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API Water Fun - Water leisure

  1. 1. API WATER FUN Neuenberger Straße 26 D - 36041 Fulda Tel +49 (0) 661 250 330 Fax +49 (0) 661 250 331 0 Mail info@apiwaterfun.de www.apiwaterfun.dewe create waves
  2. 2. with us you are a APIGeysir, Therme Bad Aibling, Germany The API PLAY & SPRAY® wavelength ahead... ground offers you: colourful above ground features shoot, spray and gush water. Below ground elements provide water sprays, jets and cascades that shoot from specially designed fittings. most features can be computer choreographed to make the water dance and spray and to create a challenging guessing game for every one. a child‘s hand passing by the infrared activation bol- lard sets your API PLAY & SPRAY® into wet motion. The infrared sensor assures that the API PLAY & SPRAY® operates only when kids are present to enjoy the fun. our control assures an automatic start-up in the morning and shut down in the evening. thrilling water fun with no need for swimming pool - thus no standing water, no danger of drowning, no need for lifeguards Content low cost to build and low operating cost. Wavegenerators for Leisure + Surfing Waterslides Torrent Rivers API Play & Spray® The API PLAY & SPRAY® for public swimming pools indoor and outdoor, leisure centers, theme parks, Hotels and Resorts for Camping and public playgrounds2 19
  3. 3. The Origin Together with Prof. Dr.- Ing. S. Schuster, inventor and patent owner of the principle to create artificial waves pneumatically, Wolfgang Teichmann and his engineers of Jmhof & Co GmbH, Bad Nauheim, Germany, reali- zed in 1967 / 1968 the first Pneumatic Wave Genera- tor in the world in an outdoor wave pool operated with seawater in Horumersiel, a small town at the North Sea in Germany. The innovation got around very quickly in Europe, was taken up with enthusiasm outside Europe and initia- ted several innovative solutions in the pool building industry. It was already in 1970 that the first wave pool on the American continent was realized in Decatur, Alaba- ma, USA with the know-how and technical assistance of Wolfgang Teichmann and his team. In 1973 the first Pneumatic Wave Generator of Asia was opened in Tochi- gi, Japan. In 1971 Pneumatic Waves were generated in an Olympic sized pool equipped with an inclined movable floor as beach area in Warnemünde, Germany. Multi-pattern waves were realized for the first time in the world in 1973 in Rheinkamp, Germany. In 1975 the first combined 50 m sports and wave pool opened successfully equipped with our first Pneumatic Quick Wa- terlevel Change System in Mönchengladbach, Germany. The Technology The pneumatically generated waves are produced by a periodical oscillation of air pressure in the wave cham- bers. The wave chambers are placed at the deep end of the pool and are open below waterlevel towards the pool. With the appropriate tuning, the waves travel along the pool and form the breakers in the shallow beach area. API PLAY & SPRAY® Our Experience The More than 500 Pneumatic Wave Generators in 500 different wave pools realized in 38 countries around the ground... world are on our steadily growing reference list. Since years we continuously optimise and harmonize the com- ponents and the pool designs in order to assure that you as the investor and operator are always a wavelength ahead on what is an attractive and safe wavepool in . . . the wetter the better! daily operation. We invite you to share our experience already in the planning phase and to invest our experience into your successful wave pool.18 3
  4. 4. we create waves... ... worldwide since 1967 in more than 500 pools Our Torrent River enables you to offer to your guests a The Pneumatic Wave Generator wet-get-together with high capacity and safety. The BigSurf Wave Generator Buffered by the high amount of water your guests swim, paddle and slide down through varying widths and water The FlowRider® depths, they accelerate on integrated rapids and land in intermediate pools equipped with additional attractions The APIBALL, the funny wavemaker for a rest before they continue their ride. The capacity of the Torrent River in comparison to a typical waterslide is thus much higher and reaches up to 2.000 guests per hour. A few meters of level difference between start and lan- ding are sufficient to create a more than 100 m long splashy and wild adventure. The space requirement can be adapted to your local situation. In an indoor waterpark project in Korea we realized a Torrent River besides a wavepool on a foot- print which is only 5 to 8 m wide and 25 m long. A more generous design and integration of the mean- derings into a natural slightly descending landscape can be realized if the Torrent River is built as an outdoor attraction. The installed pump power can be used to have your guests ride a more calm and gentle River or a real chal- lenging Torrent. Down-hill competitions with small mats or boards can be organized as special events. Nearly every Center Parcs has been equipped with our Torrent River since 1982. Are you interested in further information ? Give us a call. We are looking forward to show you one of our references and submit a proposal which fits your situation.4 17
  5. 5. Wild Water Fun… ...with our Torrent RiverEuropabad, Karlsruhe, Germany Bernaqua, WestSide, Bern, Switzerland 16 5
  6. 6. Our four successful technologiesto create artificial waves: Bodyslide designed as a typical family ride with a predictable path design (average inclination of 10 to 12 %) The Pneumatic Wave Generator designed as a Turbo or Kamikaze slide with an extreme for seabreakers in wave pools with path design (average inclination of 15 to 40 %) a beach. Wave height: 0,90m to 1,25m as a BlackWater Fun slide with sound and light-effects with our Light Twister in a tunnelled version equipped with a Sofa or Aqua-Catch-Run-Out (6 x 3 m) made in polyester, with integrated overflow channel, Kreuzsteinbad, Bayreuth, Germany recommended by the German TÜV (German Society for Technical Control and Safety) to ensure safe operations The BigSurf Wave Tube slide for surf competitions in wavepools with a minimum size of 30m x 120m. double the experience, fun and capacity with a Tube Wave height: 1,80m to 2,10m slide designed for single and double tubes (average inc- lination of 10 to 12 %) Ascot Sports World, Izunagaoka, Japan Family slide the compact and attractive outdoor slide, inner widths of 2,0, 3,0 or 4,0 m with typical lengths ranging from The FlowRider®, 7,0 to 25,0 m (average inclination of 20 to 25 %) FlowRider® Single and FlowRider Double for Flowboarding, the new surf sport in water parks, leisure centers, ProBowl - Extreme hotel resorts and shopping malls shoot down on a 40 % inclined tube before you spiral in a funnel and plunge into the reception pool, the ex- treme thrill First Indoor FlowRider® in Europe, Alpamare, Bad Tölz, Germany The APIBALL®, the funny wavemaker... for waves in enclosed wave zones Outdoor pool in Hermsdorf, Germany b = 2,00m, l = 19,00m and wave pools without a beach. Wave height: 0,90m to 1,00m Outdoor pool Lörrach, Germany6 15 Antalya, Turkey
  7. 7. Custom - engineered waterslides which perform… Seabreakers with our . . . great attraction using thrilling path designs Bodyslide Pneumatic Tube Slide Probowl Extreme Family Slide Meerwasser-Freizeitbad Langeoog, Germany14 7
  8. 8. epool The Technology The APIBALL® - protected by worldwide patents - is a bowl, freely floating on the water surface and movingWe create waves... up and down. An elaborate software is controlling and optimizing the movement of the APIBALL® and assures, in rectangular pools, circular or oval pools, in pools that it keeps its position and attains the requested wave having a sophisticated geometry as they are linked to height from crest to trough of up to 0,90 m and more. adjacent rivers, leisure pools and children pools. The oscillating movement is generated by a mechanical driven crank mechanism which moves a weight up and in competition pools where the still water level is equal down against a number of springs. A flexible control and to the surrounding walking level. Our Pneumatic Quick Agrippabad, Köln, Germany supply cable which can be guided through the ground of Waterlevel Change System lowers and raises the water the pool or via the ceiling of the swimming hall supplies level within a few minutes only. Instead of pumps we the APIBALL® with 12 V alternating current. use air to move large quantities of water from a specially A mechanical drive crank inside the APIBALL® produ- designed storage tank back to the wave pool. During ces the oscillating movement. The energy (12 V) for the this procedure your guests do not need to leave the APIBALL® is supplied by a cable running either via the pool. ceiling of the hall or via the pool floor to the APIBALL®. in competition pools equipped with our Pneumatic Mo- vable Wall. The Movable Wall serves as a turning wall at the 25 m mark and takes up start blocks and swimming The Safety lanes. The first APIBALL® was approved by the „TÜV“, the in Olympic sized competition pools which are equipped German Society for Technical Control and obtained the with a Movable Floor put into oblique position during GS-Label for “Tested Safety”. the wave operation to serve as a beach area.We create waves... The Wavepool wave heights from 0,90m to 1,25m Waves can be created in nearly any pool, if the pool wall surfable waves for bodyboarding is higher than the still water level. This can be achieved different wave patters and wave heights by either separating the wave zone with a wall high- er than water level from the rest of the pool (Example: Tuttlingen) or by lowering the water level for the waveWe create waves... session and pushing it back quickly after the wave session to its old level with pumps. Though higher investments with air, air does not corrode and does not need large are necessary for lowering the water level this approach oscillating masses which require large foundations allows you to turn a sports pool