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NFV and OpenStack


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NFV and OpenStack

  1. 1. NFV and OpenStack Marie-Paule Odini – Distinguished Technologist HPE Corporate CT Office – CMS/CSB November 2, 2015
  2. 2. What is NFV: Network Function Virtualization – Leverage IT virtualization techniques for telecom functions • Use standard servers and storage • Applicable to telco network functions • Initiative from Tier 1 Operators & Vendors launched as a new Industry Specification Group (ISG) in ETSI – Key Benefits • Reduced equipment costs • Faster time to market • Resource sharing • Targeted service introduction • More flexible, programmatic operations virtualize network functions: from Home or Enterprise Gateway to Access/Core telecom network & Data centers
  3. 3. Service Providers are Driving NFV © Copyright 2015 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. The information contained herein is subject to change without notice. HP Confidential - For training purposes only. They are demanding new technology, rather than vendors pushing it …who face market pressuresCSPs… Telecom leaders are defining requirements and architecture for virtualization of network functions Exploding demand • In 2014:  Global mobile data traffic grew 69%  497M mobile devices added  Video services dominated the network at 55% Shifting landscape • Expanded access channels (Wireless, Internet, TV, satellite) • Services business model changing (e.g. free messaging) • Internet of Things (IoT), especially wearables Growing CapEx and OpEx • Flat or declining user fees • Increasing application usage and bandwidth demands • OpEx increasing ~3% annually
  4. 4. Latest Joint-Operator NFV White Paper • Published October 14, 2014 • Detailed description of second release of NFV ISG documents • Provides latest operator perspectives on industry progress on NFV implementation • Highlights the importance to evolve network management systems to accommodate dynamic nature of NFV • Encourages academic research and evolution of teaching courses Paper available on ETSI NFV Portal: Slide 4 30 operators contributed
  5. 5. ETSI NFV Use Cases Use Case Description #1 Network Functions Virtualisation Infrastructure as a Service #2 Virtual Network Platform as a Service (VNPaaS) #3 Virtual Network Function as a Service (VNFaaS) #4 Virtualisation of Mobile Core Network and IMS #5 Virtualisation of Mobile base station #6 Virtualisation of the Home Environment #7 Service Chains (VNF Forwarding Graphs) #8 Virtualisation of CDNs (vCDN) #9 Fixed Access Network Functions Virtualisation • Large Telecom Networks • Regulated • Roaming Services • Growing data/video traffic • Unpredictible peaks • Enterprise SLAs • Government security • Emergency services • etc
  6. 6. ETSI NFV Reference Architectural Framework The NFV Orchestrator Can interface to: • 1 or multiple VNF Manager • 1 or multiple VIM Note: metadata “service, VNF and infrastructure Description” are typically inputs to MANO NFVI MANO VNF VIM
  7. 7. ETSI NFV – E2E Network Service with NFV End Point VNF-1 VNF- 2C VNF-3 Hardware resources NFVS VNF- 2A VNF- 2B Virtualisation Layer VNF-FG-2 End-to-end Network Service Compute/storage Infrastructure network Physical link Logical link Virtualisation VNF-FG Corresponding to Network Function Forwarding Graph => Compose VNF and PNF to create Network Services
  8. 8. ETSI NFV Management & Orchestration MANO
