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Taskhero deck 10.15.12


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Taskhero deck 10.15.12

  1. 1. TASKHERO
  2. 2. Taskhero is an online marketplace to outsourceyour daily tasks and errands to military veterans
  3. 3. Problem: No efficient way for individuals or businesses to findtalent/labor for small temporary tasks Whether you are a professional or stay at home mom—there is never enough time to complete all your daily tasks or errands Taskhero helps busy people leverage their time to be more productive by outsourcing trivial tasks while simultaneously creating jobs
  4. 4. Posting and completing tasks is done in 3 easy steps POST BID PAY
  5. 5. Landing page
  6. 6. Post a task page
  7. 7. Browse task page
  8. 8. Freelance Market: 40 BillionTop Down Bottom Up Elance life time job totals and• Creative writing Pure Play marketplaces Job value 2011• Journalism like Elance have gone• Artistic from 100MM in• Teaching transactions in 08 to• IT 500MM in transaction• Legal in 2012• Research• Administrative• Home Improvement• Healthcare
  9. 9. REVENUE MODEL COMPETITORSWe make money by taking a There are no competitors in Sanpiece of each completed Diego.transaction Taskrabbit-8 markets-NYC, SFB,Its free to post and free to Austin, Portland, Boston, Sanbid. When a match is made Antonio, Seattle, Chicago and Losand a project completed we Angeles and Orange Countytake a percentage in NYC20% on $0 to $49.9915% on $50 to $99.99 in New Jersey12% on tasks $100 and upAverage transaction is $60dollars
  10. 10. Marketing Plan Our Marketing plan is based on high contact----low cost 3 pronged approach Mini-Media Maxi-Media Campaigns CampaignsFreeway Parking lot Signs Stickers flyer drops Newspapers Television Radio Non-Media Campaigns Trade Chamber of Seminars Meetups Shows Commerce
  11. 11. TEAMToby Salgado-CEO Somanglow Nair Jason SalgadoSerial Entrepeneur Brilliant Engineer Social Media WhizCOF Capital-Cofounder Operations Hewlett Packard-Director of80Million in transactions in charge of scalability worldwide social mediaBNT Erosion Control-founder iAsiaworks-VP Hosting Palatine consulting—Partner0 to 55 employees0 to 5 Million in revene Avalon Ventures—Entrepeneur in Denahi Global Investments-PartnerCofounderVenture capital raise of 7 Workexchange-Director of business development