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The TrustYou Culture Book


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Learn about the culture at TrustYou, as told by the team that creates it.

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The TrustYou Culture Book

  1. 1.  
  2. 2.   2                 The TRUSTYOU CULTURE BOOK in the words of the team that creates it    
  3. 3.   3  
  4. 4.   4   TrustYou And Its Culture: A Word From The Founders   When  founding  a  company,  there  are  many  things  to  consider,   from  finding  the  right  people  to  developing  awesome  products  to   marketing  and  selling  them  to  over-­‐delivering  on  the  customers’   expectations  with  incredible  customer  service  and  more.   The  common  vein,  the  lifeblood,  of  a  company  is  its  culture.  With   the  right  people  and  common  beliefs  in  place,  a  company  can   accomplish  anything.  This  is  why  we  have  made  it  a  point  to  focus   on  company  culture;  it  allows  us  to  seed  the  company  for  success.   So  what  is  TrustYou’s  company  culture?  We’ve  thought  about  10   pillars  that  are  core  to  our  culture,  which  are  outlined  in  more   detail  in  the  coming  pages: 1. Trust 2. Making  Customers  Happy 3. Pushing  To  The  Limit 4. Getting  Things  Done 5. Let’s  Test  It  And  See  What  Works 6. Make  Sure  It  Scales 7. Team,  Team,  Team 8. Work  Hard,  Play  Hard 9. Family  Comes  First  Always 10. You But  don't  take  only  our  word  for  it.  We’ve  asked  everyone  on  our   team  to  define  what  the  TrustYou  culture  means  to  them   personally.  You  will  find  those  uncensored  responses  in  this  book.   Happy  reading!     Ben  &  Jake
  5. 5.   5  
  6. 6.   6   The 10 Pillars of TrustYou’s Culture   Trust   At  TrustYou,  we  trust  in  the  individuals'  skills,  intelligence  and   integrity  of  all  our  team  members  to  make  the  right  decisions.     Making  Customers  Happy   Creating  value  for  our  customers  is  ultimately  why  we  are  here.  At   TrustYou  we  want  to  make  sure  our  customers  get  the  best   possible  experience  when  interacting  with  us  and  our  products.  We   aim  to  under-­‐promise  and  over-­‐deliver.     Pushing  To  The  Limit   TrustYou's  company  hymn  is  the  song  "Pushing  to  the  Limit"  by   Girogio  Moroder.  For  us  it  means:  to  always  be  the  best  at  what  we   do,  to  be  at  the  forefront  of  technology  innovation,  to  be  pushing   the  limits  of  what  is  possible  or  considered  standard  in  engineering,   sales&marketing  and  customer  service.     Getting  Things  Done   TrustYou  is  all  about  getting  things  done.  Anyone  can  have  great   ideas,  plans  and  talk  sweet  but  in  the  end  all  that  matters  is  to   make  it  happen,  to  execute  on  your  plan,  to  getting  things  done.     Let's  Test  It  And  See  What  Works   Whenever  we  come  up  with  great  new  ideas  we  move  fast  to  test   them  out  and  see  if  they  work.  Measurable  facts  speak  louder  than   thoughts  and  opinions.     Make  Sure  It  Scales   As  a  fast  growing  organization,  we  always  make  sure  that  whatever   we  design,  develop  and  create  anew  will  scale.  This  is  not  limited  to   IT  infrastructure  but  for  every  single  process  we  have  from  product   development  to  sales  and  marketing  to  customer  service.        
  7. 7.   7   Team,  Team,  Team   TrustYou  consists  of  a  super-­‐diverse  and  colorful  team  from  all   kinds  of  different  educational  and  professional  backgrounds.  We   are  proud  to  have  more  than  25  different  nationalities  and  operate   around  the  globe.  TrustYou  unites  one  team  to  work  together  on   one  single  mission:  to  positively  influence  travelers'  decisions.       Work  Hard,  Play  Hard   At  TrustYou  we  work  hard  but  we  also  play  hard.  From  our  weekly   Friday  afternoon  beer  hangout,  regular  team  events  and  get-­‐aways   to  the  annual  company-­‐wide  Munich  Oktoberfest  party  in   September  we  make  sure  we  always  have  a  lot  of  fun.     Family  Comes  First  Always   TrustYou  is  like  a  family.  However  everybody  has  their  own  families   at  home  as  well.  We  make  sure  that  family  comes  first  always  as  we   believe  that  you  have  to  be  happy  at  home  to  thrive  at  work.     You   You  as  an  individual  make  a  difference  at  TrustYou.  It  doesn't   matter  what  position  you  are  in  or  what  role  you  have.  If  you  have   a  great  idea  or  want  to  contribute  something  or  simply  change  the   way  certain  things  are  because  you  have  found  a  better  way  that   benefits  us  as  an  organization:  You  can  do  it.                                    
  8. 8.   8      
  9. 9.   9   The  culture  in  TrustYou  is  like  a  family  culture.  I  enjoy  working  here   because  of  our  international  environment,  with  so  many  people   from  different  cultures  and  an  international  outlook.  Since  I  have   grown  up  myself  travelling  for  the  most  part  of  my  life,  working  in  a   travel  company  which  gives  you  so  many  opportunities  is   something  not  many  people  can  say  for  themselves.       The  senior  members  of  the  company  take  great  care  in  hiring  a  real   team  instead  of  individuals  which  makes  for  a  great  friendly,  even   family  like  environment.  Your  boss  is  more  like  a  mentor  who   listens  to  your  input  and  guides  you  through  the  difficult  parts.  You   have  many  opportunities  to  see  the  world,  meet  great  people  and   expand  your  network,  and  travelling  with  your  bosses  is  not   awkward  at  all,  more  a  way  of  getting  to  know  each  other  and  learn   more.  (and  have  a  drink  on  the  beach  sometimes).       The  team  is  great.  I  have  developed  many  personal  friendships   within  the  company,  and  we  work  as  tightly  as  possible.  I  also  like   the  caring  aspect,  whenever  someone  has  a  birthday,  a  new  family   member  or  is  hired,  everybody  is  very  welcoming  and  gives  you  a   virtual  high  five  from  all  over  the  world.  Also,  if  there  are  any   suggestions  on  improvements,  they  are  listened  to  and,  if  possible,   implemented.       To  sum  it  up,  at  TrustYou  we  work  very  hard,  but  we  also  know   how  to  play  (on  Fridays  and  on  Oktoberfest)  .  I  am  always  happy  to   come  by  the  HQ,  and  hope  to  see  a  few  faces  when  I  am  back  in   January.                       Carolin  Brunner,  Sales                    
  10. 10.   10   TrustYou’s Culture In A Series of Haikus   The  Team   A  hard-­‐working  bunch   We  are  more  than  just  colleagues   We're  friends,  family       What  Powers  Us  At  The  Office   We  fuel  our  brains   With  coffee,  fruit  and  candy   Recharge  with  kicker       Our  Attitude  and  Dress  Code   Our  attitude,  style?   We  walk  with  TrustYou  swagger   In  t-­‐shirts  and  jeans       Late  Nights   Still  at  the  office   Fiercely  working  all  night  long   Fixing  bugs  and  'presos'       Fridays,  5PM   It’s  now  beer  o’clock   Clink  clink,  Prost  in  the  office   Made  it  through  the  week                    
  11. 11.   11   Cut The Poetry: Here’s The Real Deal on TrustYou Culture   Beyond  all  else,  the  TrustYou  team  is  passionate.  Passionate  about   our  work;  our  friendships;  our  Kicker  table;  our  office  sweets;  our   international  atmosphere  (we  hail  from  24  different  nations);  our   general  ‘geekiness’;  our  Friday  beer  o’clock.  We  work  relentlessly,   and  we  take  our  work  very  seriously.  It  is  during  these  long  hours  in   the  office  that  we  have  bonded  and  become  friends.  We  genuinely   appreciate  each  other’s  company.  While  we  take  our  work   seriously,  we  never  take  ourselves  too  seriously.  Our  business  attire   consists  of  t-­‐shirts  and  jeans,  we  make  jokes  in  the  office,  and  we   are  never  one  to  say  no  to  a  party.             -­‐-­‐  Margaret  Ady,  Marketing                    
