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Changes to Search with Max Thomas | San Diego SEM Meetup Recap


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On October 29, 2013, Max Thomas gave a presentation about changes to Google and other search engines. From Knowledge Graph and Authorship to Google Hummingbird and the semantic web, this presentation has everything you need to know about the current state of the SERPs!

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Changes to Search with Max Thomas | San Diego SEM Meetup Recap

  1. 1. DOWNLOAD this presentation WHAT’S   CHANGING   OVER  AT  GOOGLE Presented by Max Thomas | October 29, 2013 Follow @ThunderMax
  2. 2. FIRST  OFF    –    Who  am  I?   Max Thomas CEO / Founder @thundermax Follow @ThunderMax
  3. 3. 1 GOOGLE   SERP   CHANGES Follow @ThunderMax
  4. 4. NOT  TOO   LONG   AGO  …   ADWORDS   ORGANIC   RANKINGS Follow @ThunderMax
  5. 5. NOT  TOO   LONG   AGO  …   NAME  –  WEBSITE  –  PHONE  -­‐  REVIEWS   7  PACK  MAP Follow @ThunderMax
  6. 6. WATCH  OUT! Follow @ThunderMax
  7. 7. LOCAL  CAROUSEL   Carousel Follow @ThunderMax
  8. 8. BUSINESS  GOOGLE+  /  PLACES   Google+   Places  LisFng Follow @ThunderMax
  9. 9. BAND  PANEL   Band  Box Follow @ThunderMax
  10. 10. SONGS   Song  Index   YouTube   Videos Follow @ThunderMax
  11. 11. SONG  FEATURE   YouTube   Video Follow @ThunderMax
  12. 12. INFORMATION  PANEL   NutriFon   Facts  &  Wiki Follow @ThunderMax
  13. 13. ANSWER  BOX   With   Dropdown! Follow @ThunderMax
  14. 14. COMPARISON  BOX   All  Facts     No  Links Follow @ThunderMax
  15. 15. COMPARISON  BOX   Personal   Faves Follow @ThunderMax
  16. 16. NEWS   Within  24   Hours   Within  5   Days Follow @ThunderMax
  17. 17. INDEPTH  ARTICLES   Older  ArFcles  /   Posts Follow @ThunderMax
  18. 18. INFORMATION  PANEL   DefiniFon   PronunciaFon   Etymology   TranslaFon   Usage Follow @ThunderMax
  19. 19. VIDEO  RESULT   Not  always   YouTube Follow @ThunderMax
  20. 20. AUTHORSHIP   Author’s   Google+ Follow @ThunderMax
  21. 21. IMAGES   Pulls  from   website  –  not   Google  Images Follow @ThunderMax
  22. 22. SHOPPING   Sponsored   Results Follow @ThunderMax
  23. 23. BRAND  PANEL   Google+  &   Other  Sources   Google  Not   Sure… Follow @ThunderMax
  24. 24. DISAMBIGUATION  BOX   Just  in  case… Follow @ThunderMax
  25. 25. RATINGS  &  REVIEWS   Star  RaFngs,   Reviews,  Info Follow @ThunderMax
  26. 26. MEGA  IMAGE  BOX   Pulls  From   Google  Images Follow @ThunderMax
  27. 27. MEGA  IMAGE  BOX Follow @ThunderMax
  28. 28. MEGA  IMAGE  BOX Follow @ThunderMax
  29. 29. MEGA  IMAGE  BOX Follow @ThunderMax
  30. 30. MEGA  IMAGE  BOX Follow @ThunderMax
  31. 31. MEGA  IMAGE  BOX Follow @ThunderMax
  32. 32. WANT  MORE? Follow @ThunderMax
  33. 33. WHAT’S   HAPPENING Follow @ThunderMax
  34. 34. KEEPS  USER  ON  GOOGLE   I  mean…why   should  I  leave… everything  I  want  is   here,  right? Follow @ThunderMax
  35. 35. Follow @ThunderMax
  36. 36. ”You can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave." Follow @ThunderMax
  37. 37. the answer to everything Follow @ThunderMax
  38. 38. 3 WHY  IS  THIS   HAPPENING? Follow @ThunderMax
  39. 39. ST  KNOWLEDGE  GRAPH 1   “not just random strings of characters” “those words are talking about those real world things” “we could do a better job of giving you just the content you want off the web” Follow @ThunderMax
  40. 40. STRINGS  TO  THINGS   STRINGS:   “random strings of characters” Search query (keyword) focused For example, search for “eiffel tower” Follow @ThunderMax
  41. 41. For  example,  search  for  “chinese  silk” Follow @ThunderMax
  42. 42. STRINGS  TO  THINGS   THINGS:   “words talking about real world things” Intention (semantic) focused search For example, search for “miniature eiffel tower gift” Follow @ThunderMax
  43. 43. Follow @ThunderMax
  44. 44. ND  HUMMINGBIRD 2   Amit Singhal, Snr VP of Search at Google, introduces new “Hummingbird” search algorithm at Google’s 15th anniversary on Sept. 26, 2013 Follow @ThunderMax
