Strategies In The Global Context


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The slide deck that accompanied the hour and a half talk at IMI, New Delhi on March 03, 2010

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Strategies In The Global Context

  1. 1. Strategies in the Global Context
  2. 2. POP QUIZ Identify the visual that follows...
  3. 3. Most recognized and valuable brand
  4. 4. what is Global?
  5. 5. Market
  6. 6. S S S HQ S S S Subsidiaries as markets, ONLY!
  7. 7. Factory
  8. 8. S S S HQ S S S Respond Locally too
  9. 9. Resource Base
  10. 10. S S S HQ S S S Going International
  11. 11. Arbitrage
  12. 12. Make a profit by simultaneously buying and selling an asset at different prices
  13. 13. AGE Exploration Industrial Network Nature of Trading Manufacturing Processing Business High Value- Low Value- High Value- Nature of Assets Added Added Tangibles Added Tangibles Intangibles Global resource Control of Physical and Value Creation arbitrage and Physical Assets Financial Assets KM Integrated Organizations Trading (Horizontal and Global Networks Vertical) Adapted from Global Competitive Advantage in a Networked World by Mohan Sawhney
  14. 14. “ The Network is the Computer. adv anta ge ”
  15. 15. the GlobalFIRm
  16. 16. Different relationship among different subsidiaries S Different relationship between S each subsidiary and HQ S HQ S S Different structure at each S subsidiary
  17. 17. Crystal Ball Gazing
  18. 18. 1 Geographically differentiated networks instead of subsidiaries
  19. 19. 2 Each geographical network will have strong market facing capability
  20. 20. 3 More reliance on partners for non-core activities
  21. 21. 4 Culture, Brand and Processes will be the New Glue!
  22. 22. THE PLAYERS Not Firms but Networks
  23. 23. THE ARENA Not Product Markets but Future Possibilities
  24. 24. THE WINNER Not Market Share but Market Influence
  25. 25.