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  1. 1. Lavender Tea<br />熏衣草茶<br /><br />
  2. 2. 熏衣草是一种馥郁的紫蓝色的小花,学名为Lavandulapedunculata,是原产在地中海沿岸的灌木,属紫苏科、唇形花科,<br />Lavender源至拉丁文:lavare意为“洗涤”。香气浓郁,具有令人安宁镇静,洁净身心之功效,又被称为“宁静的香水植物”。<br />熏衣草是香草植物中的紫色皇后; 世界最知名的薰衣草产地是法国的普罗旺斯与日本北海道的富良野。<br />Lavender (Lavandula) is such a romantic flower that every gardener sooner or later succumbs to the urge to grow it. Undeterred by the fact that it is a native of the Mediterranean and a lover of dry, sunny, rocky habitats,<br /><br />
  3. 3. Usedas an antiseptic and for mental health purposes. <br />used for conditions such as anxiety, restlessness, insomnia, and depression. <br />used for headache, upset stomach, and hair loss. <br /><br />
  4. 4. 薰衣草红茶材料: 红茶1/2匙、薰衣草1/2匙、热开水180cc、冰糖少许做法: 1. 将红茶和薰衣草放入茶壶内,注入热开水,闷泡3分钟。2. 将茶水倒入预先温热过的茶杯内,加入冰糖调匀,即可饮用。健康私语:薰衣草的功效可多了呢!它不但可以消除疲劳、治疗头痛,还能促进新陈代谢以及镇定情绪。P.S. 泡澡的时候饮用薰衣草红茶,有种说不出的舒畅感受,大家不妨试试看<br />熏衣草茶适合搭配玫瑰花茶、金盏花茶、鼠尾草茶、洋甘菊茶、菩提子茶、紫罗兰茶、薄荷茶、茶等。 <br />。<br /><br />
  5. 5. 柠檬薰衣草茶<br />(薰衣草,柠檬片,蜂蜜,水) 原料:<br />薰衣草15克,柠檬片,蜂蜜20克 制法:<br />1、将薰衣草用开水冲泡开。 2、在薰衣草茶内加入蜂蜜、柠檬片,搅拌均匀即可。 <br /><br />
  6. 6. 薄荷薰衣草茶<br /> 薰衣草,柠檬,薄荷叶,按1;1;1放入  材料:薰衣草3克,薄荷叶3~5片。<br />作法:1、杯子先用热水温热。、杯中依序放入薰衣草、柠檬草和薄荷叶。再冲入 300ml热开水(85℃),浸泡至香味溢出。、滤掉茶渣。<br />气味清香的茶饮,除了可以安定神经外,还可以促进新陈代谢、消除身上堆积的油脂,让人远离肥胖身材的威胁。其特殊的香味,很受一般人的喜爱!<br />附:薰衣草+紫罗兰+薄荷叶是解酒配方。<br /><br />
  7. 7. 三花保健茶材料:薰衣草5g、菩提子花5g、洋甘菊2g、冰糖30g 做法:a.将薰衣草、菩提子、洋甘菊放入水中煮沸;b.加水煮2分钟左右;c.过滤后放冰糖即可饮用。 功效:薰衣草能够缓解压力、治疗失眠;菩提子花富含维生素C、镇定安神、避免皱纹与黑斑产生;洋甘菊可增强皮肤抗过敏能力,并能够消脂塑身<br /><br />减压茶方<br />配方:熏衣草+玫瑰+少量茶叶<br />口感:熏衣草的淡淡药香里透出玫瑰的芬芳,浪漫的气息给惯饮中国茶的你一份格外惊喜。<br />功效:玫瑰花舒肝理气,熏衣草松弛神经,能帮助你静心提神、舒缓身心,享受宁静。<br />
  8. 8.<br />薰衣草+百里香+洋甘菊=放松减压 <br />材料组合:甜橙叶、薄荷、薰衣草、百里香、安神菩提、马郁兰花叶、洋甘菊 <br />以薰衣草为主的复方花草茶,由于加入了其他花草,使得原本浓郁的味道中和了不少,也较为丰富。由于大部分的材料都具有放松与镇定的功用,因此适合平日工作压力大的人饮用。此外,饭后容易胀气的人也适合饮用这款茶。 <br />
  9. 9. How To Lower Your Stress With Lavender! <br />one of the greatest herbs in the world to help you relax and wind down is going to be lavender.  <br />One of the greatest ways to use lavender is going to be via aromatherapy; <br />there are many different bath products that use lavender so you can truly relax your body in the hot water with a scent that is calming  <br />Another way to use lavender is in your food – eating things with lavender in it is a fantastic way to ensure that you are going to calm down. <br />All around, it is a fantastic herb and can really help you in the long run.<br /><br />
  10. 10. How Does Lavender Help Sleeping?<br />Lavender eases both anxiety and insomnia according to research. For centuries, men and women have placed lavender sprigs in their pillows for a soothing night&apos;s sleep. <br />How to Use It:Lavender tea is easily made by steeping 1 to 2 teaspoons of whole lavender per cup of hot water. Steep for 10 minutes and drink 1 to 3 times per day.<br /><br />
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