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Trade show techology trends

This presentation by Michelle Bruno covers 3 emerging technology trends that will impact the trade show industry as well as the micro trends (mobile, virtual, social) that continue to affect exhibitions.

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Trade show techology trends

  1. 1. Trade Show TechnologyTrends You Need to Know About By Michelle Bruno, MPCBruno Group Signature Events
  2. 2. Key Learning Points 3 macro technology trends that will affect the trade show industry: Big Data, Social Discovery, Social Collaboration Micro technology trends within trade shows: mobile, social and virtual platforms Framework for making better technology decisions
  3. 3. Macro Trend: Big Data“…one of the most exciting parts of the LinkedIn platform and the LinkedIn ecosystem is that the more members we attract, the more deeply they become engaged, the more data is being generated. And that data can be leveraged to create more relevant experiences for our members and better return on investment for our customers. Data really powers everything that we do.”—Jeff Weiner, LinkedIn
  4. 4. Behind the Scenes at Reed Expo’s New Pricing Initiative Booth space pricing model was flawed Customer insight revealed that exhibitors will pay more if they have a choice on location, attributes, timing, price Price-conscious exhibitors will accept less amenities for lower price New sales strategy based on value not volume Customer value choices improved profit
  5. 5. Behind the Scenes at Reed Expo’s New Pricing Initiative Improved Revenue Enhanced Opportunities Customer Value Improved Product Development Customer Understanding Nancy Walsh, Executive VP Reed Exhibitions, North America
  6. 6. Hanley Wood’s Search for Insight
  7. 7. Hanley Wood’s Search forInsight Analysis of survey, registration, travel/housing data Broader picture of “who the audience is, what they say they want and what they are really doing” Looking at: ◦ Acquisition source ◦ Retention rate ◦ Engagement across channels ◦ Sentiment ◦ Unmet needs and opportunities. Using MS Excel and Access
  8. 8. Macro Trend: Social Discovery ”The world of strangers we live in ischanging this (local tech) is going tobe like a new 6th sense that we allhave, and wonder how we livedwithout."
~ Paul Davison, Highlight
  9. 9. Macro Trend: Social Collaboration“I think we’re going to look back at thisas the age of collaboration and theacceleration of problem solving.” ~Tiffany Shlain, Filmmaker &
  10. 10. Outdoor Retailer Collective Voice
  11. 11. Outdoor Retailer Collective Voice Online forum for OR stakeholders (invitation only) to discuss relocation, show growth Several thousand registrants 300 comments Participants given all data to make informed comments Results late 2012/early 2013 Model for decision-making in the future
  12. 12. Outdoor Retailer Collective Voice “Coming into this industry, I was a bit surprised at the secretive nature of decision making. I thought it was something that needed to be changed. One of my roles here is to change that model so that the trade show is not seen as a necessary evil. We want to be a partner that is tuned into the micro details of the industry. Our goal is to be be as transparent as we can, show a human face and be a willing partner.” --Kenji Haroutunian, VP, Nielsen Expositions Outdoor Group
  13. 13. Micro Trends in Event Mobile QR Code Readers SoLoMo (Social Local Mobile) Game Layer Augmented Reality Interactive floor plans
  14. 14. Micro Trends in Event Mobile Mobile payments/ticketing/registration HTML5 Detailed analytics Heat mapping Using GPS in phones to locate contacts Bluetooth-style advertising at booths
  15. 15. Micro Trends in Event Social Media Pinterest Video Community formation/management Social kiosks Digital media coverage of events Content Marketing
  16. 16. Social KiosksSocialPoint PhotoPoint TouchPoint Station Station Station m/explore-socialpoint-options/
  17. 17. Digital Media Coverage of Events
  18. 18. Content Marketing
  19. 19. Content Marketing m/2011/12/2012-b2b-content- marketing-research/
  20. 20. Micro Trends in Virtual Events Use Case Expansion Mobile Usage Gamification as a game layer, not individual games Social broadcasting Monetization models emerging
  21. 21. Convergence ofMobile/Social/Virtual
  22. 22. Convergence of Mobile/Social/Virtual Most event guide apps come with social functionality already Now virtual platforms are moving more vigorously toward mobile extensions “Meetings in a Box” will become “Meetings on Your Mobile”
  23. 23. Challenges of Technology Proliferation Growing demand for technology expertise within organizations Skyrocketing demand for Wi-Fi on trade show floor Huge need for strategies around technology selection Integration of multiple platforms and apps
  24. 24. Framework for Trade Show Technology Selection Objectives Integration Pains Budget
  25. 25. New Set of Objectives for Trade Show Organizers Event experiences that reflect the new preferences and behaviors of stakeholders Frictionless trade shows Environment that capitalizes on the unique qualities of a face-to-face experience Recognition that trade show is only one point on the continuum of engagement with a community
  26. 26. Contact Info:Michelle Bruno, MPCmichelle@brunogroup.comForkInTheRoadBlog.comBrunogroup.comTwitter: Bruno Group Signature Events