  12. 12.   12   It's  the  people  at  TrustYou  that  make  all  the  difference  because  you   are  encouraged  to  actively  participate  in  our  company's  mission.   This  includes  sharing  ideas  and  opinions.  An  innovative  and  creative   environment  empowers  us  to  try  out  things  that  might  not  always   work  perfectly  right  away  but  help  us  to  learn  the  most  and  stay   ahead  of  the  game.  By  giving  feedback  you  become  a  hands-­‐on   contributer  taking  over  responsibility.  Company  activities  and  play   encourage  interaction  between  teams.     -­‐-­‐  Henning  Kropp,  Devlopment     TrustYou  has  succeeded  in  a  few  years  to  develop  and  influence   travelers  decisions.  I  have  seen  a  part  and  a  side  of  the  hotel   industry  that  I  have  never  been  abel  to  see  before.Trustyou  sets   the  standard  for  online  reputation  management  with  solutions.   With  the  help  of  reviews  and  our  work  here,  the  world  of  hotel   industry  can  become  much  better.   It  is  a  great  work  and  not  only  I  love  the  job  and  the  work  here  but   also  I  am  enjoying  being  a  part  of  TrustYou’s  family.                 -­‐-­‐  Anonymous     Organizational  culture  is  unique  for  every  organisation.  A   commonly  used  definition  of  organisational  culture  is  „a  set  of   shared  values  and  norms  that  characterise  a  particular   organisation”.  At  TrustYou  everyday  brings  a  different  challenge   and  invaluable  knowledge.  I  feel  that  I  am  working  with   professionals,  and  that  I  can  learn  from  each  of  them.  Everyone  is   supportive  and  always  willing  to  provide  their  help.  TrustYou   culture  means  friendship,  support  and  teamwork.  One  notable   difference  between  TrustYou  and  other  companies  is  that  in  this   team  each  person  is  motivated  and  encouraged.  The  people  at  this   company  are  a  pleasure  to  work  with,  they  are  friendly,   communicative,  caring,  helpful.  It  is  a  joy  coming  to  work  each  day,   I  feel  like  I  am  part  of  a  family,  not  a  company  and  I  know  that  I   couldn't  have  found  a  better  place  to  work.  In  my  opinion,  this   makes  us  the  best!   -­‐-­‐  Anonymous  
  13. 13.   13   The TrustYou Way Do  you  enjoy  working  in  a  small  and  flexible  team?  Is  quick   decision-­‐making  and  a  hands-­‐on  mentality  your  thing?  Can  you   think  two  steps  ahead  and  feel  comfortable  with  a  flat  hierarchy   where  you  learn  from  each  other?     If  this  is  you  and  and  if  you  enjoy  wearing  more  than  one  hat  and   can  put  entrepreneurial  spirit  into  your  work,  then  congrats.  You   found  the  place  to  be.  You  will  work  with  small  business  and  multi-­‐ billion  companies.  Our  clients  stretch  around  the  globe  from  the  US   to  Europe  and  Asia.  That’s  us,  that’s  TrustYou.  We  are  a  group  of   highly  talented  people  working  in  an  exiting  startup.  We  are   shaping  the  way  data  will  influence  travel  decisions  around  the   world  in  the  the  future.     Sebastian  Grundner-­‐Culemann,  Sales            
  14. 14.   14   When  I  went  for  my  first  interview  and  saw  the  “TrustYou”  logo,   my  first  instinct  was:  “Oh,  that's  really  optimistic...  I  should  trust   myself.  I  should  trust  my  knowledge,  my  education,  my  work   experience  and,  well,  all  that  made  me  who  I  am  today.”     And  when  I  talked  to  Adela  and  Lisi  “TrustYou”  became   “TrustThem”:  trust  them  to  find  my  CV  interesting  and  proper  for   the  job  they  are  offering,  trust  them  to  teach  me  the  basics,  trust   them  to  give  me  the  opportunity  to  work  in  an  exciting  new  place.     Then  I  started  to  know  my  colleagues  and,  despite  of  the  age   difference  (  I  am  27  and  they  were  21-­‐23),  we  managed  to  find   common  interests,  similarities  in  our  points  of  view  and  it  was  very   refreshing  to  learn  from  someone  younger  than  me  and  then   wanting  to  be  just  as  good  as  them,  or  even  better.  So  ,  my  trust  in   them  became  new  friendships,  became  the  opportunity  to  learn   new  things,  helping  us  to  understand  each  other  and  work  as  a  real   team.    Also,  working  with  a  young  team  implies  the  word  “fun”.  We   all  share  (except  the  Dev.  Team),  the  same  office,  which  means  we   can  communicate  very  easy  with  each  other  and  sometimes  work  is   really  fun,  especially  when  we  start  telling  jokes,  creating  a  very   cozy  environment.     Working  with  the  AdminTool,  gave  me  acces  to  the  meaning  of   TrustYou  regarding  their  offer,  reputation  and  clients,  seen  on  the   internet.  When  I  first  saw  TripAdvisor  in  our  database,  and  then   other  names  like  Kayak,  I  started  thinking  this  was  bigger  than  I   imagined.  I  started  to  trust  them  (you)  more,  started  to  be  more   curious,  wanting  to  know  more,  being  motivated  to  do  better  at  my   job,  if  that  was  the  way  of  knowing  my  employer.     So,  “Trust”  and  “You”,  for  me,  became  the  main  words  in  improving   my  skills,  having  more  confidence  in  what  I  do  and  learning  new   things.  Like  “I  know  that  checking  lots  of  sources,  surfing  and   comparing  big  amounts  of  information  on  the  internet  could   sometimes  be  exhausting,  but  the  amount  and  the  quality  of  my   work  do  count.   -­‐-­‐  Diana  Tomos,  Customer  Service  
  15. 15.   15         Organizational  culture  is  unique  for  every  organisation.  A   commonly  used  definition  of  organisational  culture  is  „a  set  of   shared  values  and  norms  that  characterise  a  particular   organisation”.  At  TrustYou  everyday  brings  a  different  challenge   and  invaluable  knowledge.  I  feel  that  I  am  working  with   professionals,  and  that  I  can  learn  from  each  of  them.  Everyone  is   supportive  and  always  willing  to  provide  their  help.  TrustYou   culture  means  friendship,  support  and  teamwork.     One  notable  difference  between  TrustYou  and  other  companies  is   that  in  this  team  each  person  is  motivated  and  encouraged.  The   people  at  this  company  are  a  pleasure  to  work  with,  they  are   friendly,  communicative,  caring,  helpful.  It  is  a  joy  coming  to  work   each  day,  I  feel  like  I  am  part  of  a  family,  not  a  company  and  I  know   that  I  couldn't  have  found  a  better  place  to  work.  In  my  opinion,   this  makes  us  the  best!       -­‐-­‐  Anonymous              
  16. 16.   16   Having  worked  within  a  large  multinational  company,  it  is   impossible  for  me  not  to  notice  that  TrustYou  has  not  reached  yet   that  level  of  artificial  corporate  environment  and  I  hope  it  stays  the   same  even  if  it  is  still  in  a  developing  stage.  I  appreciate  its'   transparency,  its'  sticking  to  promises  and  the  easy   information/communication  flow.       In  what  concerns  the  information  part,  although  in  a  slightly   different  context,  I  feel  at  times  that  some  of  us  do  not  have  a  well-­‐ defined  picture  of  all  the  processes  and  departments  that  make  the   business  work,  a  business  that  I  find  quite  complex.  It  would   definitely  be  time  and  money  consuming,  but  maybe  after  the   company  has  grown  enough,  it  would  not  be  such  a  bad  idea  to   have  the  chance  of  taking  part  to  cross  trainings.  This  would   definitely  motivate  and  make  associates  more  aware  of  the  vision   and  working  mechanisms  of  TrustYou.     -­‐-­‐  Sanda  Sirca,  Customer  Service       TrustYou  culture  to  me:     Intra-­‐preneurial  -­‐  you  can  create  your  own  path  if  you  execute  on   your  own  ideas     Global  -­‐  so  many  people  from  so  many  different  countries  and   walks  of  life  makes  for  a  rich  atmoshere     Accountable  -­‐  we  all  have  the  same  goal  in  mind  and  know   everyone  is  doing  what  they  can  to  reach  that  goal     -­‐-­‐  Ellis  Connolly,  Sales            
