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KW Outfront Magazine Online Edition Sept/Oct 2010


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KW Outfront Magazine Online Edition Sept/Oct 2010

  1. 1. A PUBLIC ATION OF KELLER WILLIAMS REALTY, INC . SEPT./OCT. 2010, VOL.7 NO.5 Robert Moss, Suzy Kristan Cole Best in Memphis Aaron Rice Peter Chabris Lawson, Jill Kisling Tom Lennon - Pg. 6 - Pg. 12 - Pg. 14 - Pg. 8 - Pg. 25 - Pg. 26 OU’AVAIN! Y NE IT G E DO nd A a awarded K ssociates hiss nct honor of eller J.D. Powersaassociates the d ti illiam e Buyers Among W rall Satis faction for Hom Firms,” “Highest in Ove l Full-Service Real Estate N ationa Row! Three Years in a
  2. 2. 2 outfront Sept./Oct. 2010 • vol. 7 no. 5 Keller Williams Realty
  3. 3. DEAR ASSOCIATES, For agents of your caliber, the market that we’re in right now is an awesome opportunity; it's without a doubt the best buyer’s market that we’ve seen in our entire careers. The convergence of rock-bottom for your buyers. From the myKW Intranet (http://mykw. interest rates, record-high affordability, Years from now, when your clients, just go to the Marketing motivated sellers, willing lenders, and look back on the current market, some tab, click on “Market my Business” home prices that have started to inch of them will be thoroughly grateful and scroll down to “Marketing of the back up after declining for more than that they were astute enough to act on Moment.” two years means that NOW is the time the opportunities that you presented to This is an awesome tool for you to to buy. them. Others will look back and say, “if present to your entire sphere, and we Our friend Steve Murray, editor of only …” urge you to do so NOW! This is also a REAL Trends, couldn’t agree more. The case for buying a home now is great time to point out to your buyers During a recent conversation, he a compelling one. To arm you with that you have the market-leading said, “We are about to see the most the facts that will resonate with your credentials to guide them through the incredible buyer's market that we’ve home-buying process. ever thought about in the history of our “Years from now, when We could not be more thrilled lives.” that for the third year in a row, J.D. The question is, do your clients know your clients look back Power and Associates has awarded this? What about your local media and Keller Williams Realty, Inc., the on the current market, your entire sphere? distinct honor of “Highest in Overall The national media has recently some of them will be Satisfaction for Home Buyers Among latched on to a few housing statistics National Full-Service Real Estate that tell such a small part of the story. thoroughly grateful Firms.” Turn to page 5 of this issue It’s up to every one of us to stave off for more information on how you can buyer reluctance by completing the that they were astute leverage this honor to sharpen your picture with the key facts – especially enough to act on the marketing edge. ones that matter to our clients. Let there be no doubt: You have the As far as the recent decline in home opportunities that you tools. You have the credentials. And you sales goes, it is a perfectly predictable have the power to position this market by-product of the expiration of the presented to them.” among your clients as the unparalleled $8,000 first-time home buyer tax opportunity that it is. credit, which ran for 16 months and clients, we recently worked with our Yours in seizing the awesome siphoned some of the demand off of research department to create a new opportunity that lies ahead! the summer selling season. And the fact whitepaper entitled, 7 Reasons Why is, even though skittishness about the Now is A Great Time to Buy a Home! housing market is unwarranted, a falloff A Smart Buyer’s Guide to Seizing the in demand only serves to sweeten the Market.It’s available to you as a free depth and breadth of deals out there download to share with your clients. Mark Willis, CEO, Keller Williams Realty Keller Williams Realty Sept./Oct. 2010 • vol. 7 no. 5 outfront 3
  4. 4. table of contents vol. 7, no. 5 - Sept./Oct. 2010 A R E YO U R E A D Y F O R TH E 06 TO THE HEAD OF THE CLASS For Kristan Cole, 09 TRANSFORMATION TRAJECTORY NEXT WAVE? the path to new frontiers Success proves simple, just not easy. has been paved with From technology education. to knowledge resources to tools to tap the latest trends, you can 12 PEOPLE'S CHOICE 14 NEW LUXURY NICHE count on Keller Keller Williams Realty Aaron Rice takes on Williams Realty rises to “Best in Baltimore’s distressed to make sure you Memphis.” property arena have what it takes to ride the crest. 20 26 See page 17 to A CUT ABOVE FILLING A VOID learn what’s new! Chattanooga fuels growth with style. The Massachusetts market welcomes Keller Williams Realty with open arms. Sept./Oct. 2010 vol. 7 no. 5 Executive Director of Marketing and Communications: Ellen Marks OutFront is published by Keller Williams Realty, Inc. OutFront is a publication of Editor: Lisa Wahlgren ( The entire document of OutFront is copyright© 2010 Keller Williams Realty, Inc. Marketing and Communications Coordinator: Laura Price by Keller Williams Realty, Inc. No portion may be reproduced in whole or in part by any means, including Copy Editor: Jeff Ryder electronic retrieval systems, without the express written 807 Las Cimas Parkway, Suite 200 Design: Travis Drake permission of the publisher. Editorial or advertising does Austin, Texas 78746 Contributors: Celesta Brown | Jill Dwyer | Jennifer LeClaire | not constitute advice but is considered informative. (512) 327-3070 phone Staci Semrad (512) 328-1433 fax Advertising: Tom Freireich ( Copyright© 2010 Keller Williams Realty, Inc. Job Inquiries: ( All rights reserved. 4 outfront Sept./Oct. 2010 • vol. 7 no. 5 Keller Williams Realty
  5. 5. IT’S YOURS (again). “Highest in Overall Satisfaction for Home Buyers Among National Full-Service Real Estate Firms,” Three Years in a Row! For more information on leveraging this exciting announcement in your advertising and marketing, visit ( and search “J.D. Power.” Keller Williams Realty Sept./Oct. 2010 • vol. 7 no. 5 outfront 5
