Steering Committee Meeting Minutes October 15, 2009


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Steering Committee Meeting Minutes October 15, 2009

  1. 1. ENERGY EFFICIENCY & CONSERVATION STRATEGY MEETING MINUTES MHSM # 0907.00 October 15, 2009 Steering Committee: • Greg Coates • Jeff Welborn • Lee Jeter Sr. • Ian Webb • Leia Lewis Committee Members Absent: • Jeanne Hamming • Joe Pierce Jr. • Stuart Crichton • Roy Griggs Other Attendees: • Wes Wyche • Tim Wachtel • Kim Mitchell • Bruce Hoffman (By Phone) • Patti Trudell • Mike Strong Cc: • Caroline Majors • Sharon Swanson • Richard Lane • Murray Lloyd • Gala Daftary Kim convened the meeting at 4:10 P.M. He presented the draft “framework document.” Bruce stated that this document will form a part of the EECS submission. Kim suggested that the mayor and council members also be invited to the Near-time website, to be able to monitor the committee’s work online and review ideas being discussed should they wish to do so. Mike said he endorsed this idea so the Mayor and Council can stay informed. 1
  2. 2. The Minutes of the October 8th meeting were approved as drafted. Mike reported on questions from the city council at the last council meeting. He reviewed with them the leveraging strategy to use the $1.7 million. The council supports process. Mike requested that the committee attend the next council meeting on Tuesday, October 27, 2009 at 3:00 P.M., or to have a spokesman for the committee attend. Committee members unanimously agreed with the suggestion. Lee Jeter noted that all the time and effort being put in by the committee would be for naught if its report and recommendations were to be rejected by the City, and that continuing to keep the mayor and council apprised of its work should help allay any concerns that anyone might have. Jeff encouraged the entire committee to attend. It was noted that the deadline for submitting the EECS is December 8 and not December 22 as was earlier indicated by the DOE. Ian suggested that the presentation to the council illustrate how an example project will be leveraged. He suggested that before an EECSport invitation for the Mayor and Council goes out, it would be a good idea for the recipients to know it was coming, to keep them from offhandedly discarding/ignoring an e-mail that might appear on its face to be confusing or spam. Mike offered to send an advance note to the mayor and council letting them know it was coming. Bruce expressed his desire for the committee to develop a wish list of projects and that the city submit a wish list to him. Ian mentioned the need for an energy code enforcement and adoption. He also mentioned the need to provide information to the public for how to achieve savings from energy efficient methods or where to locate energy audits. Sankovision is organic farming, water harvesting and is developing a learning center. Concept plans are being developed by LA. Tech Architecture. This is a non-profit organization. This organization is entering into a fund raising for approximately $150,000. Bruce mentioned that a community foods program is an opportunity for up to $300,000. He said we need to outreach to the community to find out what is going on. The strategy is to build coalitions. Meeting Adjourned 2
  3. 3. Steering Committee Notes The following notes are the result of discussions during the 10.15.09 Steering Committee Meeting to explore potential projects for each focus area: Reduce Waste & Pollution Outreach program to promote not using plastic bottles. Incentive programs to encourage Commercial/Government recycling Outreach/public education on benefits of recycling. Especially lower income citizens (need funding for this activity.) Educating individuals about E.E.C. should address all focus areas of plan. The education process should move in tandem with the network building process. Waste oil recycling program for fuel Reduces problems with grease contributing to sewer system overflow. Caddo Schools should be included City Composting Program Yard waste (green) Food waste (brown) Get schools involved as education/entrepreneur initiative Connect to community garden program or urban farming program. Good opportunity to make a model for surrounding communities Leverage parish recycling program. Clean & Renewables Wind, Solar, Geothermal heat pumps initiatives should be explored-possibility to assist projects like the Center for Community Renewal. Look at Government Plaza for alternative energy project connected to roof project. (Tax credit strategy could pay for approximately 50%) Blocker companies are use to place tax credits. Could we develop a working group to develop project strategies for using tax credits for smart projects related to energy efficiency and conservation. Natural Gas-how can we leverage this local natural resource for energy efficiency and conservation initiatives. C02 capture projects we would like to develop a list of possibilities. 3
  4. 4. Can we leverage industry investments of companies? Jeff to follow-up on investments private companies are making that could possibly be leveraged. Building Energy Efficiency Consider (micro-enterprise) lean program related to audits and energy retrofits. How do we work with the weatherization program? We might incorporate outreach activities that get the word out. The city should adopt new energy codes with city possibly offering rebates for exceeding code. We should explain the benefits of incentives we suggest. Residential solar system program-tax credits pay for panels (Bruce) The following Audits are needed and should be separate pieces of work: 1. Lighting 2. HVAC 3. Water Efficiency There are funds available for energy audits for low income. We need audit programs for other income levels. “The current state Hero” program with offset of initial cost by city is a possibility. The city program could be a public/private initiative (e.g. utilities could pay for outreach developed by CERT.) Transportation/Land Use CNG fueling station for garbage truck fleet. Project was previously described by COS and a leveraging strategy is already developed. Replacing traffic signals with LED- +/- $300 K investment could save $25K per year. Ian commented that this investment does not at first glance appear to produce a significant R.O.I. Urban Forestry Program Need tree ordinance (current proposal tabled by council?) G.I.S. should be an underlying tool for tracking all initiatives-part of maximizing resources that enhances energy efficiency. Public access to add layers and produce/use G.I.S. is important for engaging our citizens and supporting their creativity/innovation. Urban Agriculture-taking urban gardening to scale Food supply by local 4
  5. 5. Energy/Education/Outreach Residential/small business energy efficiency demonstration projects. Small efforts add up-Educate to save $20/month/household= $20 million/year savings. 5
  6. 6. EECS STEERING COMMITTEE MEETING AGENDA DATE: Thursday, October 22, 2009 TIME: 4:00 – 6:00 P.M. (Note: Consultants will be available to the Steering Committee from 3-4 P.M. to continue discussions of committee project ideas) LOCATION: 333 Texas Street, Suite 1200 MHSM Office. AGENDA ITEMS 1. Review comments on minutes. 2. Bruce to present projects and evaluations. 3. Committee consideration of projects, priorities and selection. 4. Review of EECSport website and use to review project progress (e.g., Forums) 5. Next step 6