  17. 17.   17   I  would  like  to  start  with  what/the  things  I  personally  appreciate  at   TrustYou.  The  first  reason  is  related  to  the  management  style   adopted,  a  democratic  style,  in  which  we  are  all  involved  in   different  ways,  in  the  realization  of  goals  and  strategies  (so  as  to   reach  our  goals  and  build  new  strategies).  The  second  reason  is   related  to  the  way  in  which  the  decision  process  is  approached.   Everyone's  opinion  is  listened  to,  creating  thus  a  feeling  of   belonging  to  everything  that  happens  in  the  company.  Also,  the   work  climate  is  pleasant.     In  my  opinion  the  culture  of  TrustYou  is  represented  by  a  mix   consisting  of:      Customer  satisfaction  (hotels,   restaurants);      Travelers  satisfaction  achieved  without  any   compromise  (all  reviews  are  taken  into  account  and   analyzed);      Researching  new  market  opportunities  (extension  to   restaurants  and  tourist  attractions);      Maintaining  a  high  quality  of   offered  services.     -­‐-­‐  Ana-­‐Maria  Csete,  Customer  Service          
  18. 18.   18   TrustYou's  culture  is  reacting  fast  to  market  opportunities  and   changes  to  stay  on  top  of  the  competition.  Flexibility  is  key  and  we   apply  this  at  every  level;  we  choose  the  best  technologies  and   people  to  get  the  job  done  right.     -­‐-­‐  Anonymous     I  will  honestly  tell  you  that  the  past  11  months  have  passed  on  fast   forward,  but  in  a  good  way.  You  know,  time  passes  quick  when  you   are  having  a  good  time.  In  this  short  “  My  opinion”  collection  of   words,  I  will  try  to  leave  aside  unnatural  language  and  be  as  natural   as  I  can.  When  I  started  working  for  TrustYou,  I  did  not  know  what   to,  I  got  up  early,  made  myself  a  coffee  and  tried  to  not   be  nervous  about  how  will  be  the  first  day  working  for  TrustYou...   You  can  imagine,  the  hard  coffee  didn't  helped  me  that  morning,  it   just  made  me  more  agitated.  My  first  contact  with  my  new   colleagues  and  the  sweet  candies  located  near  the  coffee  machine   lighten  my  day.  It  was,  and  I  am  not  joking,  a  stress  free   environment.  I  remember  a  question  that  popped-­‐up  in  my  mind:  Is   this  for  real?     11  months  without  2  days  have  passed  since  my  first  day,  and  there   have  been  good  days,  bad  days,  cold  days  and  warm  days,  like   everywhere,  but  it  made  me  understand  that  TrustYou  values  hard   work,  quality  work  and  nevertheless  values  people  that  can   combine  the  “hard  with  the  quality  work”  ,the  creativity  with   collaboration  and  the  sense  of  humor  with  all  the  up  mentioned   qualities.     I  strongly  believe  that  TrustYou  will  expand  fast  by  keeping  this   policy  among  employees,  because  customers  will  see  and  fell  the   “intelligent  work”  that  TrustYou  is  delivering."       -­‐-­‐  Andrei  Crisan,  Customer  Service            
  19. 19.   19   TY  culture  for  me  is:     • Work  always  in  a  team  and  learn  and  coach  each  other.   • Family  goes  first,  because  if  you  have  a  right  family-­‐ working  balance,  you  get  better  results.   • As  a  team  member  you  are  responsible  for  your  actions.   • Communication  is  fast  and  decision  made  straight   forward.   • We  act  as  a  team  for  success  and  failures.   • We  learn  and  improve  ourselves  on  a  daily  basis.     -­‐-­‐  Kristof  Römer,  Sales       When  thinking  about  TrustYou  ,  the  first  thought  that  comes   in    mind  is  'a  young  company  dreaming  big'.  And  then  you  take  a   look  at  the  numbers  and  say  :  "Hey,  they  are  going  to  be  big!"     When  working  at  TrustYou,  you  start  dreaming  with  them.    Teams   and  colleagues  are  good,  but  friends  and  colleagues  are  better.   TrustYou  is  about  working  with  friends,  while  telling  jokes  and   competing  to  be  number  one.       Multicultural  and  competitive,  the  best  word  for  this  company,  in   my  opinion,  is  adapt.  While  within,  you  have  to  adapt  to  the  ever   changing  tasks  and,  while  on  the  market,  we  all  have  to  adapt  to   the  different  customers.    Because  change  is  growth,  in  this  case.       It  is    about  a  handful  of  quality  people  who,  despite  the  laws  of   statistics,  create  quantity.  It's...  quality  quantity.  It's  about  taking  it   personally,  because  at  the  end  of  the  day,  it  is  your  own  work  and   your  name  at  the  end  of  the  line  in  the  Google  document.  Giving  it   your  best,  because  that  is  the  way  up  :)     Trust  You  is  about  being  open  minded  and  about  daring  to  dream   big.       -­‐-­‐  Hadasa  Briciu,  Customer  Service      
  20. 20.   20   Benjamin  Jost  -­‐  CEO  and  co-­‐founder  asked  everybody  to  talk  about   what  TrustYou  means  for  us,  and  this  is  the  same  as  when  on  an   interview  job  they  ask  you  about  yourself.  Not  easy  to  define,  but   wikipedia  might  helped  me  :  Based  on   Robert  A.  Cooke,  Phd,  Professor  of  Philosophy  who  defines   Organizations  in  3  different  cultures,  and  found  'Constructive   cultures'  as  the  most  appropriated  for  TY  philosophy    where  people   are  encouraged  to  be  in  communication  with  their  co-­‐workers,  and   work  as  teams,  rather  than  only  as  individuals.  In  positions  where   people  do  a  complex  job,  rather  than  something  simple  like  a   mechanic  one,  this  sort  of  culture  is  an  efficient  one.     1. Achievement:  completing  a  task  successfully,  typically  by  effort,   courage,  or  skill  (pursue  a  standard  of  excellence)  (explore   alternatives  before  acting)  -­‐  Based  on  the  need  to  attain  high-­‐ quality  results  on  challenging  projects,  the  belief  that   outcomes  are  linked  to  one's  effort  rather  than  chance  and  the   tendency  to  personally  set  challenging  yet  realistic  goals.   People  high  in  this  style  think  ahead  and  plan,  explore   alternatives  before  acting  and  learn  from  their  mistakes.     2. Self-­‐actualizing:  realization  or  fulfillment  of  one's  talents  and   potentialities  -­‐  considered  as  a  drive  or  need  present  in   everyone  (think  in  unique  and  independent  ways)  (do  even   simple  tasks  well)  -­‐  Based  on  needs  for  personal  growth,  self-­‐ fulfillment  and  the  realisation  of  one's  potential.  People  with   this  style  demonstrate  a  strong  desire  to  learn  and  experience   things,  creative  yet  realistic  thinking  and  a  balanced  concern   for  people  and  tasks.     3. Humanistic-­‐encouraging:  help  others  to  grow  and  develop   (resolve  conflicts  constructively)  -­‐  Reflects  an  interest  in  the   growth  and  development  of  people,  a  high  positive  regard  for   them  and  sensitivity  to  their  needs.  People  high  in  this  style   devote  energy  to  coaching  and  counselling  others,  are   thoughtful  and  considerate  and  provide  people  with  support   and  encouragement.    
