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Reflection paper rubric


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Reflection paper rubric

  1. 1. PTHS GRADUATION PROJECT REFLECTION PAPER RUBRIC Exceptional Proficient No credit 2 1 0FOCUS Clearly states the purpose of the Implies but does not clearly Does not state or imply the activity. state the purpose of the purpose of the activity. activity. Never diverges from the topic. Diverges from the topic. Never diverges from the topic.CONTENT Demonstrates a thorough self- Demonstrates a reflective Lacks development and self- reflective analysis including a analysis including a summary reflection. summary of the activity supported of the activity supported by by specific and illustrative details. details. Does not include a summary of the activity or has Draws conclusions and makes Draws conclusions and makes insufficient details. connections to future plans. a connection to future plans. Does not make a connection to future plans.ORGANIZATION Presents the reflection in a Presents the reflection in a Presents the reflection in a compelling, highly-organized well-organized manner. poorly organized manner. manner. Includes the following Elements are missing that Includes the following elements: elements: impact understanding: • Attention-getting • Introduction with • No introduction introduction, which thesis statement includes thesis statement • No transitions • Transitions • Effective transitions • No conclusion • Conclusion • Reflective conclusionCONVENTIONS Uses articulate and appropriate Uses appropriate language, Uses slang and language, sophisticated word word choice, sentence unsophisticated word choice. choice, and sentence structure. structure. 4 or more errors in: 0-1 errors in: 2-3 errors in: • Grammar • Grammar • Grammar • Punctuation • Punctuation • Punctuation • Mechanics • Mechanics • MechanicsPassing (score of 4 or higher with NO “no credits” ___________ _____________________ Score Number of “No Credits”