Oz (baker manning-wood-king-dudley-stamper)


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Oz group presentation from Baker, Manning, Wood, King, Dudley, and Stamper group.

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Oz (baker manning-wood-king-dudley-stamper)

  1. 1. Drafted by Lenox Baker, Daniel Manning, Austin Wood, Danica King, Kelcey Dudley and Chantrell Stamper The Constitution Of Oz Part I
  2. 2. Basics -Oz will function as a Parliamentary System -50 appointed members of congress -Leader of majority party, chosen by peers, will be Prime Minister -If the Prime Minister fails at his duties, “a vote of no confidence” 50% +1, by the parliament and approval by the Queen, will force him to resign. -The first inaugural ceremony will take place on January 1, 2011 -Lady Glinda will be appointed as the Queen of Oz.
  3. 3. Political Parties With what we know about politics and the landscape of Oz There will likely be two main parties and one party for the less populated areas. -The two main parties will be set-up as follows -1 - coalition party of the Munchkinlanders, Quadlings, and Animals. Among this parties interests will likely be increased welfare, higher taxation of the upper class, less government corruption, civil rights for animals, and some sort of compensation from the Wizard’s regime. -2 - second party representing the Emeralds and Gillikens will likely spring forward. The second party will almost certainly try to stifle any compensation that is sought from the old regime, will be in favor of tax breaks for the rich, and will take an overall conservative approach to the changing government -3 -The third political party will primarily be composed of citizens from the Vinkus faction of the country may form its own separate party but will be seen more as independents from the two main coalitions.
  4. 4. The Queen and her Duties -The non-executive head of state -does not have to be voted in -will remain in power until her death -Successors -In the case of the Queens death, the royal line will descend to the next able female on the matrilineal side of the Glinda name. -The Queens duties include - ability to appoint candidates of her choice to remaining parliamentary seats -approval of “vote of no confidence” for forced resignation of Prime Minister -Ceremonial head of the government -The Queen will be the commander of the Armed Forces of Oz and as such will have the power to: -declare war -sign peace treaties -decide where the armed forces will be stationed -decide which weapons to use
  5. 5. Drafted by Lenox Baker, Daniel Manning, Austin Wood, Danica King, Kelcey Dudley and Chantrell Stamper The Constitution Of Oz Part II
  6. 6. Our Electoral System -50 seats in Parliament will be divided among the six groups of regions and peoples of Oz depending on their population. -Will use apportionment method will be used to determine the number of seats awarded to each group. -Standard divisor=population of Oz/total number of seats. -Regional seat quota= regions population/standard divisor. -A census will be conducted finding the population of every region in Oz. -Based off of predicted results the seats will be distributed in this way: -Emerald City: 6 seats -Munchkinland: 25 seats -Quadling Country: 3 seats -Vinkus: 2 seats -Gilliken: 12 seats -Animals: 1 seat -System will use the Open List method of proportional representation. -Every citizen will be able to cast as many votes equal to the number of seats that their region is specified. -Elections will be held on December 1, every five years. -Members of Parliament may serve no more than 3 terms, or 18 years. -An inaugural Ball will be held on January 1, following each election.
  7. 7. Drafted by Lenox Baker, Daniel Manning, Austin Wood, Danica King, Kelcey Dudley and Chantrell Stamper The Constitution Of Oz Part III
  8. 8. Should Oz adopt a unitary or federal system of government? • Unitary System of Government • Unitary systems- Political systems in which the central government has sole constitutional sovereignty and power, in contrast to a federal system. (Drogus/Orvis, chp.6 textbook) • Disjointing of the people of Oz • Since the Wizard’s coup (37 yrs. ago) • Coup-seizure of political power: the sudden violent overthrow of a government and seizure of political power, especially by the military ( Encarta Dictionary 2009) • Provide the unification of the Democratic Republic of Oz • Best suit the needs of the people of Oz • Recognize local branches of government • Severance the division of lands • Prevent rebellion, civil war, or another coup • Sub-national units can be created or abolished
  9. 9. Unitary System of Government • Administrative divisions may only implement powers through central government. • Oz will benefit from a smaller government • Utilize a simpler mode of money management • More efficient use of tax dollars • Ability to make prompt decisions
  10. 10. Addressing of Previous Civil Rights Abuses • Week prior to elections of December 1st ( last week in November) • Annual national holiday week “Peace Week” • Festivals on the streets of Emerald City • Candidates for Parliament will make speeches • Ball held on the last night of “Peace Week” • Festivals will provide opportunities of the people of Oz • Munchkins can sell their products • Missionary groups can promote their cause • Humanitarian groups to raise money to assist the inhabitants of the Quadling country.
  11. 11. Bibliography "Coup Definition." Dictionary - MSN Encarta. 2009. Web. 02 Nov. 2010. <http:// www.encarta.msn.com>. Drogus, Carol Ann., and Stephen Walter Orvis. "Chapter 6 Political Institutions: Governing." Introducing Comparative Politics: Concepts and Cases in Context. Washington, DC: CQ, 2009. 238. Print.