Releases Create Proactive Messaging Proactive Messaging Should Be Created With Optimization Proactive Messaging Also Means Creating Content That Is DirectionalSponsored by PR Newswire #cmi
  14. 14. Optimize Your Content• Create Tweetable Headlines –120 Characters to allow for theReTweet – PR Newswire ResearchShow this is the optimal length.• The most important informationin the headline needs to be in thefirst 65 characters – with spacesSponsored by PR Newswire #cmi
  15. 15. Tips on Keyword Research• Think Keyword Phrases notKeywords – 42% of searchesperformed use 3-5 Keywords –Comscore•There are some free sites like GoogleInsight for Search and Google Trends•Speak in Natural language**•Keyword Density doesn’t matteranymore – but, still don’t overdo it. Sponsored by PR Newswire #cmi
  16. 16. Structure of You Content• Make your news easy to read anddigest. Think “info-snacks”• Use bold to separate ideas – ButDon’t Overdo It!• Bullet points are great to use. –Make this your Tweet.•Think about having a “Quotes”section instead of burying thequote.•Easy To Read means Easier to Use!Sponsored by PR Newswire #cmi
  17. 17. Sponsored by PR Newswire #cmi
  18. 18. KCSA recently posted a blog at about our new turnkey public company application -- The IR App. We also used PR Newswires Online Disitrubtion to spread the word about the blog and The IR App. KCSA has been actively blogging and has a nice following. But, after using PR Newswire’s Online Distribution, we saw a 3-month high in web traffic in the first day. This is an entirely new and effective way to optimize content and is a nice complement to our press release strategy. Its a tool we plan to use both for KCSA and our clients in the future. - Jeff Corbin, CEO & Managing Partner of KCSASponsored by PR Newswire #cmi
  19. 19. more multimedia = more views Increase in average online views per press release, when multimedia elements are added.Source: PR Newswire web analytics.Sponsored by PR Newswire #cmi
  20. 20. #cmiBob CanawayDirector, Marketing, Ektron@bobcanaway • Responsible for maximum business results by driving technology • Passionate about data and technology, and focuses on the integration of content management systems and marketing automation.
  21. 21. #cmi
  22. 22. About Ektron Ektron empowers organizations to fully realize their digital marketing potential by connecting content to revenue ■ Founded in 1998 ■ Headquarters in Nashua, NH ■ - Worldwide Offices in Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom ■ - Regional Offices in Denver, Richmond and San Francisco ■ 200+ Employees ■ Over 3,000 customers and 12,000 sites including The Home Depot, Microsoft, and NASDAQSponsored by PR Newswire #cmi
  23. 23. Sponsored by PR Newswire #cmi
  24. 24. Content Marketing Brand + Buzz We Strive for: Top of the • Relevancy Funnel Middle • Consistency of the Funnel Evangelism • Optimization Sales Qualified Opportunities Closed Won! Sponsored by PR Newswire #cmi
  25. 25. Business Outcome Sale, Page View, Member, Lead, Admission, Donation Loyalty, Awareness, Reputation, Advocacy Optimization Search engine optimization, personalization, conversion optimization Experience Websites, mobile devices, communities, email Context Behavior, device, social graphs, environment, location Content Websites, landing pages, micrositesSponsored by PR Newswire #cmi
  26. 26. Webinar OfferSponsored by PR Newswire #cmi
  27. 27. Great NewsSponsored by PR Newswire #cmi
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  29. 29. PR Newswire Sync Seamlessly integrate your press releases into EktronSponsored by PR Newswire #cmi
  30. 30. #cmi Thank you for viewing!For more on the Content Marketing Institute visit: