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A PUBLIC ATION OF K E LLE R W I LLI A M S R E A LTY, INC .                       FO U RTH QUARTER 2011, VOL .8 NO.4       ...
2   outfront   Third Quar ter 2011 • vol. 8 no. 3   Keller Williams Realty
vol. 8, no. 4 - Fourth Quarter 2011Feedback         on Facebook                                                           ...
4   outfront   Four th Quar ter 2011 • vol. 8 no. 4   Keller Williams Realty
THE TIME TO BEL1EVE IS NOW!Dear Associates,Our company’s success is rooted in our ability tobelieve. We believe that Kelle...
kw           teams          REED MOORE | ANCHORAGE, ALASKA                                                     By Shelley ...
kw       cover story      By Ashlea Miller            landscape       for 2012                        SHORT SALES         ...
When Matt Fetick, associate with the Brandywine market                   Anthony Azar, operating principal of two Arizonac...
kw        cover story     Bellingham, Wash., area for 19 years does the same. "That             helped open new doors to p...
we askedRYAN OVERMYER!                      What does a listing                          "The listing presentation is a tw...
kw          Strategic Alliances Division                                              "Get ready, get aware,              ...
of thousands of homeowners on the verge of foreclosure. QualifiedKeller Williams associates can log on to MyKW and update ...
kw            technology         D A V E S A C H K O | O N TA R I O, C A N A D A                                          ...
already talked to four or five agents.”                                                                Sachko’s biggest ch...
kw         lead generation Q&A                                       What Happens to                                      ...
organization is set up to handle Internet leads thatcome in.         Carissa Acker: Right now we have about 75CA       lis...
kw           video           E R I C L A V E Y | H O L LY W O O D, C A L I F O R N I A                             By Shel...
Watch the vide                                                                                                o: http://bi...
kw     on fire!                   SPARK                   YOUR                   BUSINESS                   WITH          ...
“Following the outlined steps is easy."“Ignite gets me to the foundation of my business: prospecting and lead generating."...
kw          leverage        C AT H Y M A N C H E S T E R | P O R T L A N D, M A I N E                        By Jennifer L...
want to hire people who have the strongest skills for                 GROWING THROUGH PEOPLEthe job you need to get done. ...
kw      social media       4                  tools to maximize                          your social influence      Maximi...
Keller Williams Realty   Four th Quar ter 2011 • vol. 8 no. 4   outfront   25
kw         craigslist        L O R I B A L L E N | L A S V E G A S , N E V.                                             By...
"Ive never seen a website capture leads like the eEdge system does."                          4                           ...
kw       business - Q&A       T H E R E S A B A R N A B E I | M E S A - G I L B E R T, A R I Z .       By Shelley Seale   ...
KW Outfront Magazine Online Edition
KW Outfront Magazine Online Edition
KW Outfront Magazine Online Edition
KW Outfront Magazine Online Edition
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KW Outfront Magazine Online Edition


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KW Outfront Magazine Online Edition

  1. 1. A PUBLIC ATION OF K E LLE R W I LLI A M S R E A LTY, INC . FO U RTH QUARTER 2011, VOL .8 NO.4 landscape for 2012SHORT SALES An inside look at agents riding the short sale wave and the new opportunities coming soon from Keller Williams Realty. pg.6Trent Chapman Matt Fetick Chris Farkas Jesse Herfel Ryan Overmyer R E E D M O O R E O N H O W T O R E C O G N I Z E A N D H I R E T A L E N T .
  2. 2. 2 outfront Third Quar ter 2011 • vol. 8 no. 3 Keller Williams Realty
  3. 3. vol. 8, no. 4 - Fourth Quarter 2011Feedback on Facebook table of contentsDo your clients prefer phone calls or text messages?Gaye Buller Ribble: I am textingmore and more. Phone calls are 06 POWER OF LEVERAGE 08 SHORT SALE MASTERY Talent, tenacitystill more personal and I believe Why hiring talentare necessary from time to time, puts money back in and experience – tacticsbut for quick details and time-saving responses, texts are great! your business. to become an excellentEric Benjamin: I always ask them short sale they want to communicateand I only communicate thatway. I have an client who doesntlike texting and phone calls, only 14 16email. I have another client who DAVE SACHKO: FROM THEonly communicates via Facebook.Respect their choices. THE PAY-PER- CHAIRMAN CLICK GUY Convert Internet leadsTed Evans: I communicate in themanner my clients like to receive How he doubled his to appointments now.communication. However, when’s an important message, I preferto convey it either in person orover the phone, followed up witha summary in an email/letter/text.Robert Rogers: Dont look at 18 26what they prefer, look at whatgets the best response ... They OSCAR CRASHmight prefer text, but when I WORTHY COURSEstopped texting and startedcalling, I started getting referrals Eric Lavey’s real estate Build a great Craigslistlike crazy. video goes Hollywood. ad today.Facebook: ( @kwri and @kwrinewsYouTube: ( ( Fourth Quarter 2011, vol. 8 no. 4 Executive Director of Marketing and Communications: Ellen Marks OutFront is published by Keller Williams Realty, Inc. OutFront is a publication of Editor: Laura Price The entire document of OutFront is copyright© 2011 Keller Williams Realty, Inc. by Keller Williams Realty, Inc. No portion may be Copy Editor: Jeff Ryder reproduced in whole or in part by any means, including Associate Art Director: Michael Balistreri electronic retrieval systems, without the express written 1221 South Mopac Expressway, Designer: Caitlin McIntosh permission of the publisher. Editorial or advertising does Suite 400 Contributors: Celesta Brown | Jennifer LeClaire | Ashlea Miller | not constitute advice but is considered informative. Austin, Texas 78746 (512) 327-3070 phone Shelley Seale Copyright© 2011 Keller Williams Realty, Inc. (512) 328-1433 fax Advertising: Tom Freireich ( All rights reserved. Job Inquiries: ( Keller Williams Realty Third Quar ter 2011 • vol. 8 no. 3 outfront 3
  4. 4. 4 outfront Four th Quar ter 2011 • vol. 8 no. 4 Keller Williams Realty
  5. 5. THE TIME TO BEL1EVE IS NOW!Dear Associates,Our company’s success is rooted in our ability tobelieve. We believe that Keller Williams Realty is built byyou and for you and that your brand matters most.We trust in our value proposition and become the No. 1 real estate company unleash your potential, getting you intoin our dedication to building careers in North America. Make no mistake; production now. (See page 22 to readworth having, businesses worth owning we understand this is a huge under – how it’s already changing businesses.)and lives worth living. taking. We also know that there is no Profit sharing is the ultimate We believe in these pillars, simply better time than now to seize every manifestation of our philosophy ofbecause they are true! opportunity. It is that unstoppable succeeding through others, and it is Last February at our Family passion which brings us to our next an absolute promise we’ve made toReunion, we celebrated becoming the objective: to never have a single agent you. As of this December, we’ve sharedsecond-largest real estate company go backward. Simply put, your success $36 million with you! We know thatin the United States – an incredible is our goal. number is entirely possible becauseaccomplishment that is entirely yours. of your ingenuity, ambition and yourNow, as we look forward to 2012, we’re talent in your local markets. As youready for the next step. To put it into read through the pages of this issue,perspective, let’s look at where we stand "To use Gary Keller’s you’ll see what we the competitive landscape. And by the way, let’s remember that It thrills us to say that while other words, we know how our company’s entire belief system iscompanies have gone down in size by centered on our extraordinary culture.nearly half since 2005, Keller Williams fortunate we are to be We’ve said it before: we’d rather buildRealty has grown from 57,600 to a company of good citizens first, and77,672 associates during the same standing on the shoulders then a company of top producers. We’retime period – an increase of almost 35 lucky that our culture fosters both.percent! To use Gary Keller’s words, You hold the future of our companywe know how fortunate we are to be of giants. And those in your hands, and we are absolutelystanding on the shoulders of giants. thrilled to serve as stakeholders withAnd those giants are you! giants are you!" you on our way to the top. We want Our biggest asset as a company is that you to know that we’re going towe are long-term thinkers. We set the continue believing in YOU. We trustbar high, and while reaching the No. 1 Our focus has and always will be on that you’ll keep on believing in yourselfspot in our industry is absolutely our providing the very best education, and in Keller Williams Realty.destiny, it’s about becoming the real training and coaching, so that you stayestate company of choice for the long on a forward trajectory in your careerhaul. and your life. This year, that includes What this means for us is that our Ignite. Replacing CAMP 4:4:3, wetrajectory is clear and we are going know the contents of this amazing class Mark Willis, CEO,to remain steadfast on our journey to will spark your career and absolutely Keller Williams Realty Keller Williams Realty Four th Quar ter 2011 • vol. 8 no. 4 outfront 5
  6. 6. kw teams REED MOORE | ANCHORAGE, ALASKA By Shelley Seale Reed Moore: Mega Agent. Leader. HOW HE FOCUSED ON OPPORTUNITES INSTEAD OF OBSTACLES TO BREAKTHROUGH HIS PERSONAL CEILING OF ACHIEVEMENT. The story is an all too common one. Driven by a business office manager. As his business has grown, he is resolute on plan, an agent secures success on their own by focusing on securing a win-win for all parties, and the hiring process is lead generation, negotiating contracts and closing deals. the moment to get it right. Then one day, they wake up and realize they’re also juggling “The job I match them with has to be something they paperwork, inputting listings, creating marketing materials, were created to do. They need to have a natural energy for and handling the administrative work, all while trying to it or it will steal from their life and mine.” In other words, a show homes and list more properties. bad hire will not only cost you money, it will also cost you Despite the success, there’s just too much to do and the opportunity. And conversely, a good hire will actually save ceiling of achievement starts to descend. you money and will not only make you money, but will also Just a couple of years ago, the above scenario described create opportunities for you and your business. Reed Moore, a once solo agent in Anchorage, Alaska. He Moore starts the hiring process by asking potential new was prosperous, but wearing too many hats to sustain it. A team members about their dreams. If they compliment his, husband and father to four children, he was doing five or six then there’s a probable match. different jobs every day and was making compromises in his life. THE PATH FORWARD Something had to give. Moore is now in a position to build his business to the 6th Level. He’s assembled a loyal team and is investing in those THE BIG DIFFERENCE who are investing themselves in the business. He takes pride Moore laughs when he reflects on his decision to join the in their team’s office environment which is conveniently and Keller Williams Anchorage market center in 2009: “It was purposefully missing offices. “This stimulates the free flow a huge ego-crusher, actually.” Moore was reaching a level of of ideas that I think are critical to the group’s cohesion,” he success that others admired, but he admits that he was flying says. Their weekly meetings are full of affirmations and each blind. “I was doing about $3 million each year, and yet I team member participates in weekly coaching and feedback. didn’t know how much I could or should be making.” He Moore is teaching his team to lean on the tools and decided to take action by attending every training session he resources that Keller Williams Realty makes available to help could and soon realized that he didn’t need to reinvent the push them through slumps in the market. “Success is just on wheel. “Keller Williams gave me all the tools and models the other side,” he believes. “Far more exists in our minds and processes I needed to build a like-minded team and to slow us than truly exists in reality. Sometimes when we continue my growth trajectory.” are on the verge of great opportunity, we contrive fictitious With the help of Recruit-Select, Action Training, and situations that stall our success.” Indeed, difficult market Leadership and Motivation (RSTLM™), Moore learned conditions are an opportunity to build character. “When the how to effectively hire, train, develop and keep great talent. market takes off, we will fly even higher.” Now he leads a high-performance team that consists of five His goal now? To be the No. 1 real estate team by volume buyer agents, a listing partner, a virtual assistant and an in his region. kw "... a good hire will actually save you money and create opportunity for your business." – REED MOORE6 outfront Four th Quar ter 2011 • vol. 8 no. 4 Keller Williams Realty
  7. 7. JARED BJERKESTRAND ANNIE BJERKESTRAND MICHAEL KING KRISTIN VAN WIE SABRA GILLILAND REED MOORE CHRISTINA LIEN REED MOORE’S TIPS FOR FORMING A GREAT TEAM: 1 2 3 4 Follow Ask people that you trust – past clients, Believe in yourself enough to get the Read The Five Dysfunctions of a the MREA agents, influential businesspeople – to very best. Go for someone who is Team by Patrick Lencioni. models. point you to potential great; you never team members. Tell know their situation. them that you are looking for talent. AVOID Like everything else in this Get attached to the process, THESE TWO HIRING 1 business, follow the models. If you are not in a win-win relationship, 2 not the individual. Ask yourself if they help you get where you MISTAKES! did you veer from the models? want to go. Keller Williams Realty Four th Quar ter 2011 • vol. 8 no. 4 outfront 7
  9. 9. When Matt Fetick, associate with the Brandywine market Anthony Azar, operating principal of two Arizonacenter, saw short sale transactions erupting on the home market centers and president of Keller Williams Realtyfront 18 months ago, he ran right toward it. International’s Strategic Alliances division, sees firsthand At the time, while most agents in his market shied away the weight a designation has in whether banks choose tofrom the unfamiliar deals, he saw a new niche emerging work with one agent over another. “What we’ve found infor his business. Determined to capitalize on it, he enrolled all of our discussions is that banks rely on designations likein short sale-specific Keller Williams courses, pursued top Five Star, CDPE and PartnerFirst as a method of measuringagents in the field for advice and quickly became the leading whether the agent is among the most professional,short sale real estate agent in the greater Philadelphia area. responsive and effective real estate professionals in the “My goal is to become the short sale king of industry. Keller Williams Realty supports those designationsPhiladelphia,” says Fetick, a former police officer who and is actively working to strengthen those relationshipsentered the real estate business in 2005. and bring added value to associates.” Something seems to be working. In just a year, he’s helped Herfel, who has been specializing in distressed propertiesnearly 40 homeowners avoid foreclosure and sell their home since his first short sale in 2000, says it doesn’t have to be asthrough a short sale. difficult as people make it out to be. This scenario is playing out all across the United States. Still, Fetick says, agents are hesitant to approach the nicheAnd the number of short sales will likely rise as more because of their lack of training and fear of the processand more homeowners turn to them as an alternative to itself. The truth is most real estate professionals alreadya foreclosure. In fact, according to CoreLogic, a leading have the necessary skills to secure a short sale listing. Mostprovider of financial, property and consumer information, agents simply need training on completing the short saleshort sales will have increased by 25 