equipped with a movable floor within minutes to a wave pool (Reference: Agrippa- with the lowest energy consumption per meter of pool bad, Cologne). During the swim session the APIBALL® is width parked in it´s “garage” and is pulled out by a swivel arm to its wave position. with the lowest maintenance and service costs The proper size of the APIBALL® depends on the water surface to be activated with waves. Some guidelines are listed below for a preliminary check. API will submit anWe create waves... approved concept after having received and checked customers execution drawings. in oceanariums, bird parks, pools for scientific purposes or Aircraft Rescue Training in swimming pool water, sea water, thermal salt water or Agrippabad, Köln, Germany even polluted water for research and testing purposes (research of oil binders)8 13
  9. 9. aking y Morahalom The BigSurf Wave Generator In 1988 we realized surfable waves with a wave height of up to 2,10 m in a 30 m wide and 120 m long wave pool for the Japanese Surf Champi- onship in Ascot Sports World, Izunagaoka, Japan. A water reservoir placed above the water level is The APIBALL®, released instantly so that a singular wave runs through the pool every few minutes. The BigSurf Wave Generator can be combined with a Pneu- matic Wave Generator in a way that pneumatically the funny wavemaker... generated waves with a wave height of 0,90 to 1,0 m are generated in the same wave pool as the singular BigSurf Wave with a wave height of up to 2,10 m. ...for wave fun in any pool Damian Hardman Refurbishment and Replacement BigSurf Wave, Ascot Sports of old Wave Generators World, Izunagaoka, Japan With pleasure do we submit a proposal for the refurbishment or the replacement of your old wave generator even if it is one which was not realized by our engineers. In 1997 we began to refurbish the oldest wave machine in the world known to us the “Undosa” Wave Machine in the Bilzbad in Radebeul, Germany. The wave machine is under the protection of his- Wellenberg, Oberammergau, torical monuments. Large wooden boxes moved Germany by large connecting rods push down the water level in the wave chambers and create the breakers. The wave machine was in operation all summers since 1912. It was completely disassembled, defective components were especially re-manufactured toTuWass, Tuttlingen, Germany the original design and in 1998 the 86 years young Undosa Wave Machine went into operation again in a refurbished wave pool made of stainless steel. APIBALL® Diameter of Power Weight Watersurface Water depth below the Port el Kantaoui, Tunisia APIBALL® (cm) (KWatt) ca. (Kg) min - max (m²) APIBALL® min. (m) APIBALL® 105 105 0,5 - 1,1 160 - 210 38 - 64 1,10 - 1,40 APIBALL® 130 130 1,1 - 2,5 330 - 420 50 - 110 1,25 - 1,50 APIBALL® 150 150 2,5 - 3,0 500 - 580 100 - 200 1,40 - 1,60 Indoor wavepool at Chamalières, APIBALL® 165 165 ca. 6,0 670 - 800 180 - 300 1,50 - 1,70 France; Pneumatic Wavegenerator APIBALL® 180 180 ca. 6,0 1.100 280 - 400 1,60 - 1,80 with our Pneumatic Quick Waterlevel Change System and our Pneumatic Movable Wall 12 9
  10. 10. Aquapark Zambrone, Italy Aquapark Zambrone, Italy First Indoor Flow Rider® in Europe, Alpamare, Bad Tölz, Germany The FlowRider® Single and FlowRider® Double The FlowRider® Single and FlowRider® Double are the most compact and versatile member of Wave Loch’s worldwide patented FlowRider® family. The space requirement for a surfable wave is reduced to a footprint of only 6,50m x 15,50m (FlowRider® Single, one lane of operation) or 10,00m x 15,50m (FlowRider® Double, two lanes of operation) in the stand alone version. The FlowRider® Double is delivered with a removable divider which allows you the operation of two lanes for bodyboarding. For competitive events or for stand-up Flowboarding the divider can be removed easily and offers you a width of approx 10,00m. The FlowRider® with Action River The integration of the FlowRider® into an Action or Lazy River concept increases the capacity of the overall design concept and offers additional attractive rides to your water park guests. The pumps used for the FlowRider® allow the simultaneous operation of an Action or Lazy River of 130 m to 250 m length and more as well as additional fun elements like a Flip Ramp or one or two Torrent Rivers which can be nicely integrated into the landscape. The design enlarges your offer and addresses different customer groups of your waterpark: Flowboarding for your sportive guests, a challenging Flip Ramp and one or two Torrent Rivers for your thrill see- king guests and the Lazy River for guests who prefer a relaxed ride in an innertube at low speed. ...on the FlowRider® Single Flowboard Competitions and FlowRider® Double Your participation in the European Flowboarding Summer Series integrated into the worldwide Flowboarding com- petitions organized by the Wave Loch Federation empo- wers your water park marketing and creates continuous annual attention in the media. Are you interested in more information ? Please contact us. 10 11