The Horsemeat Scandal : Germany by 4bidden


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The Horsemeat Scandal : Germany by 4bidden

  1. 1. Advertising And PR LabCrisis Management• Presentation of what was said in the two mostwell-known German newspapers (Die Zeit,ZDF) about the horsemeat scandal. Qualityanalysis of the articles: were objectively orsubjectively? Did they present simply the factsor wanted to make a comment about them?February 2013
  2. 2. The horsemeat scandalGERMANY
  3. 3. Presenting the most important facts of the ongoinghorsemeat scandal in question form:• How did it start?The scandal broke out in the UK and Ireland when inspectors found traces ofhorsemeat in beef patties.• What products are affected?Frozen beef patties on the shelves of Aldi, Lidl,Tengelmann containunlabeled horsemeat.• What is so worrying about the horse meat?The meat is not itself threatening to health, but the worryingpart is that the meat was not labeled, which is an exploitationof consumers’ trust.
  4. 4. •How did the horse meat go tomarket?
  5. 5. • Was this illegally producedmeat old or infected withdangerous bacteria?Inspectors did not find any threateningbacteria in the horsemeat.• Under which circumstances isit ok for the horse meat to beprocessed as normal food?The health department lawsapply also to horsemeat, justlike in any other kind of meat.• Does this horse meatcorrespond to health laws?It is not clear yet. Chances are that itdoes not, because regularly goodquality horsemeat is far moreexpensive.
  6. 6. Quality Analysis of Die Zeit Articles• Pure recording of events• Objective1. No politics against other countries2. No exaggeration• Lacking emotionThe only emotional aspects1. The repeated fact that the phenomenon is wide-spreadthrough Europe (Everyone is in danger)2. Exploitation of consumer (the fact that it was not labeled ashorsemeat)
  7. 7. • Wrong registered horsemeat found ingoulash tortellini and ravioli in leadingfinancial supermarket.Aldi,Lidl,Tengelmann• Hundreds of packages are destroyed• Withdrawal of products becameproactive because of the solicitationof suppliers.• Spokesperson of Aldi said that theircompany responded immediately andchecked the victim products.
  8. 8. • LIDL : stopped the sale of pasta products• Proceeded to withdraw these products from the shelves.Producer: Gusto Gmbh , German company whichmanufacturing products with horsemeat and exported toAustria.• Spokesperson of Fabian Fusseis in Austria :it is possible thatthere will be other products with horsemeat• At Kaiser’s Tengelmann, Real und Edeka also found productswith horsemeat.• The EU decided in Brusselswith representatives from 27states to investigate the mattermoving on genetic tests.Until the end of March thegovernment agencies have toExamine 2.250 beef products.
  9. 9. • Suspicion: Illegal slaughter horses• The French government has identified a culprit:The French company Spanghero knew that sellinghorsemeat instead of beef. The Spanghero beenreceived this meat from Romania and thensupplied the French company Comigel in Metz.• Comigel has around 4.5 million ready meals withhorse meat which built the company spangero.Supplied at least 28 companies in 13 Europeancountries.• Spanghero withdrew the operating license.
  10. 10. Quality Analysis of 2DF Articles• News report• Objective• Lack of emotionOther Countries• RumaniaWhere the meat is from.• FranceThe franchises that did not see itcoming.
  11. 11. Sources• - Discounter findenPferd in Gulasch Tortelloni und Ravioli• - Die wichtigsten Faktenzum Pferdefleisch-Betrug
  12. 12. • Teachers:Mrs. Betty Tsakarestou & Mrs. Maria Xenou• Students’ Team 4bidden:Alexandra Alivizatou, Lioubi Karageorgou,Daphne Alexiadou, Corina Papantoniou, IosifPapadopoulos, Christianna Tsoufi, EleannaVogiatzaki