Sample career research reflection reflection


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Sample career research reflection reflection

  1. 1. Name 1Student NameGraduation ProjectMarch 16, 2012 Career Research Reflection Lady Bird Johnson once said, “Where flowers bloom so does hope”( What Johnson was trying to say about finding hope, spoke tome about my future. During my research on a career Floral Design, I was able to see my future.With the help of the official government site, Bureau of Labor Statistics (, I wasable to find reliable information about a career in Floral Design. Overall, my electronic researchon Floral Design has helped me see that my career can be something that shows my creative side. In order to be in the Floral Design business I will have to work hard, lift heavy arrangements,cut and arrange flowers for customers in need. Everyday demands of a florist are ever changing.They can work for individuals or corporations creating large and small orders, such as weddings,funerals, arrangements for caters or interior designers. Florists have to work during the week,weekends, and even on holidays. Most florists used to work for individually owned floral shops,but today many are now working in grocery stores or for internet businesses. Many shops hireemployees with a high school diploma and then learn skills on the job. Also, they will hiresomeone with certification in floral design from private floral schools, vocational schools, andcommunity colleges. These courses can be accomplished in one or two year of study. When firsthired, a new employee will start working at the cash register, sweeping floors and deliveringflowers. Advancing in this career is limited. After a few years of being in the business manydesigners will move up to chief floral designer or will choose to open their own shop.Employment in this field is slowly declining, but this also opens up more jobs for those looking
  2. 2. Name 2to moving into this field. One of the reasons many people are leaving this field is the low pay.Also small businesses are suffering due to the competition of the low prices at grocery stores andinternet florist. The average wage for an experienced florist, in May 2008, was $23,230. In thestate of Pennsylvania, the pay is one of the highest in the country for a florist, but there are not asmany job openings in this state. Related jobs that I could look into are Fashion Designer,Graphic Designer, Interior Designer, and Landscape Architects. Organizations to look into formore information about Floral Design are American Institute of Floral Designers and Society ofAmerican Florists. With the help of the official government site, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (, Iam able to get dependable information that will help me understand the Floral Design Career.My next step is to research more on certification in Floral Design and I hope to get to meet andinterview an experienced florist. Now with the research fresh in mind I am able to have a closeridea of what career could be perfect for me.