Reading for personal growth


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Reading for personal growth

  1. 1. IntroductionSuccessful Business and Professional peoplespend much of their time reading all types of material, books, magazines, notices,bulletins, reports, memorandums, letters thatprovide essential information to perform their jobs. Therefore, the greater your reading skill, the better equipped you will be to succeed in your chosen career.
  2. 2. Purpose-Reading TechniqueWhen you determine why you are reading a piece of information, youcan better determine how you should read.Purposes of Reading-Reading for pleasure-Reading for Specific information-Reading to absorb information-Reading for accuracy
  3. 3. READING FOR PLEASUREWhen reading for pleasure, you do not needto absorb every detail, remember every fact or read critically. You can read novels, biographies or magazines at a rapid rate.
  4. 4. When looking for specific material,we should visually jump over largeportions or we move our eyes rapidlydown a page to make a best use ofour time.
  5. 5. Students are required to read to absorb information. We read for meaning andremember what we read. We take time to absorb and digest the information.
  6. 6. When we read for accuracy, we requireconcentration and attention. Most people do this type of reading on their jobs. Carefulreading is required to verify invoices, letters, memos.
  7. 7. To improve our reading skills, we need to: check if our eyes are in good condition. after reading for a lot of time, we need to rotate our eyes slowly or look to the distance or close our eyes for a few minutes. Indirect lighting and no glaring light bulbs for reading. Sit comfortably and in a well ventilated room free from distracting sounds or sights.
  8. 8. The purpose of reading also determine the speed.Suggestions:-Read in “Units of thoughts”, Read the entire phrase-Keep eyes moving from left to rightKeep lips and tongue motionless-Read word beginnings-Keep building vocabulary-Constantly Practice
  9. 9. The suggestions to improve reading comprehension as well as the ability to remember something are:-Think as you read: relate what is read to what is known. Become a participant in the reading by asking yourselves questions.
  10. 10. Highlight or underline important words, phrases or passages. Make notes in the margins or in a notebook. Use your own words to summarize the main idea.
  11. 11. To reread and Review depends on the difficulty and the use you plan to give to the material. First, we need to read carefully, and then we skim quickly.