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ABIS Culture Code


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The ABIS culture deck contains everything you need to know about working, and more importantly, living at ABIS. From our Monday morning meetings to our First Friday Familia gatherings, we try to make working as fun as possible.

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ABIS Culture Code

  1. 1. #CultureCode
  2. 2. #CultureCode Founded in 1983 by Russell Schulte, ABIS is a group of professionals with a goal of transforming and revolutionizing the way companies work through the use of software solutions with business efficiency in mind. With the help of our client-partners and our growing community, ABIS continues to grow and become more impactful, as does our Adjutant and MetalEZ software. Who are we?
  3. 3. What does the word company mean? The word company has friendly beginnings: Com (together) and panis which is Latin for bread. It literally translates as someone you break bread with. Who could be against having fun and breaking bread? We are not! At ABIS, every first Friday of the month we celebrate one another, our good deeds and company accomplishments. We call it our First Friday Familiarity meeting. #CultureCode Company
  4. 4. #CultureCode Imagine Imagine the love. The love of our city, experiences, helping one another; The love of what we do. Imagine the best of all at work. The best desks, chairs, co-workers, the best office. Imagine sitting next to the right person on the bus. Imagine the freedom to be yourself. You don’t have to imagine, all this exists at ABIS!
  5. 5. “Today   you   hear   a   lot   about   sustainable.   At   ABIS   it’s   about   making  work  sustainable.  With  a   balance  of  work  and  life,  fun  and   challenge,   independence   and   teams,   and   growth   and   rest…   ABIS   makes   working   here   a   lifeBme   possibility.   When   you   work   with   friends,   it   doesn't   even   seem   like   work,   it's   just   life.  ”   Russell Schulte, CEO A note from the CEO
  6. 6. #CultureCode What people need Intellectual Environmental Spiritual SocialPhysical Overall wellness is composed of 5 individual dimensions of health. The goal is to find balance between all dimensions. We believe in these dimensions and use them to provide employees with the best experience we can.
  7. 7. Intellectual Wellness1 #CultureCode
  8. 8. #CultureCode Engaging in creative and stimulating activities and accepting one's self while seeking improvement. An intellectually well person uses available resources to improve skills and expand potential for sharing with others. We believe in the ability to learn, grow, and take advantage of the resources around us. Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death. -Albert Einstein
  9. 9.     Spiritual Wellness2 #CultureCode
  10. 10. Seek meaning and purpose in life, pursue a fulfilling life, and contribute to the spiritual health of others. #CultureCode A spiritually well person will attain a greater appreciation and wonderment for the world around them.
  11. 11. #CultureCode Finally, all of you be of one mind, having compassion for one another; love as brothers, be tenderhearted, be courteous The Bible Peter 3:8 Hold to forgiveness; command what is right; But turn away from the ignorant. Quran 42:43 Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity! Psalms (Tehilim) 133:1 The Bible & The Torah Health is the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth, faithfulness the best relationship. The highest levels of performance come to people who are centered, intuitive, creative, and reflective - people who know to see a problem as an opportunity.
  12. 12.     Social Wellness3 #CultureCode
  13. 13. The ability to have satisfying interpersonal relationships and interactions. Social Wellness includes working in groups, and the ability to give and receive support. At ABIS, we embody this by building close friendships, practicing empathy and effective listening, and caring for each other. #CultureCode Surround yourself only with people who are going to lift you higher. -Oprah Winfrey
  14. 14.     Physical Wellness4 #CultureCode
  15. 15. #CultureCode Physical Wellness includes exercising regularly, eating a balanced diet, and caring for one’s body. Physically well individuals apply their knowledge, motivation, attitude and skills toward achieving their personal fitness and health goals. I love working for ABIS. The office gym keeps me in shape. -Arnold Schwarzenegger
  16. 16.     Environmental Wellness5
  17. 17. #CultureCode Being environmentally well includes caring for our surroundings and cultivating growth and sustainability . The quality of our work environment impacts the work we do.
  18. 18. A Note from Katie Thurman "ABIS   is   unlike   any   other   company.   From   the   outside   looking  in  it  seems  fun  and  unique,   but   from   the   inside   it   is   so   much   more.    Our  team  has  an  incredible   dynamic   where   we   all   work   hard   and  play  hard.    Everyone  supports   one   another,   yet   I   am   challenged   as  an  individual;  which  makes  each   day  new  and  exciBng.”            KaBe  Thurman  –          6  months  with  ABIS  
  19. 19. #CultureCode Our Values Family Love Fun Happiness Passion Balance
  20. 20. FAMILY1
  21. 21. #CultureCode Family is our first and most important value. Employees, Client- Partners… We’re all a big family. We go to games, events, concerts, and celebrate the moments that matter with each other. This is a Familia for us!
  22. 22. LOVE2
  23. 23. #CultureCode Love is just as important to us as family, and we try to embody that with everything we do.   BE  ABLE  TO  ACCEPT  AND  GIVE  HUGS.  
  24. 24. FUN3
  25. 25. #CultureCode Our company is built on fun. All day, every day, fun has a place in our office. We feel everyone needs to have fun at work. From barbecues to Birthday lunches, everything is better with fun. We work hard and we chill hard.
  26. 26. HAPPINESS4
  27. 27. #CultureCode Our family spirit, the love we share and the fun we have all bring about happiness. We spread happiness to our co-workers and clients. Life is too short not to be happy.
  28. 28. PASSION5
  29. 29. #CultureCode Our work comes from passion. We are the best for one simple reason: We love what we do. We celebrate success, and we work together to prevent failure.
  30. 30. BALANCE6
  31. 31. #CultureCode We help our employees and co-workersfind balance. We have no vacation policy. Take as muchtime as you need and use good judgment.
  32. 32. #CultureCode
  33. 33. #CultureCode
  34. 34. A note from Karen Egan “When I find myself smiling on my drive into the office and on the way home I know it’s because of the unique and amazing culture we have at ABIS!”  Karen Egan, 6 years in ABIS
  35. 35. #CultureCode How we hire Talent Skill Culture Fit Skill: A combination of previous experience and education. Skills can be developed and improved. Talent: Talent is innate. One’s ability to problem solve, learn and innovate. Culture Fit: This is the most fundamental part of our hiring process. No matter how skilled or talented you are, Culture Fit is still essential. To see if candidates will fit in at ABIS, we have lunch in a social setting and just “hang out”. To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often. -Winston Churchill
  36. 36. #CultureCode We hire for attitude and culture, and train for skills. We hire the best people for the best job and the best life at ABIS. Culture allows us to be one body. It gives us a competitive advantage. Because of our culture, we are stronger than other companies. Our beliefs shape our work.
  37. 37. If you think you could fit with our culture, contact us!!
  38. 38. Contact us ABIS, Inc. 1415 North Loop West Suite 1200 Houston, Texas 77008 713 - 680 - 2247 Look us up: