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H Communications

  1. 1. Communications Basic Training on Conservation Trust Funds Cape Town, South Africa March 31 – April 2, 2009
  2. 2. A communications strategy needs… • Pre-requisites for effective fund communications: strategic plan and fundraising strategy • Communications plan • Communications team – develops/designs corporate image – designs and produces communications tools – plans related activities – coordinates with fundraising staff
  3. 3. Communications Plan • Designed to promote a fund through most effective communication channels • Purpose is to build support of and influence action from the target audience – key fund stakeholders, including grantees, donors, Government • Desired outcomes need to be clearly defined and understood
  4. 4. Testimonials – who is he talking to? “Working for biodiversity is working for the diversity of lives, colors, ideas and beliefs. Nature teaches us that diversity is always welcome and it places us before a paradox: without biodiversity, there is no unit; without diversity, there is no Life. There cannot be a better motivation for engaging and serving nature”. Partner of Lobo & Ibeas Advogados and Oscar Graça Couto member of Funbio’s Board of Directors.
  5. 5. Communications Objectives •Project an image •Raise funding •Develop partnerships •Increase impact
  6. 6. Communications Channels Products and Mediums Who is audience? How effective is it? Annual report Financial report Brochure Newsletter Press releases News and opinion articles Grant guidelines Website Power point presentations Videos Marketing products: hats, pens, calendars, cards Events
  7. 7. Top ten tips from a non-professional 1. Less is more for publications 7. People will stop reading 2. Ask a native speaker to your document if they proofread translations have to look up 3. Hire professionals acronyms 4. Electronic media reduce your 8. Busy people only have fund’s “footprint” time to read a few pages 5. Use great photos (interesting 9. What you think is “cool” people, beautiful landscapes, may not be in another cute or ugly wildlife) and credit country or for another them properly generation (“twitter”?) 6. Communicate where you want 10. Donors like free gifts as to go, not always what you are souvenirs of a fund, but doing not too many
  8. 8. juntos por una mejor sociedad www.accionambiental.org MINISTERIO DE AMBIENTE DEPARTAMENTO NACIONAL 8 DE PLANEACION Sociedad civil VIVIENDA Y DESARROLLO TERRITORIAL
  9. 9. Questions? How important is it to project a “green image” when financial resources are limited? What communication materials and media are most appropriate in your country? Will they also work for donors you want to reach?