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Representation vs. Authoritarianism


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Representation vs. Authoritarianism

  1. 1. Lindsey Page |1 Representation vs. Authoritarianism Representation Compared A form of government in which the people Direct participate in deciding issues directly. It operates on the belief that every citizen’s voice is important and necessary for the orderly and efficient operation of society. A system of government in which the ministers of X the executive branch get their democratic legitimacy from the legislature and are accountable to that body, such that the executive Parliamentary and legislative branches are intertwined. -------------------------- o Government led by party with most representatives  Consist of three o Elected party; appoint senate branches of government: A form of government where governing authority Executive, is vested in the hands of the representatives of the Legislative, Judicial citizens and not a ruling monarch. Generally, a  Parties run for president is the head of state and the head of leadership Republican government.  Vote for leaders -------------------  Leaders do not have o Elected House of State ultimate control over o Appointed Cabinet the government, but may have the most A system of government where citizens vote power in decision- directly for a party, and then representatives are making assigned based on the amount of popular support obtained. This results in a fairly accurate Proportional representation within the legislature of the will of the people. -------------------- o Vote for party, not candidate o Minority government Government leadershipExecutive Branch Head of state, government & their cabinet Make & debate lawsLegislative Branch Vote to pass bills into law Interpret & apply law Judicial Branch Courts & judges Provincial/Federal/Supreme Court
  2. 2. Lindsey Page |2 Authoritarianism Compared A form of government in which sovereignty is actually or nominally embodied in a single individual. ----------------------- o Total authority over government and civil matters o King, Emperor, Sheik, Tzar Monarchy o Usually passed through bloodlines, but in rare cases monarchs can be elected o Often are based more on tradition o Often leaders are seen as “sent from above” or try to convince their people that they are divine in some manner and should be treated as such (ex: Tzar) A form of government in which political power rests with a small elite segment of society. Often consists of politically powerful families who pass on their  Ultimate control influence to their children. over the country --------------------------  Either idolized or Oligarchy o The Russian Federation is considered an loathed by the oligarchy because of the influence carried by country members of the former communist party  Pure forms aren’t o Some theorize that all forms of government generally found eventually become oligarchies (ex: the today Clintons and Bushes in US Parliament) A form of government where only one party forms the government and no other parties are permitted to run candidates for election. One-Party State ----------------------- o Usually considered fascism or communism o Sometimes candidates may be voted for but they are all members of only one party A form of government in which political power resides with the military leadership. ----------------------Military Dictatorship o Not considered legitimate on an international scale o May be official or unofficial and usually do not give up power willingly
  3. 3. Lindsey Page |3 Representation and Authoritarianism Compared o Leader and party have limited  Have some kind of leader of control the government (whether o Generally acts in the interest of the it’s a military leader in a people (may be forced to by theRepresentation Military Dictatorship or people) president in a Republican o Usually have a fixed term that Democracy) members of the government can  Require outside support serve in office (either from the military, the people or some o Leader/party have ultimate control combination of the two) to o Generally acts in the interest of enforce/support laws and personal gain (may try to convince decisions made the people it is best for them even ifAuthoritarianism  Today there are no truly it isn’t) pure forms of o Usually don’t have a fixed term that Representation or members of the government can Authoritarianism serve in office