percent by the end of transaction. Like any new endeavor, “you need to own it2011. and understand it,” Fetick emphasizes. And while the short sale process presents uniquechallenges for everyone involved, the agents who specialize GET ORGANIZEDin the practice say the transactions are equally rewarding. Once primed on the short sale process, successful agents “In a short sale, sellers are so thankful for the help, and recommend implementing systems to stay organized, savethey tend to listen to your expertise and take your advice,” time and generate business, regardless of team size.says Fetick. “They don’t second-guess you. They really Ann Arbor market center-based agent Ryan Overmyer,respect your professional opinion.” for instance, is on track to close up to 110 short sales this Banks, who incur a lot of additional expenses when they year, and is doing it with a team of three.foreclose, benefit too. So, a reasonable short sale is almost “There are teams in my area that are six, seven peoplealways going to net them more money which gives agents strong that do less short sale-specific transactions,” saysanother opportunity to position themseleves as experts. Overmyer, 32, who got into real estate five years ago and Here, five Keller Williams short sale specialists talk has built his career by specializing in short sales.about the opportunity to offer much-needed assistance, He attributes this volume to three key steps in his process:gain much-needed income, and reveal a few lessons they’ve 1. Pre-qualifying homeowners with the utmost vigilance:learned along the way. “Without the pre-qualification component, we’d face a lot more challenges in the process;”HIT THE GROUND RUNNING 2. Conducting appointments in the office rather than inAs with any new venture, understanding the scope, what’s clients’ homes: “This is my biggest time-saver;” andat stake, as well as the process is paramount: all of which 3. Aligning himself with an attorney rather than a third-requires the right combination of education, training and party negotiator: “There’s no possible way I couldspecialty designations. negotiate hundreds of short sales on my own.” Jesse Herfel of Integrity First Realty in Mesa-Gilbert, Another must: requiring all qualifying documents upAriz., strongly encourages agents to invest in specialty front – no exceptions – before listing a home.designations that teach agents the ins and outs of the short Chris Farkas, who has worked in real estate investing,sale process. “ renovations, construction and development in the Keller Williams Realty Four th Quar ter 2011 • vol. 8 no. 4 outfront 9
  10. 10. kw cover story Bellingham, Wash., area for 19 years does the same. "That helped open new doors to potential clients. way, I’m not chasing them down for information that Chapman, for instance, appears on an a.m. radio might be time-sensitive.” She also emphasizes the benefits program each Saturday morning in San Diego County of conducting the face-to-face meeting in the office. to discuss real estate. “I’ve been doing it for so long now “It takes the emotion out of the equation and helps that when people hear me on the radio, they see me as a people think more clearly than they might if they’re sitting trusted voice,” he says. in their living room,” she says. Once the listing is secured, Herfel, Overmyer and Farkas CLEAR THE HURDLES all encourage active use of a short sale-specific software Knowing where the biggest challenges lie – and how system such as Equator or Short Sale Commander to keep to overcome them – will help agents and clients breeze track of the status of the transaction, communicate with all through the process. parties and organize the documents needed by lenders to “I used to have more hurdles than I do now,” says Farkas. close the deal. “If I thoroughly educate my clients from day one, I have a lot less challenges than I used to.” LEAD THE WAY Client education includes guiding them through sticky Every agent knows the power of a referral, and for situations with lenders, so the group suggests becoming an many short sale specialists, referrals from agents who expert on bank negotiations. are unfamiliar with the short sale process are a primary “The trust between banks and the homeowner improves means of securing ongoing business. Trent Chapman, when the agent has experience,” adds Chapman. Which began tapping into the short sale market in California’s makes the relationship between the bank and the agent all Escondido/North County market center in 2007. At least the more important. Indeed, working with the bank often five other agents currently hand off their short sales to him, requires agents to escalate approvals on behalf of their Chapman says. clients. To do this, Chapman advises agents to “find out And he’s not alone. who has the authority and power to say ‘yes’ within the Agent referrals comprise 50 percent of Farkas’ business bank. The key is knowing how to get to the right person too. “That’s what starts to happen when you specialize in instead of dealing with the negotiator only.” short sales,” she says. “You get business from other agents Farkas counteracts the bank problem entirely with what who know their clients need professional assistance.” she considers to be her biggest setback: the valuation Fetick taps into other referral pools as well, such as process. bankruptcy and divorce attorneys. He recently started “Disputing the value is very difficult, especially if you’re educating attorneys about the short not working with a good value and you can’t convince the sale process during lunch- bank otherwise.” and-learn seminars, with the Her advice? Entrench yourself in the valuation process. hope that they’ll refer their Meet with appraisers at the home to offer information they legal clients back to him. might not otherwise have had. An Internet strategy Herfel adds this tip: To get the bank to accept the value, that includes pay-per-click start by listing your price based on current comps in the advertising and regular area. Then, reduce the listing price by 5 percent every two blogging also drives traffic weeks until you have enough proof that the price isn’t to many of their websites, taking hold. “This should give you enough leverage to go while actively positioning to the bank and say, ‘Look, the market rejected us at this them as experts who can help price, and then this price….’” he explains. homeowners out of a possible Overall, Fetick offers a more subtle, strategic approach to foreclosure. In fact, sharing any pitfall you encounter: “Decide when to fight a battle,” what they know through he says. “It’s all about the finesse of the deal.” kw different media channels has10 outfront Four th Quar ter 2011 • vol. 8 no. 4 Keller Williams Realty
  11. 11. we askedRYAN OVERMYER! What does a listing "The listing presentation is a two-step presentation with a distressed process. First we do an initial over-the- homeowner sound like? phone qualification. If the projected terms are acceptable to the borrower(s) we then schedule an in-office appointment with borrower(s) for a final review and to sign documents. I have them sign anything and everything we could ever need. We also schedule a convenient time for the photographer to visit their home. By the end of the initial call sellers feel so comfortable, even after such a short conversation, because I’m usually able to tell them what the exact terms and/or outcomes of their short sale will likely be. I’m able to do this because I speak with so many banks so often. Also be prepared to field questions about credit, a timeline and their individual financial circumstances. Script: Initial Over-the-Phone Pre-qualification Seller: I’m interested in receiving more information on how a short sale might be a good option for me. Agent: Cer tainly. Would it be OK if I asked you a few quick questions that will help me answer your questions a little more accurately? What do you think your home is currently worth? Deal Breaker for Overmyer: An anticipated sales price of under $100K. How would you rate your home’s current physical condition? Deal Breaker for Overmyer: Poor condition. Who is/are your What are the estimated How many borrowers Are you currently up-to-date or lien holder(s)? mortgage balances? are on the loan(s)? behind on mortgage payments? (Note: Give them the most probable outcome of the sale based on their answers to these questions. For this script, we’ll assume there is one borrower with one Major Bank mortgage loan.) Agent: OK, thank you! Now, let me give you the “cliff notes version” of how the short sale process would most likely go for you. Please keep in mind that the results of your short sale are incredibly bank specific! If you had a lien holder other than Major Bank Mortgage – we’d project a very different outcome. 