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G O I N G        G L O B A L    K E L L E R   W I L L I A M S          R E A LT Y    L A U N C H E S         I N   V I E T...
2   outfront   First Quar ter 2012 • vol. 9 no. 1   Keller Williams Realty
vol. 9, no. 1 - First Quarter 2012                                                                             table of co...
4   outfront   First Quar ter 2012 • vol. 9 no. 1   Keller Williams Realty
kw                                        PURSUING A HIGHER PURPOSE                                        IN LIFE AND BUS...
kw     kw technology               B R I A N B E N D I LY | M O N R O E , L A .                            By Shelley Seal...
Here are Bendily’s four eEdge strategies:                          1                                                      ...
8   outfront   First Quar ter 2012 • vol. 9 no. 1   Keller Williams Realty
kw            cover story                                                         By Laura Price, Jennifer LeClaire, Shell...
kw    cover story   TA K E T H E L E A P                                                               By Jennifer LeClair...
own and his database exploded. Eventually, he had 150 buyers                       “My mindset was to start over and build...
kw           cover story          MASTER PLAN                                                   By Shelley Seale          ...
"To me, success is knowing that I have done the verybest every day for my clients and my team ... The moneywill follow, pr...
kw          cover story          PRODUCTIVE PROGRESS                                                                 By Ce...
The Frigault Team’s 	 “There’s so much to learn from a team that sold 330                                                 ...
kw       cover story   SOCIAL PRO                                                              By Jennifer LeClaire       ...
status update, she gets a text message. When appropriate, Lysak             appointment. In fact, of the 10 leads she gene...
kw           cover story             FAST LEARNER                                                                       By...
"We solidify our credibility through facts ... we let our clients know that we are not emotionallylisting the property – t...
kw        From the Chairman                                              THE 11TH H                                       ...
How we did it                                                                          calling by the 11th hour – one hour...
kw         state of luxury           THE MARKET                                                              A LUXURY     ...
Terry Belt | McLean (Va.) market centerWhat do you expect to                          woodwork to purchase a luxury proper...
kw         state of luxury          THE MOVEMENT                THE             LUXURY      Jason Glast, Debra Janes, Kevi...
the KW Luxury Homes International division. The high-minded,                    	 Leads aren’t the only thing rolling in f...
KW Outfront Magazine - Online Edition | 1st Quarter 2012
KW Outfront Magazine - Online Edition | 1st Quarter 2012
KW Outfront Magazine - Online Edition | 1st Quarter 2012
KW Outfront Magazine - Online Edition | 1st Quarter 2012
KW Outfront Magazine - Online Edition | 1st Quarter 2012
KW Outfront Magazine - Online Edition | 1st Quarter 2012
KW Outfront Magazine - Online Edition | 1st Quarter 2012
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KW Outfront Magazine - Online Edition | 1st Quarter 2012

OutFront is Keller Williams Realty's semi-monthly publication, focused on the Keller Williams advantage, success strategies among our associates throughout North America, and leading-edge strategies to help you to seize the shift in the real estate market to grow your market share. Each issue is distributed to all of our associates in the United States and Canada.

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KW Outfront Magazine - Online Edition | 1st Quarter 2012

  1. 1. G O I N G G L O B A L K E L L E R W I L L I A M S R E A LT Y L A U N C H E S I N V I E T N A M !A PUBL IC ATION O F K E LLE R W I LLI A MS R E A LT Y, INC . FIR S T QUARTER 2012, VOL .9 NO.1Candice Frigault Jen Lysak Chris Suarez Michael Burke Rachel Kendall (Toronto, Canada) (Lakeland, Fla.) (Portland, Ore.) (Bonita Springs, Fla.) (Raleigh, N.C.) DOUBLE SEEING 2x deals 2x income the theHOW FIVE KELLER WILLIAMS AGENTS ARE BUCKING THE TRENDS AND COMING OUT ON TOP. - PG. 9
  2. 2. 2 outfront First Quar ter 2012 • vol. 9 no. 1 Keller Williams Realty
  3. 3. vol. 9, no. 1 - First Quarter 2012 table of contentsFirst Quarter 2012, vol. 9 no. 1 06 09OutFront is a publication ofKeller Williams Realty, Inc. LIVIN’ ON COVER STORY: THE eEDGE SEEING DOUBLE1221 South Mopac Expressway,Suite 400 Brian Bendily’s four 2 times the deals. 2 timesAustin, Texas 78746(512) 327-3070 phone strategies for getting the income. Five top KW(512) 328-1433 fax a big edge in business. agents talk strategy andExecutive Director of Marketing and success.Communications: Ellen MarksEditor: Laura PriceCopy Editor: Jeff RyderAssociate Art Director: Michael BalistreriDesigner: Caitlin McIntosh 20 24Contributors: Celesta Brown | JenniferLeClaire | Shelley Seale THE 11 th LOOKINGAdvertising: HOUR AHEADTom Freireich ( Inquiries: ( New research from New opportunities in The Keller Center at the luxury market heat Baylor University proves up. cold calling works.OutFront is published by Keller WilliamsRealty, Inc. The entire document of OutFrontis copyright© 2012 by Keller Williams Realty,Inc. No portion may be reproduced in wholeor in part by any means, including electronic 26 VIRTUAL 28 GOINGretrieval systems, without the express writtenpermission of the publisher. Editorial oradvertising does not constitute advice but is ASSISTANCE GLOBALconsidered informative.Copyright© 2012 Keller Williams Realty, Inc. Should you hire a KW launches inAll rights reserved. virtual assistant? Vietnam. Plus full Mike Incorvaia Jr. Family Reunion 2012 answers the question. coverage. Y REUNION TWEET FAMIL S What YOU said! See page 27 for full Family Reunion coverage. Keller Williams Realty First Quar ter 2012 • vol. 9 no. 1 outfront 3
  4. 4. 4 outfront First Quar ter 2012 • vol. 9 no. 1 Keller Williams Realty
  5. 5. kw PURSUING A HIGHER PURPOSE IN LIFE AND BUSINESS My Dear Family, Inspirational stories flood my desk and email inbox daily. And each one thrills me beyond words. Your stories are constant reminders that the Keller Williams culture guides our personal and business lives, impacts the lessons we teach and leads us to reach out to others with compassion. Take Shaun Rawls, regional director of New York-Tri State. Joplin, Mo. Upon hearing of the tragedy, Dottie Bowe, Shaun shares his leadership gifts with our Keller Williams operating principal sent out a call to action that resulted in a family in numerous ways, one of which is imparting invaluable team meeting. They didn’t just determine “if ” they could help, life lessons through his expressive blog at ( In but rather “what” assistance they would be able to provide to a recent post, he recounted a less-than-illustrious 7th grade their Joplin family members. After an energetic discussion, the third-string quarterback experience. Having slacked off for project theme and goal had been set and put into motion – the better part of the season, Shaun’s coach made a lesson out $10,000 in 10 days! With enthusiastic leadership from Mark of his lack of effort with a muddy scrimmage that left him and Tammy Richard, an exciting momentum immediately face-to-face with the biggest and best players on the team, and permeated the Portland environment. By the 10th day, more shortly after, face down in the mud. than $12,000 had been raised and was sent to KW Cares. “Our He drew the story to a close with a poignant lesson on team never veers from following and living the blueprint of failing forward: “Even though it seems like they last forever, this company,” shares Mark. You inspire us all Portland! I’ve come to realize that the worst times in life don’t last very While each of these stories carries its own significant cultural long and we can even laugh at them in the rearview mirror. message, I want to leave you with an abiding truth that is Besides, the person we become would be a lesser person exemplified every single day within