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Connectedness Gets Personal - Adam Lavelle - iCrossing


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"Connectedness Gets Personal" as presented by Adam Lavelle, Chief Strategy Officer, iCrossing on March 7, 2012.

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Connectedness Gets Personal - Adam Lavelle - iCrossing

  1. 1. connectedness gets personal adam lavelle, chief strategy officer iCrossing client summit 2012
  2. 2. Connectedness
  3. 3. Connected marketing is an evolution Connected Coordinated eBusiness Marketing Marketing 3.0 Value to the Business Channel Transactional Integrated Optimizers Marketing Marketing 2.0 Brochureware Consistency Digital 1.0 Marketing “Experiences” Value to the Audience
  4. 4. Its art meets science
  5. 5. Its mad meets math
  6. 6. and it all happens
  7. 7. in a moment
  8. 8. What is a moment?moment – (physics): a tendency to produce motion, esp rotation about a point or axis
  9. 9. owning the moment
  10. 10. Which moments are worth owning? Exploring Point of Sale Use of Product Advocacy/WOM First Second ThirdAdvertisin Moment Moment Moment g of Truth of Truth of Truth The online The 3-7 seconds When you What you say to decision-making when you are experience others about the moment(s) staring at the the product product products on the shelf Jim Lecinski,, A.G. Lafley, A.G. Lafley, Pete Blackshaw, Google P&G P&G Nestle
  11. 11. Source: Forrester
  12. 12. Source: Forrester
  13. 13. deconstructing a moment
  14. 14. Looking ‘inside’ a moment Where is the moment being experienced? Who is experiencing the moment and who is providing it? What is the ‘stuff’ being offered up? What intelligence is used to tailor the moment, and what data is gathered? How is this connected to other moments in the audience’s experience?
  15. 15. making the moments matter
  16. 16. Buying attention alone is not sustainable When bought media ‘goes dark’ there is no conversation between the brand and the audience Attention Launch End Launch End Time
  17. 17. Bought, earned, owned build value * To succeed, earned and owned have to be always-on Bought Attention End Bought Launch End Bought End Launch Earned & Owned * Launc h Time
  18. 18. content
  19. 19. Leveraging the content continuum
  20. 20. Embracing the increase in ‘creation velocity’
  21. 21. Managing the connected marketing ecosystem
  22. 22. data
  23. 23. The science of matching content to audience • Demographic Markers • Psychographic Markers • Media Exposures • Search History • Site Behavior Audiences • Social Graph Context • Competitors • Brands • Devices • Channels Content • Socio-economics • Media • Categories • Semantics • Lifespan • User Generated
  24. 24. The DMP is the emerging hub of digital
  25. 25. Audience profiling in real timeStyle & Fashion -> Clothing & Accessories -> Accessories -> JewelryStyle & Fashion -> Clothing & Accessories -> Clothing -> Vintage ClothingNews & Media -> Fashion MagazinesStyle & Fashion -> Fashion -> Fashion NewsStyle & Fashion -> Clothing & Accessories -> Accessories -> Jewelry (I.S.=3.75)Style & Fashion -> Clothing & Accessories -> Clothing -> Vintage Clothing (I.S.=2.83)Arts & Entertainment -> Recreation -> City Guides -> Los Angeles (I.S.=5.4)TargusInfo: Female; Exelate: Age 30-35, Travel Enthusiast;Bizo: Senior Executive, Business TravelerHigh Net WorthElle Subscriber – expires 2012/3/31Fashion AddictRenewal Ready
  26. 26. Audience data provides benefits to the marketer Audience Reach Audience Analytics (Brand Focus) (Attribution) Anne Status: ? Status: Frequent Visitor Performance Data Alliances Age: ? Age: 21-38, HHI: $100K+ (Direct Response) (Cooperative) Lifestyle: ? Lifestyle: Mover & Shaker Life Stage: ? Life Stage: Expected Mom DMA: ? DMA: New York Intent:? Intent: Auto, Luxury Travel• Securely collects, integrates, and analyzes the entire data portfolio• Models data into custom audience segments• Segments that are actionable in real time
  27. 27. We provide an extremely flexible platform Integrated Data Portfolio Marketing Platforms Website Data • Ad Servers • Inventory/Yield Optimizers • Content Management Mobile Data • Site Personalization • Creative Optimization Digital Data • Ad Networks/DSPs e.g. Email, Search • Mobile Networks • Ad Exchanges/SSPs • Data warehouses Offline Data e.g. CRM, POS Analytic & Insight Data Monetization Social & Life Data • Data Exchange e.g. Registration, etc. • Private Exchanges 3rd Party Data Sales Marketing Ops
  28. 28. moments are personal
  29. 29. let’s own your moments
  30. 30. thank you.