How Do We Capitalize WiFi Hotspots?


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WiFi is a mature and widespread technology, today reaching over 700 million homes, schools, enterprises and hotspot locations worldwide. As mobile data usage continues to sky rocket and as WiFi-enabled mobile devices become more abundant and diverse, mobile operators are beginning to see great potential for leveraging WiFi hotspots services in order to reduce congestion on cellular networks and to capitalize on new revenue channels.

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How Do We Capitalize WiFi Hotspots?

  1. 1. How Do We Capitalize WiFiHotspots?Emerging Opportunities for Mobile OperatorsAround the WorldDr.  Mazlan  Abbas  @mazlan_abbas  
  2. 2. Key Drivers for Mobile OperatorWiFi Hotspots•  Wi-Fi hotspots can provide a complementary method todelivering internet services to mobile subscribers at a relativelylow cost per byte.•  In launching and managing Wi-Fi hotspots, mobile operatorscan gain control over their subscribers’ Wi-Fi experience, interms of security, accessibility and consistency across multiplehotspot locations.•  Mobile operators can offer Wi-Fi as a value added service (VAS)to boost customer loyalty and ARPU, as well as generate newrevenue streams by extending monetized Wi-Fi hotspot servicesto a wide reach of customers.
  3. 3. Examples of WiFi Plans for MobileSubscribers
  4. 4. Mobile Data Offload a “Win-Win”SolutionMobile data offload can be a win-win situation for mobile operators and subscribers.By offloading data (internet) traffic from a cellular network to a Wi-Fi hotspot network,mobile operators can optimize available cellular network resources, increase overallcapacity and reduce bottlenecking of service.By alleviating congestion caused by heavy smartphone data usage, mobile operatorscan better allocate their cellular network resources to other customers.
  5. 5. Mobile Data Offload a “Win-Win”SolutionFor mobile subscribers on SIM-enabled devices (think smartphones), mobiledata offload offers a convenient, effortless way to access high-speed internetacross all operator-managed WiFi locations.This eliminates the burden of having to switch networks, sign up or purchaseservices at each hotspot. A carrier-class mobile data offload solution enablessubscribers to be automatically authenticated to the WiFi hotspot networkwithout intervention or interruption of service.
  6. 6. Mobile Data Offload a “Win-Win”SolutionMobile operators have considerable flexibility in how they position andmarket WiFi hotspot services to existing mobile subscribers. Unlimited WiFihotspots services may be bundled with a mobile data plan or available as amonthly add-on package. Operators can offer tiered WiFi hotspot services forpremium locations and frequent roaming subscribers.
  7. 7. In choosing your mobile provider, how important is it tohave bundled WiFi access with your smartphone tariff?[Source: Light Reading 2011]
  8. 8. Key Considerations & Challenges of MobileOperator WiFi Hotspot Monetization•  How to facilitate customer adoption and encourage use ofservices, especially in markets where free and other paidWiFi hotspots are abundant.•  How to integrate with the existing mobile core charginginfrastructure in order to realize convergent services formobile subscribers with secondary, WiFi only devices.•  How to quickly and cost-efficiently expand a WiFi hotspotfootprint in order to justify the deployment costs andincrease revenue.
  9. 9. Monetized WiFi Plans
  10. 10. Tiered WiFi Hotspot Network Model
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