Time4Food AFG Assignments 1-10


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Time4Food AFG Assignments 1-10

  1. 1. Time4Food9tp1451_team4Greig City Academy - Apps for GoodPage 1 of 10Apps for Good Evidence ReportAssignment 1 – List of Initial IdeasFriend Bino –Create and customise your assistants faceAssistants will talk back to youHelps out in your workYou can vs. your assistant in a multiplayer type of gameBook an appointmento Negatives: This idea is not specific It borrowed a lot of ideas from other phone apps.I-SocialIt allows our customer to text for freeCustomising font and there is smiley packsIt allows you to add your friend to your contact and you can talk to them for freeo Negatives Very similar to Facebook The idea is not specific
  2. 2. Time4Food9tp1451_team4Greig City Academy - Apps for GoodPage 2 of 10Assignment 2 – Problem Statement and SCQAThe following is our groups Problem statement to our App Idea:“Adults waste food they already have and money on takeaways because they lack food knowledge and what todo with their ingredients.”SCQASituation Complication Question AnswerAccording to “TheGuardian”, just under halfof the UK population nowowns a smartphone.According to the NHS,takeaways are oftencheap, convenient andsatisfying but,unfortunately, theyrenot always very healthy.NHS say, The averagetakeaway pizza costsaround £10, and if youadd a fizzy drink andpotato wedges it adds upto a massive 1,060calories: thats almosthalf the daily allowancefor a woman.Our app idea, Time4Food,hopes to solve situationssuch as having no time tocook, eating unhealthily,not knowing what tomake with the little foodyou have. Our app idealists you out with all thepossible things you canmake with the food youhave, It can also help youto eat healthily. It savestime and money bypreventing you fromordering takeaway andwasting massive amountsof money every year.Every week millions ofstudents and adultssadly waste food andmoney because of lackof time.They resort to buyingtakeaways whichresults in a massiveamount of money lostevery year.This will have a massiveimpact on the amountof money you saveevery year.With prices raising youwill realize that you arewasting food and goingway over your dailycalorie allowance.Instead of you savingmoney at the end ofevery year, the amountyou have been savinghas begun to decreasecompared to each yearthat passes.What can we do tohelp millions of peoplesave food and preventthem from becomingoverweight by wastingmoney on unhealthytakeaways?Under half of the UKpopulation carries asmartphone.Time4Food will helpthem to save moneybecause it remindsthem that there isalways at home readyfor you to cook as longas you have food inyour home.
  3. 3. Time4Food9tp1451_team4Greig City Academy - Apps for GoodPage 3 of 10WhoOur app will be aimed at people who waste a lot of food and parents who don’t have greatknowledge of how to cook. For example, if you have a lot of food in your fridge and you don’t knowwhat to do with them, you type the ingredients down in our app and it will tell you variety ofdelicious recipes you can cook with them and also there is tutorial video for popular foods like pastamoreover, if you have a lot of children in your family and your wife or yourself is busy to cook, youcan always order food from our app and also we have links to top popular food take away for e.g.Pizza hut.WhyThis app will be created because we want our audience to save money and not waste food. Our appwill save a lot of food that goes to waste and this will decrease the amount of global warming, webelieve that our customers will be happy about saving money and this might sort out their financialproblems. This app is specially designed for people who have families and kids. We know how busythey get when they are looking after their kids so this helps them to save time by giving fast tutorialof how to cook sensational dishes.WhereThis app will mostly use when people comeback from their work to home. This is because that is thetime when parents have to cook dinner or lunch for their family. If you have huge amount of food inyour fridge that is going to be wasted you can use our app to cook luxurious recipes, this way willhelp our busy parents to save money and food.WhenOur app will mostly be used when your fridge contains a lot of food and you don’t know what tocook with them. You will have to type the ingredients that you have in your fridge and our app willshow tutorials and recipes of what you can make with those ingredients. Also if you have a really badknowledge of how to cook, our app will also show videos on how to cook the fastest recipes at anytime.WhatTime4Food is an app idea that helps you to save money, food and time. It gathers up all the food inyour home and lists out all the possible recipes you could make with them. So instead of orderingout for a greasy takeaway it will help you to save money. Time4Food gathers all this great food andpresents you with new & existing recipes to try out.
