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Wildfire -

Disaster Radio is a mobile app for people who are affected by natural disasters like wildfires, floods, earthquakes, hurricanes and tsunamis. The first release delivers updated wildfire maps to mobile devices and encourages social networking. Civilains can contribute to the firefighting effort by tweeting, bcause consolidated cowd-sourced data can be brought back to Incident Command.

Detailed fire maps created for public safety operations are quickly delivered to civilian SmartPhones, Pads and any PC/Laptop web-browser. The intuitive moving-map fire visualization has pinch zoom. The app will locate nearby wildfires, and then continually update the map as new data becomes available. A hash tags is generated and eople are encouraged to tweet. Social networking geo-tag'd tweets are mapped next to updated wildfire GIS (Geographic Information System perimeters). The app runs atonumously for US wildfire without a special background server, oderator nor anyone to manage it.

Organizing & geo-mapping tweets allows the public to better use that information during emergencies, and the Incident Command (IC) team too. Encouraging people to tweet improves the flow of useful information, and calms them because they are part of two way conversations. The third benefit is that public safety can crowd source helpful information while visualizing nearby risks. Having people's locations mapped will help the command team know where to watch for dangers.

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Wildfire -

  1. 1. Wildfire by GIS maps stimulate social networking, geo-tweets, crowd-source info Mark Zaller
  2. 2. Core Functions• Updated detailed GIS maps, a lure that fulfills• Easy for neophytes, depth for sophisticated• Stimulate social networking, calms & informs• Force Geo-tweets, maps those at risk• Data-mining for Crowd-Sourced info to IC Wildfire by
  3. 3. Wildfire ScreenShot Wildfire ScreenShot GIS to the people evolved from AirborneGIS• Fresh fire perimeters• Autonomous: no moderator or input• Scales small. 1st person – 1st time• Minimize bandwidth, offline resilient Everybody wants to know where the fire is Wildfire Wildfire by ScreenShot
  4. 4. Click to see 1 min YouTube Demo of AirBorneGIS in use over fires that DisasterRaido evolved from for Civilians
  5. 5. Twitter for fire• Define #hashtag to firename• Easy: Attract novices-satisfy veterans – Eventually voice enabled and more Wildfire ScreenShot• Encourage guided conversation• People get Info & Participation• Public Safety announcements Wildfire by
  6. 6. Geo-enabled Tweets• GPS is precise - cell towers ok• See each other, band up to help• Whose left behind, lost, at risk• IC gets map of people locations Wildfire by
  7. 7. Safer Perimeters• Distant people are affected• Supply info to the worried• Attract help & aide• Donate, Gawk, Volunteer• Encourage safe distance Wildfire by
  8. 8. Crowd Sourced data• People locations help IC• Analysts data-mine CrowdSource• Ushahidi can create structure• Who in IC team will accept data? CalFire reluctant to release current maps Crowd-source value encourages new maps Wildfire by
  9. 9. Add-ons & options Alert! Hurt! Locate Family Scroll News Find Me! Lost! & Friends Emergency Radio (mashup) DisasterRadio Cross Platform Geo-LocatedVolunteer-Donate Video & Photos I have / I need Escape Routing Voice Recognition around closures TTS - Translate Wildfire by
  10. 10. Wildfire ScreenShot Issues - Concerns• Alert! Hurt! Find Me! Lost! Who is listening? Too easy? Enable when staffed, priority tweet, Populate your own emergency contacts, better than nothing• 911 simply dials phone, Are you Sure? Disclaimers• Help get people to follow evacuations• Could burglars/looters use it? Can’t address all concerns at first. Planning reduces issues & more prepared for the unexpected Wildfire by
  11. 11. What’s next?• Funding to Release It! fix, evolve & iterate• Keeping it alive: Profitable, funding, monetizing, subscription – Winning hack-a-thons isn’t software engineering• Strategy, Vision & Tactics – Cross disciplinary governing board, crowd-source, organization• Need a Team: Paid, Open-Source/GitHub, Volunteer, Non- profit, Crisis-Mappers, University, Agency, board of experts• Other disasters: Floods, earthquakes, heat waves, outages Wildfire by
  12. 12. Wildfire by Funding needed Mark Zaller
  13. 13. Backup slide Tactical GIS for ground firefighters • Moving-Map GIS on iPhone/iPads now – Get ATT or Verizon version, but service not needed • Offline: Base topos, daily Fire GIS – Safety – Fire Lines- Road Names – Fire Point – Division Breaks – Wifi updating during breakfast in firecamp/motel – No 3G needed • iOS software on Apple Apps Store now – Avenza PDF Maps uses standard Fire PDFs – Gaia GPS, free but paid is better