List of java projects,Java Projects List For Final Year


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List of java projects,Java Projects List For Final Year

  1. 1. Java Projects List Offered By Technogroovy Systems India Pvt Ltd 1. Cryptography with Audio 2. File Encryption Technique 3. Image Processing 4. Stegnography 5. Terminal Controller 6. Ajax Based Personal Organizer 7. Audition Mastery Guide 8. Blood Donors Symbiosis 9. Certificate Authentication 10. Coders Junction 11. JSP Based Shopping Cart 12. Music Store 13. Quotations Made Easy 14. Secure Online Banking 15. Universal Dossier 16. Virtual Class Room 17. Generic DB Editor 18. Mobile Banking 19. CRM for AIRLINE Industry 20. Fuji Distribution 21. Intranet Mailing System 22. Law Firm 23. Medi Tracker 24. Mingle Spot 25. Multiuser Chat System 26. Network Banking 27. Project Status Info System 28. Stock Analyzer 29. Telephone Directory 30. AES Crypto Channel
  2. 2. 31. College Management System 32. Uncertain Database 33. Suspicious E-Mail Detection 34. Pseudo Random Generator in Mobile 35. Job Exchange 36. Ambulance Service Provider 37. Conference Agenda 38. Conversation Portal 39. Elegant Stock Room System 40. Portable Banking 41. Easy – Access Repository 42. Online Library Management 43. Online Project Management 44. Supply Chain Management 45. Online Recruitment 46. Restaurant Reservation 47. Training & Placement Cell 48. Insurance on Internet 49. Secure Stock Exchange 50. Tourism Management System Speech comparison using neural networks Java Java-02 IRIS Recognition Java / Matlab Java-03 ICS (Inventory Control System) Java Java-04 Home Automation System with Speech Recognition Java / Hardware Java-05 Total Business Solution Java / SQL Java-06 Membership Management using Java Card Java / Java Card reader Java-07 Online Ticket Reservation System JSP / SQL Java-08 Voice/ Speech based Browser Java Java-09 Smart Encryption (Image/ audio / video) Java Java-10 Java Editor Java Java-11 Visual Lab - electronic circuit designing simulation. Java Java-12 CASE tools- Computer Aided Software Engineering Java Java-13 Mobile- Commerce / CRM JSP / Servlet / SQL Java-14 Mobile- Online Examination Sysetm jsp / Servlet / J2ME Java-15 Simulator 8085 Java Java-16 Text based Image search in Database Java / Matlab Java-17 Multi Player Tetris game wih AI Java / AI Java-18 Bomber Man with AI Java / AI Java-19 X & 0 game Java / AI Java-20 Minesweeper game for Mobile with AI J2me / Java
  3. 3. Java-21 Remote Desktop Java Java-22 Download Manager (ftp) Java Java-23 Network Health/Node monitoring [Six Sigma Implementation] Java / SQL Java-24 Distributed mobility management for target tracking in mobile sensor networks Java / J2ee Java-25 Mobile Banking J2me / Servlet Java-26 Multicast Server Chat Java Java-27 Mobile Screen Info Generator JSP / Servlet Java-28 Dairy Management System Java Java-29 Terminal Controller Java Java-30 Tour & Travel Mgmt application Java Java-31 Java Media Player Java Java-32 Digital Image Watermarking Java Java-33 TTS (text to speech ) Application Java Java-34 Speech Enabled Database Operations Java / SQL Java-35 Distributed Banking System Java / SQL Java-36 Portfolio Management Java / JSP / SQL Java-37 Network Monitoring Java Java-38 Mobile Info Centre J2me / JSP Java-39 Online Equity Management J2me / JSP Java-40 Multi player Chess Java/ J2me Java-41 Dynamic load balancing in distributed systems Java Java-42 Multicast routing with delay for apps. on overlay networks Java Java-43 Packet reordering in transmission control protocol Java Java-44 Distributed database architecture Java Java-45 Efficient query processing in peer-to peer networks Java Java-46 A grid-powered framework for distributed programming Java Java-47 Face recognition using laplacian faces Java Java-48 Noise reduction by image filtering Java Java-49 handwritten script recognition Java Java-50 Messaging service over TCP/ IP in local area network Java Java-51 Retrieving files using content based search Java Java-52 Resource management system (RMS) Java / SQL Java-53 E-auction bidding and winning JSP / SQL Java-54 Online examination system JSP / Servlet / SQL Java-55 Global job portal management JSP / Servlet / SQL Java-56 On-line mobile voting J2me / Servlet / SQL Java-57 Xml enabled cross data migration Java Java-58 Mobile to PC communication J2ME
  4. 4. Java-59 Mobile Messenger for Ad-Hoc Networks J2ME Java-60 Character Recognition System Java Java-61 Intrusion Detection System / Firewall Java Java-62 Desktop Payroll Application Java / SQL Java-63 Windows Desktop Search Java Java-64 Securing TCP/IP communication using cryptography Java Java-65 Implementation of Digital image processing techniques Java Get In Touch mail us :