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Course instructor and biography sheet


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Course instructor and biography sheet

  1. 1. Course Instructor: Name: Terry Morriston Email: Emergency email: Office hours: By appointment in person and in the virtual classroom during posted hours Telephone: 724-941-2618 (Cell) Biography: Im the instructor for this course but more importantly Im also a teacher who is creating online instruction for a new course. Youre going to love what you can create for your students in an online course. Im excited about working with you and sharing my enthusiasm for this 21st Century Learning. My personal goal for this course is to help you feel confident and inspired as an online teacher. My philosophy is that we are all learners together—and that’s not just a cliché for me. I expect to learn from you (I’m excited about that) and expect you to learn from each other. Of course, I still have some instructor responsibilities but I see my role more as a coach and facilitator. I recently retired after 34 years in public education. In my “Final Four” years, I was the HS librarian, the Technology Coach, and then the Graduation Project Online Instructor, all for Peters Twp SD. I assisted our district in implementing an online program for our students. I’ve designed professional development workshops for many technology aspects, online and F2F. In my career, I’ve also taught HS English and journalism, owned and managed a restaurant, presented at educational conferences, and taught online professional development for different companies. Last fall I taught EDU505 (Intro to Educational Technology) for Waynesburg. I currently serve as the office manager/bookkeeper for my husband’s company. When Im not working, I like to read and travel. If I had more time, I would like to cook. As it is, I settle for reading cookbooks and eating in restaurants. I just returned from visiting friends in London and Ireland. I also travel extensively with my husband for business. I recently finished reading The Parishioner by Walter Mosley and several Tennessee Williams plays.