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WoW project is defined by the usage of extensive advantage in WiFi technology for the carrier grade telecommunication. Today internet application and services are data hungry. The GSM network is invented primarily for voice service two decades ago and not suitable for the huge data handling network. In our project we have enhanced the user friendly WiFi into excellent end to end telecom protocol with tight security features and high availability.
WoW project brings you:
* World class education. A knowledge based society.
* Improved per capita income. Energy and money savings.
* Excellent health care. Telemedicine is a click away.
* Reduced road traffic and Carbon foot prints.
* An earning and business opportunity to everyone.
As explained in the introduction WoW project is equivalent to install a high capacity railway track which can carry any volume of light speed trains all over the world. This project is bundled with excellent profit margin to everyone involved in this noble proposal.

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WoW Project - World of Wifi

  1. 1. WoW - Project World of WifiDate: 23-Aug-2012 NS1.QAT@GMAIL.COM
  2. 2. WoW – World of Wifi is the project inspired to take the latest technology for the corporate and common man In this presentation…. benefits. Comparison between present GSM and future Wifi. WoW uses the perfect protocol at every stretch of the network which give best economy and best performance. Cost analysis. Road map.
  3. 3. Typical GSM network End to end is the network setup and ownership of a GSM company. Highly secure and reliable. Global identification.Courtesy: Wikipedia
  4. 4. Typical WiFi network Isolated network setup and ownership of the wifi network. To be made highly secure and reliable. So far local identification. WiFi domain PSTN landline / GSM - mobile telecom companyOur innovation is in developing the following in Wifi tech which is not available as of now. High security Global authentication Redundancy Scalability Revenue assurance and sharing method Efficient hand over WoW project objective: Global coverage Free WiFi to Featured WiFi
  5. 5. Comparison between GSM and WiFi× GSM = Global System for Mobile  WiFi = Wireless Fidility× High range and High power  Low range and Low power not hazardous for health hazardous for health× GSM community  IEEE 802.11× Global presence  Local presence× Carrier Grade  Can be made carrier grade× Revenue is shared mainly with  Revenue can be shared with the the core company local last mile business operator The objective is to make the wifi implementation a carrier grade with all needed redundancy and commercialize it. It is the win – win situation for our customer with their end subscriber. It is simply executing the connectivity in an alternate and professional way.
  6. 6. Part of Member companies in wifi-org* All logos are the properties of the respective owners
  7. 7. Selling propositions -3Type: 1 Service (any individual wifi devices)
  8. 8. Type: 2 Service (android tablet pc)These devices willwork under the wifinetwork available inthat area. Wall mountable Access device (Android)
  9. 9. Type: 3 Service (Linux / based pc) These devices will work under the wifi network available in that area or in-built DSL modem inside the KIOSK. Refer the complete structure of the KIOSK in the next slide. NS. Integrated Intelligent and Intuitive POS. (Linux). Refer next slide.
  10. 10. NS. Integrated Intelligent and Intuitive POS Height Calculating Probe 3i - PoS Advertisement TV, Game screen Video and Light Audio Finger print reader for left WEB CAM. hand thumb impression Mechanically Touch Screen Smart Card Reader strong headset. Monitor Standard Height for Case for Computer, average standing wifi router, UPS, human eye and connectivity contact with Static details of the owner for advertisement Smart phone users in that contact. Weight location using the GAME Calculator SCREEN for NS Games. Connected to the net through wifi hot spot. Weighing scale
  11. 11. WoW…. The real World of Wifi You can see internet everywhere personalized to you with a single click. Instant access – No need of cyber cafes. Per second billing – better than GSM’s per minute billing. Controlled usage – No unauthorized internet usage. Wifi – Future of data hungry mobility driven wireless network. Be the first to capture the market.
  12. 12. Process flow under different Admin Application User Application Customer buying Android tablet / When somebody touches the All Admin user will have one Linux computer and downloading screen. I has to ask for the Customer user ID . our application. customer User Id and PW. If it is (OpenNetApps) right. It will open the screen and The admin will use fist the this application window go in customer user and go into the minimized mode. tablet to run the OpenNetApps to Customer Registering in our start or stop the main APP using website for the Admin user id the ADMIN user ID and password. with android tablet IMEI / MAC The video will be paused and go address in minimized mode. We are providing the ADMIN user The customer will use the ID and password with training android like his tablet PC and click document for the installation of the LOG OFF button from the video files mininized window. When it is logged off the video Customer running the application files has to resume for the and entering the ADMIN user ID and password. If the details are stopped location.  Empowering normal right. The application will run and people and regular lock the screen with video running. This is the end business man to customer usage of the OpenNet share their This is the run application infrastructure for state of profit. OpenNetApps
  13. 13. WoW…. The real World of Wifi The Revenue Sharing model… Cost analysis and Future road map. The end business partner 3 types of sales purchase the POS - KISOK from us The end business partner purchase the internet from the service provider. The end client pay for the internet usage and our end business partner make profit.  Our core business is in coordinating the sales. Get profit in equipment sales and the Annual Maintenance Contract.  If not we somebody else will do this.  Having the customer in hand, we can rollout new technology like WiMax and FTTX. * All logos are the properties of the respective owners
  14. 14. Many More to come on… NS1.QAT@GMAIL.COM