  9. 9. Or-Vnfm reference point – between NFVO & VNFM The Or-Vnfm reference point is used for exchanges between NFV Orchestrator and VNF Manager, and supports the following interfaces: – VNF Package Management (produced by NFVO, consumed by VNFM) – VNF Lifecycle Operation Granting (produced by NFVO, consumed by VNFM) – Virtualised Resources Management (produced by NFVO, consumed by VNFM) – VNF Lifecycle Management (produced by VNFM, consumed by NFVO) – VNF Lifecycle Change Notification (produced by VNFM, consumed by NFVO) – VNF Performance Management (produced by VNFM, consumed by NFVO) – VNF Fault Management (produced by VNFM, consumed by NFVO) – Policy administration interface (produced by VNFM, consumed by NFVO) IFA007
  10. 10. Or-Vi reference point – between NFVO & VIM The Or-Vi reference point is used for exchanges between NFV Orchestrator and VIM, and supports the following interfaces: – VNF software image management – Virtualised Resources Catalogue Management – Virtualised Resources Capacity Management – Virtualised Resources Management – Virtualised Resources Change Notification – Virtualised Resources Performance Management – Virtualised Resources Fault Management – Policy administration interface – NFP management interface IFA005
  11. 11. Vi-Vnfm reference point – between VNFM & VIM The Vi-Vnfm reference point is used for exchange of information elements between the Virtualized Infrastructure Manager (VIM) and VNF Manager (VNFM), and the following are the interfaces supported by this reference point: • VNF software image management • Virtualised resources catalogue management • Virtualised resources management • Virtualised resources change notification • Virtualised resources performance management • Virtualised resources fault management IFA006
  12. 12. ETSI NFV Phase #2 Target: June ‘15 & Dec ‘15Focus: Interroperability & Ecosystem
  13. 13. NFV ISG Phase#1 completed & Published, Jan. 2015 GS NFV 001 Network Functions Virtualisation (NFV); Use Cases GS NFV 002 Network Functions Virtualisation (NFV); Architectural Framework GS NFV 003 Network Functions Virtualisation (NFV); Terminology for Main Concepts in NFV GS NFV 004 Network Functions Virtualisation (NFV); Virtualisation Requirements GS NFV-SWA 001 Network Functions Virtualisation (NFV); Virtual Network Functions Architecture GS NFV-INF 001 Network Functions Virtualisation (NFV); Infrastructure Overview GS NFV-INF 004 Network Functions Virtualisation (NFV); Infrastructure; Hypervisor Domain GS NFV-INF 003 Network Functions Virtualisation (NFV); Infrastructure; Compute Domain GS NFV-INF 005 Network Functions Virtualisation (NFV); Infrastructure; Network Domain GS NFV-INF 007 Network Functions Virtualisation (NFV); Infrastructure; Methodology to describe Interfaces and Abstractions GS NFV-INF 010 Network Functions Virtualisation (NFV); Service Quality Metrics GS NFV-MAN 001 Network Functions Virtualisation (NFV); Management and Orchestration GS NFV-PER 001 Network Functions Virtualisation (NFV); NFV Performance & Portability Best Practises GS NFV-PER 002 Network Functions Virtualisation (NFV); Proofs of Concept; Framework GS NFV-REL 001 Network Functions Virtualisation (NFV); Resiliency Requirements GS NFV-SEC 001 Network Functions Virtualisation (NFV); NFV Security; Problem Statement GS NFV-SEC 003 Network Functions Virtualisation (NFV); NFV Security; Security and Trust Guidance PUBLIC New Drafts PUBLIC too !!
  14. 14. ETSI NFV Phase 2 Work Items •IFA001 – IFA004: Acceleration (4 parts) •IFA005: Or-Vi Interface Requirements Specification. NORMATIVE. •IFA006: Vi-Vnfm Interface Requirements Specification. NORMATIVE •IFA007: Or-Vnfm Interface Requirements Specification. NORMATIVE •IFA008: Ve-Vnfm Interface requirements Specification. NORMATIVE •IFA009: Refinement of VNF Manager and NFVO functionality and architecture options. •IFA010: MANO Functional Requirements Specification. NORMATIVE •IFA011: VNF Packaging Specification. •IFA012: OSS - Orchestrator Requirements Specification. NORMATIVE. •IFA013: Os-Ma-Nfvo Interface Requirements Specification. NORMATIVE. •IFA014: Network Services Descriptor •IFA015: NFV Information Model