  6. 6. Ahead of the Game Class Act Kristan Cole AT THE TOP OF HER GAME, ALASKA’S PREMIER AGENT IS ROOTED IN EDUCATION By Celesta Brown When Kristan Cole signed on with the Keller Williams company out there. The education here is superior to anything Anchorage market center last year, after 25 years as an agent I’ve ever been exposed to and I’m taking advantage of it.” and franchise owner with RE/MAX, she ranked as the second- For someone whose discipline, focus and work ethic have highest producer in the state. Since then, her team’s production made her a powerhouse in the industry, some would see it as and GCI have increased by nearly 50 percent. Her team now unnecessary for her to invest so much time and energy into stands as No. 1 among all agents in Alaska and No. 1 for Keller training. Cole, however, guards against thinking that she Williams Realty in the Northwest Region. already knows enough, enthusiastically and systematically Her secret: tapping into everything that Keller Williams enrolling in course after course, convinced that there is no class Realty has to offer. She’s taken nearly every Keller Williams too basic. University course – once, twice and sometimes three times. “It’s surprising and exciting to discover how much else there Along with her entire team, she participated in BOLD, she is to learn,” she says, adding, “You just don’t know what you hasn’t missed a Masterminds since joining Keller Williams don’t know.” Realty, and she wouldn’t think of missing Mega Camp or Key among the advantages of KWU and MAPS Coaching is Family Reunion. She’s a member of Luxury Homes by Keller the hands-on, action-based focus, Cole says. “They give you Williams and serves as the director of KW Commercial for the the scripts and tools, tell you exactly how to use them and then Anchorage market center. help you put them into immediate practice. Anytime you can And she’s just getting started. improve and hone your skills is a setup for sure success.” A brief look at Cole’s bio reveals that she’s all about learning. Steeped in the educational scene, Cole is equally comfortable Her list of degrees, designations and honors includes the on both sides of the desk. She’s often asked to speak, lead Photos By: Evan Steinhauser following: MBA, CCIM, CRS, CDPE, CLHMS, ABR, CREW, workshops or facilitate panel discussions, and thrives at helping STAR POWER Star and CyberStar. others to be successful or to dislodge a sense of being stuck in Without question, it was the quality of education and place. training that drew Cole and her husband Brad to Keller “When someone leaves one of my classes with a new Williams Realty. Once the team signed on, their only regret was excitement and passion to go do more and be more, it thrills not having made the switch sooner. me,” she says. kw “Keller Williams is doing education unlike any other 6 outfront Sept./Oct. 2010 • vol. 7 no. 5 Keller Williams Realty
  7. 7. HOW IS 2010 The Kristan Cole stackin g up FOR Team’s training lineup for the first year and a half with Keller THE KRISTAN COLE TEAM? 2010 Williams Realty* • Recruit-Select • Action Training Production • Leadership and Motivation Total production for the first six months of the year: • Franchise Systems Orientation (FSO) $17,970,555!* • Train the Presenter • Train the Trainer Advanced Workshop • Fierce Conversations® $3,435,700 JUN • CAMP 4:4:3 • MREA: Business Planning Clinic $4,690,400 MAY • MREA: Systematizing Lead Generation • Quantum Leap $3,588,400 • BOLD APR • KW Commercial courses • Read and reread The $3,248,255 MAR Millionaire Real Estate Agent and listened to the audio $2,301,800 FEB • Read and reread SHIFT and listen to the audio $706,000 JAN *Attended most KWU v.s. $12,287,220 for the first six months of 2009 * classes more than once Keller Williams Realty Sept./Oct. 2010 • vol. 7 no. 5 outfront 7
  8. 8. The MAPS Factor A 200% TURNAROUND MAPS MASTERY COACHING TAKES PETER CHABRIS OuT OF HiS COMFORT zOnE AnD inTO THE NEXT LEVEL Peter Chabris, associate with the Cincinnati-Hyde Park/Mariemont market center, describes his first meeting with his MAPS Mastery coach as “one of those serendipitous moments.” His production and GCI got on an entirely new trajectory in June of 2009 when he enrolled in MAPS Mastery Coaching, and it has continued on its upward momentum, which now amounts to a year-over-year increase of more than 200 percent. Here Chabris reflects on how MAPS Coaching is transforming his business and his life: “Ultimately, the numbers tell the story. My comfort zone and encouraged me to have tough GCI increased by 200 percent between the first conversations with clients on what they really six months of 2009, before I started coaching, wanted – whether they were determined to hold and the first six months of 2010. out for a preconceived price for their home or When I signed on for MAPS Mastery whether it was more in their interest to focus on Coaching, I had the technology piece down, how they could move forward with their lives. but felt lost in terms of the more traditional I started prequalifying those who were worth real estate skills such as how to run a listing- taking on as clients. driven business and how to leverage myself. We worked on discovering my natural During the first coaching calls, I just talked selling style and playing to my strengths, which about myself – my family, my previous signaled the end of a lot of the internal stress professional experiences, how I ended up in and conflict that I had been experiencing as a real estate, what my goals were and how I result of trying to be a high 'I.' was running my business. Then my MAPS As a high 'D' and high 'C,' I came to realize Coach started to ask some tough questions. that it was okay to be direct and to be known He pointed out the disconnect in what I was as the guy who gets things done; the guy who saying and what I was actually doing. is grounded in the truth and in figures. As a Photo By: Gary Kessler Early into the coaching process, I began to result, I’ve become a much better salesperson perceive myself and the world very differently. and manager. My team, which now consists of I mentioned that I had been making a lot four full-time employees and one part-timer, of changes in my personal as well as my is operating at a much higher level now that professional life that seemed outside of the Peter Chabris I am comfortable clearly communicating my scope of coaching. Most of the changes were expectations. the result of my increased self-awareness. In fact, when it clicked that I come across as He told me that was exactly the point of "Coaching has made manipulative when I try to be a high 'I,' all of coaching and we got to work. my relationships improved. First we looked at my expenses – how I all the difference. Coaching has made all the difference. I now spent my money and how I spent my time. I now feel tapped into feel tapped into the best practices throughout We looked at what I could delegate, which North America on every aspect of running a then freed up time to begin a more consistent the best practices real estate business, and at the same time, I feel and aggressive approach to marketing and throughout North much more connected to the Keller Williams prospecting. The next step was a strategy culture – knowing that this is a company in for strengthening market awareness within America on every aspect which I can call any other agent in our system my designated geographic area, and we of running a real with a specific question and that they will feel continued to focus on productivity, market good about giving me 10 minutes of their time penetration and leverage. estate business..." to share their expertise." kw My coach pushed me outside of my - Peter Chabris 8 outfront Sept./Oct. 2010 • vol. 7 no. 5 Keller Williams Realty
  9. 9. Reversal of Fortune What a difference MAPS MAKES HOW A HOUSTON ASSOCIATE TOOK HIS GCI FROM $4,500 TO $300,000 in LESS THAN TWO YEARS By Lucas Sherraden, associate, Houston Southwest market center Over the past year-and-a-half, Keller going to let me walk away without Williams Realty and MAPS Coaching signing! I'm now glad she's been so well have changed my life. trained. Michaelann became my MAPS I started in real estate with no sphere coach. WOW. of influence nearly two years ago with In short, MAPS Coaching has made another well-known franchise company. all the difference for me and my family. For the first five months, I did one Halfway through 2010, we have closed transaction for a GCI of $4,500. 25 transactions, nearly $5.3 million With a family of six, this economic in production, and I have a GCI of model wasn't working and I was $158,459 – surpassing last year’s GCI extremely scared! The only people who within the first six months of the year. liked my situation were MasterCard®, I've hired my first full-time executive Visa® and American Express®. assistant, participated in BOLD this past My turning point came in March of spring, and just finished Recruit-Select 2009 when I signed on with Andi St. and Action Training. Jean, the team leader at the Sugarland We’re on track for $10 million market center. in production, 60 transactions and My team leader encouraged me to $300,000 in GCI for 2010. I've also register for Masterminds, and I attended managed to recruit eight new agents my first Mastermind event in April of – laying the groundwork for a steady 2009. stream of profit share. After that, EVERYTHING began to So needless "My four teenagers and extended change. to say, I'm I ended 2009 with $6.1 million in very thankful family had no idea as they rode volume, 30 transactions and a GCI of to be a part $157,799. of a company two new Jet Skis on vacation this And that was just the beginning! In that gives its November of 2009, I was in Austin, agents such summer, that BOLD inspired me Texas, for another Mastermind event, an accessible and thought I'd explore the MAPS "on ramp" to dream about buying them and Coaching booth. to success. I ran into Michaelann Byerly. She Success really provided a path to afford them. obviously had scripts for every one of is simple, just my hesitations. I didn't have the money, not easy. Thank So my entire clan is enjoying the as we were still digging out of a financial you Keller hole and in my mind at the time Williams Realty benefits of BOLD!" $1,000 per month was a pretty hefty and MAPS Lucas Sherraden commitment, but Michaelann wasn't Coaching! kw - Lucas Sherraden, associate, Houston Southwest market center Keller Williams Realty Sept./Oct. 2010 • vol. 7 no. 5 outfront 9
  10. 10. The MAPS Factor change By Laura Price AGENTS According to Merriam-Webster’s dictionary, a coach is “one who instructs or trains.” David Norberg MAPS Coaching believes the scope of a coach encompasses that and so much more. A key factor distinguishing MAPS Coaches: they’ve walked the walk as mega agents or mega leaders and many of them are still in the trenches, adding to their validity and to their ability to encourage entirely new levels of achievement and transform careers. MAPS Coaches know what it takes to succeed at an extraordinarily high level. Namely, they all have coaches themselves. At the top of their game, here’s a look at a few of MAPS industry-leading coaches: Mike Kranz Rae Wayne David Norberg, associate, La Mesa / East County market center $8,641,550 in production (Feb. 2010 – July 2010) $226,958 GCI year-to-date Among the newest members to the MAPS Coaching team, Norberg has been coached for 15 years and has been a coach for 10. Norberg is frequently held up as a role model of success within Keller Williams Realty, because of his dedication to scripts and commitment to following the model. “I have had coaches as long as I can remember. When you have someone else who has your best interest in mind, they open your eyes to the blind spots and help you reach a whole new level of success.” His No. 1 priority as a MAPS Coach: “I’ve gotten to where I am because of a lot of great coaches. Now I’m ready to pass on what I’ve learned.” Rae Wayne, associate, Marina/LA market center | $830,000 GCI year-to-date with $50,000 pending Personally coached by Gary Keller for six years, Wayne knows the importance of leverage. She’s built a high- functioning team, and now has moved on to the next frontier in her career – serving as a MAPS Coach, a BOLD Coach and a KWU Master Faculty member. “My team and I have been involved in some form of coaching for the past two decades,” she says. “After 20 years in the industry, I have a lot to give back, and I’m looking to expand my sphere of influence.” Mike Kranz, associate, Orlando Vista market center | 83 closed transactions–$11.2 million pending in production year-to-date Kranz got a coach the same year he started real estate: 1995. 15 years later, he’s now a MAPS Coach and is in Mastery Coaching himself. “Coaching keeps me focused on my goals, and having a coach who has achieved what I want to achieve makes all the difference.” 10 outfront Sept./Oct. 2010 • vol. 7 no. 5 Keller Williams Realty
  11. 11. looking to the “best of the best” When we consider all of the Keller Williams agents who have gotten on a millionaire track over the past decade or so, there’s no question that the most pivotal success factor is our emphasis on models. By Gary Keller, co-founder and chairman, Keller Williams Realty In other words, success in real estate Short Sale Approach; and Best Wealth question.” And she’d route them to a is never a fluke or a function of sheer Building through Profit Share. specific blog post. talent. Top producers know what they're There are, of course, lots of agents in Because of the quality of her content, doing and they act deliberately. As we our company who are doing awesome it quickly evolved into an information emphasize in The Millionaire Real Estate things. Our criteria for a designation of source; within about three months she Agent, “models matter, and the right “the best” was super-high production and was showing up on Google searches, models matter most.” an adherence to a model. It should come and her team started getting calls Keller Williams Realty is a company as no surprise that the two went hand in from potential clients who wanted focused on success. We learn how those hand. to do business with her because they who are at the top of their game got It was also no surprise that leverage automatically viewed her as the expert on there, determine the common threads proved to be the key goal in all of the any number of issues. Rather than doing among their strategies and then develop strategies these agents pursued. Mega listing presentations, she found herself models – actionable, repeatable processes agents are constantly looking to optimize arriving at the homes of prospective – based on what works. We came up with how they spend their time. clients to get the contract signed and talk the four fundamental business models of Take, for example, Mariana Wagner, about when she’d begin marketing their The Millionaire Real Estate Agent – The associate with home. Economic Model, The Lead-Generation the Colorado This was the result of what she Model, The Budget Model, and The Springs South describes as one to three “nonpeak” hours Organizational Model – and, to a large market center, of blogging a week. That’s leverage and extent, it’s a discipline that drives all of who we selected that’s a model worth following. kw our company’s education and training. for the “Best We pay close attention to what the Social Media very best are doing. Approach.” At Mega Agent Camp this year, I got Blogging to talk during the general session with began as a means more than a dozen agents who have set for her to handle the standard in a specific aspect of the frequently business of real estate and are ranked by asked questions. Mariana Wagner us as the “best of the best” in categories She created a that include: Best Website; Best Craigslist blog post every time she was asked a Approach; Best Social Media Approach; question more than a few times about a Best Farming; Best Open House Strategy; neighborhood or a particular aspect of Audio excerpts from portions of my conversations concerning Best FSBO/Expired Approach; Best buying or selling a home. Then, when a the Best Social Media Approach, the Best Pre-list Package Referral Approach; Best Pre-list Package; client would ask her the same question Best Team Structure; Best Leverage; Best again, she’d say, “I just published and the Best Team Structure are now on AgentMountain. Approach for Working with Buyers; Best an article answering that very same com. More will be added in the coming weeks. Keller Williams Realty Sept./Oct. 2010 • vol. 7 no. 5 outfront 11
  12. 12. View from the top! it’s no wonder the listing that’s currently at the very top of the Memphis market is in the hands of Keller Williams associate, Dianne Milner. The four-story, 22,000 square-foot historic structure with a view of the Mississippi River served as the perfect gathering place for Keller Williams associates in Memphis to gather and celebrate their recent victory. Best in MEMPHIS In less than five years, Keller Williams Realty has gone from being Keller-Who in Memphis, Tenn., to being named the “Best Real Estate Agency” in town in The Commercial Appeal newspaper’s annual Memphis Most contest. The newspaper invites readers and members of the public each year to vote for their local favorites in a wide range of categories. This year Keller Williams Realty’s three Memphis-area market centers – Memphis East, Memphis Central and North Mississippi – surpassed Crye-Leike,REALTORS®, the longtime former favorite to win the coveted award. The news has rocked the local real estate world, while creating an unbeatable marketing message for Keller Williams associates. There’s a lot of personal satisfaction in this award, notes Marc By Staci Semrad Scheinberg, who joined forces with the Memphis Central market center last winter after 14 years with Crye-Leike. Now that Keller 12 outfront Sept./Oct. 2010 • vol. 7 no. 5 Keller Williams Realty
  13. 13. Best in Memphis “Clients consistently note ease of getting a deal done with a Keller Williams associate,” Young continues. “Our associates are always being complimented on their knowledge, attitude and approach to serving clients.” “Clearly, our associates’ training and education shines through and is appreciated by clients,” Milner adds. “Our associates are better prepared than the typical agent out there to coach clients through the challenges they face in this unique market while helping them meet their goals and needs,” according to Jeff Bonham, team leader of the North Mississippi market center, which also serves metropolitan Memphis. “Since we started in the Memphis market in late 2005, the founding core group, leadership team and agent partners have embraced our culture and have always put their customers first in their businesses,” says Trae Williams, operating principal for the Memphis East and Memphis Central market centers. “They have also embraced the Keller Williams models and systems. As a result, they’ve been able to gain market share quickly while building great customer satisfaction and many great REALTOR® relationships within the Memphis community.” SOCIAL BUTTERFLIES Certain that Keller Williams Realty had the best agents in town, April Landry, an associate with the Memphis East market center who came from Crye-Leike three years ago, made it her mission earlier this year to get the word out. She spearheaded the effort to ensure that Keller Williams associates informed their clients about the contest. “Ever since Keller Williams Realty opened in the Memphis area, it has struggled to become better known,” Landry says. “We’ve been trying to get our name out, and I figured this would be a perfect opportunity.” She also had in mind the perfect tool – social media. “I posted about the contest on Facebook, including a link to the contest site for people to vote online, and I started tweeting about it on Twitter™." She also emailed colleagues in all three Memphis-area market Williams Realty ranks as the “best” he says, “I’m looking centers to ensure they knew about the contest. Her email forward to us being the biggest in the market, and I think it’s included the link to her Facebook page, so they could use it as a just a matter of time.” template on their own pages. “Our agents took it from there and got their clients involved,” VICTORY ROAD she explains. Bruce Milner, team leader of the Memphis Central market Now that Keller Williams Realty is the established winner, center, recalls receiving the good news: “I was elated to see the same channels have been deployed to tout the victory and that the agents of this organization had generated enough thank clients. Landry's team is leading the social media charge, momentum in this market in such a short amount of time to and other Keller Williams associates are promoting the award on make this sort of impact among such established players,” he their Websites, in listing presentations and through Facebook says, adding that participation in this year’s contest was the and Twitter. highest ever, with about 30,000 voters casting complete ballots. Even more exciting is the opportunity to use the "Memphis “What this vote says is that from a quality and service Most" logos and decals on marketing materials and yard signs standpoint, Keller Williams measures up better than any other throughout the year, Milner says. And of course, the award and real estate company in town,” says Steve Young, team leader of new visibility will factor into all efforts to attract new talent to the Memphis East market center. the market center. kw Keller Williams Realty Sept./Oct. 2010 • vol. 7 no. 5 outfront 13
  14. 14. High-end Distress Short sale expert taps luxury arena By Celesta Brown Last year, Aaron Rice, associate with the Baltimore market knowledge of the luxury homes market makes him successful center, followed his curiosity to the Luxury Homes by Keller in both worlds.” Williams annual retreat. He’d been zigzagging across the Rice has spent several years developing his short sale skills, United States, teaching Certified Distressed Property Expert now teaching at least twice a month. He has a deep passion (CDPE) courses and, in doing so, realized that there are too for giving, sharing and helping, and finds great purpose in few agents focusing on distressed properties at the upper end helping homeowners find alternatives to foreclosure. In the $1 of the market. million-plus market, there is no government help or assistance At the Luxury Homes by Keller Williams retreat, he saw of any kind for homeowners, and this is where Rice manages that there was a lot of focus on this segment of the business to make a difference. among a consortium of highly successful agents who are “Aaron truly cares about his clients and is very committed more than willing to share knowledge and referrals with one to helping them avoid foreclosure,” Shari emphasizes. He sees another. With the surge in homeowner hardships in high-end the big picture. housing, Rice realized his niche and joined forces with Luxury Having joined Luxury Homes by Keller Williams in June Homes by Keller Williams. of 2010, Rice notes that while short sales are a complicated Theo Harris, a founding member of Luxury Homes by business that often takes months to process, banks tend to be Keller Williams and operating principal of the Baltimore more motivated to act for luxury properties. He recently got market center, says Rice is the epitome of someone who is full bank approval within a couple of weeks on the short sale learning based and a perfect fit for membership in the of a luxury property. “It’s all in the packaging,” division which brings together and cultivates many Rice says. of the top-producing luxury agents in North Shari points out that it’s not just America. Rice is on the Associate Leadership knowledge and an upper-tier skillset Council (ALC), he was one of two recipients that make a luxury agent good at what of the Distressed Property Institute’s award for they do. “When you are dealing with excellence, he never misses Family Reunion people who have never struggled or Mega Camp, and he jumped right into financially before or faced a Laurie Moore-Moore’s Certified Luxury Home serious financial hardship, Marketing Specialist (CLHMS) class when it takes a distinct level of he decided to go the luxury route. The compassion, along with a high division is known for having the top luxury degree of expertise, and that’s agents and training in upper-tier sales in the what Aaron offers.” kw market. To learn more about Luxury Homes by Keller Williams go to (http:// Photo By: Steve Ruark Shari Harris, team leader of the Baltimore market center, adds that having been honored by Mo Anderson, vice chairman of the board, Keller Williams Realty, in 2009 as the Maryland and D.C. Region’s Cultural Ambassador, Rice has proven himself to be a perfect cultural fit as well. REfERRAl RESOURCE Membership in Luxury Homes by Keller Williams sets agents up for a solid base of referrals, Theo says, pointing out that Rice is well positioned to leverage his membership to the hilt. “The combination of his expertise in distressed properties with his Aaron Rice 14 outfront Sept./Oct. 2010 • vol. 7 no. 5 Keller Williams Realty
  15. 15. Luxury Homes Magazine Passport to the world of luxury real estate New publication takes member benefits to the next tier The inaugural issue of the Luxury Homes by Keller Williams publisher. It’s also among the most robust, with more than Magazine was a success by every standard. 60 pages of high-end property listings. The new publication, which is available in both a print and “This says a lot about the caliber of our members, and we’re digital format, links off to 30 additional sites and provides thrilled to give them the opportunity to strengthen their an unparalleled opportunity for members of Luxury Homes leadership in the luxury real estate realm,” says Kathy Neu, by Keller Williams to market their listings to high-end home president of Luxury Homes by Keller Williams. buyers on a global scale. “This was the most successful launch of a joint venture To secure your spot in the next quarterly issue of the between Unique Homes and a custom published magazine Luxury Homes by Keller Williams Magazine, call Bruce Griset that we’ve ever had,” says Rick Goodwin, Unique Homes’ at 888-928-9020. Friends in high places Laurie Moore-Moore, founder and CEO of The Institute for Luxury Home Marketing, has recently negotiated with The Wall Street Journal to provide Luxury Homes by Keller Williams members with three times the exposure than they are currently receiving. Serving as a marketing partner to Luxury Homes by Keller Williams, Moore-Moore says, “We’ve tripled our Wall Street Journal benefit, giving our members more than $7,000 worth of free advertising.” Members can now create a luxury agent profile on The Wall Street Journal’s Website – an $800 value, and every 60 days, they now have the opportunity to advertise three luxury properties at no cost. That’s 18 properties annually, up from previously. To start building your Wall Street Journal online presence, log on to the members-only oore section of the Institute’s Website ( Laurie Moore-M Keller Williams Realty Sept./Oct. 2010 • vol. 7 no. 5 outfront 15
  16. 16. Dear Team, I absolutely love to talk to and read about agents who are defying the odds and building wildly successful careers. Every story about an agent who Like Kristan, Peter Chabris (see page easy.” has experienced an extraordinary 8), associate with our Cincinnati-Hyde The exciting thing is that we are breakthrough in their career path Park/Mariemont market center, was not constantly creating new resources and seems like such a unique account about to settle for “good enough.” He new programs to give you the edge. of focus, determination, skill and stepped out of his comfort zone, enrolled Time and time again, we find that new possibilities. But there’s also a in MAPS Mastery Coaching, committed it’s the most successful agents among us surprisingly common thread that runs to doing what it takes and, within a year, who are the most eager to leverage new through the success stories of our resources. The introduction of the KW company’s top agents. Market Navigator this summer was met I’ve never known success to be the "Those who tap into with a surge of support. It presented result of waiting and hoping. It’s those many of us with a new understanding of who tap into the industry’s best minds, the industry’s best the big picture. So if you haven’t ordered best training and best tools who achieve your copy, I urge you to do so now and their dreams and remind us all of what’s minds, best training share copies with your sphere! possible. ( Kristan Cole, who’s featured on and best tools are After the phenomenal launch of page 6 of this issue, is an extraordinary BOLD last year, we didn’t waste any example of an agent who gets it. When the ones who achieve time in creating BOLD Leadership, and she joined our Anchorage market center once again we’re going to witness what last year after 25 years with RE/MAX, their dreams and happens when hundreds and hundreds of she was already at the top of her game as us realize our power and open our minds the second-highest producer in the state remind us all of to the possibilities of breaking through of Alaska. But she was determined to new ceilings of achievement. take it up several notches, and in order what’s possible." It is an extraordinary privilege to to do so, she started taking advantage of be in business with the real estate everything that Keller Williams Realty industry’s most dynamic and committed had to offer. She enrolled in every class his income has more than doubled. professionals, whose potential knows no offered by Keller Williams University; For so many others among us, the limits. she came to Masterminds, Mega Camp reversal of fortune stands to be even and Family Reunion; she read and reread more dramatic. Take Lucas Sherraden, Enjoy the journey, SHIFT and The Millionaire Real Estate from our Houston Southwest market Agent; and she enrolled her entire team center, whose story is on page 9 of this in BOLD. issue. His GCI catapulted from $4,500 Today, she ranks as No. 1 among all to $300,000 in less than two years. How Mary Tennant agents in Alaska and No. 1 for Keller did he do it? He tapped in to what Keller President and COO Williams Realty in the Northwest Williams Realty has to offer and got to Keller Williams Realty Region. And she continues to push her work. I absolutely love Lucas’s quote on career to new heights. page 9: “Success really is simple, just not 16 outfront Sept./Oct. 2010 • vol. 7 no. 5 Keller Williams Realty
  17. 17. RADiCAL RESuLTS! From technology tools to knowledge resources to new communities that help you tap the latest trends, Keller Williams Realty has what you need to sharpen your edge as a new decade nears. Here’s a glimpse of what’s hot off the development pipeline: Click … Click … BOOM! Don’t follow the trends – set them. Become the local economist of choice! Across all your KW online lead sources Secure your position at the forefront of –,, mobile. the real estate industry! KW Trendsetters KW Market Navigator: Vision and, your market center Websites, is an exclusive group that has just Opportunities 2010 brings you up-to- your agent's Website and all our KWLS begun a six-step plan, culminating in the date on all the latest industry trends. syndication partners – you have the adoption of an eTransaction solution and You become the local “economist most robust online lead generation taking Keller Williams Realty one step of choice” by staying abreast of the engine in the industry working to bring closer to being the first international latest developments in the market and you business 24/7! Make sure you’re real estate franchise to adopt paperless incorporating that information into getting your leads by updating your agent transactions. your lead generation, buyer and seller profile and listings today. presentations. Market of the Moment Marketing RSTLM Curriculum The Six Personal Perspectives A series of ebooks targeting consumers Our most popular series of leadership They’re back! Originally developed gives you a lead generation edge. ebooks courses – Recruit-Select, Action Training and taught by Gary Keller at the targeting first-timers, buyers considering and Leadership and Motivation – will now beginning of every training class since purchasing a distressed property and be available in your market center! These the founding of the company, this our most recent – 7 Reasons Why Now fundamental leadership courses will give new course digs into the mindset and is a Great Time to Buy a Home! – help you the tools to attract, train and retain habits of a high achiever. Look for this you to get buyers off the fence and into the right team members who produce at course coming soon to your local their new homes. the highest levels! market center. BOLD-ly Go into Leadership kw | en Español From Dianna Kokoszka and the MAPS Are you focused on the future? Build YOUR brand with Spanish- Coaching team that brought you BOLD Look into leadership! speaking consumers! From attracting … BOLD Leadership is here! Focused leads to getting appointments to Think of it as within the on the mindset that gets results, the winning their business, you now have KW system. You can find leadership leader’s voice and how to develop professional, customizable marketing opportunities and post your résumé yourself and others – this career-altering materials in Spanish to help you target and behavioral profile so those course is coming to a city near you! this growing market. opportunities can find you. Find it all on Keller Williams Realty Sept./Oct. 2010 • vol. 7 no. 5 outfront 17