1 First, we’ll place your home on the market – 4 After we’ve finished assembling your shor t sale package – we’ll submit it to your bank and listed at market value. begin the negotiation process. 2 Then, we’ll obtain a purchaser and a market 5 Since your loan is with Major Bank, here are value offer for your home. the terms we’d expect to receive.* 3 Then, we’ll lock that purchaser in place and assemble your 6 Do these anticipated terms sound shor t sale package. Your lien holder will require various acceptable to you? financial documents – and we’ll email you a checklist of these required documents prior to getting off the phone today. *Bank terms trend quickly. So it’s important that you are giving clients accurate information. If you’re unsure about the probable outcome of the short sale – consult with another short sale expert or wait to offer the expected outcomes until you have reliable information to back up your predictions. Keller Williams Realty Four th Quar ter 2011 • vol. 8 no. 4 outfront 11
  12. 12. kw Strategic Alliances Division "Get ready, get aware, take action!" PERSPECTIVE: HALF OF ALL HOME OWNERS COULD BE UNDER WATER By Anthony Azar, President, Strategic Alliances, Keller Williams Realty, International When I think about the numbers below, I reflect on the improve on current processes is strengthening. We’re also commentary Mark Willis, CEO, made in a recent meeting positive about the improvements through several new short between Keller Williams regional directors and senior sale lead-routing scenarios, which are helping to alleviate leadership: “The number of short sales coming into the the number of homeowners having to be foreclosed upon by market in 2012 is going to be huge. Agents and leadership putting them in touch with skilled, trained and experienced need to get ready, get aware and take action!” I couldn’t short sale agents. agree more, Mark. In the first scenario, the servicer contacts the pre-screened One of the few positive developments that came out of borrower by letter, informing them of the benefits of a short the flood of homeowners underwater on their mortgage sale and listing out the contact information of agents – in 2011 is the emergence of a targeted, proactive model chosen based on designations, training and past experience. between national real estate franchise companies and several It is up to the homeowner to take action by doing major national servicers. Though some anecdotal evidence nothing or contacting an agent on the list. As part of our shows that the relationship between servicers and short relationship with CitiMortgage, qualified Keller Williams sale agents is stressed at times, the collaborative effort to associates already have this unique opportunity to help tens 2nd Quarter 2011: 5% 5 percent price drop = 16 million underwater 10% 10 percent price drop = 20 million underwater (out of 44 million) 10.9 mil. 10.9 million homes underwater (Source: CoreLogic Q© 2011) Half of all homeowners could be underwater before recovery is complete. (Source: Fitch Ratings) * Anthony Azar is an operating principal of two market centers in Southern Arizona, area director in Southern Arizona and president of the Strategic Alliances Division for Keller Williams Realty International. Anthony has developed and operated successful full-service real estate organizations, including complimentary services in the areas of mortgage, home warranty, property/casualty insurance and title insurance. Anthony brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to this new role, and will be supporting our regional and market center leadership to maximize strategic alliances for associates’ clients, associates and market centers.12 outfront Four th Quar ter 2011 • vol. 8 no. 4 Keller Williams Realty
  13. 13. of thousands of homeowners on the verge of foreclosure. QualifiedKeller Williams associates can log on to MyKW and update theirinformation so that the Keller Williams Realty International SupportCenter, and by extension our national banking/servicer relationshipsare aware that our associates are ready, willing, and most importantly,able to assist borrowers in need of their unique capabilities. To learnmore about how to become qualified for this program, visit ( The second scenario puts action in the hands of the agent. Again, theservicer communicates with pre-screened borrowers to inform them ofthe short sale option and provides the name and contact informationof an agent in their area who can help them. The servicer will thendirectly, or through a platform, advise agents of that borrowers’willingness to engage in dialogue and are given the borrower’s contactinformation. Agents participating in the program are responsible forreaching out to the customer in a timely manner. The banks will thendetermine their level of interest in proceeding with the short sale basedon the performance and, if all goes well, the right parties are in contactto achieve one similar goal: close on the short sale. Keller Williams Realty fully supports both models and is currentlyworking with large servicers to open the opportunities up to ourqualified short sale agents including at lead-routing model built intothe Keller Williams eEdge system. Short sales are here to stay for thenext several years. As a company, we must be prepared to serve ourclients while mending our economy – it’s time to take action. kw YOUR NEXT STEPS1. If you have not already, obtain reputable and recognized short sale certifications such as Five Star or PartnerFirst.2. Download short sale specific Keller Williams University courses at ( Watch short sale-specific videos on KWConnect ( Attend all local and national training opportunities5. Update your profile to include your designations.6. Apply to be a part of the Keller Williams Distressed Property Community.7. Apply to be a part of the CitiMortgage Help for Homeowners Direct Mail Program. ( MCAs: Create a Short Sale Referral EngineMake sure your market centeris sending short sale referraltransactions to the right agents!Step 1: Educate agents on taking the time to indicate the type of transaction as a short sale on their Greensheets.Step 2: Mark the transaction as a short sale on the Disbursement Authorization (DA) in your market center’s WinMORE System. Keller Williams Realty Four th Quar ter 2011 • vol. 8 no. 4 outfront 13
  14. 14. kw technology D A V E S A C H K O | O N TA R I O, C A N A D A By Jennifer LeClaire Southeast Ontario’s "Pay-Per-Click Guy" Doubles Business The pay-per-click guy. That’s how Dave Sachko describes himself. An agent at the Whitby, Ontario market center, Sachko is generating massive Internet leads. In fact, over the past two years he has more than doubled his business by mastering pay-per-click online advertising. Consider the metrics: Sachko is getting 350 legitimate registrations on his website every month. That means 350 people are sharing their phone number or email address with his team in hopes of finding their dream home. And it’s translating into closings. All registrants indicate in the online form the location and price range of their desired home, a well as how far along they are in the home buying process. Dave Sachko Of the 165 transactions Sachko closed in 2010, 90 came from pay-per-click advertising on search engines. Another 60 closings came from referrals and past clients, and the remaining 14 are credited to open houses. “I pay a company to run Google AdWords campaigns for my trade area,” says Sachko, as he prepares to head out to his 100th listing appointment on day 247 of 2011. “When a prospect registers for more information, an automatic email immediately goes out to thank them for contacting us. Then we pick up the phone and call them.” Of course, that phone call doesn’t always turn into an immediate listing. Sachko understands that many people begin searching for a home a year before they are actually ready to buy. In fact, some research shows they begin searching up to 18 months before deciding to buy. But he also knows that getting home shoppers in the pipeline is the first step toward closing a sale. And a good percentage of his Internet-generated leads are ready to buy now. “Our goal is to retain the lead over time through follow-up phone calls, so when they are ready to buy we are right there waiting for them,” Sachko says. “But it’s critical that we respond to each lead as quickly as possible because some visitors have Start your own pay-per-click ad campaign Create an Ad. At the bottom of each search engine Pick Your Keywords. Next you’ll be cued to bid on homepage, you’ll find links to its ad programs. If you already the keywords you’d like your ad to appear in.YouStep 1: Step 2: have a Yahoo, MSN, or Google account, you’ll just log in and might start by selecting the same long-tail search get started. Otherwise, you’ll need to sign up. The first thing terms from your blog or website. Once you’ve you’ll do is set up the ad itself which involves choosing a few selected your keywords, you’ll be asked to set your keywords to state your value proposition. maximum cost per click and daily budget.14 outfront Four th Quar ter 2011 • vol. 8 no. 4 Keller Williams Realty