Report •REL002: Study on the Management of NFV Reliability with Scalable Architecture. •REL003: Study of models and features for E2E reliability in the NFV architecture. •REL004: Active monitoring and failure detection in NFV environments. •REL005: Quality Accountability Framework EVE001: Infrastructure Hypervisor Domain Specification. EVE002: Use cases for MEF Carrier Ethernet Services. EVE003: NFVI Node Physical Architecture Guidelines for Multi- Vendor Environment. EVE004: Review of virtualisation technologies. EVE005: Report on SDN usage in NFV architectural framework EVE006: NFV Roadmap TST001: Guidelines for Pre-deployment validation of NFV environments and services. TST002: Report on NFV interoperability test methodology TST003: Opensource Components for NFV. SEC004: Lawful Interception - problem statement and consequences for NFV SEC005: Certificate Management Guidance SEC006: Security Aspects and Regulatory Concerns Guide SEC007: Attestation Methods for Secure Virtual Network Function Deployment SEC008: Security Monitoring for NFV Deployments SEC009: UCs for multi-layer host admin SEC010: Retained Data Report SEC011: LI Architecture Report
  15. 15. Use Cases
  16. 16. HP Multimedia Services Environment (MSE) Virtualization HP MSE includes: • Service Creation (AS) • Service Execution (AS) • Media Resource Function (MRF) • MRFP • MRFC Services that can be deployed: • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) • Intelligent Networks specialized resource function (IN SRF) • IP Media Server • USSD gateway • VoLTE with voice continuity over IP • HD Voice • Interactive Video • Audio/Video Conference • WebRTC • etc
  17. 17. Media Server Virtualization The Multimedia Services Environment is decomposed into “VNF” & “VNFC” : The IMS MRF VNF The MRB VNF The OCSEE VNF The SIP Load Balancer VNF The AS Storage VNF SIP Load Balancer OCSEE SIP AS WEB AS AS WEB Load Balancer AS Reporting & Monitoring AS Storage
  18. 18. Media Server VNF Descriptors (VNFD) – The IMS MRF VNFD includes the description of the MRF cluster - MRB network & application configuration - MRF instances number - MRF storage instances number - Affinity rules - Anti-affinity rules - IP QoS network constraints for each vLAN (Bandwidth, Jitter, Delay, Packet Loss Tolerance) - etc
  19. 19. Media Server – NFV Architecture & Lifecycle simplified 3GPP IMS MSE/MRF NFV Management and Orchestration vMRF vMRF EM OSS/BSS NFV Orchestrator Virtualized Infrastructure Manager(s) vMRF VNF Manager Nfvo-Vi Nfvo-Vnfm Vnfm-Vi Os-Nfvo Nf-Vi NFV Service Catalog VNF Catalog NFV Instances NFVI Resources VeEn-Vnfm VeNf-Vnfm Vn-Nf HP CMS NFVI Openstack HW Legend HW (Compute, Storage, Networking) Virtualization (ex KVM) VIM (ex Openstack) NFV Orchestrator OSS MSE/MRF Descriptor (XML file) & SW image 2- read 2- allocate resources 3- deploy vMRF software 1- deploy new MRF MSE/MRF VNF Manager 4-manage lifecycle (scaling etc)
  20. 20. Vendor Presence in 38 ETSI NFV POC – HP,Intel Nber #1 10 HP Intel 5 BT, NTT ALU, Redhat Huawei 4 Vodafone Cisco 1,2,3 Others 8 Telefonica 7 AT&T 6 Brocade
  21. 21. ETSI NFV POC#6: Virtualized Mobile Network with Integrated DPI Telefonica Intel Tieto Qosmos Wind River Systems HP vEPC and vDPI Openstack SDN DPDK => Accelerated ETSI NFV in a multi-vendor environment *Intel®DPDK:Intel®DataPlaneDevelopmentKitNIC:Intel®8259910GigabitEthernetController Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) Infrastructure Hardware Resources Network Operation (OSS/BSS) VirtualizedNetwork Functions vBS vGWvMME EMS 10G/40G Intel® Ethernet SwitchFM6764 HP ProLiant DL380p Gen8 Servers VirtualizationLayer NFV Management and Orchestration VirtualizedInfrastructure Manager(s) Orchestrator OpenStack* Glance Keystone Nova Neutron SDN Agent Wind River* Linux + KVM IntelDPDK AcceleratedOpen vSwitch* vDSC VNF Manager(s) SDNManager vEPCManager vBSManager vDSCManager Map UI Cloud Manager VirtualResources NIC NIC Intel DPDK Intel DPDK* Intel DPDK Intel DPDK vDPI Intel DPDK IntelSupplied Qosmos* Supplied Tieto* Supplied OpenStack Others TIP TIP TIP TIP TIP Physical Network Functions EMS Wind River*Supplied Hewlett Packard*Supplied Demo MWC’14 Openstack
