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#Ulearn13 | Social networking and professional learning - Research stream


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Published in: Education, Technology
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#Ulearn13 | Social networking and professional learning - Research stream

  1. 1. Online  social  networking  and  its  impact   on  New  Zealand  educators’   professional  learning Karen  Melhuish  Spencer    |    @virtuallykaren    | Join  the  conversa.on  by  using    #ulearn13    |    Follow  us    @ulearnnz Sunday, 13 October 13
  2. 2. The context: New Zealand’s Virtual Learning Network Sunday, 13 October 13
  3. 3. What do we mean by social network sites? clear purpose privilege the individual visible connections afford collaboration and creation shared spaces support curation & aggregation of content Image (CC) by ButchLebo Sunday, 13 October 13
  4. 4. Can social networking support effective learning? “It  is  preDy   random   professional   learning,  but   some.mes  it’s   really  useful. ” Image by tejvanphotos (CC) Sunday, 13 October 13
  5. 5. The study • Interpretive, ethnographic study, using mixed methods • Online survey 2012 [70 responses, 83.6% completion] • • • Representative of wider sector Interviews with 5 educators Content analysis grounded in Activity Theory and effective professional learning frameworks Image: (CC) Some rights reserved by NoJuan Sunday, 13 October 13
  6. 6. Activity Theory Sunday, 13 October 13
  7. 7. Findings Sunday, 13 October 13
  8. 8. Motivations “ I  am  a  lead  teacher...  I  access   VLN  primarily  for:  to  gain   ideas  for  my  own   development  in  prac.ce  and   to  gain  ideas  to  take   back  to  staff. ” • reduces isolation • personal affirmation • explore topical issues • connect with colleagues •cherry pick & grab bag Sunday, 13 October 13
  9. 9. Activities and goals “ providing  me  with  real  <me   answers  to  my  ques.ons,  real  tried   and  true  resources  and  websites   and  apps,  given  me  other  points  of   view  and  access  to  resources  I   would  not  have  found  otherwise. • sharing resources • gather information • pedagogy over content • whole school issues • fast rather than deep • personal focus over school/ student Sunday, 13 October 13 ”
  10. 10. Technology as an enabler “ The online discussions are something you probably wouldn’t get unless you went to ULearn. ” •groups and forums •inbox as arbiter •browse inbox rather Image credit: RaHuL Rodriguez Sunday, 13 October 13 than personalise and post •groups as filters •managing info-flow •issues with navigation
  11. 11. Community, rules and sharing the load “ I  had  signed  up  but  didn't  use  it.   When  I  looked  for  advice  about   iPads  from  ICT  cluster  facilitator  she   referred  me  there.  It  has  been  very   valuable.  I  had  floods  of  advice   from  all  around  NZ  when  I  asked  a   ques<on.  Email  advice  of  posts  is   also  very  good.  I  have  even  been   able  to  pass  on  some  things  I've   learned  -­‐  pay  back. Sunday, 13 October 13 •Content over connections •Easy access to others •Safe and professional •Effectively facilitated •Ministry related ”
  12. 12. So what? Sunday, 13 October 13
  13. 13. Implications: Teachers •Consider extending inquiry using such networks beyond the school • Discuss ways to actively collaborate with others •Digital literacy development to maage information •Understand notions of professional learning •Look for opportunities to connect •Understand that filters need to be judiciously used Sunday, 13 October 13
  14. 14. Implications: School leadership •Consider personalised professional learning models • Learn within AND beyond school •Digital literacy professional learning •Integrate wider networks •Design blended professional learning Sunday, 13 October 13 Image: rafal.postcrossing
  15. 15. Implications: Policy level •Coherent approach to blended professional learning across PLD, inc. online facilitation •Understand the opportunities that networks might offer •Support grass-roots community-driven approaches •Extend effective PL facilitation models to include online/ blended Sunday, 13 October 13 Image: florriebassingbourn!
  16. 16. Limitations •Early adopters at the vanguard •Snapshot in time •Self-reported •Not tracked into schools Image source: Wikipedia: Sunday, 13 October 13
  17. 17. ...a final word... “It’s a taonga...I like the way it feels like it is continually moving. It’s not static, it is continually feels like it is breathing. And that it has got life.” [‘Amanda’] Sunday, 13 October 13
  18. 18. Q&A Sunday, 13 October 13