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A visual summary of the EventTechBrief.com article, "The Power of Two Feet" about Energy Floors, a company which produces flooring for events which can convert energy into electricity.
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EventTechBrief.com | The Power of Two Feet

  1. 1. The TWO FEET POWER OF It's not what you're thinking Brought to you by: EventTechBrief.com
  2. 2. Imagine yourself at a party where there is a dance floor, booming speakers, and bouncing lights casting shadows off of the dancers. You step onto the floor and look downto realize that beneathyour feet isglowing light.Witheachmovement youmake, the lights below you react, moving and changing shape and color right along with you. This image sounds like something right out of a fantasy novel—but in fact, it is an element of events and parties provided by... Energy Floors
  3. 3. Sustainable Dance Floor is the world’s first energy-generating dance floor, it converts human footfall into electricity. These floors react to a person’s footfall by illuminating their path with LED lights. When a person steps on the floor, it flexes slightly, creating a movement that is being transformed into electrical power by a small internal generator. The floor modules are each 75x75x20 cm*, and can produce up to 35 watts of sustained output.
  4. 4. “We believe that the consciousness about energy is very important for the creation of a sustainable world,” says Energy Floor marketing communications representative Sabrina Albrecht, adding that the main goal of Energy Floors is to create awareness about energy production and consumption by making it interactive, fun, and relatable on a human scale.
  5. 5. Energy Floors is making a splash in the event technology world—especially at those events seeking to offer valuable entertainment experiences and address the issue of sustainability. Where to use Energy Floors Energy Floors has experienced success at: Corporate Events Festivals Club Tours Trade Fairs Museum Exhibitions Auto Shows
  6. 6. The Sustainable Energy Floor can convert human footsteps into electrical energy with an efficiency of 50% This product finds its place at events where walking aroundisthemainobjective,andadancepartyisnota part of the itinerary.
  7. 7. COST Like many products, the price of incorporating Energy Floors into an event varies depending on the user’s needs. Sabrina says that customers can opt to either purchase the floors or rent them if they are interested in one-time use. Average costs are: Sustainable Dance Floor SDF (75x75 cm): between 2,000 Euro** and 2,750 Euro depending on the order quantity. Sustainable Energy Floor SEF (75x75 cm): between 500 Euro and 1,700 Euro per tile, depending on the interactivity and order quantity. To rent either SDF or SEF: 60 Euro - 70 Euro per tile per day
  8. 8. EventTechBrief.com Read the full article: http://bit.ly/1l8G0mK Subscribe: http://bit.ly/1zN8v3q Visual Summary brought to you by: