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Moser baer internship IT Networking infrastructure


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Moser baer internship IT Networking infrastructure

  1. 1. Summer Internship Colloquium (2014-15) INTERNSHIP AT MOSERBAER INDIA LTD.
  2. 2. Understanding of IT Infrastructure & Computer Networking IT INFRASTRUCTURE MANAGEMENT
  3. 3. About MoserBaer India Ltd Vision : “Touching every life across the globe through high technology products and services.” Mission: o We will drive growth through our excellence in mass manufacturing. o We will move up the value chain through rapid development of technology, products and services. o We will leverage our relationships, distribution, cost leadership and “can do' attitude to become a global market leader in every business. Teamwork Integrity Passion Speed Values :
  4. 4. About MoserBaer India Ltd.(contd.) o Moser Baer India Limited headquartered in New Delhi, is a leading global tech- manufacturing company. Established in 1983, the company is one of the world's largest manufacturers of Optical Storage media like CDs and DVDs. o As Chairman & Managing Director of Moser Baer India Ltd, Mr. Deepak Puri provides strategic leadership and direction to the organization. He steers the company with his vision of making Moser Baer one of the most respected technology companies globally. o More than 20 per cent global market share in the optical storage media domain o With a capacity of 24mn Memory devices per year, its manufacturing facility is one-of-its-kind in India o ISO 9001 , ISO 14000, OHSAS 18001 standards, 5 star rating for maintaining highest standards of quality and 100 % rating for quality systems by TÜV Rheinland o The company is today the only large Indian manufacturer of magnetic and optical media data storage products, exporting approximately 85 percent of its production. o Moser Baer has three state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Noida and NEPZ with ‘Class 100’ clean-room conditions, climate control, superior machinery and the finest raw materials. The spirit of ‘zero error’ manufacturing drives the company. Deepak Puri Chairman & MD
  5. 5. About MoserBaer India Ltd.(contd.) Low cost High margins High Profit Capacity Growth Reinves-tment Fig: Business Model
  6. 6. CSR IN EDUCATION Taleem (Facilitating delivery of formal education) Aarogya (Specialized medical services through Camps) Yudai (Empowering youth for the benefit of society) Digital Literacy Prog (Filling up the computer knowledge deficit) CineArt (Manifesting for a social change) Pahal (Empowering rural women by enhancing their livelihood opportunities)
  7. 7. Internship Cycle Induction Period Objective Identifying area of work Planning the project Discussion with concerned executive at the place Finishing up our project with recommendation Analysing
  8. 8. Introduction To The Report o The applications need a transport mechanism to share information, to transmit data or to send requests for some services and hence require networking architecture. o The report studies aspects on the network technological equipment and their efficacy towards an organization need. o The constraints being faced out by the network administrative managers has been put taken care off and has been remedied out here. o Adopting a balanced approach helped to come out with the best solution, comparing a products of same category been distinguished. o Strategy opt out by managers towards the sustaining work culture exhibits selecting the right technology for the right requirements. o Analysing the whole networking infrastructure itself needs the continuous learning as the technical glitch can’t be predicted without testing and a proper evaluation.
  9. 9. Problem Statement & Objective The object of my work is to do a study analysis and conclude from a management sight view :- o Evaluating the efficacy of each networking device to meet the end requirements of the users. o Figuring out the best device with its alternative one. o Cost and benefit analysis of the IT infrastructure. o Better connectivity in an organization via lan and wireless area network by aggregating their bandwidths. o Recommendation on the basis of relative understanding and survey.
  10. 10. Approach Opted The approach been used out to assess the whole network channel is ‘THE COMPARATIVE APPROACH’ COMPARATIVE APPROACH : Distinguishing the existing equipment with the alternative, taking specification features, acceptance, stability, cost as the major parameters. Reason to opt for comparative approach – o To meet out the objective of assessing the existing architecture. o The IT infrastructure can’t be assessed with ‘zero error ‘without considering the working conditions and the other constraints. o It helps to meet out the order chain principle of management i.e required device at the required requirement.
  11. 11. Analysis The analysis has been opted out by looking out the components of IT infrastructure that includes bonded and unbonded media such as cables, switches, types of servers, capable routers, transmitting channel etc. MBIL DATA CENTER SERVER FARM CORE SWITCHES FIREWALL Plant 1 Plant 2 Plant 3 Connected Fig: MBIL LAN CONNECTION OUTLINED.
  12. 12. The Networking Infrastructure Recommendation
  13. 13. Analysis (Contd.) Analyzing The Bonded Media (Networking Cables Medium) Below factors helps determine high quality cables :- o Network Reliability Affects Revenue. o Crosstalk Must Be Avoided for Proper Data Speed and Stability o Installation Requires Much Work and Labor Charges. o Upgrading is Expensive and Time-Consuming. o Signal Degradation/Loss (Attenuation) Occurs in Some Long Cables. o A Poor SNR (Signal to Noise Ratio) can also affect Signal Quality o Client Satisfaction is affected by Network Quality.
