Copyright and Creative Commons


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Copyright and Creative Commons

  1. 1. Copyright and Creative CommonsIN THE AGE OF MULTIMEDIA USE AND CREATIONCopyright and Creative Commons explained by Common Craft
  2. 2. Guidelines for Using Content
  3. 3. Copyright Information: Information: Digital Copyright Slider: Copyright Quiz: /quiz.htm AND: ommodules/copyright/copyrightquiz/copyrighttest.htm
  4. 4. Fair Use Fair Use Evaluator:
  5. 5. Creating Content
  6. 6. Copyleft (fyi)
  7. 7. Creative Commons What is Creative Commons?Creative Commons helps you share your knowledgeand creativity with the world.Creative Commons develops, supports, and stewardslegal and technical infrastructure that maximizesdigital creativity, sharing, and innovation.
  8. 8. CC (cont) Video Explanation: ature=plcp Licenses: Public Domain:
  9. 9. Finding Content
  10. 10. Creative Commons Open Educational Resources: Who Uses CC?: uses-cc  *Google—(Images)—Advanced Search—Usage Rights  ( wer=29508&rd=1 ) **
  11. 11. AEA Online Copyright Terms and Conditions for AEA Online Sources: C/Educators%7CCopyright%3E%3EResource%20Te rms%20%26%20Conditions  Example: abound%20Usage%20Agreement.pdf