  22. 22. ETSI NFV POC#15: Subscriber Aware Sgi/Gi-LAN Virtualization Telenor ConteXtream SkyFire Networks Guavus Redhat HP SDN based service chaining Across multi-Openstack domains Cache Filter Video Opt Video Opt TCP Op mizer TCP Op mizer P-GW SGi Web and OTT Video Services SDN– Controller OpenFlow Subscriber A Subscriber B Subscriber C AAA TCP Op mizer Video Opt Analy cs So ware Switch Firewall OF Switch SDN N/W Simulated for PoC OpenStack Self Service Portal PoC - Scope Demo SDN world Congress Oct’14 Openstack
  23. 23. ETSI NFV POC #23 - E2E Orchestration of Virtualized LTE Core-Network Functions & SDN-based Dynamic Service Chaining of VNFs using VNF-FG SKT HP Samsung Telcoware Multi-vendor Fully orchestrated & automated vEPC – vIMS on Openstack & SDN based infrastructure Demo SKT R&D Lab SDN World Congress Openstack
  24. 24. POC#38: Full ISO 7-layer stack fulfilment, activation and orchestration of VNFs in carrier networks Telstra Hewlett- Packard Alcatel Lucent F5 Networks Demo SDN world Congress Oct’15
  25. 25. ETSI NFV and OpenStack
  26. 26. NFV and Openstack example of requirements Nf-Vi, Vi-Vnfm, Nfvo-Vi 26 • Multi-hypervisor support • Different virtualization model (ie docker, Linux) • Support legacy, bare metal • Support DPDK CPU, SRIOV NIC • Expose NW load balancer and other functions • Support HA , 5 9s • Support Secure Boot , certification • Support resource reservation (prior to instantiation) • Map pCPU with vCPU (dedicated CPU – pinning) • Support NUMA placement (memory access perf) • Expose localization of resources • Expose resource catalog • Expose resource metrics • Release backward compatible • Rollback • etc
  27. 27. NFV & OpenStack ?? Ex Security Security-specific? 27 Over 1.7M lines of code ~6meters ~6metersor20 feet ? How can I ensure there is no security breach in 1.7M lines ? ? How does Openstack prevent back doors ? ? How does Openstack support secure boot, certified VM? ? How can I define security rules for an SDN application to change a flow table on an SDN switch that is provided by a IaaS Provider that may change along the life of the service ? ? How can I ensure that the memory I am sharing will not be accessed by somebody else ? ? Can I present the system admin to access my personal data etc Many blocks interact with Keystone Keystone is not the only entity that deals with security Keystone deals with security & policies, but NFV will need end to end security & policies across end to end network, at ?NFVO level : how to synchronize? etc
  28. 28. ETSI NFV and Openstack 28 ETSI NFV Telecom Large WW community Specs ETSI NFV Scope: Telco Cloud (ie Openstack) + VNF + VNF & NS Orchestration POCs  Gap Analysis with SDO and Opensource “Liaison” Cloud Large WW community Opensource Code Scope: Enterprise Cloud => Many “Liaison” 3GPP BBF TMF
  29. 29. ETSI NFV Private Wiki – IMPORTANT : User , Password is your ETSI account User / Password 29 Work in Progress … Comparing ETSI NFV VIM I/F (IFA005) with Openstack API
  30. 30. ETSI VIM (IFA005) vs OpenStack API - #1 Compute 30 ETSI VIM – IFA005 OpenStack API Software Image Management API Image Service API v2.0 and up (Glance) Virtualised Compute Resources Management API Compute Service API v2.1 (Nova), Reservation API (experimental; abandoned(?)) (Blazar, ex. Climate), OPNFV RM Extensions (work in progress) (Promise) Virtualised Compute Resources Change Notifications API Compute Service API v2.1 (Nova), Telemtry API v2 (Ceilometer) Virtualised Compute Resources Information Management API Compute Service API v2.1 (Nova) Virtualised Resources Capacity Management API Compute Service API v2.1 (Nova)