our Keller Williams family without such difficult and trying times in our lives.” Thank – commitment to a service-centered life, not a self-centered you, Shaun, for giving us perspective on what truly matters. one, is what we are truly called to do each and every day! Another story that touched my heart came from Katy, Texas. Yours in world-changing culture! Jacob Howard, a former RE/MAX agent, was not only fighting to keep his real estate career alive, he was in the uncomfortable midst of questioning whether he should head back to the corporate world. That was until Joe Rothchild, operating Mo Anderson,Vice Chairman, principal of the Keller Williams Signature Market Center and Keller Williams Realty Lucas Sherraden, team leader at Overland Park, reached out. Their caring persistence and concentration on Jacobs growth, not just the growth of the company, gave him the confidence to decide to build a career worth having, a business worth My heart continues to owning and a life worth living. overflow with the sheer Jacob did indeed join our family and finds it difficult to joy of our 2012 Family adequately express his gratitude. “Joe saw something in me that Reunion! This year’s theme I didn’t see in myself. And Lucas puts his heart into the job – “Where You Belong” – and truly wants [my] career to thrive.” Helping others achieve was absolutely perfect. their highest professional potential and greatest personal FAMILIES BELONG TOGETHER. To laugh, to cry, to support, fulfillment is our culture in action, and we give great thanks to celebrate, to learn, to grow, to worship and, perhaps most importantly, to LOVE and HUG one another! And that is exactly for family members such as Joe, Lucas and Jacob! why we do not gather for an annual “convention.” We come This last story from the Greater Portland (Maine) market together for a true Family Reunion! Gary, Mark, Mary and the entire center solidifies what I know to be absolute: we are a company Keller Williams International Support Center want you to always that firmly believes in “walking the walk” and we are deeply remember what an honor it is being partners with each of YOU! committed to “coming from contribution.” Those values were put into action when the horrific tornado ripped through See page 27 for full Family Reunion coverage. Keller Williams Realty First Quar ter 2012 • vol. 9 no. 1 outfront 5
  6. 6. kw kw technology B R I A N B E N D I LY | M O N R O E , L A . By Shelley Seale Getting a big edge on business with When Keller Williams Realty launched eEdge, the real estate industr y’s first and only total lead-to-close business solution, Brian Bendily, who joined the Keller Williams Realty Monroe (La.) market center in October 2009, was among the first to sign up. “I had no idea the impact the new business management tool would have on my business. After activating, I was able to generate more leads with my eEdge Website than with the two Websites I had been using for years.” In fact, now everything runs through eEdge. “The system has reduced my expenses and helped me grow my business by 27 percent over the prior year." As for the transition from multiple tools to one solution, he says “the system is extremely Brian Bendily user-friendly for non techies.” So how exactly did he do it? Follow his strategies for implementing eEdge now!6 outfront First Quar ter 2012 • vol. 9 no. 1 Keller Williams Realty
  7. 7. Here are Bendily’s four eEdge strategies: 1 2 DON’T TRY TO DO FOLLOW UP WITH LEADS IT ALL AT ONCE IMMEDIATELY AND CONSISTENTLY Bendily recommends following the step-by-step As agents ramp up their online lead generation tutorials that Keller Williams Realty provides, activities, they will begin to see the effects – lots of as well as concentrating on and mastering one leads, but fewer good ones. At that point, Bendily thing at a time. “People tend to overcomplicate recommends agents “focus on lead conversion tactics. technology. Keller Williams Realty took a very Doing that will yield tremendous results.” simple approach with eEdge. When you follow While Bendily’s unique visitors to his eEdge the guides and take it one step at a time, getting Website varies throughout the year, on average his site started is so easy." sees four to five thousand new visitors per month that typically result in between 100 and 200 actual leads. And he converts around 5 percent of those leads into Visit mykw. contracts by immediately following-up with a phone for call and consistent email communication. “I’m always live trainings, 101 striving to grow that number,” he adds. “My goal istutorials and archived to get that to 10 percent, and we’re working really webinars. hard this year to make that happen.” BUILD IT, WORK IT AND USE THE ENTIRE THEN THEY WILL COME eEDGE SYSTEM eEdge is not a magic pill, Bendily cautions; you can’t Bendily’s team doesn’t stop with the eEdge Website. just put it out there and expect it to get results. “When They seamlessly integrate both the myMarketing and I teach classes at our market center, agents will tell me myTransaction solutions as part of their high-level that they’ve got their site up and running, but they’re business strategy. “I believe the paperless transaction is not generating any leads. My response is always the where the industry is going,” says Bendily, who plans same: ‘Your eEdge is a phenomenal tool but without to have 80 percent of his business paperless by the end anything else it’s like having a really nice billboard in of the year. “I’ve stopped waiting by the fax machine. the middle of a desert.’” Instead, I write up and send a contract right from my In other words, eEdge is the lead generation and iPad. Going paperless truly saves time and money.” business management tool for the marketing agents Using eEdge features such as the 33 Touch campaigns, are already doing or plan to do, not a stand-alone tool. postcards and the This Month in Real Estate e-newsletters “Most of my business comes from my online lead have automated his touch programs and allowed him generation strategy which includes other marketing and to focus his efforts on converting leads. And as eEdge prospecting activities,” Bendily says. continues to evolve, Bendily is looking He funnels every marketing action he takes through forward to the unveiling of new changes eEdge including social media, Craigslist and his phone and services to myMarketing. calls from yard signs. “I drive it all back through my “Keller Williams has something eEdge site. That’s my stopgap.” phenomenal coming down the pipeline that I can’t wait to see hit,” he says. Keller Williams Realty First Quar ter 2012 • vol. 9 no. 1 outfront 7
  8. 8. 8 outfront First Quar ter 2012 • vol. 9 no. 1 Keller Williams Realty
  9. 9. kw cover story By Laura Price, Jennifer LeClaire, Shelley Seale and Celesta Brown DOUBLE SEEING Michael Burke Jen Lysak Candice Frigault Chris Suarez Rachel Kendall(Bonita Springs, Fla.) (Lakeland, Fla.) (Toronto, Canada) (Portland, Ore.) (Raleigh, N.C.) In 2011, Keller Williams And though slumping home prices, slow economic recovery and fear from the media crippled some real estate careers, a wave of success associates continued on their stories from Keller Williams agents around North America continues success trajectory. Average per to flood in, showing signs of life in nearly every market. agent GCI was up 16 percent. Take Chris Suarez, for example. He moved his business from New York to Oregon and gained twice as much business. Also reaping the Average units per agent in rewards in 2011 were Michael Burke, Candice Frigault, Jen Lysak Canada was up 0.5 percent and Rachel Kendall, whose proactive business decisions doubled and and an incredible 19.5 percent tripled their business in less than five years. As you read through each of their stories and learn about their businesses, you’ll realize – it truly in the United States. isn’t about the market, it’s about what you do to thrive. continued on next page Keller Williams Realty First Quar ter 2012 • vol. 9 no. 1 outfront 9
  10. 10. kw cover story TA K E T H E L E A P By Jennifer LeClaire Chrisportland, ore. Suarez STARTING OVER SOMETIMES THE BEST WAY TO IMPROVE IS TO START AT THE BEGINNING … AGAIN. Chris Suarez was an overachieving Manhattan real estate agent when he decided to move across country to a small Oregon college town – a drastic geographic shift that seemed counter- intuitive to many. Suarez’s goal: to start from scratch and build a real estate business on sustainable models that would ultimately build wealth. Even before recovering from the culture shock of the transition, Suarez, who was not yet affiliated with Keller Williams Realty, started putting The Millionaire Real Estate Agent (MREA) principles in place. THE BIG IDEA “My mindset was to start over and build correctly. I was very committed to the MREA. I knew I had to get in front of people and add them to my database immediately,” Suarez recalls. “The quickest way to do that was to hold open houses.” Of course, without any listings Suarez couldn’t exactly hold open houses. So he kept mingling with the Eugene, Ore., real estate community until he met an agent that represented a local builder. That connection opened the door for Suarez to essentially hold an ongoing open house. Suarez spent the next six months in a condo office for eight hours a day, six days a week, waiting for potential buyers in Eugene’s urban core. For some, it may have seemed like a big risk with little upside. But for a forward-thinking Suarez, it was an opportunistic alternative to getting a full-time job while rebuilding his real estate practice. “I was able to build my database every single day in a market I wanted to break into – condos,” Suarez says. “In that time, I stayed focused on future buyers and sellers.” After six months, another building owner toured the condo and decided he needed Suarez to represent his project, which was still in the construction phase. Instantly, Suarez had a tower full of condo listings to call his10 outfront First Quar ter 2012 • vol. 9 no. 1 Keller Williams Realty
  11. 11. own and his database exploded. Eventually, he had 150 buyers “My mindset was to start over and build correctly.under contract. Although the building was sold and the closingsnever happened, he found himself suddenly representing 150clients actively looking for a new condo. Suarez admits there I was very committed to the MREA. I knew Iare good days and bad days with his open house strategy, but hecontinues to bet on it even today. had to get in front of people and add them to my “Because I was new to the city, I had to be 100 percentcommitted to understanding the market. When I wasn’t with database immediately ... ” – CHRIS SUAREZclients, I was out in neighborhoods opening doors and walkingthrough houses,” Suarez says. “I also spent a lot of time on thenumbers of real estate. It doesn’t matter if someone has been inthe market longer than I have. I know the market. I’ve got the Suarez says. “I’ve been through BOLD four times. I never miss anumbers, graphs, charts and I build touch campaigns around Family Reunion. I never miss Mega Camp or Masterminds. I’m astatistics.” member of KW Luxury Homes International. And I consistently reach out to top agents who are producing at higher levels than ITHE BIG PAYOFF ever have.”After nearly four years in Eugene, Suarez started over yet again. Achievement is the keyword. During his first year in Portland,This time, 110 miles away in Portland. Leaving RE/MAX, he despite not knowing anyone, he sold $22 million. He continuedjoined Keller Williams Realty Portland West. building up his knowledge base through KW MAPS Coaching Today, Suarez is one of Portland’s top producing real estate and has learned, perhaps above all, that accountability is critical.consultants, combining his Manhattan-style marketing and “My drive brings with it incredible personal accountability,”negotiation skills with the Keller Williams model. He does Suarez says. “But my biggest accountability comes from thebusiness under the banner PDX Property Group with a focus on fact that I have 180 agents that watch me. I won’t stop reachingluxury customer service, high-class marketing, intense market out to teach and coach because it makes me better. I have to doknowledge and interpretation, and a high-energy focus on results. things the right way. And the right way is to follow the model.“I’m really committed to the education Keller Williams offers. Every city has its own personality, but no matter where you goI bought into it and it has been a huge part of my success,” you can succeed if you follow the model.” kw Chris’ Five Steps for Holding an Effective Open House 1 3 Choose a home that gives you the greatest potential SC RIP T Know the right script during the open T 5 Always follow - up. Call, email 2 4 to have buyers and sellers house. “Thanks for stopping in to tour my SCRIP or hand write a note. Use this find you. script: “Thanks for stopping into open house. Are you one of the neighbors or are you out shopping for a home today?” my open house this morning. It was great to meet you. I did a little bit of digging in the office after we met and after the open house Prepare yourself with and found three other properties I Advertise and market the event a week comparable properties, think really fit your search criteria. before the open house. Post Internet market research and I know the home that we saw ads, put a sign in the yard, make 50 calls come up with at least two this morning wasn’t quite perfect and door knock to neighbors in a 2-3 or three other homes you but these three have some real block radius. could show should the potential.We could get into them opportunity arise. tomorrow at four or at six.Which would work better for you?” Keller Williams Realty First Quar ter 2012 • vol. 9 no. 1 outfront 11
  12. 12. kw cover story MASTER PLAN By Shelley Seale Michaelsprings, fla. bonita Burke MASTER PLAN MEET THE NEW MICHAEL BURKE Watching his business stall out from the sidelines wasn’t sitting right for Michael Burke, associate with the Bonita Springs market center. “I did not have a plan,” he says bluntly. In 2010, his business lacked goals, structure and direction. He had no vision or mission. “I would just show up and hope the phone would ring,” he says. The business success he had, he attributes to the unique marketing campaigns he created for the gated communities that he farmed. But that wasn’t enough. After attending Mega Camp in December 2010, he left John R. Wood Realtors to join the Bonita Springs market center, and in one year took his business from $9 million to $20 million in production. BEFORE … AND AFTER Though attending Mega Camp and joining Keller Williams Realty was “the best thing that ever happened to [me],” Burke’s business still wasn’t exactly booming. In an effort to move forward, he turned to The Millionaire Real Estate Agent. “It was an outstanding tool. As I kept reading the book over and over, I found myself using different aspects of it in my business. When Keller Williams approached me to join, I knew it was the right move.” Burke gives the most credit for his skyrocketing production numbers to the Keller Williams models, training and continuing education. He joined KW MAPS Coaching and set a goal to read at least one self-help book per month. He took Keller Williams University’s MREA Business Planning Clinic three times within a two-month period – and in fact, his entire team went through the class together. If this perhaps seems a bit excessive, Burke doesn’t think so. He cites Gary Keller’s rule that a person needs to take a class at least 10 times before he or she masters it. “I want to master it; I need to master it,” Burke emphasizes. MREA MODEL CENTRIC While The Four Fundamental Models of Real Estate Success outlined in MREA keep Burke’s business running on all cylinders, he spends most of his time on the Economic Model12 outfront First Quar ter 2012 • vol. 9 no. 1 Keller Williams Realty
  13. 13. "To me, success is knowing that I have done the verybest every day for my clients and my team ... The moneywill follow, provided that I follow the values I haveincorporated into my business plan.” – MICHAEL BURKEand the Lead Generation Model. The two models give him an accurate viewof his business on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis. “Numbers do not lie. If I fall behind my goals, I know where myinefficiencies are and make adjustments immediately,” says Burke. Inmost cases, it’s fine-tuning his lead generation. “I know how many calls,contacts and appointments I need each day, week and month to reach mygoals.” Burke doesn’t claim it’s easy, but recalls a lesson learned from GaryUbaldini, a long time Keller Williams associate and regional investor. “Hesaid, ‘We have to be flexible in our plan.’ Sometimes, we get too robotic inour thinking and planning. When making a plan, keep an open mind. Itshould be a living, breathing document that can be open to daily attentionand adjustments based on the market.”ON TARGETThe MREA Business Planning Clinic also taught Burke to think long termby writing down clear, concrete goals. He cites the book What They DontTeach You in the Harvard Business School, in which author Mark McCormackdescribes a study conducted on students in the 1979 Harvard MBAprogram. Only 3 percent of those students had set clear, written goals for theirfuture; a whopping 84 percent had no specific goals at all. Ten years later,those 3 percent with written goals were earning, on average, 10 times asmuch money as the other 97 percent put together. “This scared the heck out of me,” Burke admits. “I wanted to be one ofthat 3 percent.” He now has one-year, two-year, three-year and four-yearwritten plans, which he shares with his team on a regular basis.“They clearly understand what we are doing now, where we are headed andhow we are going to get there,” says Burke, who is passionate about hiringthe right people. “I hire to my weaknesses,” he says. “I know what I am good at, and I hirepeople who are detail and task oriented.” His team consists of wife ShellyBurke, who is the listing coordinator and handles the books; Justin Jordan,executive assistant: Sharon Rowland, transaction and closing coordinatorand Justin Helmus, buyer agent.IT’S NOT ABOUT THE MONEYEven with the success, he does not think of it in terms of money. “To me, success is knowing that I have done the very best every day formy clients and my team,” he says. “The money will follow, provided that Ifollow the values I have incorporated into my business plan.” For Burke those values include integrity, commitment and trust. “I believeI am very blessed to be where I am at, and very thankful for those blessings,”says Burke. “I do not take it for granted. As I follow the model, I find myselfa better person AND a better businessperson, mainly because of the KellerWilliams values which mirrored mine: God, Family, then Business.” kw Keller Williams Realty First Quar ter 2012 • vol. 9 no. 1 outfront 13
  14. 14. kw cover story PRODUCTIVE PROGRESS By Celesta Brown Candice Frigault toronto, canada FROM PASSIVE TO PROACTIVE TORONTO TEAM BETS ON DOUBLING DOWN AGAIN THIS YEAR Four years ago, Candice Frigault, associate with the Keller COUTING FOR SYSTEMS Williams Advantage Realty Market Center in Toronto, Canada, Frigault feels her career trajectory is a result of her decision to was approached with an offer she couldn’t resist. A mega team purchase the business and her dedication to learning from the best. on a mission to take a year long sabbatical was interviewing local In fact, it was only a few years ago she was passively running agents to find one who would manage, grow and mindfully tend her business – relying heavily on referrals from friends and to their business with their same passion. Frigault’s fire for the family as a primary source of leads. She knew she would have to business caught their eye and they asked her to sign on. do more to take it to the next level. “I was originally attracted to Over the next year, she worked closely with their team, this industry because of its unlimited income potential, and yet soaking up their business and learning their systems and there I was, not taking advantage of it.” Knowing she could rely methods that powered it. By the time the team took their break on her Keller Williams family for knowledge, she started seeking toward the end of 2010, Frigault had embraced their business out the most successful agents to emulate. “I asked them what while customizing it to make it her own. When they officially systems they used, how they lead generate, and what strategies decided to retire one year later, she purchased their business they employ to sell so many houses.” outright; a move that would double her sales in one year. Two of those agents were Jason Pilon and Leam Hamilton of “I ended 2011 with 37 contracts and $17.5 million in the Keller Williams Ottawa-based PilonHamilton team. Having production which was twice what I was making the year before.” never met them, she was excited when they were willing and Currently she’s on pace to reach $20 million and beyond in 2012. eager to let The Frigault Team shadow them for a day.14 outfront First Quar ter 2012 • vol. 9 no. 1 Keller Williams Realty
  15. 15. The Frigault Team’s “There’s so much to learn from a team that sold 330 favorite over-the- homes last year,” says Frigault. “They took us under their phone script wing and answered our most curious questions, including how they were selling so many houses and what methods “We qualify a lot of our online-generated leads over the they were using to get their GCI up year after year. We phone. Here’s our best script.” were so challenged and inspired by our day with them and This is Candice Frigault from The Frigault Team with Keller took away many ideas that we are already implementing.” Williams Realty.Thank you for your request online for further T Frigault continues to thrive in the Keller Williams SCRIP information about [XYZ].We have just emailed/mailed that culture of sharing and maintains her focus on learning information out to you. Is that OK? I just have a few quick from high-performing agents. She gets involved in every questions for you. 1 possible educational opportunity, obsessively attending any course that features a mega agent. READY TO RAMP UP Frigault, who aspires to be in the top 1 percent of agents Are you planning on moving in the next 3-6 months? (Shows urgency/ motivation level.) 5 Do you have a real estate agent to help you when the timing is right? in Toronto, has some lofty goals for 2012. Among them 2 6 Would you like us to send is her desire to double her business again and close at Do you currently own you a list of homes that least 70 transactions. Realizing that goal means having a or rent? (Find out if we are currently available and solid team in place who share her vision. Jason Schott, have the ability to sell would match your desired their house as well). the team’s buyer agent, firmly believes in Frigault’s criteria from all real estate 3 determination to use methods, scripts and systems that are companies? (Assuming the proven to work and increase productivity. Are you planning on answer is yes …) In fact, Frigault, Schott and their team’s administrative staying in the area? Great! When can we get assistant spent all of January getting in position to achieve 4 together and chat for that goal by working on their lead conversion and follow- If you were to move, when about 20 minutes so that up tactics with solid scripts that the entire team can use. do you think that would be? we can take down exactly (Similar to question No. 1. Following a familiar sales system for their methods on what you are looking for? Ask again to find out more leveraging people, technology and marketing, the team information.) is also implementing 33 Touch and 12 Direct campaigns through eEdge. “We’re putting it to work for us and I aim to perfect it.” She recommends the same for up-and- coming agents. “Find a system or program that you are passionate about and nail it.” kw Follow up with leads immediately. “Like the Pilon/ Hamilton Team, our business isSo what did The Frigault Team Tailor your follow-up largely based on Internet leads.take away from their meeting systems. “Their team has While shadowing them, we realized a follow-up system in place for we weren’t following up with thosewith The Pilon/Hamilton Team? every lead scenario. The goal is leads while they were HOT! The to make sure the lead is receiving best time to catch Internet leads the best communication and call- is while they are still online and to-action to get the appointment. contacting you. The Pilon/Hamilton Brand yourself One staff member handles the team has an inside sales agent (ISA) consistently across the immediate follow-up. If that lead on staff who assigns the lead to a board. “Whether you market isn’t ready to buy or sell in the sales agent who then converts the yourself in print, social media or immediate future, it gets passed leads into clients. Our next hire is online your brand needs to be along to another member of our going to be an ISA, but for now, our well recognized and professional. team who nurtures them over strategy is to follow up with our By tweaking and improving our several weeks. In other words, Internet leads within five minutes of image across all marketing mediums each lead is assigned a plan and them sending us an inquiry. Out of and communication channels we each team member is responsible 10 leads we get online, we currently established a consistent brand in the for executing their activity on convert four into an appointment minds of our audience.” that plan for every lead.” using our over-the-phone script.” Keller Williams Realty First Quar ter 2012 • vol. 9 no. 1 outfront 15
  16. 16. kw cover story SOCIAL PRO By Jennifer LeClaire Jenlakeland, fla. Lysak JEN WANTS TO BE YOUR "FRIEND" LEAD GENERATION THROUGH SOCIAL MEDIA HAS BEEN TRIED BY MANY AND PERFECTED BY A SELECT FEW. SO WHAT’S THE RECIPE FOR SUCCESS? Jen Lysak, associate with the Lakeland (Fla.) market center, wasn’t always on the social media bandwagon. But when her lead generation Websites weren’t drawing as many leads as she’d hoped, she turned to her operating principal, Chris McLaughlin, for advice. “He suggested I dive into Facebook marketing,” she says. At first, Lysak’s skepticism got the best of her. “It seemed like a waste of time.” Nevertheless, she decided to follow the wisdom of her leader – and she’s glad she did. Last year, the consistent $1 million to $2 million producer singlehandedly doubled her business, selling $5 million worth of homes. She largely credits that success to her Facebook strategy. LEAD WITH A PLAN, LOVE THROUGH CONVERSATION Lysak engages people in what you might call a traditional way. No advertisements, no gimmicks – just good conversation and expert relationship building. And it’s paying off – currently 90 percent of her leads come from the social media site. “I get an average of 10 Facebook leads every week,” says Lysak. “People do business with people they know and like. So I make friends and share things about my personal life so they can get to know me.” It’s that easy going philosophy that makes up the foundation of Lysak’s strategy. Her first move was to “friend” every client she had ever served, and then subscribe to their SMS (short message service or text message) feed through Facebooks mobile settings. In other words, every time a friend posts a16 outfront First Quar ter 2012 • vol. 9 no. 1 Keller Williams Realty
  17. 17. status update, she gets a text message. When appropriate, Lysak appointment. In fact, of the 10 leads she generates fromresponds. Facebook each week, Lysak reports that about 75 percent turn “People are so touched when they post about having a into appointments.cold and I ask them if they are feeling better or if they need “When I sell the house, I post a picture of the buyers withanything,” Lysak says. Real estate, after all, is still a relationship house keys in their hand and write a comment about how happybusiness, and maintaining relationships with hundreds of people I am for them. Then I tag them in the photo so all their friendsdoesn’t take her more than 15 minutes a day via Facebook. see it,” Lysak says. “Usually, they write me back and thank me With relationships in mind, Lysak is careful not to turn for all my help, which turns into a testimonial. You can’t pay forher Facebook profile into a social media billboard that blasts that kind of testimonial.”constant messages to her 2,500-plus friends – which she hopeswill be 3,500 by the end of the year. CREATIVITY BEFORE RESULTS “I don’t post too much about business,” she says, “that’s a good Lysak still pursues other lead generation activities. She spendsway to get un-friended.” She keeps her eye out for people who the first hour and a half of her day writing back to leads, settingmay be in the market for a home soon. For instance, if someone them up on searches and referring them to her Websites. Shechanges their relationship status to “engaged,” someone just also takes the direct approach on Facebook and simply asks forgraduated from college or just had a baby; they may be looking the business.for a new home. “People post their lives on Facebook. I like to “If someone is getting divorced, I message them and tell themcongratulate friends for buying their first home at a really great how sorry I am. Then I offer to help them with any questionsprice and offering details of the transaction,” says Lysak. they have about their home,” Lysak says. “If they just got married, I congratulate them and offer to help them find a newTYING IT ALL TOGETHER home. If the relationship is there, asking for the business is easy.”Lysak’s Facebook marketing strategy flows right into her online Like all lead generation activities, just because Lysak asks forlead capture approach. “Any time I post about my business on the business doesn’t mean it’s an automatic win. Some marriedFacebook, I send people to my eEdge Website to sign up for couples are in an apartment lease for the next 12 months. Somemy IDX search.” In fact, her eEdge Website URL is on every new parents don’t have the budget to move into a larger housemarketing piece including her voicemail. “eEdge is the No.1 yet. But Lysak is planting a seed, and because she is connectedadvantage Keller Williams offers. Tying it to my Facebook with future buyers and sellers on Facebook, she’s just an instantstrategy allows me to further promote my brand AND capture message away.all the leads that come in.” “Just be real. Ask questions and don’t forget this is a Although the connections begin in the virtual world, Lysak relationship business,” Lysak says. “Get on Facebook and reachis quick to invite serious leads to her office for a face-to-face out to people so they feel like you care. It pays dividends.” kw Engage online without spending a dime Use Jen Lysak’s top tips to earn business from Facebook 1 “Friend” every client and then subscribe to their SMS feed. Visit your Mobile Settings to turn the notifications on. 3 Lysak uses the Facebook "Check-In" feature to let friends know she was at a new listing. In the comment area, she 4 Reach out to people who are in a transitional place in their life, offer appropriate condolences or congratulations, and ask if they need your help moving to the next stage of Every time a client posts a 5 status update, you’ll receive writes, “Coming soon their life. a text message. When …” and offers a few appropriate, respond. details about the house. Congratulate friends for buying their 2 She also adds a photo first home at a really great price and of the home. Lysak calls offer details of the transaction. When responding, the strategy a low-key way to remind people of 6 “talk” to people as if they were a close what she does and alert Route everything to your eEdge friend you care other real estate agents Website where consumers can sign about. Be yourself that she has a new listing up for specific search results and your and be genuine. their clients may want myMarketing campaigns. to tour. Keller Williams Realty First Quar ter 2012 • vol. 9 no. 1 outfront 17
  18. 18. kw cover story FAST LEARNER By Celesta Brown Rachel Kendall raleigh, n.c. HEART + PASSION X EXPERTISE = RESULTS FROM MATH TEACHER TO KELLER WILLIAMS REALTY’S ROOKIE OF THE YEAR, RACHEL KENDALL’S SUCCESS IS ADDING UP. In 2008, faced with a market downfall and a brand new city, How do you and your team Rachel Kendall, a former middle school math teacher, jumped stay on track to meet your goals? into real estate. One year later, the Raleigh (N.C.) market Each of our team members has a whiteboard with our No. 1 center associate earned the Rookie of the Year Award for all of goal on it. There are at least four blank lines in each month for Keller Williams Realty. In 2010, on a success streak, she sold each team member to fill in with that month’s closings. If we are 41 homes, ending the year with $11.7 million in production. not achieving the goals we set, then we adjust. Each week we By 2011 she had doubled her business, closing the year with 84 meet to discuss our individual problems or obstacles – things contracts and $22.5 million in production. that are preventing us from reaching our monthly and yearly But if early success and industry clout weren’t enough to goals – and we brainstorm to solve problems together. convince you of Kendall’s superstardom, last month, she was asked by the Obama administration to participate in a small- What is the single biggest hurdle agents business mastermind at the White House. We also called upon need to overcome to accelerate their business? Kendall to get her wisdom on winning in this market. Picking up the phone and asking people for business. Don’t be afraid to remind clients that you’d like to help their friends and What’s your No. 1 source of business? family, too. Of course, to call on a relationship, you must first Right now our business is 98 percent referrals. Those include have a good one. client referrals, corporate relocation referrals, and referrals from Keller Williams associates. It seems like you have great relationships Describe your team with your clients, how do you foster those? Our team is dedicated to heart, compassion and results. It’s often The Rachel Kendall team is made up of Dan Kendall and Gene lonely waiting on a house to sell. We’re empathetic. Our goal is Pitzer, brokers, Angie Cole, broker and buyer specialist, Karen to deliver the highest level of service possible during the entire Huckabay, broker and buyer specialist, Amy Anderson, team home buying or selling process. For some families that means administrator, Lisa Luke, client care coordinator, Candace dropping off warm meals or perhaps delivering a baby gift in McGhee, our team’s stager and decorator, and Tina Frost, person. We stay in constant communication with our clients. broker and marketing manager. Which team member do you recommend hiring first? How can agents improve You need to hire administrative support. An agent needs to be and solidify their pricing techniques? in front of people, not behind paperwork. If you can’t afford it, The Rachel Kendall Team supports our clients’ decisions. When share an assistant with another agent on a part-time basis. we run into a seller who isn’t ready to come down on price, we will occasionally agree to a three-week trial at their price to see if the market responds. If it doesn’t move in three weeks, we do18 outfront First Quar ter 2012 • vol. 9 no. 1 Keller Williams Realty
  19. 19. "We solidify our credibility through facts ... we let our clients know that we are not emotionallylisting the property – this is about getting the most money for their home given current marketconditions. " – RACHEL KENDALLa correction instead of a reduction, and then treat it like a brand-newlisting.How do you establishcredibility and counsel sellers on price?We solidify our credibility through facts. For instance, last week wesold a house at 100 percent of the list price in three days and weaverage 59 days on the market. Those are compelling examples of ourexpertise and market knowledge. We let our clients know that we arenot emotionally listing the property – this is about getting the mostmoney for their home given current market conditions.How do you stand out from the competition?We have a reputation of excellence and fun in our community. Wepay to have a seller’s home staged within 24 hours of receiving asigned contract. Each week we post a “Where in the World Is theRachel Kendall Team?” on YouTube. One week it’s Angie Cole*, ourexceptional buyer specialist out on the town or it’s me at a listingappointment. The videos catch us at work or in our personal life andadd a personal touch. Our clients look forward to the video each weekbecause it’s unique.*Watch for Angie in an upcoming episode of HGTV’s "House Hunters."What advice can you offersomeone who may be struggling?I strongly encourage everyone to take Keller Williams University’sIgnite. Do what they tell you to do. I did it verbatim.You were diligent in researching companies.Why did you choose Keller Williams Realty?No other real estate company comes close to offering the resourcesthat Keller Williams does. Not one other company compares. I visitedseveral agencies in the Raleigh-Durham area before going to KellerWilliams. I would have saved myself a lot of time if I had just gone toKeller Williams first!What do you like best about Keller Williams?I like that I have complete autonomy. And at the same time, doingexactly what they tell me to do - following the models – I amsuccessful.Any last words of advice?If you put people first and follow the models, you will make money Watch Kendall’s videos on YouTube: (http://and reach your success goals. kw Keller Williams Realty First Quar ter 2012 • vol. 9 no. 1 outfront 19
  20. 20. kw From the Chairman THE 11TH H UR New research from the Keller Center at Baylor University finds cold calling still works, but agents stop too soon! I’ve never lost my confidence in cold calling as a fundamental and successful lead generation activity. It is, in fact, how Keller Williams Realty was built – literally one call at a time. No ads, no Internet. Just a man and a phone. By Gary Keller, co-founder and chairman, Keller Williams Realty But over the past few years, it seems cold calling has been set we’ve always used anecdotal evidence from interviews with aside in favor of other sources such as Internet lead generation successful agents. This research has always said cold calling activities and online sharing tools – both of which are known works, but I’m not sure how many people actually believed it. for producing measurable results. Frankly, I think it’s imperative So we asked the Keller Center at Baylor University to research that you adopt these new opportunities for generating leads. this to see if we could get a true researched finding. As a company, we strongly advocate innovation that can They proved cold calling works. produce results for your business. At the same time, we also In the study, with the support of our Keller Williams don’t want to see you drop those things that work. That was research and development department, the Keller Center set the philosophy we used when we set out to establish models out to determine if cold calling as a baseline lead generation and systems outlined in The Millionaire Real Estate Agent and it activity – meaning no experience, no contacts, no database, continues to drive our curiosity today. no marketing, no listings and no “just-solds” – would generate Up until now, we’ve never actually had hard proof that cold appointments taken for agents. Their findings brought to light calling was a fundamentally effective lead generation tool compelling facts behind cold calling’s effectiveness, and some for you to use to build and sustain your business. In the past interesting behavior patterns. WN EA KDO LL BR CA 14 LDCO 3,450 no answers DAYS 1,774 calls answered 134 1,037 numbers not working PARTICIPANTS 19 appointments set 929 were not interested 6,264 11 referrals received CALLS MADE 132 said to call back later20 outfront First Quar ter 2012 • vol. 9 no. 1 Keller Williams Realty
  21. 21. How we did it calling by the 11th hour – one hour short of reaching the goal.In the study, 134 agents from 10 different geographic areas were One hour short of winning a listing.divided into two groups. Each group was asked to set aside adifferent hour each day for seven days to make cold calls. They This phenomenon has several implications. Assuming the averageused the same script and were asked to record the results of their commission rate of a listing agent is 3 percent and the mediancalls in an online form so that the data could be collected in real house price in January 2012 was $154,700 , then the commissiontime. For this study, cold calling was defined as dialing random from the sale of this home would have been $4,641. If 12 hoursnumbers from a certain farm area not previously marketed to by of lead generation yields one listing, then the listing agent wouldthe agent. The result was 14 hours of lead generation over 14 days have made $386.75 an hour. Think about this: spending 3 hours a day, cold calling, Monday through Friday can – are you ready forWhat we learned this – potentially yield $290,063 a year in total commissions.1. The conversion ratio of calls to appointment was 330 to 1, or 330 calls for every appointment set. The conversion ratio What does this mean for you? of calls answered to appointments was 93 to 1, or 93 calls When I was just starting out in real estate, I set a goal to sell three answered for every appointment set. homes in my first month of business. I went above the baseline2. The conversion ratio of calls to appointment or referral was 208 and improved my odds by calling expireds and for sale by owners. to 1, or 208 calls to get either one appointment or one referral. I got on the phone daily, hosted open houses, took calls when And 59 to 1 calls answered to appointment or referral. nobody else would and ended up selling five homes that first month. Doing more than cold calling made it possible for me toLet’s stop for a moment and think about this: If an agent can quickly reach Runner-Up to Rookie of the Year status in my officemake 50 calls per hour, it will take them approximately six hours Had I not taken my 12th month off after hitting my goals in 11to achieve one appointment. Anecdotal evidence suggests a 2-to-1 months, I would have earned the award.appointment-listing conversion ratio, which means for every 12 The 11th hour is defined as a time in which it is almost too late.hours of calls, an agent can expect to achieve one listing.* In the case of cold calling, the 11th hour is too early to give up. When you look at this data as it relates to the activities that will3. The study uncovered some interesting behavior by participants honestly produce business, you’ll know with confidence that when … On day one, agents began strong, making nearly 1,200 you make cold calls through the 12th hour, you can expect to calls. By the fifth day, though, the call volume had dropped by generate one listing. nearly 50 percent to just over 600 calls. And by the 11th day of the study – or the “11th hour” collectively – they stopped Here’s my point. Our goal as salespeople remains the same: lead calling completely. If we know it takes 12 hours of calling to generate and never let up. No matter what market you are in, the accomplish one sale, then collectively, everyone had stopped active and persistent lead generator always wins. kw *Based on research from The Millionaire Real Estate Agent. Look at it this way: 50 Calls every hour over 6 hours ... leads to 1 appointment For every 2 appointments, an associate can expect to earn 1 listing 12 hours of calls (6 hours + 6 hours) = 2 appointments = 1 listing. 16x More than $4,641* Average agent commission 12 hours of calls = the average hourly $386.75 per hour earnings in the United States ($23.29). return on investment (ROI). *Based on median home price in Jan. 2012 ($154,700) according to NAR and assuming a commission rate of 3 percent. Keller Williams Realty First Quar ter 2012 • vol. 9 no. 1 outfront 21
  22. 22. kw state of luxury THE MARKET A LUXURY Momentum and movement point to new opportunities. The last 12 months included a series of high and lows for the luxury market. While home prices and inventory were down in many areas of the country, the ability to secure a jumbo loan strengthened. And the credit market wasn’t the only portion of the population loosening up. An enormous amount of money began to venture back into the market. According to Merrill Lynch Global Wealth Management, the top 5 percent wealthiest individuals made up 37 percent of all consumer spending in the United States in 2011. Dive deeper into the numbers and you’ll find the same group of affluent consumers allocated 19 percent of their investment portfolios to real estate. This is good news for agents interested in diversifying their core business and branching into the luxury market. Outfront spoke with four members of the KW Luxury Homes International division for a look at the local trends affecting the high-end market. Lee Ziff | Beverly Hills (Calif.) market center What do you expect to on the home, but it’s a clear indication institutions. Wealthy individuals from see for the luxury market of the buyer’s mindset. In 2012, I don’t around the world will continue to view in 2012? anticipate much change – agents will us as a great place to buy. The Los Angeles luxury have to know their market and continue market will continue to to be the local economist of choice. What makes your city a see big sales over the “market to watch”? next year. While we’re What do you expect to More than 12 million residents call not completely out of see in terms of interest the Los Angeles area home. We may the housing slump that from international buyers? be known for our celebrities, directors, hit in 2008, buyers will keep Individual foreign buyers are taking producers and athletes, but we have a buying and sellers will keep selling. advantage of the low luxury home growing population of affluent clients The challenge we’re facing right now prices to snap up good bargains. While who avoid the limelight and are simply is urgency. Buyers have the perception our economy may not be in the best searching for properties to match their that prices will continue to go down and condition right now, our government high-end lifestyle. The year-round aren’t quick to act on properties new to and history of recovery make the Mediterranean climate, beautiful beaches the market – you could say they “feel the United States a safer place to invest and educational opportunities are just a luxury” to negotiate on every little thing. money. Los Angeles is supported by few of the amenities that have put Los Last month, for instance, I maxed out at the entertainment industry, as well as Angeles on the map as a market to watch. 16 offers and counteroffers. We closed healthy financial, industrial and tourism22 outfront First Quar ter 2012 • vol. 9 no. 1 Keller Williams Realty
  23. 23. Terry Belt | McLean (Va.) market centerWhat do you expect to woodwork to purchase a luxury property What makes your city asee for the luxury market at a great price. On the other side of “market to watch”? in 2012? the transaction, sellers are more realistic McLean, Va., and the surrounding areas Northern Virginia will about price adjustments. have some of the highest-paying jobs maintain a very healthy in the country. Fairfax County, just 12 housing market. Its What do you expect to miles to the southeast, is the second- proximity to Washington, see in terms of interest richest county in the United States. D.C., – we’re just 10 from international buyers? In addition to government-related miles away – will keep Washington, D.C., is home to many jobs, our local market is fueled by a unemployment low and foreign embassies and political diplomats, very strong technology and health carecreate new jobs to fuel the employment which creates an active international market – another factor that keeps ourdemands from businesses who work market in McLean. As jumbo loans unemployment low and income moredirectly or indirectly with the federal become more available and rates remain stable. As people move out from the citygovernment. low, we expect to service more and more in search of more value, McLean will be Currently, we’re seeing the upper-end international clients. In fact, some of our seen an attractive market to purchase amarket tick up as the stock market levels most recent clients have secured 4 and home.out. Because of the perceived stability, we 5 percent interest rates on large jumboanticipate more buyers coming out of the loans. Irene Kaushansky and Philip Brown | Keller Williams Advantage Realty, Brokerage (Tortonto,Canada)What do you expect to What do you expect to What makes your city asee for the luxury market see in terms of interest “market to watch”?in 2012? from international buyers? Toronto is an important market to watchWith the exception of Vancouver and Toronto has one of the most diverse for a number of reasons, not the least of British Columbia, which economies and resident demographics which is short- and long-term growth. are on the west coast, in North America. In fact, the city We are the economic engine of Canada, economists and market makes its residents and visitors with many national and multinational analysts are predicting information available in more than 20 corporations running their head offices another strong year different languages. We have very strong out of our city. We have an amazing in both sales volumes trade, education and business ties to array of urban lifestyle amenities, but are and price growth across India, China, Japan, The United Arab surrounded by easy-to-access parklands, Canada’s major cities. Emirates, Africa, Israel, South America, waterfronts and rustic cottage getaways. As that market begins to and throughout the European Union. Our airports make business or personalresemble a “bubble,” investors are moving Our city is home to three expanding travel incredibly easy, and