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mediaman visualtech en

  1. 1. Trend Report // January 2013VISUALTECHNOLOGY Open field for experiments
  2. 2. 12 Examples
  3. 3. Interactive Videos Not quite new, but getting more and more popular for brands: The film stops at certain moments and is not going on unless the user interacts (click, drag & release), further. Contents are partly produced with high expenditure or are generated by users. Also classical-cinematic interactions (before / back, more slowly / faster) are used (see jog dial).
  4. 4. Shoppable Videos / Site/en_GB/Page- Show?cid=overlayTV Spectators can choose products out of the film and put into their shopping cart. YouTube offers that as a technology. During the current beta phase companies are testing variations, with/without stopping of the film.
  5. 5. Jog Dial The mouse wheel as jog dial: By scrolling cinematically forward / backward the user moves through different scenarios. Within these scenarios further short videos with explanations can be started.
  6. 6. Cinemagraphs http://www.wrangler- Cinemagraphs used in combination with interactive video: A part of the still picture is overlaid by suitable moved picture (sometimes as animated gif). Example: A pocket dangles, hair flutters in the wind.
  7. 7. Social/Crowd Director A social media experiment in the Netherlands allowed Twitter users to direct a live feature film which was transferred on tv. Only the frame action was set, while all three seconds the actors got stage directions from Twitter users.
  8. 8. Kinect Cinema The 3D-data of a Kinect are by software ( combined with the colour data of a SLR camera. Result: a texturized grid net with 24 pictures per sec., a hybrid from CGI and video. The data can be processed new in the postproduction from any angle of view.
  9. 9. Flying Camera "Spherical Flying Machine", developed by the Japanese ministry of defence: Can be steered centimetre-exactly in rooms. If one pushes them away , it comes back fast as lightning. If it is not steered by radio, it steers itself.
  10. 10. Robot Enhanced Gaming tdragonfly Palm-sized robot that flies like a bird and hovers like an insect; Designed for aerial photography, advanced gaming, R&D and security. A wifi-enabled, super- small, smart and energy efficient robotic insect. With up to 20 sensors onboard, the Dragonfly is the most advanced and compact flying platform out there.
  11. 11. Panoramic Low-Cost Video The GoPano micro is a lens for the iPhone that enables you to create 360° panoramic videos. It uses a specially curved mirror which gathers light from all directions and funnels it into the iPhone’s camera. The free GoPano app then transforms this image into a live interactive scene where you can control the view.
  12. 12. Projection Mapping ?v=B-ycInWFhNc Film and animation sequences are projected on a static object and are suggestive of spatial movement. Example: Presentation of the Range Rover Evoque.
  13. 13. Steady Lens Objective lens provides even at high zoom and in ramshackle situations an absolutely quiet picture. The light is caught by an extremely light mirror which can be turned like lightning via PC control on all axes. For playing table tennis the ball can be zoomed near and held in the focus, e.g.
  14. 14. Enhancing Invisible A software, developed at the MIT, visualizes insignificant oscillations and colour changes in videos by isolating and stressing particularly. Examples: The swinging of a guitar string, the dry of colour on paper, breath and pulse of a person.
  15. 15. Summary Interactive Storytelling and video shopping can draw attention to brands and products. The idea remains important. User generated video content can be found right next to complex and expensive productions. New technical options for the shooting: Low budget for the perspectives which required expensive equipment earlier . New technical options for post production: Arithmetic power and memory capacity open ways to new applications.
  16. 16. Visual Technology // Trend ReportKAMERA AB!