  21. 21.   21   Affiliative:  treat  people  as  more  valuable  than  things  (cooperate   with  others)  -­‐  Reflects  an  interest  in  developing  and  sustaining   pleasant  relationships.  People  high  in  this  style  share  their  thoughts   and  feelings,  are  friendly  and  cooperative  and  make  others  feel  a   part  of  things.     -­‐-­‐  Jordi  Franquesa  Gabarró,  Sales                                  
  22. 22.   22   I  always  had  problem  defining  and  understanding  the  meaning  of   the  word  “culture”.  Should  the  word  culture  be  defined  by  the   diversity  of  ideas,  the  diversity  of  people?  Or  should  it  be  defined   by  the  reverse  of  all  these  social  characteristics...  homogeneity?   One  idea...  similar  people...  Trust  You?  No  way!       Happily,  after  almost  one  year  working  for  Trust  You,  I  think  that   “our”  culture  would  be  definitely  defined  by  the  diversity  of  the   people  whom  make  the  things  work.  Being  able  to  interact  (...and   party)  with  most  of  my  colleagues  from  all  over  the  world,  I  felt   how  diverse  and  different  we  are...  and  that's  wonderful.  I  love   working  in  a  company  in  which  I  have  the  feeling,  that  my  work  is   appreciated.  Compared  with  other  companies…  Trust  You  has  a   human  face…'  saalam!             -­‐-­‐  Cornel  Crisan,  Customer  Service       My  first  real  experience  with  TrustYou  was  in  Munich  during  the   Oktoberfest  festival.  How  can  I  ever  forget  the  energy  that  I  felt  in   the  Munich  office  during  that  period  of  time.  I  was  deeply  surprised   to  find  there  something  more  than  a  team.  I  found  there  a  bunch  of   people  who  are  doing  something  extraordinary:  they  are  spreading   and  consolidating  Trust  among  each  other.      In  my  opinion,  management  plays  a  significant  role  in  this   particular  climate.  It's  a  wonderful  feeling  to  look  up  to  your   manager  and  see  in  his  personality  a  trustworthy  person.  TrustYou   for  me  is:  honesty,  dedication,  innovation,  quality  and  teamwork.  I   would  call  this  the  “Soul  of  Trust”.     -­‐-­‐  Ioan  Pop,  Customer  Service              
  23. 23.   23   TrustYou  –  What  does  this  mean  to  me  in  terms  of  company   culture?     After  working  for  TrustYou  for  more  than  two  years  I  can  describe   the  culture  as  very  international  and  with  a  very  strong  sense  of   community.  You  can  still  sense  the  spirit  of  a  startup  every  day,  this   is  reflected,  for  example,  in  very  flat  hierarchies,  and  everybody  can   openly  discuss  their  ideas  with  management  and  colleagues.     Linked  to  the  fact  that  the  company  is  constantly  growing  and   developing  into  new  verticals,  working  here  comes  with  many   different  challenging  responsibilities.  Generally  all  employees  are   empowered  to  make  decisions  on  their  own  in  order  to  keep  clients   happy  and  further  develop  our  provided  services.       TrustYou  has  successfully  managed  to  spread  a  great  spirit  of   community  among  all  team  members.  It  often  does  not  feel  like   working  with  colleagues  to  accomplish  a  specific  task,  but  rather   spending  time  with  friends  and  figuring  out  solutions  for  a  common   issue  together.  I  consider  this  atmosphere  as  a  very  strong  positive   part,  making  work  much  more  fun.  Talking  about  this,  I  certainly   have  to  mention  beer  o’clock  on  Fridays  where  we  all  get  a  bottle   of  beer  to  start  the  weekend.       Summing  up  the  atmosphere  at  TrustYou  in  three  words  I  would   say  –  Dynamic,  International,  Fun.           -­‐-­‐  Elisabeth  Neulinger,  Customer  Service                    
  24. 24.   24   Working  with  highly  motivated  and  skilled  people  in  a  fast-­‐paced   environment  is  very  exciting.       The  products  are  high  quality  and  outperforming  the  market   competition.     Support  and  team  communication  is  outstanding  and  creates  a   "home  away  from  home"  feeling.       Its  a  job  and  company  you  want  to  work  for  even  on  a  dark,  misty   Monday  morning…             -­‐-­‐  Michael  Marchand,  Sales       For  me,  the  Trust  You  culture  is  actually  really  new  since  I've  been   part  of  this  company  for  just  a  little  while  now.  In  fact,  it's  the  first   company  that  offered  me  an  interesting  job  which  I  took  gratefully   because  of  many  reasons.  I  can't  say  my  thoughts  of  the  firm  are   based  on  years  of  experience  or  a  lot  time  and  work  invested  into   it,  but  TrustYou  made  me  realize  that  you  don't  need  all  of  that  to   understand  how  easy  and  well  you  can  meet  great  people,  have  a   good  time  at  your  workplace  and  also  learn  a  lot  during  the   process.  I  am  currently  also  a  student  and  the  company  seemed  to   understand  this  very  well  as  they  offered  me  a  flexible  program  so  I   can  keep  up  with  my  studies  as  well.  This  was  one  of  the  reasons  I   decided  to  join  them  and  I  have  been  real  pleased  with  the  time   spent  here  so  far.  Also  everybody  is  so  nice  here,  there  is  always  a   smile  on  everybody's  face.  Having  a  nice  community  at  work  is  one   of  the  most  important  things  for  me  personally.  All  in  all,  what  I   wanted  to  say  was  that  I  am  sure  that  being  part  of  the  TrustYou   culture,  or  maybe  even  being  part  of  building  it  will  be  a  great  road   filled  with  excitement,  challenges  and  new  opportunities  to  learn   and  evolve  at  every  step!             -­‐-­‐Andrei  Brumaru,  Devlopment      
  25. 25.   25         In  my  opinion  TrustYou  culture  is  working  with  friends  to  improve   our  customers  experience  and  satisfaction.  Being  part  of  a  great   international  and  multicultural  team  that’s  allocated  all  over  the   world.  Staying  together  during  good  and  bad  times  like  a  big  family   would  do.  Helping  each  other,  sometimes  also  with  problems  that   are  not  totally  work  related  for  example  at  our  beer  time  on  friday   evening.  Having  fun  in  solving  difficult  problems  with  not  so  usual   ways.  Making  nice  trips  with  the  team  to  different  countries  to   learn  new  things  and  also  to  get  in  touch  with  TrustYou  members   from  our  offices  in  other  countries.                   -­‐-­‐  Anonymous                  
  26. 26.   26   Success  at  TrustYou  depends  on  the  people!  Everybody  working   hard  to  have  a  better  performance  than  they  had  the  day  before  is   key  to  win  in  today's  competitive  travel  industry.       At  the  beginning  of  my  mission  at  TrustYou,  the  company  had  the   image  of  an  exciting  startup  with  promising  products  for  the  travel   business.    A  great  opportunity  for  me  since  comming  from  a  travel   industry  giant  I  was  always  passionate  about  the  idea  of  being  part   of  the  growing  success  of  a  market  leader  from  an  incipient  phase.     Soon  after  that  the  time  arrived  to  make  steps  forward  and  make   business  with  the  big  players.  The  focus  was  on  TrustYou  and  how   will  we  change  our  image  into  a  company  that  is  well  known  in  the   industry  offering  reliable  data  infrastructure  to  an  impressive   number  of  partners.    TrustYou  then  did  something  I  was  waiting   for,  we  delivered,  and  not  only  we  delivered  but  we  created  a   completely  revolutionized  product  capable  of  adapting  to  the   rapidly  changing  market.  Results  of  this  strategic  decision  were   almost  immediate  with  TrustYou  release  for  auto  dealers  and   restaurants,  conquering  new  markets  and  creating  new   partnerships  with  major  travel  industry  players.     The  story  goes  on  with  the  certitude  of  the  experience  I  learned   while  being  part  of  Trustyou:  "Yes,  we  can  do  it,  because  this  is   what  we  do!"           -­‐-­‐  Cristian  Constantinescu,  Development                        
