Social Media Wifi Hotspot with advertising revenue


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Social Media Magnet’s PCI compliant WiFi Hot Spot instantly connects you with your customers on Facebook,
Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ or any other social media platform. Social Media Magnet gathers demographic information about your customers which is available real time via our analytics and reporting interface. The Social Media magnet is a communications and marketing tool. The Social Media Magnet turns your wifi hot spot into a revenue generating tool all while offering your customers a free amenity.

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Social Media Wifi Hotspot with advertising revenue

  1. 1. The Social Media Magnet integrates the digital-age with everyday living
  2. 2. Social Media Magnet’s PCI compliant WiFi Hot Spot instantly connects you with your customers on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ or any other social media platform WELCOME TO OUR FREE
  3. 3. What is the Social Media Magnet?
  4. 4. Consumer Demographics Data Collection Demographic Profile Grow Fans, Likes and Followers FAST Collect detailed demographic and contact information, including email Analyze Consumer Shopping & Dining Patterns Review & export usage data to measure free WiFi ROI
  5. 5. Communications & Marketing Tool Increase marketing program conversion Promote loyalty programs Leverage current campaigns in new digital mobile channels Drive traffic to key web pages, blogs, etc. Instantly connect with your customers via any social media platform Expand your reach – For every one Fan or Follower you have on Facebook or Twitter you reach approximately 245 additional people
  6. 6. Consumer Amenity Consumer Friendly Customers easily connect to free WiFi with their social media account; no additional user names or passwords needed. Faster connection speeds than cell phone data plans Saves cell phone data plan usage for consumers
  7. 7. Revenue Source Untapped Revenue Steam Unlimited revenue potential Value Added revenue tool (Optional Service)
  8. 8. The Consumer Interaction
  9. 9. 1. Customer connects to WiFi. 2. Customer’s demographic data sent to your custom database. 4. Real-time reporting downloadable to other applications. 3. Use landing page to promote specials, mobile apps, email or SMS applications. Ongoing communications with customer via social media and email
  10. 10. Product Comparison
  11. 11. Subscription Model Advertiser Supported Social Media Authentication (35+ International Options) ✔! ✔ Email Authentication ✔ ✔ Like or Follow Generated ✔ ✔ Custom Check In Messages ✔ ✔ Splash Page Scheduler ✔ ✔ Splash Pages Served Based Upon Customer Demographics ✔ ✔ Custom Splash Page Templates ✔ ✔ Detailed Analytics & Reporting ✔ ✔ 24x7x365 Monitoring ✔ ✔ Phone & Email Support ✔ ✔ Custom Alerts ✔ ✔ Use Your Equipment or Ours ✔ ✔ Shared Advertising Revenue ✔ Subscription Fee ✔
  12. 12. Advertiser Supported Program
  13. 13. Generate ad revenue from your network without affecting the end-user experience Seamless integration within your network No capital investment required Works throughout a user’s entire browser session on all PC’s, tablets and smart phones Delivers premium advertisers to your network Comprehensive ad product suite drives revenue
  14. 14. Monetization Formula Complete Monetization of a User’s WiFi Session Across All Devices Social Media Magnet offers a full service revenue solution for your WiFi Network. • Expand Opportunities - Increased ad options and inventory - Increased revenue - Improved user experience + PC Mobile devices Consumer selects Free WiFi Targeted Sign-In Product Consumer is Online Targeted In-Session Product MaximizeRevenueperUserSession Audience Scenario - Video, Lead Gen, App Download or Click-to- Drive - Patented Products i.e. Concierge Bar, Video Overlay, Ad Rotation, In-Margin, Rich Media. - Audience has instant brand affinity Session Ends - Process repeats during each session
  15. 15. Log-In & Splash Page Advertising Log In Page Sponsor Tag Splash Page With Video Overlay Join the E Club! Join the E Club! WELCOME TO OUR FREE
  16. 16. Thank You Page Enhancement Options WiFi Sponsored by: Click for FREE WiFi WiFi Sponsored by: Click for FREE WiFi In Session Advertising Above Browser Across Search Results In-Margin Ad Replacement
  17. 17. Proven Success Recent Advertisers Hospitality Transportation Booking Tourism Finance Communications Lifestyle
  18. 18. WiFi Studies & Advertising Facts
  19. 19. Consumers Are Increasingly Connecting over WiFi Users are choosing WiFi as the preferred connection
  20. 20. Research & Study Notes •  The average value of one Facebook Like is $136.381 per year. •  Facebook Fans spend $71.84 more per year on brands they Like vs. non-fan customers1 •  The average person on a social site has over 245 friends2 •  Consumers overwhelmingly pay attention to and trust what their Friends & Followers say3 •  Consumers spend nearly four hours per day using their mobile devices away from home4 •  WiFi is the predominant access technology for mobile devices4 •  70% of Smartphones use WiFi Hot Spots over three hours each day4 •  Most consumers prefer to connect via WiFi for two reasons: 1. Connection Speed 2. Conserve Data Plan Usage4 1.  Understanding Facebook Fan Value: A Study of Key ROI Indicators and Values for Leading Brand Marketers, Syncapse, June 2010. 2.  Your Facebook Friends have more Friends than You. Washington Post, Tsukayama Haley, February 2012. 3.  Global Trust in Advertising and Brand Messages. Nielsen Trust Survey, The Nielsen Company, April 2012. 4.  What Do Consumers Want from WiFi? Cisco (BSG Consumer Research). Taylor Young Noronha, May 2012.
  21. 21. Advertising forecasts & trends •  Globally the $118 billion spent with digital media represents 24% of global advertising revenues in 2013 •  Television ad revenue will grow by 7.7% in 2014 •  Newspapers and magazines will continue to lose market shares and advertising revenues (-3.2% and -3.9% respectively) •  Out-of-home will benefit from cyclical events (elections) and organic growth (+4.8%). •  Digital media advertising revenues will keep growing at double-digit pace (+15.5% on average and a lot faster than that in emerging markets) Forecasts courtesy of MAGNA GLOBAL Advertising Forecasts: 2014
  22. 22. Let’s find YOUR edge in today’s competitive landscape . . . . Thank you. Social Media Magnet Sales Team 800.701.1095 ext 114