bring the worldinto other markets across the country. universities with international MBA to our doorstep. Our city is famous for Toronto’s luxury market is expected programs, as well as world-renowned its safety, its schools, its arts, and musicto continue to benefit from record-low design and arts and fashion. We are and film festivals. All of these amenitiesborrowing rates and a strong mixed also home to a huge film and television benefit the luxury homeowner, and createeconomy. With a variety of luxury industry. Our attractiveness to business, opportunities for luxury home developersneighborhoods available, buyers have academic and creative industry leaders from around the globe to find a newtheir choice of lifestyles and price points. grows every year. When that demand and growing client base just north of theSellers are enjoying quick sales cycles, an is teamed with the incredible upside border.average of 33 days on market, and great potential for luxury home investmentnet prices (96 percent of list price). here, given our relatively low prices and long-term economic stability, we expect to see continued growth in international investment in the years to come. more luxury Keller Williams Realty First Quar ter 2012 • vol. 9 no. 1 outfront 23
  24. 24. kw state of luxury THE MOVEMENT THE LUXURY Jason Glast, Debra Janes, Kevin Crawford, Martha Small, Charlotte Lipscomb, and more than 60 other top-producing luxury specialists located in San Antonio and Austin, Texas, were in “business as usual mode” when the opportunity to align with the KW Luxury Homes International division came knocking. Now the former Sotheby’s International and Phyllis Browning Company in San Antonio and AvenueOne Properties in Austin agents are earning more money while solidifying their brand and enjoying the synergy that comes when the top echelon of agents all call one company – Keller Williams Realty – home. Domino effect at the Dominion opportunity, Harrelson jumped at the chance to purchase a The San Antonio IH-10 market center has earned a reputation competing company’s vacant office in the high-end Pavillion at for consistently appearing at the top of the Keller Williams the Dominion San Antonio community. It was certainly a risk system for high production and profitability. 2011 was no for Harrelson who didn’t have any agents to fill it. different. Wendi Harrelson, team leader and area director of That was until she rekindled a long time relationship with South Texas, has been attracting successful agents to the market Debra Janes, a top-producing luxury agent in San Antonio. “We center ever since the KW Luxury Homes International division ran into each other during an open house and Wendi mentioned launched in 2009. But she’d been looking for that she was thinking about buying our city’s old Sotheby’s office. a way to provide a unique opportunity I said ‘If you get that building, you get me,’” says Janes. When to a group of agents who hadn’t yet Harrelson jingled the keys over the phone a few days later, she experienced the power of the division. knew it was time to make the move. “The way it all happened is quite “Things snowballed from there,” says Harrelson on the a story,” says Harrelson. Never momentum surrounding the new office and the caliber of agents one to back down from a good who were deciding to join. Within a couple of months, 48 luxury agents had migrated to Keller Williams Realty and joined WENDI HARRELSON Team Leader San Antonio IH-10 SAN ANTONIO IH-10 LUXURY MEMBERS AT THE DOMINION24 outfront First Quar ter 2012 • vol. 9 no. 1 Keller Williams Realty
  25. 25. the KW Luxury Homes International division. The high-minded, Leads aren’t the only thing rolling in for agents in thehigh-end synergy that agents are experiencing in one office is Dominion office. Janes is happy to report that less money topaying off – currently they are closing 300 percent more sales than the company means more income in her pocket. “My GCI hascompeting offices. Among those having success are Jason Glast increased by 26 percent. I look back now and realize that I wasand Kevin Crawford. giving more than $1 million to Sotheby’s – now that’s all mine.”How do you go up from No. 1? What’s in a name?Before joining Keller Williams Realty, Glast, San Antonio’s No. 1 Crawford is a marketing guy through and through. A Platinumagent, had achieved more than $31 million in sales. While Glast Top 50 agent with sales over $15 million in 2010, Crawford wasreflects on that success, he also knew more was possible. As he was drawn to Keller Williams because of the control that he couldmaking his decision to switch affiliations, Glast attended Mega have over his own name. “Unfortunately, my previous companyCamp for one day. “I implemented what I learned in that one was more interested in their name, not mine. Now I have theday and made money because of it,” he explained. In the three freedom to continue building my name and my brand. I havemonths since he joined the San Antonio IH-10 market center, intentions of doubling my business this year. Now I have the toolshe’s continued to introduce new systems and processes and has and the liberty to do it,” he offered. Glast’s account is similar: “Myseen an immediate, positive upturn in his business. “I am getting former company wouldn’t even allow my cell phone on my listingmore exposure from multiple platforms. My leads have increased signs,” he says.” Now I can hire my own photographers and use it50-fold. Now I’m getting about five or six every day.” to enhance my own look and brand.” PORTFOLIO PROPERTY MEMBERS CHARLOTTE LIPSCOMB Better Together MARTHA SMALLEAGER FOR EXTENDED REACH, NINE AUSTIN AGENTS ALIGN WITH KW. There’s even more movement environment, Small knew that the recognized the advantage of the national among agents specializing in the group wanted to stay together. “The and international reach as a luxury luxury market, and it’s happening in thought of us all blowing to the winds brand. Keller Williams Realty was able to other boutiques got us thinking about to provide both,” she says. “It’s no longer Austin, Texas. As the city grows in alternatives.” All nine agents, which enough to merely market in the Austin popularity, successful start-ups and also include Jeannette Spinelli, Mark area. We must sell Austin throughout the big businesses are being drawn to Moore, Francie Little, Shari Chambers, world, and Keller Williams provides the its entrepreneurial spirit. Laurie Graham, Weston Lipscomb resources to support that effort.” Watching the trend and eager to take and Elaine Trull, looked seriously into Dee Shultz, president of KW Luxury action were Charlotte Lipscomb, Martha launching their own boutique company, Homes International and associate with Small and seven other luxury homes but realized start-up costs were too high. the Austin Southwest market center, is specialists, formerly of the boutique That’s when Diane Johnson and Melanie very excited and pleased to be in business luxury firm AvenueOne Properties. After Kennemann, team leaders in the Austin with the group. “Having watched the careful thought and consideration the Southwest market center, approached division grow from the ground up and agents came to the conclusion that their them with the idea of creating their expand with such a high caliber of agents current company wasn’t going to support own luxury team within Keller Williams who believe in an environment where their desire to spread their brand outside Realty. sharing, networking and friendship are the Austin city limits. “It just made sense,” says Small, citing widely accepted has been very rewarding Having come the international reach, technology and to watch.” from a boutique resources already established within Jump-starting their brand and getting the KW Luxury Homes International the word out is first on the priority list division as the key benefits for moving. for all 11 agents. There to give them some Lipscomb, a top-producing luxury sound advice: the 40 additional KW agent and member of the newly formed Luxury Homes International members team, agrees. “We wanted to form currently with the Austin Southwest DIANE JOHNSON Team Leader our own luxury boutique agency, but market center. kw MELANIE KENNEMANN Team Leader Keller Williams Realty First Quar ter 2012 • vol. 9 no. 1 outfront 25

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