  31. 31. ETSI VIM (IFA005) vs OpenStack API - #2 - Network 31 ETSI VIM – IFA005 OpenStack API Virtualised Network Resources Management API Network Service API v2.0 (Neutron), Network Service API extensions v2.0 (Neutron), Reservation API (experimental; abandoned(?)) (Blazar, ex. Climate), OPNFV RM Extensions (work in progress) (Promise) Virtualised Resources Change Notification API Network Service API v2.0 (Neutron), Network Service API extensions v2.0 (Neutron) Virtualised Network Resources Information Management API Network Service API v2.0 (Neutron), Network Service API extensions v2.0 (Neutron) Virtualised Resources Capacity Management API Network Service API v2.0 (Neutron), Network Service API extensions v2.0 (Neutron) NFP Management API Network Service API v2.0 (Neutron), Network Service API extensions v2.0 (Neutron)
  32. 32. ETSI VIM (IFA005) vs OpenStack API - #3 Storage 32 ETSI VIM – IFA005 OpenStack API Virtualised Storage Resources Management API Block Storage API v2 (Cinder), Reservation API (experimental; abandoned(?)) (Blazar, ex. Climate), OPNFV RM Extensions (work in progress) (Promise) Virtualised Resources Change Notification API Block Storage API v2 (Cinder) Virtualised Storage Resources Information Management API Block Storage API v2 (Cinder) Virtualised Resources Capacity Management API Block Storage API v2 (Cinder)
  33. 33. ETSI VIM (IFA005) vs OpenStack API - #4 Fault Mgt 33 ETSI VIM – IFA005 OpenStack API Fault Management API Telemetry API v2 (Ceilometer), OPNFV FM Extensions (work in progress) (Doctor) Performance Management API Telemetry API v2 Ceilometer Web API v2
  34. 34. Openstack Telco Working Group The working group aims to define the use cases and identify and prioritise the requirements which are needed to deploy, manage, and run telecommunication services on top of OpenStack. Mission Statement Implemented (Juno) Support two interfaces from one VM attached to the same network (Nova) SR-IOV Networking Support (Nova) Virt driver guest vCPU topology configuration (Nova) Evacuate instance to scheduled host (Nova) Heat multi region support (Heat)
  35. 35. Openstack Telco WG Active Blueprint (extract – non exhaustive list) Virt driver guest NUMA node placement & topology (nova) Virt driver large page allocation for guest RAM * (nova) Virt driver pinning guest vCPUs to host pCPUs (nova) I/O (PCIe) Based NUMA Scheduling (nova) Soft affinity support for server groups (nova) => abandonned Open vSwitch-based Security Groups: Open vSwitch Implementation of FirewallDriver (neutron) Framework for Advanced Services in Virtual Machines (neutron) Neutron Services Insertion, Chaining, and Steering (neutron) OVF Meta-Data Import via Glance (glance)
  36. 36. Opensource NFV: OPNFV Open Platform For NFV – Launched Sept 30th, 2014 Work with upstream SDO (ETSI NFV) and Opensource (Openstack, OpenDaylight, KVM, Xen ect) Chairman: Prodip Sen, HP
  37. 37. Network Virtualization Control Storage Virtualization Control OPNFV Arno Overview Continuous Build and Integration Continuous Deployment and Testing New Requirements and Features Octopus / Continuous Integration Bootstrap / GetStarted FuncTest Infrastructure Compute Virtualization Control Compute Storage Network OpenStack OpenDaylight Pharos Project Compliant Community Labs KVM OVS Upstream Project Collaboration OPNFV Bare Metal Lab Orchestration and Management Virtual Network Functions Documentation Ceph • OPNFV Release 1 "Arno" was released on 4th of June, 2015: • OPNFV Release 1.1 "Arno SR1" was released on 1st of October, 2015: Arno SR1 • OPNFV Release 2 "Brahmaputra" is currently ongoing. target date is December 2015.