  27. 27.   27   TrustYou  culture  means  to  me  acceptance  of  different  opinions,   ways  of  thinking  and  support  of  individuals  initiatives.  One  is   encouraged  to  think  out  of  the  box  rather  than  sticking  to  existing   procedures  and  rules.     It  is  a  melting  pot  of  cultures,  languages  and  attitudes  where  the   young  and  dynamic  spirit  comes  together  in  an  open,  interactive   and  flexible  way.     TrustYou  culture  also  means  a  very  intense,  fast  pace  working  place   where  customer  and  service  orientation  are  not  only  being  taught   but  where  these  values  are  also  being  lived.     -­‐-­‐  Desirée  Fried,  Team  Assistant       From  a  developer  perspective,  we  are  a  company  where  we  work   basically  without  any  geographical  limits  in  an  innovation  and   flexibility  friendly  environment.  We  don’t  have  any  special  dress   code,  as  long  as  you  dont  talk  to  customers.  The  office  is  open  and   a  friendly  place,  with  an  open  kitchen  as  a  meeting  place,  kicker   room  as  a  party  place  and  the  main  meeting  room  with   teleconference  equipment  as  a  place  where  "no  borders"  dream   comes  true.  Also,  we  work  hard  and  we  party  hard,  but  there  is  no   way  to  describe  it  -­‐  it  needs  to  be  experienced  although  some   photos  could  help     here  :-­‐)     Keywords:  open,  flexible,  international           -­‐-­‐  Jacek  Mech,  Development                    
  28. 28.   28   The  culture  of  TrustYou  is  extremely  unique.    Having  a  team  from   different  regions,  cultures  and  backgrounds  creates  a  breeding   ground  for  innovation.       TrustYou  has  revolutionized  the  review  aggregation  space  and  has   become  an  industry  respected  brand.  The  TrustYou  brand  is   associated  with  a  company  that  is  constantly  looking  towards  the   future  ultimately  delivering  market  pertinent  solutions.  If  there   were  a  few  words  that  describes  our  culture  effectively,  they  would   be:  Diversity,  Knowledge,  Passion  and  Vision.                 -­‐-­‐  Alan  Young,  Marketing  and  Strategic  Partnerships       A  company  culture  sums  up  the  behaviour  of  the  people  being  part   of  it.       For  me,  TrustYou  is  my  first  job.  In  the  nearly  one  month  I  have   been  working,  I  have  learned  that  here  at  TrustYou,  the   communication  is  one  of  the  most  important  factors  that   influences  the  quality  of  the  solutions  provided.     I  have  also  learned  that  some  of  the  key  values  which  are  being   cherished  by  TrustYou  are  the  ability  to  listen,  going  hand  in  hand   with  power  of  communication  and  nonetheless  the  ability  to   understand  the  client,  the  colleague  or  the  concept  related  to  our   working  field.     The  symbols  can  also  tell  alot  about  the  culture  of  a  company.  Both   "Trust"  and  "You"  are  two  strong  words  which  imply  confidence   and  professionalism,  not  only  for  clients,  but  more  so  for  its   employees.       What  I  like  the  most  about  TrustYou,  especially  from  what  I  have   seen  here  at  Cluj,  is  the  connection  between  colleagues,  because  it   is  a  pleasure  to  work  in  a  friendly  enviroment.     -­‐-­‐  Catalin  Onutu,  Development  
  29. 29.   29   When  I  think  about  the  TrustYou  culture,  the  keywords  that  cross   my  mind  are:   1. Multinational:  I  like  the  colorful  mix  of  peoples’   backgrounds  that  work  at  TrustYou.  Everyday  I  learn   something  new  about  another  culture,  even  if  it  is  just  in-­‐ depth  reasons  why  one  should  be  a  fan  of  FC  Barcelona   and  definitely  not  of  Real  Madrid  C.F.   2. Open-­‐Minded:  I  think  such  an  attitude  comes  along  with   the  multiple  nationalities  that  work  at  TrustYou,  which  is   great!   3. Young:  Most  of  us  are  quite  young  and  therewith  share   similar  interests  also  outside  the  workplace.   4. Easy  Going:  Beer  o’clock  and  hanging  out  together   afterwards,  playing  Fifa  or  Kicker  after  lunch.  Nothing   more  need  be  said!   5. Productive:  We  get  things  done.  That’s  what  we  stand  for   and  what  we  are  proud  of!     -­‐-­‐  Florian  Hartl,  Development                
  30. 30.   30   I  joined  TrustYou  because  I  had  the  feeling  that  it  is  a  great  working   place.       • Family  and  health  come  first   • International  enviroment  and  open-­‐minded   • Flat  hierarchies  and  short  decision  ways   • Young,  dynamic  team  which  is  highly  motivated     • People  can  make  a  difference   • Work  hard,  party  hard     To  sum  up:  TrustYou  cares  about  people                   -­‐-­‐  Anonymous       Let  me  describe  TrustYou’s  company  culture  by  using  quotes  (some   slightly  adapted)  of  people  that  impacted  our  today  through  their   continuous  struggle  to  create  and  achieve  something  new:       We  have  days  where  everything  seems  impossible  until  it’s  done  1.   But  then  we  are  convinced  that  whatever  the  mind  of  man  can   conceive  and  believe,  it  can  achieve  2.  We  love  what  we  do,  that’s   the  only  way  to  do  great  work  3.  We  work  hard  and  are  easily   satisfied  with  the  very  best  4.  We  know  that  talent  wins  games,  but   teamwork  and  intelligence  wins  championships  5.   We  are  hungry,  we  are  foolish  6.  The  question  is  not  who  is  going  to   let  us,  it’s  who  is  going  to  stop  us  7.       1  Nelson  Mandela,  2  Napoleon  Hill,  3  Steve  Jobs,  4  Winston   Churchill,  5  Michael  Jordan,  6  Steve  Jobs,  7  Ayn  Rand     -­‐-­‐  Eva-­‐Maria  Bleifuss,  Key  Account  Management                
  31. 31.   31   To  me  the  TrustYou  culture  is  centred  around  an  international,   multicultural  environment.  TrustYou  has  created  a  culturally   diverse  workplace  bringing  together  people  from  across  the  globe   marrying  skills,  competencies  and  differences  to  create  a  high   performing  team.  The  company  promotes  an  inclusive  environment   with  minimal  hierarchy  enabling  individuals  to  share  and  develop   from  the  experience  of  others.  While  the  company  strives  for   excellence  it  never  loses  sight  of  taking  care  of  its  greatest  assets   'people'  and  thus  promotes  a  work  hard,  play  hard  environment,   sounds  cliché  but  in  this  case  its  true.  The  strategic  objectives  of   the  company  are  inspiring,  giving  the  employees  a  sense  of  pride  in   what  we  do  while  creating  a  great  place  to  work!     -­‐-­‐  Marc-­‐Rhys  Davies,  Project  Management       It  is  so  exciting  to  see  TrustYou  grow  over  the  years.  When  I  started   at  the  early  age  of  TrustYou  in  2009,  it  was  so  exciting  to  see  the   movements  and  the  improvements  step  by  step.  It  is  so  humbling   to  look  around  and  see  something  grow  way  bigger  than  you  could   have  imagined  at  the  beginning.  The  best  part  about  working  for   TrustYou  is  that  I  receive  and  enjoy  Trust  in  my  whole  proceess  as  a   salesmanager.  We  are  growing  and  more  interesting  people   starting  at  TrustYou  from  all  over  the  World.  TrustYou´s  culture   breeds  an  environment  of  collaboration,  input,  creation,  success,   and  innovation.  We  have  something  unique  and  special  and  I  am   thankful  to  be  part  of  it.     -­‐-­‐  Yvonne  Pajonkowski,  Sales                      
  32. 32.   32   The  1 st  thing  that  I  came  to  love  about  TrustYou  was  the  mixture  of   cultures.  I  hear  people  talk  in  Spanish  around  me,  German,   Chinese,  Slovenian  and  so  on.  How  exciting  is  that?  There’s  a  lot  of   diversity  in  our  office  but  that  was  never  an  issue  when  it  came  to   reaching  out  to  each  other;  and  that’s  one  of  the  many  things  that   make  this  team  that  much  more  special:  we  stick  together.       The  2 nd  thing  that  I’d  like  to  mention  is  that  we’re  allowed  here  to   grow.  We’re  encouraged  to  do  so.  Learning,  experimenting  and   playing  with  ideas  is  a  must  here.  It  never  gets  boring.  It  might  get   overwhelming  at  times,  but  never  boring,  and  never  random  or   inconsequential.  For  me,  that's  a  pretty  great  thing.                 -­‐-­‐  Anonymous                    