  45. 45. HUMMINGBIRD  TOPLINE   •  •  •  •  •  •  •  Search Algorithm: Like Google’s engine Goal: To return better search results Why “Hummingbird”?: It’s fast and precise What About Panda, Penguin, etc.?: Those updated “parts” of the Google engine Launch Date: Late August, announced 9/26/13; will affect 90% of all search results Biggest Impact: Conversational search to all Google search results More Details: Follow @ThunderMax
  46. 46. WHY  IS  IT  SUCH  A  BIG  DEAL   1.  Completely new algorithm 2.  Changes the way Google processes search queries (“conversational search”) 3.  Foundation for Google’s shift toward AI 4.  Coupled with KG, changes search experience for user 5.  Potential to show fewer web site results (stay tuned) Follow @ThunderMax
  47. 47. RELAX…MORE  TO  COME   “But 15 years on, we’re just getting started.” Amit Singhal, Google Follow @ThunderMax
  48. 48. RELAX…MORE  TO  COME Follow @ThunderMax
  49. 49. 4 GOOGLE  SEARCH   TODAY  &  FUTURE Follow @ThunderMax
  50. 50. st  Mobile  Search 1   Source: 2013 Mobile Path-to-Purchase Study by Telmetrics and xAd Follow @ThunderMax
  51. 51. Source: Google/Nielsen Life360 Mobile Search Moments Q4 2012 Follow @ThunderMax
  52. 52. st  Mobile  Search 1   Source: Google/Nielsen Life360 Mobile Search Moments Q4 2012 Follow @ThunderMax
  53. 53. st  Mobile  Search 1   Source: Google/Nielsen Life360 Mobile Search Moments Q4 2012 Follow @ThunderMax
  54. 54. st  Mobile  Search 1   Source: Google/Nielsen Life360 Mobile Search Moments Q4 2012 Follow @ThunderMax
  55. 55. nd  MulX-­‐Screen  Usage 2 Follow @ThunderMax
  56. 56. nd  MulX-­‐Screen  Usage 2 Follow @ThunderMax
  57. 57. nd  MulX-­‐Screen  Usage 2 Follow @ThunderMax
  58. 58. nd  MulX-­‐Screen  Usage 2 Follow @ThunderMax
  59. 59. nd  MulX-­‐Screen  Usage 2 Follow @ThunderMax
  60. 60. rd  Voice  Search 3 Follow @ThunderMax
  61. 61. SAY  TO  GOOGLE…   “Tell me about…” “Neil Armstrong” “Okay, Google…” “Hotwording” activates: • Google Now • Google search results (vs KG) • Google Glass Knowledge Graph Follow @ThunderMax
  62. 62. GOOGLE  GLASS Follow @ThunderMax
  63. 63. th  GOOGLE  CONVERSATIONS   4 Follow @ThunderMax
  64. 64. “OK Google. Remind me to buy olive oil at Safeway,” when you walk into the store with your iPhone, you’ll get a reminder.” Amit Singhal, Google Follow @ThunderMax
  65. 65. ADAPT  OR  EMBRACE? Follow @ThunderMax
  66. 66. WHAT  ABOUT     THESE  FOLKS? Follow @ThunderMax
  67. 67. HOW  DO   LOCAL  BIZ   COMPETE Follow @ThunderMax
  68. 68. INTRODUCING   Structured Data Markup (a.k.a., Rich Snippets, Microdata) 1. 2.  Facebook OpenGraph 3.  RDFa (Yahoo! SearchMonkey) Follow @ThunderMax
  69. 69. AUTHOR  HEADSHOT   Author’s   Google+ Follow @ThunderMax
  70. 70. VIDEO  THUMBNAIL   Not  always   YouTube Follow @ThunderMax
  71. 71. STARS  &  RATINGS   RaFngs   Reviews    Votes Follow @ThunderMax
  72. 72. BREADCRUMBS Follow @ThunderMax
  73. 73. RICH  SNIPPETS  INCREASE   1.  Presence of your website (mark-up data on your website) 2.  Control of how your website shows up in Google searches 3.  Clickthroughs on Google listings 4.  Clicks to more pages on your website Follow @ThunderMax
  74. 74. AUTHORSHIP  –  STEP  1   Link your content to your Google+ profile using a verified email address REQUIRED: • Email must be in same domain as website where content is hosted: •  Domain: •  Email: • Each article/post must include a byline that lists your name: •  Article: A Marketer’s Inside Look At Yelp Events •  Byline: By Max Thomas Follow @ThunderMax
  75. 75. Follow @ThunderMax
  76. 76. AUTHORSHIP  –  STEP  1 Follow @ThunderMax
  77. 77. AUTHORSHIP  –  STEP  2   List Your Content On Your Google+ Profile Click  Edit Follow @ThunderMax
  78. 78. Use  Bio  URL  if  more   than  one  author.   Homepage  okay  if   you’re  the  only  author.   OpFon  for  past   contributor Follow @ThunderMax
  79. 79. AUTHORSHIP  –  STEP  3   Test via Webmaster Tool’s Structured Data Testing Tool Follow @ThunderMax
  80. 80. AUTHORSHIP  –  OPTIONAL     Add A Link From Your Content Page To Google+ Profile Follow @ThunderMax