  14. 14. Analysis (Contd.) As in MBIL AMP cable has been used mostly for the networking purpose, the following factors found FEATURES AMP NETCONNECT Category 6 U/UTP Cable, 305 M DLINK CATEGORY 6 CABLES. Technical Specs Good Low Cost High Cost Low Cost With view to the technical specs, AMP net connect need to be preferred beside high cost.
  15. 15. Analysis (Contd.) Analyzing The Switches(Core as well as Edge) :- Below factors helps determine the most capable switch. o Performance o Port density o Basic network architecture o Network services o Network prices o Better Service Vendor o Bandwidth
  16. 16. Analysis (Contd.) As in MBIL CISCO Catalyst 4500 switch has been used as a core switch and it has been used for addressing the ip of all other switch. Features Cisco 4500e Catalyst Switch Performance It offers a variety of performance with nexgen processing speed. Port density Supports upto 240 ports. Basic network architecture For a large enterprises. Network services Intelligent network services hence prevent network outrages. Better Service Vendor Better contract based service channel Bandwidth up to 20 Gbps of wirelessthroughput
  17. 17. Analysis (Contd.) As in MBIL CISCO Catalyst 4500 switch has been used as a core switch and it has been used for addressing the ip of all other switch. Features Cisco 3800 Edge Switch Performance With support to 256,000 MAC addresses and 8000 bridge domains, offers high performance Port density Supports upto 144 channels. Basic network architecture Integrated service routers. Network services Offers exceptional network agility, performance, and intelligence Better Service Vendor Better contract based service channel Bandwidth Bandwith of 500 MBPS.
  18. 18. Conclusion NOTE 1 – As per the analysis of IT Infrastructure at Moser Baer India Limited considering the various plants, H.O. where the IT implementation has been done. The recommendation about various places and about media, components and devices are as under. UTP Cables ◦ The UTP cable has not been used in distribution for edge at more then 70 meter distance at anywhere in the plant. ◦ The maximum distance of UTP cable is 100 metre. ◦ CAT 6 UTP has been used at plant 1 in distribution edge network at within 100 meter premises wherever the end ports are to be given for having networking facility used.
  19. 19. Conclusion(Contd.) STP Cables o At Utility department at PLANT 1 as the GENERATION, TRANSMISSION AND DISTRUBUTION OF ELECTRICAL POWER IS DONE, therefore at edge the CAT 7 cable o has been used within 70 meter premises. Because at Utility department there is huge electromagnetic interference therefore STP CAT 7 cable has been used. Switches o The Cisco 4500 series switch has been used at data centre, at every plant to make control at that particular place. o Since, PLANT 1 is just behind the data centre of MBIL, therefore the core switch has been assigned at the data centre for the control of whole plant 1.
  20. 20. Conclusion(Contd.) o All required switch with multiple ports has been used at data centre core switch to feeding the networking for plant 1. o As the PLANT 2 is not in the premises of 100 meter, therefore the separated Cisco 4500 core switch has been send witched by making a distribution channel at plant 2 itself. o The physical media has been given by lying Optical Fibre Cable (OFC) cable from data center to plant 2. o Therefore, the required distribution can be done of feeding network at PLANT 2. o As the PLANT 3 is away from the minimum premises of data center (1 km) from UTP cable point of view therefore a required Fibre cable has been laid and a distribution network has been make by assigning a cisco 4500 series core switch so networking could be feed at the plant 3.
  21. 21. Conclusion(Contd.) o As the MBIL H.O. is also quite a distance from the data centre of MBIL therefore the network has been aligned by taking 2 back to back leased line of 8 mbps from Airtel and Reliance ISP providers. o At all the PLANTS & H.O. to inter connect them all with WAN network the CISCO 2800, 3800 Routers back to back has been used. o The CISCO 2800, 3800 Routers used at MBIL fulfills the entire requirement. o The Wireless feed has also been done at various places of admin. Block of MBIL. o In wireless network Net gear brand router has been used as per the requirement.
  22. 22. Conclusion(Contd.) NOTE 2 – Basis of the analysis & conclusion it can be stated out that all brands used for physical media as for example amp UTP & STP CAT 6 & 7 CABLE category has been used as per the requirements. but Amp. CAT 7 cables over CAT 6 cables are better in terms of their technical specifications. But they cost very much than Dlink cable of same category. And as per the analysis of the Cisco 4500 series switch and Cisco 2800, 3800 router that which is used at Moser Baer India Limited are up to the mark as per the requirement of company with respect to cost comparison and economical consideration. NOTE 3- As per the demand it could be reviewed that at the ADMIN BLOCK the wireless lan connectivity has been preferred over the lan. In the range of 10 ft a signal strength has been found very low, therefor I recommend a wlan router Dlink n150 for a better connectivity and stability.
  23. 23. Thankyou all for your patience !