  4. 4. Time4Food9tp1451_team4Greig City Academy - Apps for GoodPage 4 of 10Assignment 3 – Market ResearchThe following research is done on the Alternatives to our app idea. As a group we feel that theandroid platform, there aren’t any apps that will solve our problem as effectively. For us to researchon this topic of Alternative this mainly comprised of secondary research. We did this by exploringapple and Android app stores.Part of our group took the role of researching using secondary data. One method they used wassearches over the Internet to find any other apps that are comparable to ours.The following research is regarding the Users of our app. As a group we feel that there are peoplewho are in need of our app. Our research method on our users was carried out by our primaryresearchers. These were conducted by the other half of the group. We found that 85% of those whowere surveyed needed our app. The age range of our users on average would be 16-25.
  5. 5. Time4Food9tp1451_team4Greig City Academy - Apps for GoodPage 5 of 10Assignment 4 – Problem VideoPlan of VideoRecording:ManohaarActors: Mert as Ali0-3sec- Ali comes home from school tired and exhausted.4-7 sec-Ali takes off his scarf and coat. He goes to his kitchen.8-9 sec- He goes to his fridge.10-12- He grabs some food, but he doesn’t know what to make.13-14 sec- Ali gets frustrated and takes his anger out on his clothing.15-17 sec –He doesn’t know what to make so he calls for a takeaway.Link to Problem Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KTBbbIvc6eo&feature=youtu.be
  6. 6. Time4Food9tp1451_team4Greig City Academy - Apps for GoodPage 6 of 10Assignment 5 – User PersonaJas’MarieThe Food WasterAbout Jas’MarieGoes to College in London.Lives alone in a flat.Likes to try different foods.Can’t cook.Is trying to save money for University.Always buys food for the house but never uses it.Is lazy.Has unused cooking pans.She is looking for love.Part-time worker.‘I don’t want to becomefat by eating Takeawaysand struggle with money.’Key GoalsQuick recipe ideas.Using up ingredients Ialready have.Saving money.
  7. 7. Time4Food9tp1451_team4Greig City Academy - Apps for GoodPage 7 of 10Section 6 – Scenario MapStep 1–Select “Time4Food”application from the AppsMenu/folder/iconStep 2– Wait for SplashScreen to load andcompleteStep 3–Type in theingredients you have in theavailable ingredientssectionStep 4–Filter your searchStep 5–Select your recipeand follow the stepsStep 6–User press exit andcloseYou click the Icon. As you are waiting itrecommends somerecipes for you tohave a look at ordisplays sponsoradverts related toour app.The user will type inthe ingredients theyhave.By selecting filtertypes such as dishtype or courses(breakfast, starter,desserts).You now have ashortened list ofrecipes you canmake.You user exits theapp. The recipesaccessed save tothe ‘My Recipes’tab. The splashscreen reappearsand then it exits.
  8. 8. Time4Food9tp1451_team4Greig City Academy - Apps for GoodPage 8 of 10Section 7 – Business ModelAssignment 8 – App Store “Blurb”“Too busy to cook? Wasting food you already have? Well no more with Time4Food. This new appwill help you formulate simple recipes with food you already have, saving you money and reducingyour waste”
  9. 9. Time4Food9tp1451_team4Greig City Academy - Apps for GoodPage 9 of 10Assignment 9 – Wireframes
  10. 10. Time4Food9tp1451_team4Greig City Academy - Apps for GoodPage 10 of 10Assignment 10 – Competition: Elevator Pitch Videohttp://youtu.be/Dtc6h4M_CLY