  81. 81. VIDEO  THUMBNAIL–  STEP  1   Decide On Format For On-Page Mark-Up: Facebook Share RDFa (Yahoo! SearchMonkey) I’m going to show example using Follow @ThunderMax
  82. 82. SCHEMA.ORG Follow @ThunderMax
  83. 83. VIDEO  THUMBNAIL–  STEP  2   Add VideoObject Schema Markup To Page <div itemprop=”video” itemscope itemtype=””> <h2>Video: <span itemprop=”name”>We Do Medical Detox</span></h2> <p><span itemprop=”description”>Interview with Katy Alexander, Intake Coordinator at Pat Moore Foundation, in which she talks about medical detox and the importance of doing drug detox in a supportive environment.</span><br /> <meta itemprop=”duration” content=”T1M11S” /><br /> <meta itemprop=”thumbnail” content=”” /><br /> <meta itemprop=”contentLocation” content=”Costa Mesa, CA” /><br /> <meta itemprop=”embedURL” content=” videoWidth=480&amp;videoHeight=270&amp;controlsVisibleOnLoad=true” /> <br /></p> <object…embed player…> </object> </div> Follow @ThunderMax
  84. 84. VIDEO  THUMBNAIL–  STEP  3   Test via Webmaster Tool’s Structured Data Testing Tool Follow @ThunderMax
  85. 85. VIDEO  THUMBNAIL–  STEP  4   Submit Video Sitemap To Google Follow @ThunderMax
  86. 86. OR  BE  EASY  ON  YOURSELF   Wistia Builds & Maintains Video Sitemap For You Follow @ThunderMax
  87. 87. VIDEO  THUMBNAIL–  RESULT Follow @ThunderMax
  88. 88. HELP  FROM  GOOGLE Follow @ThunderMax
  89. 89. SCHEMA  DEEP-­‐DIVE Follow @ThunderMax
  90. 90. FACEBOOK  OPEN  GRAPH Follow @ThunderMax
  91. 91. FACEBOOK  OPEN  GRAPH Follow @ThunderMax
  92. 92. FACEBOOK  OPEN  GRAPH Follow @ThunderMax
  93. 93. FACEBOOK  OPEN  GRAPH Follow @ThunderMax
  94. 94. Follow @ThunderMax
  95. 95. THE     DARK  SIDE Follow @ThunderMax
  96. 96. OBSERVATION  #1   Hummingbird “consolidates” long-tail queries with shorter “semantic” versions, resulting in less query diversity which means fewer opportunities for niche sites to rank and more for large websites. Follow @ThunderMax
  97. 97. FURTHER  READING Follow @ThunderMax
  98. 98. OBSERVATION  #2   Google is moving from database structure (e.g., “strings”) to Artificial Intelligence as it shifts to semantic search results (e.g., “things”), voice search and Google Now. Rise of “not provided” reflects Google’s intent to move past keyword queries. Follow @ThunderMax
  99. 99. FURTHER  READING Follow @ThunderMax
  100. 100. BACKGROUND   88%  Visitors   (not  provided) Follow @ThunderMax
  101. 101. OBSERVATION  #3   Schema Markup fuels growth of semantic search by informing Google of content specificity, resulting in less variation among websites showing in search results and increasing Knowledge Graph results. Follow @ThunderMax
  102. 102. FURTHER  READING Follow @ThunderMax
  103. 103. OBSERVATION  #4   Hummingbird results in richer and more varied keyword queries via semantic search thus increasing longtail search opportunities and niche site rankings. Follow @ThunderMax
  104. 104. FURTHER  READING Follow @ThunderMax
  105. 105. FURTHER  READING Follow @ThunderMax
  106. 106. FURTHER  READING Follow @ThunderMax
  107. 107. WHAT  DO  YOU  THINK? Follow @ThunderMax
  108. 108. GOING   FORWARD Follow @ThunderMax
  109. 109. CLOSING  THOUGHTS   •  Watch your Analytics closely: Is organic search traffic shifting significantly? •  Monitor your site in Webmaster Tools: Pay close attention to Index Content, Crawl Rate and Site Errors •  Check keyword-specific rankings and page relevancy via Search Traffic > Search Queries Follow @ThunderMax
  110. 110. CLOSING  THOUGHTS   •  Keep building content, outreach and social shares •  Leverage Google+ Local and Social •  Pay attention to Google announcements, particularly on Webmaster Blog & Youtube •  Diversify traffic channels and overall online presence so you’re not overly reliant on search Follow @ThunderMax
  111. 111. CLOSING  THOUGHTS   •  Mobile: Define a mobile strategy that includes your website, mobile search and mobile-based referrers •  Ultimate goal: Make your website so extraordinary that users want to visit •  Have fun with this J Follow @ThunderMax
  112. 112. Q  &  A   DOWNLOAD this presentation @thundermax @ThunderSEO MAX THOMAS Founder & CEO Thunder SEO Follow @ThunderMax