Technology Integration for Elementary Science and Technology


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Ideas and resources for integrating technology into science content for grades K-6.

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Technology Integration for Elementary Science and Technology

  1. 1. Technology Integration forScience and Technology Education (K-6) Image from Microsoft Office 2010 Clip Art
  2. 2. AEA Online• Screenshot from
  3. 3. Screenshot of logo from• AEA Digital Library “Digital curriculum resources from leadingproducers of preK-12 content. This collection willcontinue to grow! Current resources include physicalscience, life science, earth science and financialliteracy.”Examples: Water Cycle What Is a Bird? Fall Observing Weather
  4. 4. • Book FLIX Screenshot of logo from “An online literacy resource that pairs fictional video storybooks with related nonfiction books. Read- aloud feature provides accessibility to all readers. Vocabulary feature and interactive games extend student learning.” Examples: Bugs Moon Snow Gravity
  5. 5. Screenshot of logo from• Britannica Online “Britannica Digital Learning is a suite of products designed to support student research and classroom instruction, Britannica Digital Learning offers an extensive collection of reference and learning materials that are curriculum aligned and age- appropriate. “ Examples: Science Topics Geology Learning Materials Britannica Learning Zone
  6. 6. Screenshot of logo from• Learn 360 “Learn360 is educational streaming media offering thousands of full-length digital videos, video clips, images, audio files, newsreels, speeches and a comprehensive library of teaching resources from educational publishers.” Examples: Chickens Solar System Flowers Stormchasing
  7. 7. Screenshot of logo from• TrueFlix “TrueFlix leverages the Scholastic True Books content to help students hone literacy skills, build knowledge of subject-area content and cultivate 21st Century skills through the inquiry process. All of the True Book titles are supported with a deep and diverse reservoir of related content and primary sources featuring videos, audio, images, and text.” Examples: Disasters, Earth Science, Ecosystems, Experiments, Extreme Nature, Human Body, Space
  8. 8. Screenshot of logo from• Atomic Learning “Professional development resources and curriculum materials to infuse 21st century skills into the classroom. Includes access to over 50,000 tutorials.” Examples: Tutorials
  9. 9. Links from School/Teacher Websites• Fort Dodge Community School District• Montebello Unified School District• Forest Hills Public Schools• Sykesville Elementary• Poinciana Elementary• Longwood Central School District• Valley View Elementary Image from Microsoft Clip Art
  10. 10. DiigoImage from • • Find content within Diigo, such as what others have bookmarked for a topic • Organize websites you find useful • Share with others • PLAY—Take a Tour • Join—Free Education Edition Upgrade • Search titles, tags, annotations, and URLs – Elementary Science
  11. 11. Image from tube#+youtube/posts YouTube•• Browse/Education/Primary and Secondary Education/Science/... – Cloud in a Bottle • At the top, click on Videos to see more by the same username • On the right-hand side, find similar videos Screenshot from
  12. 12. 1. Shows2. Science and Tech3. Free YouTube Screenshot from tech?c_fl=f&fl=tv&l=en&pt=g&st=f
  13. 13. YouTube • General SearchScreenshots from
  14. 14. YouTube • Search by Channel • Type in search query, then click filter and click channelScreenshot from Screenshot from ementary+science%2C+channel
  15. 15. Pinterest•• Explore “science” in general, or a more specific topic• MyBoardScreen shot image from
  16. 16. PBS• http://www.pbs. org/• PBS Teachers/Grade Level/Topic• http://www.pbs. org/teachers/clas sroom/k- 2/science- tech/resources Screenshot from
  17. 17. Image from PBSkids• • Learning to Read • Go to bottom and “Search”• • Reading • See “All Games” then the science category • go/games/#science Image from
  18. 18. Government Sites• – Image from
  19. 19. Government Sites• Environmental Science• NASA K-4• Inventors and Scientists• Space Place• Science Games• Science Videos Screenshot image from
  20. 20. Simulations• Virtual Experiments• Discover! Simulations• PhET• MERLOT• Edheads• Misc. Screenshot image from
  21. 21. Activities from General Websites• Shepherd Software• BBC• Primary Games• BrainPop• Kathy Schrock• Funschool Screenshot from
  22. 22. Activities from Science Websites• FOSSweb• Science Monster• Discovery Kids• How Stuff Works• Bubblesphere Screenshot from• Lawrence Hall of Science• University of Illinois Extension
  23. 23. Activities from Magazines• National Geographic Kids• KIDS Discover• Odyssey• Zoobooks• Highlights Screenshot from
  24. 24. Activities from Science Centers and Museums• American Museum of Natural History• Science Museum of Minnesota• Children’s Museum of Indianapolis• San Francisco Exploratorium• UK Science Museum• Museum of Science and Industry Screenshot from
  25. 25. Activities from Books/Authors/Publishers• Magic School Bus• Eyewitness Books• Seymour Simon• Scholastic• Scholastic 2 Screenshot from
  26. 26. Apps• ki/6d2a8/Science__Elementary_Apps.html• Screenshot from globe/id333180321?mt=8
  27. 27. Equipment• Document Camera • Student Response SystemImage from Image from *Google “Iowa IEC” for the Iowa Educator’s Consortium website
  28. 28. Science/Technology Skill and Grade Level• Activity – Brainstorm ways to infuse technology into a lesson if . . . 1. You had one computer and a data projector in your room 2. You had a ladibug, computer, and data projector 3. You could take your students to a computer lab 4. You had 5 computers in your room 5. You had access to a mobile computer cart/lab, but no access to wireless Internet 6. Students had their own iPads 7. Money was no object—you had all of the equipment and materials that you could ever want Images from Microsoft Clip Art
  29. 29. Sara RichardsonFort Dodge Community School DistrictTechnology Integration SpecialistFall 2012