Josh MacFadyen, PhD, research profile


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A visual presentation of new research in environment, historical GIS, and digital media, this research profile highlights my recent post-doctoral work.

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Josh MacFadyen, PhD, research profile

  1. 1. new research in environment,historical GIS and digital mediaJosh MacFadyen research, consultation, designJosh MacFadyen,
  2. 2. locating my research and experience environmental history and other geospatial projects mapping frontier crops and land use patterns social and cultural values mapping; climate change adaptation research in early childhood development (RECD) ‘the fertile crescent’ - managing PEI soil and estuaries GeoWatch: Geospatial Workshops in Atlantic Canadian History ‘hewers of wood’ - biomass energy in Eastern Canada
  3. 3. collaborators and clients
  4. 4. Teaching: a Time and a Place  environmental histories of Prince Edward Island, conference at UPEI, Charlottetown, June 2010•co-organized speakersand field trips•taught environmentalhistory
  5. 5. Teaching: GIS for community planning and cultural mapping With ARCIS Patagonia University in Chiloe and the Williche Council of Chiefs Chiloe, Chile, February 2011•international development•liaising with NGOs, local governments,communities, indigenous groups•teaching GIS for socio-cultural valuesmapping•expanding Island Studies programs
  6. 6. Teaching: GeoWATCH Geospatial Workshops in Atlantic Canadian History At the NiCHE Canadian History and Environment Summer School, St. Andrews, NB, May 2011•learning historical GIS•ground-truthingexercises in St Andrewssalt marsh, golf course,& urban landscape
  7. 7. Teaching: GeoWATCH Geospatial Workshops in Atlantic Canadian History At the University of Prince Edward Island, Charlottetown, PE, October 2011•learning historical GIS•ground-truthingexercises in urban land-scape, Charlottetown
  8. 8. Teaching: GeoWATCH Geospatial Workshops in Atlantic Canadian History At Dalhousie University’s College of Sustainability and Department of History, Halifax, NS, October 2011•learning historical GIS•ground-truthing inGrand Pre salt marsh
  9. 9. Teaching: Environmental History Env 309: Environmental History and PEI University of Prince Edward Island’s Environmental Studies Program UPEI, Charlottetown, PE, Fall 2011 trips to saltmarshes, Acadian forest,urban landscapes mobile mapping brings historical land use maps into the field
  10. 10. Coasts socio-cultural values map, Stanhope, PEI under stresstraining people, building capacity•helping communities mapsocial and cultural values•designing tools for climatechange adaptation
  11. 11. Coasts under stresstraining people, building capacity•mobilizing historical data•historical map learning guides taking static maps like this… Malpeque or “Richmond” Bay George Bayfield, 1845
  12. 12. … and producing accessible anddynamic community resources:Malpeque or “Richmond” Bay mobile map of MalpequeGeorge Bayfield, 1845 – on Google Earth coastline showing erosion
  13. 13. identifying long-run changes in coastal… sand dune erosion and reclamation since 1845‘mussel mud’ digging for soil treatment
  14. 14. tracing historical land cover and land use change…
  15. 15. and identifying the roots of disturbance Source: MacFadyen and Glen, forthcoming 2012
  16. 16. making environmental history accessible,interpreting the data for communities mobile map of historic and 1935 topo map, Orwell, PEI, presented as an overlay on Google current woodlots, homes, properties and streams
  17. 17. measuring the early adoption of fossil fuels…
  18. 18. …and the areas that experienced biomass energy shortages Homes and forests, shading = fuel shortage Lot 43, PEI, 1935
  19. 19. urban landscapes, planning, and cultural mappingPanoramic View of Charlottetown, PEI (1878)
  20. 20. urban landscapes, planning, and cultural mapping …by designAerial Oblique , Charlottetown, PEI
  21. 21. thank-you for your interest for more information contact:Josh MacFadyen ,