  15. 15. already talked to four or five agents.” Sachko’s biggest challenge is finding agents that are willing to follow up on the high “When a prospect registers volume of leads he generates. That’s why he just developed a new system to drive for more information, his conversion rate up from the industry standard three percent to a high-performing an automatic e-mail four percent. “Agents are too busy doing open houses immediately goes out to and home inspections and closing deals to consistently follow up the leads,” Sachko thank them for contacting explains. “So I took all the online visitor us. Then we pick up the © 2011 Yvonne Berg/Luminosity Images registrations away from the agents and put together an inside sales staff whose sole job is to follow up on leads, convert them to appointments, and hand them out to buyer phone and call them.” agents.” – DAVE SACHKO Although Sachko made the sweeping change on gut instinct alone, he is seeing early return on his decision. Just 14 days after launching the new system, his inside sales staff booked eight appointments from 88 legitimate leads — and the effort led to one closed home sale. That is a whopping 11 percent conversion rate. The new system puts Sachko is on track to surpass his 2010 numbers this year. Despite his success, Sachko isn’t resting on his online advertising laurels. After five years of working to generate Internet leads through paid search engine marketing efforts, Sachko is launching his Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, strategy. SEO is a set of algorithmic techniques that aim to help websites rank higher in natural search results. Sachko hopes to add 150 to 200 leads once the system is complete. Sachko is the first to admit that business hasn’t stopped booming in Whitby, a market in Southern Ontario just east of Toronto on the north shore of Lake Ontario. But he’s also the first to admit that traditional leads started drying up about five years ago. In other words, Sachko became the pay-per-click guy out of sheer necessity. Sachko, who came to Keller Williams from RE/MAX to tap into the systems and resources, admits his moniker was an experience full of trial and error. He made a significant investment in the early years, taking one step forward and two steps back, to find the success he has today. Despite his success with Internet marketing—and the possibilities that lie before him with his SEO and social media ventures—Sachko isn’t abandoning his real estate lead generation roots. He is quick to point out that he was a referral-based agent before he became the pay-per-click guy. And he’s still a big believer in open houses and community events. “Gary Keller talks about having pillars to your business,” Sachko says. “My new business has shifted from print to Internet, but I still have the pillar of referrals. And generating leads on the Internet is more challenging because we have a more educated public. Even though the Internet can be a very effective lead generation tool, you can’t live off the Internet alone.” kw Buyers and sellers search, click on your ad and find you. This When bidding on keywords, check back is where your pay-per-click advertising needs you to jump in. Step 3: The measure of your website’s success isn’t traffic or uniqueTIP! daily to see how well your ad is working. If it is doing well, you’ll have the visitors – it is in appointments set. Make sure your ad is opportunity to further lower your bid. delivering on its promise, and that you have a lead capture and convert strategy in place to set the appointment! Keller Williams Realty Four th Quar ter 2011 • vol. 8 no. 4 outfront 15
  16. 16. kw lead generation Q&A What Happens to Internet Leads? YOU CAN’T EXPECT TO MEET TODAY’S CHALLENGES WITH YESTERDAY’S TOOLS AND EXPECT TO BE IN BUSINESS TOMORROW. By Gary Keller, Chairman of the Board, Keller Williams Realty International, with Kristian Peter & Carissa Acker Research shows that consumers start looking at homes online up to 18 months before they decide to buy. Contrary to popular belief, “Internet consumers” don’t really exist. Actually, all of our customers are Internet consumers and having a web strategy has become as much a part of our daily work as calling or getting into a car to meet a client. The good news is a lot of agents have figured out how to get consumers to their website. Where most struggle is in failing to successfully follow up with these leads and convert them to an appointment. A recent study by MIT and found that calling a lead within the first five minutes is imperative. In fact, they discovered that the odds of qualifying a lead is four times higher if you call within the first five minutes. If that’s not enough to get you calling quickly, waiting to call within 10 to 30 minutes decreases your chance of converting the lead by 21 times! Recently, I had the pleasure of talking with Kristian Peter, a top-producing agent with the Escondido/North County (Calif.) market center, and Carissa Acker, another top-producing agent in our Denton (Texas) market center, about their lead capture and follow-up strategies. We dove into their strategies to answer the question … what happens to Internet leads? Here’s an excerpt from the conversation. GK Gary Keller: Give me a snapshot of your business Kristian: On a monthly basis, we get about 2,000. and tell me what you do with Internet leads. KP All the buyer leads come in from the web through email, so we have a full-time buyer coordinator who Kristian Peter: Right now we’ve got about 110 intercepts them, tracks them based on the source and KP listings, so we generate an awful lot of buyer calls then puts them into the database. Once the leads are in and web leads that come directly from our website the database, one of our 11 buyer agents is assigned a lead and third-party sites. I have a little bit different opinion based on geography. They will then follow up with the on the way that we generate leads off of our websites. lead. I let the buyers come in and search until their heart’s content. They don’t need to register for anything. As soon GK Gary: So 2,000 leads is about 500 per week. as they’ve found a property that they want to take a look Between 11 people that’s 50 web leads. How do at, or they want more information on, they’ll request your buyer agents get in touch with them? it. They can at any time create a registration and log-in information on their saved searches, but we don’t require KP Kristian: Typically by phone or email. About 90 them to do that. I’ve found that if you let them take care percent of our leads don’t put in a phone number, of everything the way they want, then they kind of pre- so our buyer agents are usually emailing them qualify themselves. consistently for six months or until they respond through our follow-up action plans in our CRM. We convert Gary: I got ya. Let me ask you a basic question: around 2 percent of our web leads and 10 percent if they GK How many Internet leads do you actually generate call us directly. on a, let’s say, monthly basis? GK Gary: Got it! Carissa – tell me how your16 outfront Four th Quar ter 2011 • vol. 8 no. 4 Keller Williams Realty
