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Slides from the Plenary session at SLS 2012

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  • In reverse order: Staff who have not yet retired are unlikely to change in any dramatic way. Incoming staff are likely to have been inculcated (to some extent) in the current ways of thinking regarding legal education as they will have been through the current system of legal education and have been taught by us, most likely. Students will be somewhat different – I hope. In Scotland, students will come through the relatively new Curriculum for Excellence – designed to promote 4 overarching themes (see next slide). Finally give consideration to the use of technology and how that might shape legal education in the future
  • Perhaps the two most striking/relevant for legal education: Responsible Citizens: Using technology for learning (successful learners) Successful Learners: Participate in political, economic, social and cultural life (responsible citizens) Example of what the law student of the future looks like today – here’s my six-year-old.
  • Perhaps the best way to look to the future is to quickly look over our shoulders at where we have come from.
  • The current view – small amounts of text – very visual – mention of both teaching and research
  • 5 years ago – less visual, more text based Balance between teaching and research still present
  • 10 years back – little visual – same old text!
  • 13 years back – no visual – same old text still! Law schools have revolved around undergrad and postgrad teaching, and research activities Little has changed in terms of what happens, only in how it is presented
  • 1999 is fitting to look back, as I was a student graduating in 1999. Websites only give a snapshot of what is presented externally. My view, internally, was that the law school differs then and now in these ways
  • These reports identify and describe emerging technologies likely to have a large impact over the coming five years in education around the globe . No mention of law or legal education in the report other than mention of tablet computing used to deliver lecture-capture in one US law school.
  • Looking beyond NMC, I suggest that legal education will be slower to take-up some of these technologies, not least because they won’t necessarily fit with the subject, but also whether law sits as a science or social science, or even an art?
  • Peter Birks (Regius Professor of Civil Law at the University of Oxford) commented that “ Ulpian could sit in the House of Lords tomorrow, without a moment’s preparation”. My hope is that Blackstone (with a quick introductory IT course) could get on and deliver a lecture series through i-Tunes U without much a-do!
  • Maybe we will see more of this in 2025?!
  • Law school of 2025 #slsbristol plenary

    1. 1. What will the law school of 2025 look like? Michael Bromby: Discipline Lead
    2. 2. My vision 13 years hence…Learning & TeachingThe use of technologyStudentsThey are currently entering primary school (aged 5)Scotland: Curriculum for Excellence (CfE)StaffLikely to include those we are currently teaching!Likely to include me! 4
    3. 3. What will you do after this event?Start doing something new?Do something differently?Change nothing at all?Tell someone else?Do something for someone else?Give up?! 4
    4. 4. Learning & TeachingWhat was 1999 (13yrs ago) like?Looking from ‘Then’ to ‘Now’ and the ‘Future’The ‘Wayback Machine’ August 2012 October 2008 August 2002 January 1999 A change in form, but not in substance? 4
    5. 5. 2012 (August) present dayWhat was 1999 (13yrs ago) like?Looking from ‘Then’ to ‘Now’ and the ‘Future’The ‘Wayback Machine’ 4
    6. 6. 2008 (October) back 5yrsWhat was 1999 (13yrs ago) like?Looking from ‘Then’ to ‘Now’ and the ‘Future’The ‘Wayback Machine’ 4
    7. 7. 2002 (August) back 10yrsWhat was 1999 (13yrs ago) like?Looking from ‘Then’ to ‘Now’ and the ‘Future’The ‘Wayback Machine’ 4
    8. 8. 1999 (January) back 13yrsWhat was 1999 (13yrs ago) like?Looking from ‘Then’ to ‘Now’ and the ‘Future’The ‘Wayback Machine’ 4
    9. 9. What’s Changed?“When I was a student, we didn’t have…”• Blackboard / Moodle / VLE Interactive / collaborative• Comprehensive online databases Extent of research• Mainstream clinical legal educationEnhanced legal skills 4
    10. 10. Future HorizonsNew Media Consortium (NMC) Report 2012•Time-to-Adoption Horizon: One Year or Less  Mobile Apps  Tablet Computing•Time-to-Adoption Horizon: Two to Three Years  Game-Based Learning  Learning Analytics•Time-to-Adoption Horizon: Four to Five Years  Gesture-Based Computing  Internet of Things 4
    11. 11. Future HorizonsBeyond NMC 2012 for Legal Education?•Time-to-Adoption Horizon: 13 Years or more  Learning AnalyticsComputer assisted gradingAssessment predictionsTailor education activity according to student needs  Internet of ThingsSmart objectsOpen-ended game-based learningInteraction with the world (clinic/placement) 4
    12. 12. SummaryFuture of Legal EducationSubstantive lawInquiry-based learningIntellectual rigourLiberal mindedVocationally orientedSame old, same old! 4
    13. 13. @hea_law V Card HEA_Law Contact 07889 352-814