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FDCSD Tech Integration


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Published in: Education, Technology
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FDCSD Tech Integration

  1. 1. TechnologyIntegration
  2. 2. Technology Integration Matrix (TIM)• Florida• Updated, 2011 Version(Sue showed the 2005-2006version of this to you last year.)
  3. 3. Technology Integration Matrix (TIM) 2• Arizona
  4. 4. Activemanipulate, change, experiment, observe real-world tasks• Active/Adoption 8.shtml• Active/Adaptation 8.shtml• Active/Infusion• Active/Transformation 8.shtml
  5. 5. Collaborativecooperative, working in groups, common understandings• Collaborative/Adoption 5-8.shtml• Collaborative/Transformation sson-5-8.shtml
  6. 6. Constructive articulate and reflect on new experiences, relate to priorknowledge, create own mental models to explain the world• Constructive/Entry 8.shtml• Constructive/Adoption 5-8.shtml• Constructive/Adaptation 5-8.shtml
  7. 7. Authentic real issues, real projects• Authentic/Entry 8.shtml• Authentic/Adaptation 5-8.shtml• Authentic/Transformation 5-8.shtml
  8. 8. Goal Directed intentional, set own goals and reflect on progress, apply learning to new situations• Goal Directed/Entry 8.shtml• Goal Directed/Adoption directed/adoption/lesson-5-8.shtml• Goal Directed/Infusion 5-8.shtml
  9. 9. Resources• Phillips Wiki egration• Joyce Valenza “2 Clicks” 31333• Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy