FINDUS Horsemeat Scandal 2013


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What happened with the popular Findus Beef Lasagne that evolved into a global crisis

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FINDUS Horsemeat Scandal 2013

  1. 1. Crisis Management labPanteion UniversityAdvertising & Public Relations LAB3/26/13 1Crisis management
  2. 2. Findus Horsemeat Scandal 2013
  3. 3. ABOUT FindusFrozen food brand1st sold in Sweden in 19451962 – 2000 owned by NESTLEAs of 2013 Findus Group owns Findus brand inmost European countries
  4. 4. ABOUT FindusFINDUS produces ready meals, peas andcrispy Pancakes and supplies big-namesuper markets in Europe.A firm fixture in the UK for more than 50 yearsThe company had global sales of morethan 1bn$ in 2011
  5. 5. INVOLVEMENT IN THE HORSEMEAT SCANDALOn 7 February 2013, it was revealed that theFindus beef lasagne range in the UK,France and Sweden and the shepherd΄spies and moussaka contained horsemeat without proper declaration.
  6. 6. INVOLVEMENT IN THE HORSEMEAT SCANDALOut of 18 products 11tested positive for horsemeat.
  7. 7. Beef lasagnes contained100%horse meat.
  8. 8. INVOLVEMENT IN THE HORSEMEAT SCANDALIn the case of beef lasagnes, Findusannounced that had supplied the meat by aFrench company (Spanghero).
  9. 9. INVOLVEMENT IN THE HORSEMEAT SCANDALThe horsemeat came from a Romanianproducer via the french meat-processingfirm Spanghero.The ready meals were all produced inLuxembourg by French supplier Comigel.
  11. 11. Findus Group SCANDALHITUnited KingdomFranceSwedenIrelandRomania+ (Maybe 11 EU countries)
  12. 12. HOW DID FINDUS DEAL WITH IT?04/02/13 : The company was alerted by a thirdparty French supplier.It ran DNA tests on its beef lasagne products. The results: over than 1/2 of tested productscontained horse tissue.
  13. 13. HOW DID FINDUS DEAL WITH IT?Findus UK withdrew all products related to thethird party supplier “Comigel” as a precaution.Findus said the product was manufactured bya third party supplier and not by Findus. Thefrozen food company said all its other productshad been tested and were not affected.
  14. 14. HOW DID FINDUS DEAL WITH IT?08/02/13: Findus UK published a publicapology ontheir website.
  15. 15. HOW DID FINDUS DEAL WITH IT?"We understand this is a very sensitive subjectfor consumers and we would like to reassureyou we have reacted immediately. We do notbelieve this to be a food safety issue.’’
  16. 16. HOW DID FINDUS DEAL WITH IT?"We are confident that we have fully resolvedthis supply chain issue.’’"We would like to take this opportunity toapologize to our customers for anyinconvenience caused."
  17. 17. HOW DID FINDUS DEAL WITH IT?Findus UK announced that the 320, 350and 500 gram packages of Findus BeefLasagne were affected,and the companyoffered a refund forproducts purchased.
  18. 18. HOW DID FINDUS DEAL WITH IT?In Sweden, Findus announced a recall of its375 gram packs with code 63957 &released a contact number for customerswho had already purchased the products.
  19. 19. HOW DID FINDUS DEAL WITH IT?Findus Nordic begun legal action againstComigel and its subsuppliers.Findus Nordic CEOJari Latvanen saidSunday in aninterview with CNN."Comigel is thevillain.’’
  20. 20. HOW DID FINDUS DEAL WITH IT?Findus said that early results of an internalinvestigation shows that the horse meatcontamination of a beef lasagne product"was not accidental"
  21. 21. COMIGELComigel has not responded to CNNs requestsfor comment & it took its website down,posting a sign that it is "under construction”.On 21/02/13 Comigel made a statement on itsWebsite and called itself “a victim of a fraud’’.
  22. 22. THE SOCIAL MEDIA EFFECTNO Twitter account.Several tweetsfrom disappointedconsumers orfunny, negativeand offensivecomments fromUsers.
  23. 23. THE SOCIAL MEDIA EFFECTOn Findus Facebook Page: many negativecomments and posts from users.The company is interactive and answers toquestions and comments.
  24. 24. BUT..No Facebook for UK or USA citizens so therearen’t English posts or comments people can’t be informed
  25. 25. On 8/03/13 Findus posted a video on Facebookand a link from the official Findus site with a publicstatement.The person talking is the Chef of Findus of 22 years.He apologizes for what happened and ensures theconsumers for the quality of company’s products.Additional, through this video, Findus invites 1,500consumers to Bjuv to show what happens whenFindus cooks.
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  27. 27. SOURCES
  28. 28. THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIMEAlexou MirellaAlevropoulou AlexiaDimitrakopoulou AikateriniPapantonopoulos GiannisPappa StellaMania Xenou, Instructor, CEO at Reliant CommunicationsBetty Tsakarestou, Assistant Professor, Head of Adv. & PR LabCrisis management 32