  17. 17. organization is set up to handle Internet leads thatcome in. Carissa Acker: Right now we have about 75CA listings. Our main source of web-generated Consumer Searches leads comes from our BoomTown website, For your site to be successful you must which is our real estate marketing platform and have a strong lead generation plan thatbranded website. When a consumer starts to search pulls, pushes and leads people to it.for properties, the site lets them see the first property This is based on your offline marketing,listing detail. The second property is where the lead online search engine marketing orcapture form appears requesting their information. online related sites marketing.And we’re getting pretty good phone numbers– between 30 and 40 percent. Then the systemautomatically assigns the leads out. Lead Capture!GK Gary: What do you mean, assigns them? Use one of the four lead capture strategies. Up-Front, Pre-Results, Carissa: We have our three buyer agents on Limited Results, Open Search withCA a two-to-one rotation. So, it automatically Drip. Read Tactic No.6, Catch People sends out approximately 100 leads a month in Your Web in SHIFT: How Top Real to each buyer agent. Once we have those Estate Agents Tackle Tough Times. leads in our system, we initiate a modified versionof Ben Kinney’s “Ten Days of Pain” for our differentcategories which include “New to Qualify,” “Hot,”and “Nurture and Watch.” But we’re finding that Call them!we’re getting so many leads that we’re going to have Studies show that the odds ofto hire someone who can do a drip system all day qualifying a lead is four timeslong so that our buyer agents can focus on calling higher if you call within the first fivepeople. minutes. Don’t worry if they are still on your site – evidence shows that Gary: So what’s the conversion rate you’reGK experiencing? can increase your odds as well. Carissa: We’re probably at about 3 to 4CA percent. It could be more, though right now Drip Campaign we’re trying to figure out how to structure Whether you convert the lead or not, our team to manage all the leads coming in. This put them on a drip campaign. This canis the start of our sixth month using the BoomTown be passive such as search-saver withweb platform, and you’re right when you said that email, active such as an 8 x 8 or 33people get so many leads that they’re just inundated – Touch program through the KW eEdgeand that’s basically what happened. system or Interactive which would involve specific ongoing follow-up through calls Gary: There is a way to combat that and and emails.GK it’s based entirely on the Organizational Model outlined in The Millionaire Real Estate Agent. And that is to take the very best MREA Team Modeland say, “You’re the buyer specialist. And all leads When you become overwhelmedare coming to you.” And “Oh, by the way, you’re with Internet Leads and conversiongoing to call them, and you’re going to talk to them. rate dips below 2 percent, it’s timeAnd you’re going to set appointments, meet with to hire staff.them and qualify them. And then you’re going tosend them out with showing assistants.” And thatbuyer specialist is going to have at least one personalassistant if not two who may also be transaction Agent Mountaincoordinators. Now you’re able to work the Internet To hear the entire conversationleads and convert them to consistently do 15 to 20 on Internet Lead Conversion andtransactions in a month. employing the MREA Organizational Model to support it, visit (http://bit.Hear the full conversation on Agent Mountain ly/InternetLeads).( Keller Williams Realty Four th Quar ter 2011 • vol. 8 no. 4 outfront 17
  18. 18. kw video E R I C L A V E Y | H O L LY W O O D, C A L I F O R N I A By Shelley Seale The making of real estate’s most talked about listing video A BEHIND-THE-SCENES LOOK AT THE OSCAR-WORTHY SHORT FILM PRODUCED BY KELLER WILLIAMS AGENT, ERIC LAVEY A well-dressed, attractive man pulls his Lexus up to a hip more excited to make that commitment and pull the mid-century house in the Hollywood Hills. After freshening trigger.” up, mixing a martini in his high-tech kitchen and making a Lavey’s lifestyle films for the homes he represents few phone calls, he heads back out to some hip Hollywood demonstrate the first rule of sales: don’t sell the features, sell nightspots. When his car rolls back into the driveway later the benefits. It’s not about the design, the high-tech gadgets that night, the passenger door opens and … fades to black. or the gourmet kitchen – it’s all about what sort of lifestyle Is it an MTV music video? No, it’s the marketing film for the buyer will have in that house, and his or her ability to Eric Lavey’s recent listing at 6816 Pacific View Drive. And it envision a life there. garnered a buyer within 30 days. “There are tons of homes for sale, and there are even a The clip is a smooth, professional production befitting of few other videos out there,” Lavey says. “But those videos the Hollywood location, and it doesn’t look anything like a are usually an agent with a portable digital video camera typical real estate listing video. Lavey, who is with the Keller droning on about the stainless steel appliances.” And while Williams Beverly Hills market center, calls it a “lifestyle its a quick-and-easy way to get videos online, a better film.” strategy is to actually focus on how the family will gather “The same person who purchases a Mercedes, BMW or around the kitchen island and cook together. “That’s an Audi, plans a two-week cruise aboard a 6-star yacht, or even experiential sell.” buys an iPad is already accustomed – even expecting – this Lavey believes that clients should expect this type type of showcase,” he says. “And it has always surprised of service and creativity, not just view it as an add-on. me that the most important purchase they will ever make Particularly in his marketplace, where sellers usually pay 6 – their home – just has a generic MLS sheet and maybe a percent in commissions, they deserve the very best chance boring brochure. There seemed to be a massive void there.” to accomplish the goal of the highest price in the shortest As a consumer himself, Lavey loves to see the product amount of time. in action, especially when it comes to higher involvement That’s exactly what the Pacific View Drive video did. The purchases. “I get a clear and easy sense of how the product clip quickly went viral, thanks to the power of social media, will live and operate in my lifestyle. It just gets me even appearing on AOL and eventually racking up nearly 10,00018 outfront Four th Quar ter 2011 • vol. 8 no. 4 Keller Williams Realty
  19. 19. Watch the vide o: http://bit.l y/ericlaveyhits – including the eventual buyer, who went into escrowwithin 30 days. Lavey says that is about one-third theaverage days on market for the neighborhood. “The important thing to remember is that the video isonly a component that complements the entire marketingplan,” Lavey advises. “That includes proper staging, truemagazine-quality photography, spectacular and simpleproperty-specific websites – and the video. And all of thatis before a flawless launch of the property. The video is forpotential buyers to either watch at home (anywhere in theworld) before they see the house, or to get them excitedabout it all over again after they’ve toured the home.It’s another exciting ‘take-away’ for the buyer, a virtualbrochure.” Lavey estimates that such videos cost between $3,000and $5,000 to produce, but he leveraged creative methods.He borrowed the car and found young, ambitious up-and- LIGHTS, CAMERA –coming talent who needed their own demo reels. He chose TRANSACTION!this particular listing because he felt it was the perfect A video play-by-playhouse, a sexy and modern place that would show very well with Eric Laveyon film. He plans to do similar videos for other listings, andis currently working on one for a stunning, multi-million- • A young, well-dressed dollar property in the Los Feliz area. businessman pulls into his “Each listing is different and each has a carefully crafted private, gated home. You neverplan that fits the property just right. Its not just about get a great glimpse of his face,spending the most amount of money; it’s about the quality yet you know that this must ERIC LAVEYand effectiveness. Every one of my clients receives the be his home.highest level of creativity in their marketing plan.” • The film cuts to a completely remodeled And what tips does he have for agents who are thinking Hollywood Hills living room and kitchenabout creating similar lifestyle films for their listings? “The where the viewer imagines coming homekey is concept and quality. The high quality will get them to every day or entertaining friends on thefor the first few seconds. The clear, simple and attractive weekend.concept will hold them there till the end.” • The actor pours himself a martini and He reiterates that agents should test with the experiential then walks out onto his back patio to enjoyvideo-marketing approach. “Take yourself out of the a relaxing cocktail after a day of, take time to stage the home properly first and most Later, after a few strategically placed shotsimportantly, create the whole video to represent a lifestyle of the three bedrooms, the businessmanthat the buyer can see himself or herself in.” kw heads back out on the town.“Each listing is different and each has a carefully crafted plan that fits theproperty just right. Its not just about spending the most amount of money; it’sabout the quality and effectiveness."– ERIC LAVEY Keller Williams Realty Four th Quar ter 2011 • vol. 8 no. 4 outfront 19
  20. 20. kw on fire! SPARK YOUR BUSINESS WITH IGNITE More than 400 Keller Williams market centers participate in the launch! It’s practical. It’s realistic. It’s easy to apply. Ignite, Keller Williams University’s newest course, launched on Oct. 24, 2011, and as the excitement ensued, agents across the United States and Canada also got busy getting leads, working their business, tracking results and servicing buyers and sellers from the appointment all the way to the close.20 outfront Four th Quar ter 2011 • vol. 8 no. 4 Keller Williams Realty
  21. 21. “Following the outlined steps is easy."“Ignite gets me to the foundation of my business: prospecting and lead generating." “The exercises forced me into action." “I got a lead the day after applying eEdge touch campaigns to my database!" “I like the format – actually DOING the work in class." "I came out of this class realizing that lead generation is my No. 1 focus, and that shift was worth every minute.” Ignite hits market centers across North America again in January 2012. Talk to your team leader or visit ( Keller Williams Realty Four th Quar ter 2011 • vol. 8 no. 4 outfront 21
  22. 22. kw leverage C AT H Y M A N C H E S T E R | P O R T L A N D, M A I N E By Jennifer LeClaire How do you know when to hire someone? CATHY MANCHESTER ON THE RISKS OF EMPLOYING THE WRONG STAFF, FINDING THE RIGHT TALENT AND PUTTING SYSTEMS INTO PLACE TO MAKE IT ALL WORK. You may have heard the saying, “teamwork makes the dream for themselves. Through those experiences, I learned that work.” Cathy Manchester is living proof that real estate you have to hire the right person for the right reason or dreams come true when you build the right team. you will just become a training ground for other agents.” Manchester runs a mega agent team in the Greater A concept taught in Mega Recruit-Select, Action Training, Portland, Maine market center, where she is a top-producing Leadership and Motivation for Agents (RSTLM™). agent and part owner. The residential real estate veteran Manchester also learned the hard way that she has to consistently sells 80 to 100 homes a year. And she’s one of inspect what she expects. In other words, you can’t hire the top four teams in all of the New England Region. someone, give them a desk, hand them an assignment and expect them to do the job the way you’d do it. You have to A LESSON IN LEVERAGE train newcomers to meet your expectations and then inspect Manchester’s dream is working because her team of three the finished work to see if it’s being done the way you want buyer agents and three administrative staffers. Though it done. theyve been together for eight years, her first attempt at “Early on, I made the mistake of hiring people just like leverage came in the early days of her career at Coldwell me. That’s not what you want to do,” Manchester says. “You Banker. “I hired a part-time administrator when I was selling about 100 units a year. I just couldn’t get it all done – and that was when real estate was much simpler,” recalls Manchester, who was the first female police chief in Maine before building her real estate career. “When you sell 85 to 100 units a year, there’s not enough hours in the day to do it all yourself and have a quality life.” When Manchester joined Keller Williams in 2003, she learned how to get leverage in her growing real estate business through systems and people. Since she had more leads than she could handle, she hired an administrator before bringing a buyer agent on board. That strategy freed her up to follow up on more leads and close more deals. Yet there was still a learning curve. “My first hire was the wrong profile. I had no idea how to recruit and hire people. I’ve made some mistakes – I grew too quickly at first and didn’t build the business the right way. I didn’t implement the correct systems,” Manchester recalls. “I also lost plenty of agents who went out to work CATHY MANCHESTER22 outfront Four th Quar ter 2011 • vol. 8 no. 4 Keller Williams Realty
  23. 23. want to hire people who have the strongest skills for GROWING THROUGH PEOPLEthe job you need to get done. You have to hire the right A humble Manchester is the first to admit that she’s stillprofile. And that’s not always going to be your profile.” learning – she continues attending Family Reunion, Mega Camp, and other Keller Williams events – and she’s activelyEFFECTIVE DELEGATING adding team members to seize what she views as newUltimately, she says it’s all about systems. She credits strategic opportunities in the Maine real estate market.The Millionaire Real Estate Agent and the Mega Agent After selling 86 homes in 2010 and aiming for 100 in 2011,mastermind groups with helping her discover and Manchester plans to sell 200 units in 2012. That’s doubleimplement the systems it takes to build and maintain a her current production.strong team. Now, she’s teaching those systems to others “I am making big changes in the way I am marketingso that she can keep her well-oiled machine hitting on my team. My 20 percent will become lead generation,”all cylinders. Manchester says. Working with two business coaches and Manchester has developed master lists that outline her utilizing the Internet Marketing Specialist Designationsystems. She has a list for how to list a home, how to (IMSD) models are the means that will propel her teamrun an open house, how to put a house under contract, to the 200 units. “The educational opportunities and rolehow to deal with a price reduction – in other words, models we have available to us at Keller Williams make itevery piece of the transaction puzzle is documented and easy to succeed!” she says. kwoutlined in detail. The goal is to make it possible foranyone sitting behind the desk to handle the task – true Watch the video on the Keller Williamsteamwork. YouTube channel: When a client calls to sell a property, for example,they make contact with Manchester as the listing agent.But she soon exits the picture. The seller moves onto work with an assistant who helps stage the homeand administrative staff to launch an open house.Manchester’s mantra: clients don’t expect you to do allthe work. They expect you to have systems in place toget the work done with excellence. “When you go to the dentist, a receptionist greets youand a hygienist cleans your teeth. The dentist comes inlater to take a look,” Manchester says. “Real estate is aspecialty business. I can’t take the best photographs andI couldn’t enter a property on the Internet if my lifedepended on it. That’s why I have a team.” "Clients don’t expect you to do all the work. They expect you to have systems in place to get the work done with excellence." – C AT H Y M A N C H E S T E R Keller Williams Realty Four th Quar ter 2011 • vol. 8 no. 4 outfront 23
  24. 24. kw social media 4 tools to maximize your social influence Maximizing your social influence doesn’t have to take a lot of time or money. In fact, spending 20 minutes a day tweeting, facebooking and monitoring your friend feed is all you need to keep the conversation going. Here’s a quick rundown of a few popular social media management tools that can help you build more buzz in minimal time and for less buck. SPROUTSOCIAL HOOTSUITE What it does: Integrates with major social networks Claim to fame: Schedule future posts and display where consumers are engaging with businesses and statistics for your status updates. Manage multiple brands. contributors and share data access without sharing Price: Pricing starts at $9/month for up to 10 social passwords. profiles. $39/month for 20 profiles, and goes up from Price: Free there. Best for: Getting your status updates out at peak Best for: Individual agents looking for a slick interface, times of the day and monitoring analytics to tweak scheduling, reporting and tracking engagement to overall social media strategy. Great for teams with grow influence. multiple members posting. ACTIONLY TWEETDECK What it does: Monitors what people are saying about What it does: Allows users to monitor and your brand or industry terms on various social media manage what’s happening across multiple social channels based on keywords over a period of time. networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn Price: Free plan for one search. Then it jumps to $50/ and foursquare all in one powerful and flexible month for the premium plan and up from there. custom-based dashboard. Best for: Agents with well-established brand presence Price: Free who want to view what people are saying about them Best for: Viewing and managing multiple Twitter and grow their influence across social media channels. feeds, searches and mentions. For more on maximizing your social influence, check out MAPS Tech Coaching at: ( outfront Four th Quar ter 2011 • vol. 8 no. 4 Keller Williams Realty
  25. 25. Keller Williams Realty Four th Quar ter 2011 • vol. 8 no. 4 outfront 25
  26. 26. kw craigslist L O R I B A L L E N | L A S V E G A S , N E V. By Shelley Seale 9 basic but powerful Craigslist tips to drive traffic to your eEdge website / AS THE POPULARITY OF CRAIGSLIST GROWS, SO DOES THE NUMBER OF AGENTS ADDING THE FREE ONLINE CLASSIFIED SITE TO THEIR MARKETING MIX. Lori Ballen, associate with the Las Vegas market center, uses Craigslist and her eEdge website as part of her Internet lead generation strategy. Through Keller Williams training and good testing, Ballen, who recently appeared onstage at Mega Technology Camp, has acquired a number of tools under her belt and a few secrets up her sleeves. Here she shares her nine basic but powerful Craigslist tips. 1 2 3////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ////////////////////////////////////////////////////// / ADD YOUR PHONE NUMBER USE THE RIGHT PICTURE TIME YOUR POSTING RIGHT Although links are great for lead Craigslist buyers see garage doors all The only way you’re going to know capture, a phone call is always day. Show them something different, the best time to post in your local better. The more serious buyers like the kitchen, a very impressive market is to test. tend to call right away. bathroom, the Master bedroom or the pool. Your click-throughs will Post throughout How to do it: If you arent increase just by doing this one thing. the day at How to do it: using a different times. For example, if you template design that includes How to do it: When creating have 12 ads to post in one day, you your logo and phone; instead use your ad, click on might post three ads at 9 a.m., three an image. A very clear and legible the "Add/Edit Images" and insert your at lunch, three at 3 p.m. and the final photo of your yard sign is a good best pictures into the post. If you’re three at 7 p.m. Log the times of the solution. When setting up your ad, using a service that pulls from the MLS, day when you get the most click to browse for the image and add it in. make the first image you upload into it, your Website and repeat! the one you want to use in your ad. 26 outfront Four th Quar ter 2011 • vol. 8 no. 4 Keller Williams Realty
  27. 27. "Ive never seen a website capture leads like the eEdge system does." 4 5 6////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ////////////////////////////////////////////////////// GET FOUND ON GOOGLE CREATE SEO-FRIENDLY STAND OUT FROM “AD COMPLETION” THE CROWD Search engines like Google scan the title of your ad. If your title is keyword COPY WITH LINKS Craigslist buyers are disqualifying friendly, its likely to get indexed and homes, so when you post “$125,000 found by buyers. Simply translated, create at least a dozen one-bedroom shack” and they are variations of text and a link back to a really looking for a “$325,000 three- Use niche or long-tail specific page on your eEdge Website bedroom beauty,” you lose the click How to do it: to make each ad different and to offer keywords: and the opportunity to show them • Use the type of community: “Las another incentive to buyers. that you have other properties to Vegas Golf Course Homes for Sale” meet their needs. • Use specific neighborhood names: To make your SEO- How to do it: “Home for Sale in Desert Shores” friendly text show up Type titles in word hyperlinked, copy and paste HTML code How to do it: • Use features: “Single Story Homes for and add symbols, Sale in Las Vegas with Pools” when you go to create your ad. A simple then copy and paste them directly into • Allude to financing: “Approved Las HTML editor such as Blogger will generate your Craigslist title. Here are a few Vegas Short Sale for Sale” HTML code for you. Type in your text and examples: • Name nearby schools: “Homes for link it to your website, or specific webpage. Sale Near Palo Verde High School” Next, click on the “HTML” or “Source” HEADLINE button to copy and paste the HTML code. HEADLINE 7 8 9////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ////////////////////////////////////////////////////// USE THE “LOCATION” USE ZIP CODES AVOID POSTING PORTION OF THE AD AS AN Many Craigslist buyers learn ZIP THE EXACT SAME AD ATTENTION-GRABBER code maps on other sites so they can MULTIPLE TIMES IN A DAY determine where they want to buy. To avoid being “ghosted,” the term Stand out over the other posters by using this section to add catchy used when Craigslist doesn’t post your How to do it: Use the ZIP code ad on the front page, make sure each one-liners. in the title and/or ad is unique in some way. in the body when you go to create your “The owner ad. You might say something like: How to do it: Seven seperate wants this TIP! gone!” “It’s ugly, but it’s yours,” “FHA/ ad concepts is a VA financing welcome,” or “Short Sale simple and systematized way of doing it. “Located on Lake Mead @ Rampart 89135” approved with BofA” The key to pulling it all together, Ballen says: “Just use your eEdge website. I’ve been doing Internet lead generation a long time, and I’ve never seen a website capture leads like the eEdge system does. And with the most recent update, there are even more registration triggers at key points in the home search process – it’s awesome!” Keller Williams Realty Four th Quar ter 2011 • vol. 8 no. 4 outfront 27
  28. 28. kw business - Q&A T H E R E S A B A R N A B E I | M E S A - G I L B E R T, A R I Z . By Shelley Seale Out with the negative. In with the “I wanna!” attitude THERESA BARNABEI ON INFUSING A POSITIVE AND PURPOSEFUL SPIRIT IN YOUR BUSINESS. In August 2011, after a stint as marketing manager at the United Parcel Service and 14 years in leadership with Long Realty Company, Theresa Barnabei moved her license to the Keller Williams Mesa-Gilbert, Ariz. market center. It was a logical transition for Barnabei considering her entire professional foundation is based on training, education and coaching. “My attraction to the company can be summed up in one word: alignment,” she says. As a successful trainer, coach and real estate agent with her own personal development company, Barnabei knows what it takes to thrive. Her she shares some of that hard-earned wisdom. Q WHAT’S THE GREATEST CHALLENGE IN THE CURRENT MARKET? This market is only a challenge because we don’t embrace A it as the current market! We can’t miss the opportunities of today because we are waiting for the market ‘to get back to normal.’ Stop waiting. This is the market! SOME AGENTS MAY BE ASKING: “HOW DO I Q GET SOME OF THAT?” WHAT IS YOUR AN- SWER? THERESA BARNEIBEI A First, keep real estate in perspective. Right now the consumer needs a leader to help them make good, informed decisions. As the saying goes, "Help enough people get what they want, and you can’t help but get what you want." Second, determine what you want, know why you want it and decide what you will do to get it! Then go for it! “Persistence with confidence is critical.” – THERESA BARNABEI28 outfront Four th Quar ter 2011 • vol. 8 no. 4 Keller Williams Realty