  18. 18. Market navigator KW MARKET NAVIGATOR steers business in the right direction Lee Stern, regional director, Jim Camarata, team leader, Matt Hilton, team leader, Utah Annapolis market center McKinney North Collin County market center “Our team leaders are very "When the KW Market Navigator excited about the KW Market was released at just $5, it was a no- “The KW Market Navigator is so Navigator.We have asked Scott brainer. I’ve been sending copies out full of information and statistics Agnew, operating principal of our to the same non-KW agents who on the current market.The East Valley, Midvale-Sandy, Park received the SHIFT hardcover. So far research is great for motivating City and South Ogden market I’ve gotten four appointments! One buyers to get off the fence and centers, to teach a half-day class of those came from a gentleman into a home. It’s also great using the KW Market Navigator who was convinced he didn’t need information for sellers on what to our agents and guests in the information.When I told him it takes to get their home priced September. I don’t know whose HOW he could use the research correctly. More importantly, it awesome idea it was, but we love in a blog post to generate more solidifies our associates as experts it! The very first thing I did when business, something shifted – now in our market – which is critical to I received my copy of the KW we have an appointment. gaining more business.” Market Navigator was to order a Agents are looking for copy for every ALC member!” expertise from their company – that’s what The KW Market Navigator does so perfectly!” To order copies of the KW Market Navigator, go 18 to ( navigator). 2010 • vol. 7 no. 5 outfront Sept./Oct. Keller Williams Realty
  19. 19. Tech Tips lead POWER! By Cary Sylvester, Executive Director of Technology, Keller Williams Realty International Support Center Our No. 1 truth in this Williams listing are sent directly to the listing agent. business: It’s all about leads. lets buyers view property details instantly Success in real estate is right in front of the home. They can also pull open house driven by a never-ending information from your KWLS listing and, with new text- search for good leads and messaging capabilities, you capture the lead faster than solid strategies for converting ever. (Visit the White Pages on MyKW to input your those leads to closings. mobile carrier in your profile.) And that’s exactly the The second tier connects visitors with you focus of Keller Williams through the Agent Profile pages. Consumers can search Realty’s technology for an agent based on designation, a particular area of initiatives. Our eAgentC team specialization or any criteria that you include on your and Associate Technology profile. Once they choose an agent, they can view the Cary Sylvester Council (ATC) lead the listings or send a message to them directly from that page. market in harnessing the Don’t miss out on this excellent, and I might add, easy power of technology and the Internet marketing opportunity. to create innovative lead Your office Website generation systems captures consumers that maximize your searching for online exposure and properties based on sharpen your edge a specific area and in an increasingly your eAgentC agent Internet-driven real Website – which is | ke . ca iamsrealty estate business. most important because In short, every piece of the Keller Williams llerwill you are the brand. This is your chance to get hyper- online lead generation and local in your market. At its capture system was designed to maximize your advantage. From most basic level, your Website is a platform for branding yourself the new look of, to your and interacting with clients and KW Agent Profile, to new Keller your of ce website prospects. Williams Listing System (KWLS) A critical piece of the lead- syndication partners and the exciting routing puzzle is the KWLS. By entering release of, your reach has listing details into the KWLS, your been extended to more consumers in more KWLS properties receive international exposure places. through, market center Websites, your What’s critical to note about the Keller eAgentC agent eAgentC agent Website, and all of our listing Williams lead generation and capture system is website syndication partners. Your listings will always that each component works in harmony with appear with a link back to your listing on YOU! the other. Let’s start with the highest tier., meaning only you will get the leads and are the from your listings. engines driving your international reach. A What distinguishes the Keller Williams property search on covers virtually technology platform from others is its all properties listed through IDX for the emphasis on you. You work hard for your United States and Canada. A consumer search listings, and in our book, you deserve every is routed to the most appropriate office to serve the lead that comes from them. My challenge to you: take customer. And, most importantly, all leads on a Keller advantage of every online opportunity available! kw Keller Williams Realty Sept./Oct. 2010 • vol. 7 no. 5 outfront 19
  20. 20. delivering THE KW DIFFERENCE … By Jennifer LeClaire in style! Photos By: Billy Weeks From left: Robert Moss, team leader, and ALC members Suzy Lawson and Jill Kisling beside the prominent artwork at the entry to the market center. Since arriving in the Chattanooga area, Keller Williams Realty has donated a $10,000 work of art for the foyer. climbed to the position of No. 1 in sales volume. This year, the “This is great exposure for the companies that donated items," market centers have launched a campaign to out-class, as well as Kisling says. out-sell, the competition. The Kisling-Lawson duo got everything from flooring to faucets When Jeff Harrell, operating principal of the Chattanooga- donated, and the result is a luxury office that has a modern feel. Downtown market center, decided to relocate the office to the The KW Experience was also incorporated into the new office heart of downtown, Jill Kisling and Suzy Lawson, members of the space, visually telling the Keller Williams story and giving all Associate Leadership Council (ALC), jumped at the opportunity to prospective agents the same feel for the culture and the company. transform the space. “We set up the KW Experience right off the kitchen so our agents “As a residential general contractor, I have a lot of relationships can also see it frequently,” says Robert Moss, team leader. "The with vendors and throw a lot of business their way. So I asked painting in the lobby is our own addition to the KW Experience.” them to help us with our renovation. In return, our market center The new location – and the luxurious build-out – is making a would promote them to construction companies working on new splash in the local community. Harrell says some are referencing developments in the region, as well as to visitors to the market the Chattanooga-Downtown market center as a landmark when center," Lawson says. giving directions. Ferguson Enterprises donated beautiful cabinetry to the market “Our community knows we’re part of downtown now because center. Now, clients who meet in the market center’s conference we are part of the new expansion here,” Harrell says of the room see a plaque on the outside of the door that reads, “The 6,000-square-foot office space where his neighbors are organic Ferguson Room,” along with the company’s logo. The kitchen is grocers and hip restaurateurs. “The new office space has been a called "Classic Pantry Kitchen" after the name of the vendor who morale boost to our current agents and has helped us to attract new donated the appliances and lighting. Cindy McCain, a local artist, talent. Profitability is up about 33 percent since January.” 20 outfront Sept./Oct. 2010 • vol. 7 no. 5 Keller Williams Realty
