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Amu Dealing W Dissat Cust Lo Res

Presentation for retail store trade show about how to deal with dissatisfied customers.

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Amu Dealing W Dissat Cust Lo Res

  1. 1. Americas Mart University 6/18/2009 Learning Objectives Dealing with Dissatisfied Customers Understand what causes customer dissatisfaction. Identify what’s behind a customer’s attitude. y Learn techniques for handling different types of challenging customers. Practice dealing with difficult situations. Presented by Lynne Peer Peer Resource Group © 2003 Treeline Training/Published by HRDQ Customer Situations Customer Service Hall of SHAME When was the last time you were delighted as a customer? What happened? How did you feel? What Wh action did you take? i k ? When was the last time you were disappointed as a customer? What happened? How did you feel? MSN Money survey 7,724 people What action did you take? Customer Service Hall of FAME What Aspect of Customer Service is Most Important? MSN Survey of 7,724 People BEST Companies Marriott What do the best Nordstrom companies do? Feature Rating Rate Your Store 1- 5 (5 highest) Amazon Knowledgeable staff 35% Why do people rate Readily available staff 34% Knowledgeable staff Hilton/Hampton p them the highest? Readily R dil available staff il bl t ff Google Flexible policies for 13% return/exchange of merchandise Flexible on returns and Auto Zone How do they make exchanges Whole Foods customers feel? Friendly staff 12% Friendly staff Staples None -- product is all that matters 2% Product line Kroger Not sure 1% Costco Other 3% Sheraton | 5 Ridge Rd. | Beaufort, SC 29907 | 843.597.2233 c | 843.525.9181 1
  2. 2. Americas Mart University 6/18/2009 Major Customer Dissatisfaction Major Customer Dissatisfaction Causes in all Industries Causes in all Industries Lack of communication Promises not delivered between the parties when Treated like they are unimportant there is a claim/dispute Service that was rude and inefficient Defective or inferior Conflicting messages from employees products Feeling that the business is taking Feeling of being dismissed or discounted by a advantage of them in some way company’s employees Misinformation from an employee Business integrity or Delays and long waits honesty that was questionable. Causes of Dissatisfaction The Psychology Customer Behavior in Your Store? Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Cause of Dissatisfaction How to Handle? Self-actualization personal growth and fulfilment 1. Product didn’t perform as expected. 2. Can’t find product needed. Esteem Needs achievement, status, responsibility achievement status responsibility, reputation 3. Customer did not get the service expected. Belongingness and Love Needs family, affection, relationships, work group, etc. 4. 5. Safety Needs protection, security, order, law, limits, stability, etc. 6. 7. Biological and Physiological Needs basic life needs - air, food, drink, shelter, warmth, sex, sleep, etc. 8. 9. ©1954 Abraham Maslow; 2001 Alan Chapman – diagram What Motivates Customer Behavior What Motivates Customer Behavior Physiological Needs Safety Needs Self-actualization Self-actualization Esteem Needs : Are the goods durable? Esteem Needs : Is the business safe? Belongingness and Love needs Belongingness and Love needs Safety Needs Are the prices fair? Safety Needs Are the business hours Biological and Physiological Needs Does the company offer Biological and Physiological Needs convenient for me? warranties and What happens if I need guarantees on products to speak to someone and services? after hours? Will the product be harmful to me or to my environment? | 5 Ridge Rd. | Beaufort, SC 29907 | 843.597.2233 c | 843.525.9181 2
  3. 3. Americas Mart University 6/18/2009 What Motivates Customer Behavior What Motivates Customer Behavior Social Needs Esteem Needs Self-actualization Are the employees Self-actualization Esteem Needs : friendly? Esteem Needs : Do the employees treat Belongingness and Love needs Do I feel comfortable as a Belongingness and Love needs me as an individual? Safety Needs Safety Needs Biological and Physiological Needs customer? Biological and Physiological Needs Do the employees Do th D other people I k l know appreciate my business? use these products and Will I gain status using services? their product or service? Will having this product be Will others recognize that I positive to my family and made a good decision friends? purchasing this product? What Motivates Customer Behavior Self-Actualization Needs Types of Dissatisfied Customers Self-actualization Esteem Needs : How will this product add Belongingness and Love needs value to my experience? Safety Needs Is the company willing to Rude or Aggressive Customer Biological and Physiological Needs customize this product to p Argumentative Customer suit my particular situation? Angry Customer How will using this product Unhappy Customer help me gain status? Will using this product help me make a difference in the world? Dealing with a Rude Dealing with Rudeness or Aggressive Customer The customer says “Seems like my special orders Remain calm. Remind yourself that the never come in on time. Can’t you do a better job person is angry at the situation usually, scheduling?” and not you personally. Lower your voice, even if he gets louder. You answer: Talk at a normal pace. “Mrs. Johnson, we pride ourselves on paying If he uses abusive language or makes attention to detail and want to please you. negative statements about you or your Unfortunately, we did not receive this product from company, say, “I understand that you our supplier, but I have called to find out when we are upset, but using that language will can expect to receive it. not help us get this resolved.” . | 5 Ridge Rd. | Beaufort, SC 29907 | 843.597.2233 c | 843.525.9181 3
  4. 4. Americas Mart University 6/18/2009 Dealing with Rudeness The Argumentative Customer The customer says, “ I can’t believe how ignorant Even though your first instinct may be to you people are. I asked a question and got a shrug. argue back, it’s better to try these techniques: Does anybody know anything here?” Speak softly. S k ftl Your answer:_____________________________ Ask the person’s opinion. Probe to make _______________________________________ sure you fully understand their concerns. _______________________________________ Concentrate on points of agreement. _______________________________________ _______________________________________ Excuse yourself if you become angry and ask for someone to take over if it would be beneficial to the situation. The Angry Customer Dealing with Anger Address the anger first. Nothing will progress until the negative emotion is reduced. Keep your emotions in check. They’re delivering two 1. 1 Let the customer vent vent. messages: 2. Acknowledge the customer’s ~ The facts dissatisfaction. 3. Apologize, if appropriate. ~ The feelings 4. Ask questions to fully What can you do with this type customer? understand the issues. 5. Make a statement about finding a resolution. Dealing with an Argumentative Dealing with an Angry Customer or Angry Customer 1. Watch your tone of voice. 2. Be sympathetic “When I called you said you had these products in 3. Don’t make promises you can’t keep. stock. Now, I come down here and can’t find 4. 4 Analyze the problem. Make sure you fully problem anything I wanted What’s your problem?” wanted. What s problem? understand the complete situation. Ask if there are other issues. Your Response:___________________________ 5. Stress what you CAN do, not what you ________________________________________ can’t do. ________________________________________ 6. Negotiate a solution. ________________________________________ 7. Follow through. | 5 Ridge Rd. | Beaufort, SC 29907 | 843.597.2233 c | 843.525.9181 4
  5. 5. Americas Mart University 6/18/2009 The Unhappy Customer Dealing with an Unhappy Customer Create a relaxing environment by being calm and understanding. Isn’t pleased with the Be patient and be a good listener. service he’s received. Isn t Isn’t happy about the Let the customer fully explain the situation without interrupting product. him/her to offer an excuse. Feels he/she was misled about product. Answer all their questions in a kind manner. Offer suggestions for resolving the situation. Dealing with an Unhappy Customer Phrasing and the Difference it Makes “I washed this sweater according to directions Instead of this Say This and look what happened.” It’s our policy. We’ve found that the best way to handle this situation is to … Did you…..? When will you be able to …? You answer:___________________________ We can’t do that. Boy, that’s a tough one. Let’s see what we _____________________________________ can do to find an alternate solution. _____________________________________ I don’t know…. That’s a good question. Let me check and find out. _____________________________________ You didn’t do… We need for you to…...because…… Phrasing and the Difference it Makes Practice Dealing with Situations Instead of this Say This You’ll have to…. Would it be convenient to…? You Y need t d to…. If you would….. ld Hold please. I’ll be It may take me some time to get right back. that information. Are you able to hold or shall I call you back? “No” used at the start We aren’t able to…, but we can…. of any sentence. I’m sorry, we are unable to…. | 5 Ridge Rd. | Beaufort, SC 29907 | 843.597.2233 c | 843.525.9181 5
  6. 6. Americas Mart University 6/18/2009 Turning Difficult Customers Around In Closing Understand what causes customer dissatisfaction. Identify what’s behind a customer’s attitude. Learn techniques for handling different types of What has worked for you? challenging customers customers. Practice dealing with difficult situations. Selling is all about relationships and proper handling of dissatisfied customers can actually build customer loyalty. Our goal should be to create customers for life. Thank You for Your Participation Marketing, Communications and Technical Writing ▪ Corporate Universities, Instructional Design and Training ▪ Human Resources and Change Management ▪ Business Development and Sales | 5 Ridge Rd. | Beaufort, SC 29907 | 843.597.2233 c | 843.525.9181 6