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Joy Hughes, Solar Gardens Finance presentation at SF Bay Area Community Solar Confluence, 5-23-12


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Advanced Solar Finance

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Joy Hughes, Solar Gardens Finance presentation at SF Bay Area Community Solar Confluence, 5-23-12

  1. Joy Hughes – Solar Gardens Institute Solar Gardener Training
  2. Mind the Gap! FinanciersCommunities
  3. Community Supported Energy Multiple Owners, Single Off-Taker Owners | Off-takersCo-op Owner House of Worship NonprofitSecuritized Community Center OwnerExemptLLC UserJOBS Act Owner
  4. Solar GardenSingle Owner, Multiple Off-Takers (Power Purchase Model) Owners | Off-takers Local Bank Guarantor Corporation Owner Insurance MunicipalityBankPrivate EquityLimited Partnership User User User
  5. Community Power Multiple Owners, Multiple Off- Takers Doesn’t … yet. exist ... Owner Owner Owner User UserOwner Owner //User User / User
  6. Policy, People, and Projects Online Solar Gardener Training Featuring “Master Gardeners” 50+ Trainees Live Confluence TourBoston, NYC, Omaha, San Francisco
  7. Policy, People, an d Projects Project Assistance 20+ projects - five states in our “seedling bed” Advice for Students 12 students across U.S.
  8. Learning From Communities Communities want to be told what to do BUT They want local control Communities want to choose a local installer, find their ownCommunities want to own subscribers, and own the project through a “flip” model. the project Solar finance literacy is BUT needed. All stakeholders must They want no risk be included.
  9. Social Score Principles of Community Power1. Grass Roots 6. Community ownership2. Maximize distribution 7. Keep money local3. Minimize impacts 8. Inclusivity4. Multiple use 9. Community engagement5. Supports localinstitutions 10. Solidarity
  10. Environmental Score Principles of Responsible Solar Development1. Tree Preservation 6. Local Designers2. Share the Land 7. Micro-grids3. Shade over 8. Responsible BusinessPavement Practices4. Good Neighbor Policy 9. Microfinance5. Limited Scale 10. A hand up
  11. Financial Score Subscriber’s Bill of Rights1. Reasonable cost 6. Low Fees2. Path to Ownership 7. Solar Gardener Support3. Portability /Transferability 8. Host Support4. Financial Protection 9. Program Support5. Customer Service 10. Community Support
  12. Learning From Financiers Financiers want shovel- ready projects BUT They don’t want to pay for up-front costs Financiers want low cost proven installers - and subscribers with stellarFinanciers want to control credit. They are the project constrained by tax law and by their bankers’ risk BUT models. Brand-new They want no risk programs are scary.
  13. MarketplaceCommunity gets a good finance fit Financiers get qualified projects Communitie s Financiers Solar Tax Garden Equity Solar Manage Gardener Expectations Training Standard offer Program Project Open Source CSE Scoring Security Checklist Contracts Project Community Pitches DecisionRooftop Co-opProgram Installer Hosting Choice Services
  14. Thank You!solargardens.orgJoy Hughes – founder – joy@solargardens.orgRobyn Lydick – Media Relations –robyn@solargardens.orgPlease sign up for the mailing list