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Settlemnet plan request


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Settlemnet plan request

Published in: Government & Nonprofit
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Settlemnet plan request

  1. 1. Request for a COMPLETE SETTLEMENT INFRASTRUCTURE & IMPACT PLAN For Tasmania Together The following plans should be expedited as wholistic components of the full vision of Tasmania Together. The plans should be initiated by a cross section of people ranging from local community (local visionary, activist, nomination, issue upholder…) through local government, region, industry, state and federal government and specifically interested persons. The flexible task-specific committee that will be compromised from this selection will be structured to give ultimate say to any local community that is specifically affected by any proposal or any part of the plan. This supports ultimate democratic ownership of locale by locals. Local community is empowered. Individual landowners are not empowered because a substantial community quorum is required to guarantee a cultural consensus. From this administration we can generate these PLANS:-  Broadscale complex resource inventory and land-use plan  Free public access plan (where can we go freely)  A decentralising urban settlement (& urban limitations) plan  Limited impact & landscape character roads, rail, air & sea plan (country road styles compared with dominant highways; helicopters compared with eagles)  Cable, dish, pipes plan  Local community owned public realm planning (including townscape)  Liveability/productivity standards for workplace interiors (stifling fluorescent static plastic offices no more)  Other plans These plans are implemented by one or a number of common shared resource bodies which enables smaller poorer more isolated communities to benefit and consult easily with established expertise and facility. Some of the bodies are established specifically to facilitate small community development. **