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Heritage vision


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Heritage vision

Published in: Government & Nonprofit
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Heritage vision

  1. 1. PLANNING FOR COMPRHENSIVE NATURAL AND CULTURAL HERITAGE FOR TASMANIA AND ITS LOCALES Some Thoughts…………….. POLITICAL INTEGRATION Quantify the many values of heritage to facilitate economic, settlement, industrial etc decision making. Motivational, lifestyle, tourism, cultural character, uniqueness etc qualities - what can they sustain? CONSERVATION PLANS Principles in broad state planning may do well with rule of thumb application of the Kerr conservation plan and Burra Charter. A conservation plan for each identifiable heritage element. An element may be a building, a convict road, a natural view or feature, settlement pattern, township locale, an island etc. The following may be some basis for identification of elements and their analysis. 1. GONDWANA The original natural heritage of Tasmanian land, air and waters. Clean, green and somewhat trampled. A conservation plan to value it's icons and well-being provisions interspersed throughout the state. The granite outcrops at Bicheno for example. Ecosystems, beauty, tourism, recreation. Living with a priceless asset. A plan here may well have very significant ramifications on state settlement planning. 2. ABORIGINAL Respect and reconcile applying conservation principles integrally and specifically within the state plan. 3. COLONIAL SETTLEMENT Relate state development and locale development to the colonial story. A plan calling for sensitivity in highway design, simple local heritage items etc. 4. LOCAL GOVERNMENT AND STATE ADMINISTRATIVE RESPONSIBILITY AND OPPORTUNITY Every inch of the state covered by plan. A strategy here may well have very significant ramifications on state settlement planning. 5. DISTINCTIVE LOCALES National Parks, 'the wheat bowl of Australia', townships, Port Arthur etc may all be put under individual conservation plans, even if pragmatic rudimentary plans. 6. SUBURBAN OVERLAY So much is lost under suburbs. Plan to infuse heritage in subdivision planning. Cultural or natural. A rock outcrop which may be insignificant in broad terms becomes significant if it is the best heritage link available to a residential or other area. 7. ECONOMIC PRIORITIES Quantified evaluations for sensible flexible conservation plans. Plan to suit modern development and use interface. 8. A CHARACTER PLAN FOR THE STATE A whole of state conservation plan as a basis for a whole of state character plan as a basis for a whole of state settlement and industrial plan. "Island City" or Hobart and Launceston swallowing the lot….who cares; let's just lay down a plan. N'il illegitimus carborundum. 1 of 1