  38. 38. What is Arno 38 •OpenStack Juno •OpenDayLight (ODL) Helium (Neutron ML2-OVSDB proxy) •Ceph orchestrated by Cinder •OpenVSwitch (OVS) •Linux CentOS – Necessary scripts for deployment etc. included. – Scope – Integrated NFVI + VIM solution Defined fixed hardware configuration (6 servers) provides resources – Ability to run example simple VNFs on top of the deployed platform
  39. 39. OPNFV Projects 44 projects approved (note: 24 in June’15) As of Nov 2nd, 2015
  40. 40. OPNFV System Configuration And Reporting (OSCAR)
  41. 41. HPE OpenNFV
  42. 42. HP OpenNFV PR in Feb’14 : a new BU, new Products and OpenNFV Labs MANO Layer • HP NFV Director : ETSI Based NFV Orchestrator for full life-cycle management • HP Helion OpenStack provides necessary OpenStack API support for NFV, and a carrier grade cloud management functionality • HP SDN Controller • Converged Infrastructure Management using a single tool – OneView NFVI Layer • Broader Hardware Support for high performance packet processing • Hardware/Software features integrated for high speed packet processing (SR-IOV support in OneView/CS8) • Native SDN Support with all HP Networking portfolio • Common Networking Environment for Networking using Comware7 stack OSS Layer • Full OSS Suite from basic fault to service level management based on IMC & SiteScope VNF Layer • HP vHSS, vMRF, vSR and other key Network related Services Software available for virtualized environment deployment • An ecosystem of partners
  43. 43. NFVManagementandOrchestration HPE CMS NFV Director – Model Driven vs Script Driven – A common point to ensure consistent management and behavior of VNFs and NSs – Automatically manages the end-to-end service across VNF, VNF-FGs, and NSs – Supports multiple VNF across multiple sites – Handles provisioning and monitoring functions – Designed to meet the evolving ETSI specifications – Full NFV orchestrator functionality, interfaces, and interaction models – Includes VNF manager functionality and works with external (VNF-supplied) VNF managers – Supporting the journey to NFV – Handles virtual and physical network functions and hybrid services – Supports networks consisting of traditional and SDN domains – Open and multivendor – Supports integration with any VNF, VIM, and OSS using open APIs – Modular and extensible – Start small and grow – Flexible integration with OSS, EMS, VNF, and infrastructure ETSI NFV Orchestrator with embedded VNF Manager NFV Director Policy management Service fulfillment Service monitoring Global resource fulfillment Global resource monitoring Virtualized Infrastructure Manager Catalog Global resource inventory Instance inventory VNF fulfillment VNF monitoring External VNF Managers Embedded VNF Manager VNF fulfillment VNF monitoring
  44. 44. HP & Wind River Join Forces to deliver carrier grade solutions #1 Contributor to OpenStack™ Project, #1 Provider of carrier grade Linux • Reliability • Carrier-Grade Linux • Carrier Grade KVM Hypervisor • Advance Self-Healing • High Availability & Reliability Add-Ons for OpenStack Control Plane for 5x9’s Service Availability • Performance • Performance Networking with DPDK enabled vSwitch (OVS) • Advance NFV Workload placement • Manageability • Scheduling and Orchestration of workloads • Security to meet Carrier Needs • Open eco-system, standards based APIs …… single point of accountability for CSPs building their next generation Open NFV solution. The OpenStack™ Word Mark and OpenStack Logo are either registered trademarks/service marks or trademarks/service marks of the OpenStack Foundation, in the United States and other countries and are used with the OpenStack Foundation's permission. We are not affiliated with, endorsed or sponsored by the OpenStack Foundation, or the OpenStack community Nov 3rd Press Release
  45. 45. HP contributions to OpenStack® Some other Examples … HP number #1 contributor in OpenStack Liberty release Number #1 in Kilo
  46. 46. Telefonica UNICA
  47. 47. HPE vision of NFV/SDN-approach for service providers 2013-2015 Single- purpose element Control plane Application plane Data plane 2014-2016 Control plane Applications plane Infrastructure plane SaaS Services 2015-2020 NFV-SDN Projects NFV-SDN Cloud SaaS Services SP#5 SP#4 (SDN IaaS) Infrastructure plane Control plane Applications planeSDN API SP#3 (SDN ASP) SP#2 (mobile) SP#1 (fixed) Virtual Service Providers POCS Deployments NOW In parallel Starting with new business model Based on NFV & SDN
  48. 48. Summary Network Function Virtualization (NFV) is driving CSP requirements towards Openstack Via ETSI NFV specifications and OPNFV open source project HPE is heavily involved and leading governance and contributions in ETSI NFV and other SDO, as well as Opensource community incl Openstack, OpenDaylight and OPNFV HPE is committed to NFV and Openstack, with HPE OpenNFV and HPE Helion Openstack for private, hybrid and NFV cloud
  49. 49. Thank You More on