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A Post Event Survey Tool that Actually Tells You How You're Doing

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A Post Event Survey Tool that Actually Tells You How You're Doing

  2. 2. MEET MARK BREWSTER.... After spending quite a few years working in the exhibition industry and then with a leading research firm in the UK, Mark Brewster took notice of a major need for accurate post-event data. Even the biggest of trade shows in the UK were not acquiring valuable data through post-mortem surveys distributed to respondents.
  3. 3. CEO of Explori “I had a unique view of the research landscape for tradeshows. I was able to identify that there was a comparatively small number of events that felt they could justify and afford spending quite a few thousands of pounds/dollars on agency research services in order to have a very professional level of post-research to understand the performance of the event for visitors and exhibitors and how to respond to the feedback in order to improve the event experience,."
  4. 4. Brewster found that many event organizers faced low budgets for post-event research, and this forced them to turn to poorly designed surveys with lackluster questions. The problem with these surveys was that respondents were not participating or engaging in the survey, leaving event and tradeshow organizers with little information on how to improve their shows.
  5. 5. In 2012, Brewster developed a solution to this problem: a survey software program that works for any company—whether small or large —through the purchasing of an Explori license per event.
  6. 6. Run through the Cloud, Explori enables licensed companies to tailor as many surveys as they would like per licensed event using a point-and-click system. The program provides an assortment of survey templates that have been professionally designed. Additionally, sample questions are available for use, but can be changed based on the information provided by the user.
  7. 7. “Explori really critically delivers very powerful benchmarking so our customers have a massive advantage over those without benchmarking. They actually get to connect to the real-time performance standards for the industry, which is a shared collective intelligence that all of our customers contribute to and benefit from in such a way that we don’t compromise our customer’s confidentiality,” TAB 1 TAB 2 TAB 3 CONFIDENTIAL
  8. 8. “When respondents see a well-designed survey, it gives them the confidence that results are going to be used to make improvements." - Sophie Brown, Chief Marketing Officer More reliable data comes from a technical design that has a built-in email system, which prompts “extremely good deliverability rates.” Explori offers training for their clients, which allows them to become more effective at sending surveys by virtue of the best practices the company encourages them to use. Explori users tend to find that more surveys are being completed, allowing for better data.
  9. 9. “This is the only system in the world that delivers benchmarking performance,” says Brewster. Explori allows users to analyze results and plan for the following year. Analysis tools allow for comparing most recent results with previous years surveyed in the Explori system, sizing up event results against industry standards, and keeping benchmark data at your fingertips
  10. 10. “Being able to compare apples with apples is what makes the data tell you a much richer story.”
  11. 11. Explori is a full enterprise feedback system and costs $775 pounds per license and per cycle, which for most users, means per year. Since its launch, over half a million surveys have been completed using the Explori software.
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