  33. 33.   33   I  think  the  most  amazing  thing,  which  attracted  me  to  join  the   team,  is  to  have  the  chance  to  witness  how  post-­‐modernism  comes   into  reality  and  influences  the  society  in  a  positive  way.     Before,  our  whole  society  relied  on  media  and  evaluation   institutions  (e.g.  IMF,  Standard  &  Poor's,  your  school  teacher),   which  pass  judgements  on  every  individual  and  put  everyone  to  his   “right”  place.  However  on  the  other  hand,  in  order  to  pass  the  right   judgement,  the  rules  we  use  should  also  reflect  the  social  reality,   and  therefore  need  to  be  rechecked  and  updated  from  time  to   time,  especially  when  big  social  changes  happen.  The  evaluation   institutions,  which  are  not  sensitive  enough  (or  I  would  rather  say   always  unable  to  be),  have  from  this  perspective  potential  risks  of   misjudging,  which  will  cause  disorder  and  catastrophic   consequences,  like  how  Standard  &  Poor's  behaved  during  the   economic  crisis.       The  social  media  platforms,  on  which  each  user  is  allowed  to   express  his  own  impression  without  considering  any  preset  rule,   have  not  only  the  ability  to  reflect  reality,  they  actually  ARE  the   reality,  ambiguous,  colorful  and  full  of  emotions.  Gathering   information  on  them  can  help  to  get  the  big  image  of  oneself,  much   more  clearly  and  directly  than  any  “professional”  analysis.   Judgements  based  on  them  will  never  fail.  Therefore  by  using  social   media  platforms,  we  can  partially  or  even  entirely  get  rid  of   evaluation  institutions,  and  give  the  right  of  judegment  back  to   people,  with  respect  to  all  differences  between  different  human   beings  and  different  cultures.   This  is,  as  far  as  I  can  see,  the  most  significant  and  valuable   character  of  TrustYou  -­‐  post-­‐modernism.  Everyday  when  I  sit  before   my  laptop,  dealing  with  all  the  weirdnesses  of  reviewers  all  over   the  world,  together  with  a  rock/post-­‐rock  album  and  a  cup  of  Earl   Grey,  I  would  think,  everyone  including  myself  is  weird  in  a  way,   and  that  feels  great.     -­‐-­‐  Zhe  Zhang,  Computational  Linguistic          
  34. 34.   34   Although  I  am  working  only  a  couple  of  hours  a  week  for  TrustYou,  I   really  like  the  company  culture.  Working  for  TrustYou  means  for   me  being  part  of  a  multicultural  family  where  everyone  is  pulling  in   the  same  direction.  All  colleagues  are  open  for  new  ideas  and   solutions  giving  the  opportunity  to  meaningfully  contribute  to  the   company’s  success  and  everybody  recognizes  and  values  each   other’s  work.  Munich  office  offers  an  open  and  relaxed  working   atmosphere  favouring  collaboration.  Many  nice  team  activities,   such  as  Friday  Beer,  BBQ  and  Oktoberfest  visits,  make  the  TrustYou   culture  perfect.     -­‐-­‐  Katharina  Franko,  Customer  Service       Our  company's  culture  can  be  briefly  outlined  just  by  reading  the   tagline,  which  summarizes  very  well  the  features  at  their  best,  in   only  four  words.  In  my  point  of  view,  the  TrustYou  target  is  to   permanently  update  this  standard,  while  upgrading  it,  by  providing   peerless  services,  in  a  impeccable  way.  In  order  to  maintain  this   approach  on  reaching  our  goals,  the  course  of  the  employees  work   needs  to  be  responsible,  undisturbed,  and  they  all  need  to  operate   just  like  a  symbiotic  organism.     On  a  more  personal  note,  the  TrustYou  personality  is  much  more   than  that.  It's  when  people  from  different  corners  of  the  world  get   together  as  a  family,  when  you  grab  a  beer  in  the  kitchen  with  your   colleagues  after  a  day  of  work  during  which    you  leaned  tons  of   new  things  or  when  the  whole  office  gathers  for  lunch  in  a  holiday   atmosphere.   It's  my  first  job  so  I  can't  compare  it  to  other  companies  but  I  know   for  sure  that  TrustYou  had  the  greatest  impact  in  my  life  so  far.  I   never  expected  to  find  such  an  open-­‐minded  environment  where  I   can  grow  so  fast.                 -­‐-­‐  Anonymous          
  35. 35.   35   The  first  thing  that  comes  to  mind  when  I  think  of  the  culture  at   TrustYou  is  good  energy.  Good  energy  permeates  across  the   company  and  is  almost  tangible.  It  can  be  felt  when  something   great  or  a  particular  goal  is  accomplished  or  simply  when  everyone   comes  together  to  have  a  good  time.  This  I  believe  is  attributed  to   the  work  hard  and  play  hard  sense  of  things  around  the  office.   Everyone  who  comes  to  TrustYou  is  dedicated  to  their  work  and  at   the  end  of  the  day  accomplishments  mean  everyone  can  get   together  and  be  proud  of  what  we  have  achieved.       TrustYou  is  not  just  another  startup  firm  which  tries  to  make   tangible  perks  to  create  a  “startup  culture”,  the  perks  of  working   here  are  discovered  through  working  relationships  built  and  the   events  that  spring  up  due  to  a  successful  working  relationship.  If   you  simply  come  to  work  and  keep  to  yourself  without  interacting   with  everyone  else,  it  is  likely  that  you  would  not  be  successful   here,  however  if  you  interact  with  everyone,  build  connections  and   trust  the  people  here,  it  becomes  one  of  the  best  working   environments  you  can  ask  for.  The  way  the  people  are  at  TrustYou,   even  introverts  end  up  opening  up  and  integrating  into  the   TrustYou  family.       I  like  the  culture  at  TrustYou  because  the  interactions  here  make  it   a  pleasant  working  environment.  It  doesn’t  feel  like  just  work  but   rather  it  goes  beyond  that.  People  and  resources  are  easily   available  and  everyone  is  happy  to  help  out.  There  are  days  where   the  stress  levels  fly  through  the  roof  –  like  during  the  Accor  rollout   in  2012  –  however  after  the  crazy  times  always  comes  happy  times.   It  truly  is  a  great  place  to  be.             -­‐-­‐  Mobolaji  Joseph,  Customer  Service                  
  36. 36.   36   What  is  TrustYou’s  company  culture?  To  me,  it’s  about  flat   hierarchies  and  clear  responsibilities.  Everybody  knows  what  their   fields  of  responsibilities  are,  what  they  have  to  do  and  it  really  feels   like  a  team  effort  to  get  something  done  here.  If  I  have  a  question,  I   can  always  approach  any  of  my  colleagues  who  are  often  busy  but   always  try  to  help  where  they  can.   The  TrustYou  culture  stresses  a  sense  of  “we”,  and  makes  sure  all   members  of  the  team  know  where  we’re  headed  and  what  is  going   on  in  the  company.  This  differs  a  lot  from  my  previous  work   experience,  and  I  rather  enjoy  working  here.     -­‐-­‐  Kiran  Wallner,  Customer  Service                        
  37. 37.   37   At  TrustYou,  from  the  moment  you  walk  in  through  the  door,   you’re  treated  like  an  integral  part  of  the  team  and  are  expected  to   roll  your  sleeves  up  and  get  your  hands  dirty.     Your  job  description  may  change  from  one  day  to  the  next,  as  you   may  be  asked  to  help  out  with  a  bit  of  everything  that  needs  to  get   done.  That  will  make  you  knowledgeable  about  a  lot  of  different   areas.     I  absolutely  love  how  geographically  disperse  teams  accommodate   the  inevitable  variety  of  time  zones,  working  hours,  habits  and   schedules  to  meet  the  deadlines.     -­‐-­‐  Sonia  Fabre,  Development       At  TrusYou,  we  are  all  a  bunch  of  friends.  Work  feels  relaxing,  and   very  rarely  stressful.  People  are  always  up  for  a  good  time  and   open  to  answering  questions  if  you  have  any.  The  things  you   experience  day  in  and  day  out  are  as  varied  as  the  people,  who   come  from  a  wide  range  of  cultural  backgrounds  and  from  all  over   the  world.  We  even  regularly  spend  time  with  each  other  outside   of  work,  whether  it  be  company  organized  events  or  just  enjoying  a   drink  in  bar.  Also,  we  have  a  thing  called  beer’o’clock  fridays.  Can’t   get  better  than  that.     -­‐-­‐  Anonymous                          
