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MediaPost Brand Insider Summit: D2C November 10-13 2019
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  1. 1. Programmatic Mythbusting
  2. 2. We’re an independent marketing intelligence company and we help brands to deliver outcomes through programmatic media & analytics solutions.
  3. 3. It’s intelligence, derived from your marketing data, which drives outcomes for your business. So what is Marketing Intelligence
  4. 4. THE MYTH: Presenting with a moustache is embarrassing
  5. 5. THE TRUTH: It is! But it is for a good cause.
  6. 6. THE MYTH: Almost no one here is buying programmatic
  7. 7. THE MYTH: “Programmatic” means “Display”
  8. 8. The use of software to purchase digital advertising. Programmatic can apply to anything from display to digital out-of-home and television.
  9. 9. Using computers to buy ads.
  10. 10. Efficiency – Programmatic is more efficient, removing the need to negotiate with thousands of publishers for every campaign Cost – Removes many of the “middle men” from the process, reducing costs Reach – Programmatic sources reach the entire internet, on multiple devices and platforms Targeting – Ability to target specific audiences or purchased data segments nearly anywhere online Why use Programmatic?
  11. 11. What types of inventory are bought programmatically?
  12. 12. THE MYTH: Walled Gardens Offer Better Audience Targeting
  13. 13. AUDIENCES BOUGHT LOCATION TEMPORAL DOMAINS, KEYWORDS & SEMANTIC CONTENT DEVICE TYPE MODEL & MA OTHER VARIABLES OF SIGNIFICANCE TO ROI MACRO SIGNALS 7x more likely to convert 3x more likely to convert 6.5x more likely to convert 30 years old WC2E From 9:00-18:00 EBAY.CO.UK AMAZON.CO.UK SAT& SUN Evening Italian speaker converts on PC SKYSCANNER.COM 3x more likely to convert 7x more likely to convert 6.5x more likely to convert + + + THE TRUTH: Programmatic Integrations Put It On Par
  14. 14. MYTH: Programmatic Advertising Doesn’t work
  15. 15. The Truth: Hearts and Wallets Say it Does
  16. 16. The Truth: Hearts and Wallets Say it Does - 73% of Marketers Say it’s Effective - Bought Programmatically in Walled Gardens - Bought Programmatically via DSP’s - Bought Programmatically via DSP’s - Migrating to Programmatic - Migrating to Programmatic
  17. 17. THE MYTH: Programmatic Only Delivers Vanity Metrics
  18. 18. THE TRUTH: Programmatic Delivers What You Tell It To Cost Per Store Visit Incremental Lift Unique Subscription Renewals High Ticket Value Sales In Geo Pizza Sales Car Customizer Completions Account Funding CAC/LTV
  20. 20. THE MYTH: Programmatic value is only performance
  21. 21. THE TRUTH: Programmatic Exhaust Is Equally Valuable As Performance - MICRO MACRO ACTION In-View 3s Human User DEVICE IP Office, Zip Code 20500 HHI= $150,000+ Equinox (Gym- goer) LOCATION GPS CONTEXT Brand Safe Cross-Device ID 98236393 iPhone X Wi-Fi Connection ISP: Verizon Chrome/ Mac QUALITY URL= Election Searched “BMW 3-Series” Male Extrovert Fashion Enthusiast Sunny, 77F $ up vs GPB Calvin Klein TV ad airing Positive Social Sentiment around Fashion Football match featuring fashionista star Sale: Suit $699 AD IMPRESSION Exchange Publisher Seller Timestamp User ID …. ACTION MiQ GUARD AUDIENCE MiQ PRODUCTS: Capture Elevate
  22. 22. 13.3% 9% NOT IN MARKET ADVANCE PLANNERS DIY RENOVATERS PROFESSIONAL DESIGNERS 11% 12% This Unlocks Insight through Data Science
  23. 23. THE MYTH: Programmatic is Dangerous for Brands
  24. 24. MiQ couples our partners best in- market viewability technologies with AiQ’s proprietary performance indexing to ensure a brand safe environment. Our log-level integration with IAS, enable us to reach your campaign in-view rate, while providing efficient pricing. PRE-BID Whitelists & Blacklists POST-BID Firewall PRE-BID Dynamic PRE-BID Fraud Removal HIGH QUALITY HIGH PERFORMING IMPRESSIONS THE TRUTH: You have control over safety
  25. 25. THE MYTH: The Tree on the South Carolina State Flag is a Palm Tree
  26. 26. THE TRUTH: It’s a Palmetto Tree… and it saved us from the British