  21. 21. A Cut Above Ryan Kin g, associate greets Jeff H , arrell, operating p rinci outside of th pal, e new office space in the heart of Ch atta revitalized d nooga’s owntown. Celebrate the Success Use for: • Reward for listings • Office contests The Chattanooga-Downtown market center had 68 • Unique closing gifts • Donations to local charities agents before it moved into the new office space. Today, • Lead generation • Increase in response rate from • Recruitment tool marketing campaigns that number is 90 and Moss says he is currently in talks • Negotiations tool in • Personal travel with seven agents from other brokerages about joining relocation package • Gifts for family and friends forces with Keller Williams Realty. “It’s unlike anything that the Chattanooga real estate community has ever seen before,” Moss says. “I now make it a point to hold recruiting events here on Fridays during lunch on purpose. Potential recruits go back to their offices where nothing is going on and realize the Keller Williams difference. There’s life here.” For more information go to: Validation code: keller or call 1-877-776-1655 The success of the downtown renovation has also Set up an account and begin purchasing, giving and redeeming your certificates today! inspired Harrell to revamp the Chattanooga-East Brainerd *Destinations and travel times are subject to availability and confirmed on a first come, first served basis. Offer includes only accommodations and specifically excludes travel cost and other expenses that may market center, and he views the down economy as the be incurred. Promotional discounts and offers may not apply to all properties. Other restrictions may apply. Offer void where prohibited by law. Additional taxes and conditions may apply. Certificates are for redemption during shoulder and off-season periods, subject to availability, with Summer and Holidays weeks unavailable. perfect time to do so. CST-2081369-50. Registration as a seller of travel does not constitute approval by the State of California. Fla. Seller of Travel Reg. No. ST-36515. Nevada Seller of Travel Registra- “The discussion around town is so negative. For tion No. 2006-0006. Washington Seller of Travel Reg. No. 602560941. Call 1-866-280-7823 for Web Site Terms and Conditions and Additional Disclosures or go to many agents, we’re the only bright spot out there. We’re This inventory is made available by Resort Rental, LLC (operating as Holiday Rentals, LLC in MD and TX) an Indiana-licensed limited liability company, whose principal broker is Donald J. Killingback. Endless Vacation Rentals and related marks are registered trademarks in the United States and internationally. All Rights Reserved. expanding as other offices are shrinking," Harrell says. “It Neither Keller Williams Realty, Inc. nor its affiliated companies warrant any product or service delivered under this program. All products and services are provided by Endless Vacation Rentals. A Keller Wil- says a lot about who we are as a company.” kw liams Approved Vendor Program member is a business entity independent from Keller Williams Realty, Inc. and has no agency, partnership, or joint-venture with Keller Williams Realty, Inc. Resort Rental, LLC, 7 Sylvan Way, Parsippany, NJ 07054 ©2010 Resort Rental, LLC. All Rights Reserved. Printed in the U.S.A. Keller Williams Realty Sept./Oct. 2010 • vol. 7 no. 5 outfront 21 100491EVR Keller Williams Ad.indd 1 6/29/10 3:42 PM
  22. 22. TOP50 PRODUCING TEAMS* * BASED On TRAnSMiTTALS RECEiVED FOR THE FiRST HALF OF 2010 (JAnuARY THROuGH AuGuST). CLOSED TRAnSACTiOnS iDEnTiFiED WiTH THE SPECiFiC TEAM. Name City, State GCI Units 1 Marnie Bennett Ottawa, Ontario $2,361,949.70 158 2 Express Realty Services Reston, Va. $2,129,603.67 409 3 Rushforth Team Ottawa, Ontario $2,112,198.51 267 4 Rhodes Team Dallas, Texas $1,485,674.89 214 5 The Heller Real Estate Group San Diego, Calif. $1,300,478.10 93 6 The Belt Team McLean, Va. $1,188,942.14 73 7 Brandon Green Companies Washington, D.C. $1,102,127.28 178 8 Mike Clarke Group Toronto, Ontario $1,042,557.70 115 9 The Buehlers and Associates, Inc. Flower Mound, Texas $1,032,556.63 144 10 Tricia Fox Group Chicago, Ill. $1,025,552.77 100 11 Sue Adler Team Summit, N.J. $1,017,293.62 62 12 Philbeck and Associates Orlando, Fla. $1,010,547.86 402 13 The Kink Team The Woodlands, Texas $984,932.93 118 14 Home Resource Group Cedar Park, Texas $975,588.08 157 15 The Ida Terbet Team Raleigh, N.C. $952,548.78 122 16 The Monaghan Group Glendale, Ariz. $949,952.74 324 17 Fabulous Properties Team Pleasanton, Calif. $929,132.94 41 18 Bocage Team Fremont, Calif. $920,830.37 122 19 Noel Team Santa Monica, Calif. $911,156.30 44 20 Guldi Real Estate Group Waldorf, Md. $903,613.05 204 21 The Bouma Group Ann Arbor, Mich. $897,787.89 153 22 The McCormick Team Palo Alto, Calif. $890,784.04 13 23 Mulholland and Ross Toronto, Ontario $879,102.34 62 24 Seybert Team Henderson, nev. $878,468.77 273 25 Jennifer Young Team Chantilly, Va. $864,097.29 138 26 Kenny Klaus Team Mesa, Ariz. $841,839.21 166 27 The Kristan Cole Team Anchorage, Alaska $816,108.74 119 28 Bizzy Blondes Marina del Rey, Calif. $802,217.99 55 29 The Builders Wife Team Plano, Texas $787,943.48 63 30 Brenkus Team Henderson, nev. $787,300.21 233 31 The Parsons Real Estate Team Pasadena, Calif. $785,031.86 56 32 Ben Kinney/Home 4 investment Team Bellingham, Wash. $784,429.89 140 33 Jonville Team Carlsbad, Calif. $769,000.28 59 34 The Graham Group St. Clair Shores, Mich. $764,478.26 308 35 Carol Royse Lifestyle Team Tempe, Ariz. $762,485.52 165 36 Legacy Group Spokane, Wash. $756,999.37 162 37 Szakos & Associates Camarillo, Calif. $753,582.54 102 38 Smith Premier Folsom, Calif. $745,288.17 140 39 Pilon/Hamilton Ottawa, Ontario $743,676.69 117 40 Eng-Garcia Washington, D.C. $741,858.08 62 41 The Levanson Team Phoenix, Ariz. $733,814.72 194 42 The Jan Richey Team Frisco, Texas $729,124.18 58 43 The DeBerry Team Plano, Texas $726,005.05 120 44 Jansen Coastal Largo, Fla. $716,650.30 58 45 The Hardy Team Prescott, Ariz. $710,238.61 199 46 Pat Hiban Real Estate Group Glen Burnie, Md. $705,311.86 147 47 Tommy Pennington Realty Group Southlake, Texas $702,313.40 76 48 The Battiste Team Danville, Calif. $701,429.49 47 49 The Jeff Silva Team Blue Bell, Pa. $697,342.59 85 50 The Millman Team Torrance, Calif. $692,818.60 72 22 outfront Sept./Oct. 2010 • vol. 7 no. 5 Keller Williams Realty