  38. 38.   38   Speaking  for  all  the  Italian  team,  I  can  say  that  TrustYou  for  us  has   been  a  challenge.  Working  with  STR  Global’s  numbers  every  day,  I   had  no  idea  that  there  could  exist  a  “system”  like  TrustYou;  I  hoped   but  did  not  know.  I  am  new  in  the  hotels’  world,  I  have  been   working  in  RES  for  2  years,  even  if  I  come  from  the  tourism  area,   generally  meant,  as  airports’.     In  these  months  we  have  grown  up  and  acquired  a  different  way  of   looking  at  the  hoteliers’  world.  TrustYou  is  a  company  projected   into  the  future,  farseeing  and  serious,  meaning  that  all  of  us  are   putting  a  great  effort  in  doing  what  we  do.  Everyone  puts  his  own   abilities  at  the  service  of  the  company,  showing  the  best  we  can   offer.  We  are  maybe  having  difficulties  in  spreading  the  market  all   over  as  some  competitor  do  (it  seems  they  have  a  quite  good   marketing/advertising  plan)  but  the  loyalty  and  the  high  quality   always  pay  back.  This  is  something  that  I  have  learnt  through  the   years  and  different  companies.     I  am  sure  that  we  will  succeed,  a  lot  of  projects  are  already   planned,  we  just  need  some  time  to  get  known  in  Italy  and  I  am   optimistic  about  it.  Moreover,  there  is  a  good  cooperation  of   everyone,  such  as  the  Customer  Care  assistance,  which  I  really   appreciate:  the  guys  are  always  kind  and  fast  and  never  tired  of   giving  explanations.  The  Sales  Team  is  really  engaged  and  always   giving  good  tips:  this  helps  a  lot  spreading  out  the  culture  of  TY,   firstly  to  all  the  people  who  work  for  it,  and  consequently  into  the   market.  And  it  seems  working!     -­‐-­‐  Vera  Roselli,  Sales                      
  39. 39.   39   TrustYou  continues  to  change  the  travel  industry  in  an  excitingly   fast  paced  environment.    Our  very  unique  company  culture   welcomes  all  employees  to  share  their  feedback  and  suggestions  to   improve  our  products  and  processes,  while  at  the  same  time   providing  opportunities  to  lead  a  new  project  and  see  your  vision   come  to  fruition;  being  a  younger  company,  every  employee’s   ideas  and  efforts  make  an  incredible  impact.    There’s  also  certainly   never  a  dull  moment  within  the  company  because  each  and  every   day  can  be,  and  usually  is,  very  different  from  the  previous.    This   helps  keep  everyday  very  interesting  instead  of  monotonous  by   doing  the  same  thing  over  and  over  again.       One  of  the  things  I  love  most  about  the  TrustYou  culture  is  that   everyone  truly  seems  to  care  a  lot  about  their  work  and  what  they   do.    There  is  a  true  sense  of  pride  in  what  we  continue  to   accomplish  as  a  team  and  as  a  company.    I’ve  seen  many  people  at   previous  companies  treat  their  job  as  something  they  “had”  to  do   in  order  to  get  by.    These  people  only  looked  at  their  day-­‐to-­‐day   tasks  and  never  cared  about  the  longevity  or  future  of  the  overall   company.    At  TrustYou,  everyone  actually  seems  to  “want”  to   continuously  contribute  hard  work  and  new  thoughts  and  ideas  to   be  a  market  leader  in  the  travel  industry.    Being  a  part  of  a  culture   like  this  is  so  exciting  because  the  growth  potential  is  almost   limitless.       Lastly,  many  companies  say  this  about  their  culture,  but  not  many   companies  actually  live  up  to  it:  “Work  Hard,  Play  Hard.”    The  fact   that  TrustYou  lives  up  to  this  makes  the  environment  that  much   more  fun  to  work  in.    As  long  as  everyone  is  working  hard  and  the   overall  company  is  performing  well  –  employees  share  a  beer  in  the   Munich  office  on  Fridays  and  the  entire  company  celebrates  their   hard  work  once  a  year  together  during  Oktoberfest.    During  my   previous  work  experiences,  employees  were  awarded  a  Lucite  with   their  name  engraved  on  it  for  working  as  hard  as  they  could,  not  a   ticket  to  Oktoberfest.  :  )       -­‐-­‐  Rob  Castellucci,  Key  Account  Management      
  40. 40.   40   TrustYou  is  a  place  where  smart,  ambitious  people  do  amazing   things.  We  are  not  only  participating  in,  but  shaping  the  digital   revolution  of  the  travel  market.  From  the  beginning,  our  vision  has   preceded  that  of  our  competitors  by  years.  Just  by  sitting  down  and   "figuring  it  out",  we  have  built  solutions  that  are  significantly   improving  travel  experiences  around  the  globe.  Many  millions  of   people  consume  our  data  and  recommendations  each  month,  so   we  have  reason  to  be  confident.     TrustYou  is  a  company  of  engineering  excellence.  The  standards  to   join  and  stay  on  our  team  are  high.  TrustYou  employs  and  shapes   experts  in  the  fields  of  visualization,  natural  language  processing,   big  data,  and  machine  learning.  Our  engineers  ship  high-­‐quality,   scalable  code,  and  they  do  it  fast.  We  make  use  of  new   technologies,  but  also  realize  the  value  of  established  ways  of  doing   things.  Our  architectures  are  service-­‐oriented;  beautiful  interfaces   and  re-­‐usability  are  important.     TrustYou  is  a  team.  Tasks  are  divided  according  to  our  abilities,  but   we  strive  and  cooperate  for  the  same  goal.  Responsibility  is   appreciated  by  our  employees,  and  not  "pushed  to  the  next  guy".   Knowledge  is  shared,  hierarchies  are  flat.  Open  discussion  of  ideas   and  opposing  viewpoints  is  encouraged,  office  politics  discouraged.   Our  processes  are  customer-­‐oriented:  Service  and  engineering   work  together  to  maximize  value  and  stability  of  our  products.     And  after  all  the  hard  work  is  done,  we  always  enjoy  to  have  a  cold   beer  together!     -­‐-­‐  Steffen  Wenz,  Development                    
  41. 41.   41   A  lot  of  people  have  asked  themselves  what  makes  TrustYou  that   popular.  The  answer  is  comprised  only  of  a  few  words:  opening,   dynamism,  elite,  professionalism,  care  and  a  lot  of  fun.     We  process  online  reputation  through  every  single  sense  we  have.   You  understand  that  this  is  not  such  an  easy  task.  So  what  makes  us   that  special?     Well,  we  are  all  the  time  listening  to  each  other  and  give  everyone   the  chance  to  explore  any  kind  of  new  and  maybe  even  crazy   concept  one  might  think  it's  worth  exploring  for  our  growth.   Collaboration  at  its  higher  standards  is  something  we  live  with.  We   don't  care  about  strict  rules  and  standards,  everything  goes  down   there  by  itself  for  everyone  in  our  company  is  leading,  learning,   getting  and  giving.  And  is  there  anything  fuzzy  driven  by  such  a   dynamic  factor?  You  might  wonder...  No.  How  come?  Well  dear   reader,  you  see,  we  are  all  great  professionals  and  passionate  of   what  we  do.  We  always  set  ourselves  high  goals  and  we  always  like   to  achieve  them.     And  speaking  of  culture,  we  are  really  proud  that  we  are  a  pretty   heterogeneous  company,  comprised  of  people  coming  from  23   (correct  me  if  I'm  wrong)  nationalities  from  all  over  the  world.  And   yes,  we  do  care  about  every  single  one  of  us,  we  do  care  about  our   customers  and  the  quality  of  our  products.     And  don't  think  we  are  taking  ourselves  too  serious.  We  are  always   rewarding  ourselves  by  gathering  in  an  amazing  place  where  we   have  a  lot  of  fun,  share  interesting  new  ideas  and  take  our  minds   off  work.     -­‐-­‐  Antoniu-­‐Raoul  Chis,  Development                
  42. 42.   42   TrustYou  culture  for  me:   I  have  been  working  in  quite  a  lot  companies  mostly  hotels  but   never  worked  for  one  like  TrustYou.     For  me  the  main  thing  to  love  working  for  a  company  is  if  you  go   the  extra  mile,  and  the  company  sees  and  appreciate  that.     Like  Confucius  said:  choose  a  job  you  love  and  you  never  have  to   work  again.     Working  for  TrustYou  is  not  just  work  for  me  it  is  more,  way   more.....     Looking  so  forward  for  a  superb  2014!     -­‐-­‐  Bernhard  F.  Lengauer,  Sales                                                
  43. 43.   43   When  a  company  culture  is  of  question,  you  would  always  want  to   be  a  fly  on  the  wall  to  capture  the  essence  of  what  the  company  is   about.    As  it  is  people,  who  make  the  company,  I  would  say,  that   people  at  TrustYou  are  rather  more  personas  with  attitude,  which   is  needed  to  overcome  the  challenges  of  a  startup  environment.   Open  space  &  open  discussions,  frank  communication  and   possibility  to  be  heard,  definitely  distinguish  TrustYou  and  talk  in   praise  of  company  culture,  where  one  of  the  main  goals  is  to   distinguish  the  company  from  other  providers  by  excellent  service   and  building  strong  personal  relationships  with  key  players  on  the   client’s  side.       If  TrustYou  would  be  a  person,  we  could  describe  her  or  him  like   this:       • 32  year  old     • open  &  frank     • smart  &  respectful     • witty  &  approachable     • fearless  but  trustworthy     • carefully  choses  friends  to  reflect  her/his  lifestyle     • knows  there  is  space  for  her/him  in  the  world     • is  not  only  on  a  mission  to  serve,  but  to  be  excellent  friend   to  those  who  need  support.     -­‐-­‐  Larisa  Huremovic,  Key  Account  Management                            
  44. 44.   44   I  started  to  work  for  TrustYou  in  August  2013  to  support  the  Client   Success  Team  in  the  Munich  office  in  Germany.     To  me  the  TrustYou  culture  is  an  important  pillar  of  the  overall   company  structure  that  affects  several  areas  within  the  company   and  influences  each  and  every  employee  on  a  daily  basis.       The  team  and  thereby  the  company’s  culture  is  very  international   which  also  is  an  important  idea  behind  the  firms’  overall  culture.   This  allows  us  to  share  and  cultivate  ideas  on  the  basis  of  diverse   backgrounds  while  taking  different  customs  from  all  over  the  world   into  account.  Especially  now,  during  Christmastime,  we  are  all   excited  to  get  to  know  various  Christmas  rites,  from  all  over  the   world.     Values  and  behaviors  as  well  as  the  social  environment  are   constants  when  defining  a  business  culture.  The  very  flat   hierarchies  within  the  company  make  it  easier  for  the  team  to   share  thoughts  and  ideas  while  this  direct  contact  makes  each  and   every  member  of  the  team  available  to  others.  The  direct  contact   to  colleagues  is  encouraged  by  our  team  events,  collective  lunch   breaks  and  the  weekly  get-­‐together  on  Friday  evenings.     Compared  to  other  companies,  TrustYou  has  a  very  relaxed  and   open-­‐minded  culture  that  surely  encourages  employees  to  work   hard  while  still  not  forgetting  that  recreation  is  important  once  in  a   while.     -­‐-­‐  Philipp  Möllers,  Customer  Service                    
  45. 45.   45       TrustYou  is  a  great  opportunity  to  develop  your  professional  skills   and  for  acquiring  formal  experience  while  enjoying  of  the  most   amazing  and  friendly  environment.  I  like  the  intercultural   environment;  everyday,  I  enjoy  sharing  my  time  with  people   coming  from  all  over  the  world  who  give  me  at  the  same  time  the   opportunity  to  learn  from  what  other  people  are  used  to.     Professionally  speaking,  TrustYou  is  a  company  that  enables  you  to   feel  your  own  pace  while  working,    gives  you  independence  in   every  sense,  but  most  importantly,  permits  you  to  be  aware  of   what  your  duties  are,  meaning  that  you  have  to  self-­‐regulate  what   your  doing  feeling  the  freedom  and  the  responsibility.     I  was  told  that  working  in  Germany  is  similar  to  being  alienated   from  every  single  person  you  work  with,  because  what  matters  is   working  hard  or  working  professionally,  but  here  at  TrustYou  i've   found  the  perfect  combination  of  everything.  I  have  to  say  that  I   am  very  proud  of  being  part  of  this  group.                 Anonymous  
  46. 46.   46   Working  at  TrustYou  is  like  being  the  O  in  H2O  -­‐  one  matters  a  lot   making  a  sound  bond.  Meanwhile  TrustYou  is  so  vivid  and  lively   and  dazzling  that  you  find  yourself  in  all  different  states  of   aggregation  -­‐  frozen,  liquid,  solid  or  gaseous  -­‐  at  one  time.  Since   innovation  and  flexibility  being  the  key  word  here  every  O  can   easily  be  part  of  rocket  science  H3O2.  Working  at  TrustYou  means   you  reach  for  the  stars!     -­‐-­‐  Michael  Menzel,  Sales       The  name  of  the  company  defines  its  core  principles  and  culture:   "Trust"  and  "You".  "Trust"  because:     1. Our  clients  trust  us  delivering  quality  and  reliable  information  on   which  they  can  improve  their  business  and  stay  ahead  their   competitors,  trust  our  competencies  and  value  them.   2. Our  employees  trust  the  management  being  able  to  provide  a   competent  vision  on  the  future,  to  focus  on  the  customer   needs,  to  identify  and  capitalize  the  potential  of  the  market.   3. Our  management  trusts  the  employees  being  committed  and   dedicated  to  their  work,  being  innovative  and  actively  involved   in  the  company's  projects,  being  efficient  and  dynamic.     "You"  sets  the  focus  on  the  people.  We  are  not  a  sum  of   individuals,  we  are  one  team.  Flat  hiearchy,  clear  responsibilities,   strong  communication.  We  value  the  persons  in  his  or  her  integrity:   work  skills,  culture,  social  abilities,  spirit.  We  trust  the  saying  that  if   you  enjoy  what  you  are  doing,  then  you  never  work.  However,   aside  to  the  work  in  itself,  the  TrustYou  culture  means  also  a  well   shaped  social  life,  including  yearly  events  like  Christmas  and   Oktoberfest  parties,  celebrating  the  employees'  birthdays,  team   buildings,  trips.  The  geographical  distribution  of  our  offices  makes   TrustYou  a  multi-­‐national  and  a  multi-­‐cultural  company,  where  you   can  learn  new  things  all  the  time.  Many  things  may  happen  to  you,   but  one  never:  to  get  bored.                   -­‐-­‐  Adela  Crisan,  Customer  Service      
  47. 47.   47   The  TrustYou  culture  is  pretty  cool.  Whether  it's  drinking  the  finest   of  ales  in  a  medieval-­‐themed  restaurant  in  Budapest,  imbibing  the   finest  of  Maß  atop  an  Oktoberfest  bench,  savouring  the  finest  of   Munich  brews  on  Friday  after  5  p.m.,  or  sipping  the  finest  of   whiskeys  in  a  Munich  cigar  lounge,  there's  always  a  chance  to   discuss  the  weighty  topics  of  the  day  with  one's  colleagues.  Here   on  the  4th  floor  of  the  MTZ  we  are  lucky  to  bear  witness  to  one  of   the  finest  gatherings  of  intellectual  wizardry  since  the  Manhattan   project,  or  even  Plato's  Academy.  Here  on  a  daily  basis,  we  wrestle   data  like  a  lumberjack  wrestles  a  grizzly  bear  -­‐  each  enduring  near   fatal  blows,  with  grim  respect  from  time  to  time  pausing,  to  leave   the  final  determination  of  the  victor  to  another  day.  Like  Alaskan   icefishers  we  crash  though  management  responses  and  retweets,   surveys  and  social  media,  casting  our  net  wide  and  deep.  Our   White  Whale:  consumer  insight.     And  there's  also  some  fun  projects  to  work  on!           -­‐-­‐  Nicholas  Gow,  Computational  Linguistic                
  48. 48.   48   The  most  important  question  you  should  ask  a  person  working  at  a   company  you're  interested  in  is:  do  you  feel  happy  on  your  way  to   the  office?  Depending  on  the  answer  you'll  know  how  this   company  is.  If  you  had  asked  me  that,  I'd  have  answered  always  the   same:  yeeeees!       TrustYou  is  a  really  open-­‐minded  company.  We  are  a  group  of   young  people  coming  from  different  places  over  the  world,  eager   to  work  on  challenging  projects  and  looking  forward  to  have  a  great   time  while  building  something  big.  We  work  hard  on  our  tasks,  we   are  serious  when  it's  necessary,  we  have  fun  playing  Xbox  or  kicker   when  we  have  time  for  it,  we  have  always  time  to  celebrate  what   we  call  beer  o'clock  (5pm  on  Fridays)  and  we  enjoy  everything  we   do  at  the  office.  That's  our  culture!                 -­‐-­‐  Robert  Ventura  Simon,  Development       • Check  your  suits  at  the  door  and  don’t  judge  a  book  by  its   cover.     • Young,  eclectic  group  of  smart,  highly-­‐motivated  people   who  are  fun  to  be  around.         • Amp  up  your  desire  to  hit  it  out  of  the  park;  those  with  an   entrepreneurial  spirit  thrive.     • How  you  get  it  done  (at  home,  in  jeans,  sitting  on  the   floor)  doesn’t  matter.    Just  get  it  done.   • Small  company  with  big  plans  and  potential.         • If  you  say  you  will  do  it,  do  it.    Nothing  is  forgotten.     • Founders  provide  a  great  balance.    Their  deep  friendship   trickles  down  into  the  culture  and  provides  a  family-­‐like,   caring  atmosphere.               -­‐-­‐  Carla  Caccavale  Reynolds,  PR